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U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

Agency Has 30 Realty

Agency Has 30 Realty Sales ^-Tri&iy, Nov. THE DAILY H Will MIDDLETOWN William J. Walter Wilson and Mr. Mason have purchased property at 3 E- Kinnear, manager of the Berg listed the house, which Mr. Jack St., Hazlet, from Mr. and 1 Agencies here and in Hazlet, has Lindquist sold. Mrs. Gary Pranze. Mr. Kaplo- Attend announced 30 real estate trans- Mr. and Mrs. John Ranallo of jwitz listed the house, which Mr. fers in the Northern Munmoutrr 1713 Union Ave., Hazlet, have! Mason sold. 1 County area. purchased property at 440 Clark Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jacobs Mr, and Mrs. Vincent Mulli- St., Union Beach, from Mr. and of 31 Waverly St., Keyport, have pan of 1196 Oiler Ave., dark Mrs. David Connelly. Mr. Iiowen- purchased property at 8 Perry Township, have purchased proper- stein listed and sold the house. St., Keyport, from Mrs. Edith ty at 3 Barrier Drive. H?.;ler. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walsh of Hyers. Mr. Rosendale listed the from Mr. and Mrs. Martin Grant. 130 Hudson -Ave.. West Keans- house, which was sold by Mr. James Connelly and Robert Jones burg, have purchased property at Mason and Mr. Schmidt. listed the house, and Mr. Jones 10 Redwood Ter., Hazlet, from Mr. and Mrs. George Mitchell sold same. .Mr. and Mrs. George Valhala. have purchased property at 705 Mr, and Mrs. Vernon Sprinkle Charles Schmidt listed the house, Fourth St., Union Beach, from of Aberdeen East Apartments in which was sold by Robert Kap- Mrs.'Helen Brown. Mr. Orr listed Matawan have purchased prop-jloiviu. the house which Mrs. Powell erty at 371 Nutswamp Road. Mid-^ Mr. and Mrs, Harold Syman- sold. dletown, from Mr. and Mrs. How- ski have purchased property at ard Grime. Mr. and Mrs. .Her- 130 Hudson Ave., West Keans- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fleck of bert Powell brought in the list-!burg, from Mr. and Mrs. Robert 785 Greene St., Iselin, have puring, which George Rosendale and Walsh. George Rosendale listed chased property at 265 Brookside Mrs. Patricia Walton sold. the house which was sold by Mr. Ave., Cliffwood Mrs. Christina Esposito of 539 Kaploivitz. 83rd St., Brooklyn, has pur- Mr. and Mrs. Roy Custer of 83 chased a house at 77 Beers St., Pacific Ave., East Keansburg, Keyport, from Mr. and Mrs.,have purchase property at 27 Leon Krygier. John Linquist list- Morningside' Ave., Keansburg, ed and sold the property. from Mrs. Polly Devine. Mr. Pow- Mr. and Mrs. George Dussack ell and Charles Schmidt listed the of 18 Bryant Drive, Jackson, house which was sold by Mr. have purchased property at I Jones. East Susan St., Hazlet, from Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulvey and Mrs. Leo Gioseffi. Mr. Jones of 204 Berkely Ave., Bloomfield, and Mr. Connelly listed the house have purchased property at 3 which was sold by Mrs. Powell East Richard St., Hazlet, from and Edward Pepsin. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmitz, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Culleno Mr. Cromwell and Mr. Rosendale of 1137 W. 4th St., Plainfield, have purchased property at 75 Plum St., New Shrewsbury, from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chapman. Robert Kailowitz sold the house which was^ listed by Mrs. Powell Prospect Ave., Union Beach, andbJoseph Lowenstein. from Robert Fisher. Mr. Lowen- Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Manstein listed the house, which was ning of 219 Harrison Ave., Jer- sold by Mr. and Mrs. Powell, sey City, have purchased prop- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson of erty., at 65 Morris Ave., Belford, 96 W. Front St., Red Bank, have from Mrs. Mary Dunn. Robert purchased property at 13 Ridge Barradale and Mr. Lowenstein Drive, Hazlet, from Mr. and Mrs. listed the house, which was sold John Pesce. Mr. Jones and Mr. by Mr. Lowenstein. Connelly listed the house, which Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kendrick Mr. Jones sold. of 16 Goodwin Ave., Newark, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Parker have purchased property at 41 of 308 Navesink Ave., Highlands, Mills Ave., Port Monmouth, from have purchased property at 215 Ernest Di Matteo. Robert Orr and Bay Ave., Highlands, from Mr. Lowenst&n listed the house, James Swain. Mr. Lowenstein Which Mr. Pepsin sold. and Mr. Pepsin listed the house, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jackquot which was sold by Mr. Pepsin. of 417 W. 48th St., New York, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Laskow- have purchased a house at 1211 ski of 296 Sutton St., Perth Am- Wesley Ave., Union Beach, from boy, have purchased property at Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jansen Jr. 12 Prospect Ave., Cliffwood It was listed by Mr. Mason and Beach, from Mrs. Rose Bottari. sold by Harold Cromwell. Mr. Pepsin and Mr. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Robert Minor of listed the house, which was sold 629 Second Ave., Long Branch, by Mr. Jones and Mr. Schmidt. have purchased a house at 29 Mr. and Mrs. John Caddie Jr. Wood Ave., Port Monmouth, from of 20 Avenue C, West Keansburg, Mr. and Mrs. James McKay. Mr. have purchased property at 67 Orr listed it. Mr. Pepsin sold it. Atlantic St., Keansburg, from Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Intelli and Mrs. George DeLage. Mr. have purchased property at 8 Barradale listed the house, which Farmdale Road, Hazlet, from he also sold. —Mr; and-Mrs." Donald ' Maiigef." - Mr.-and-Mf srWUltfilH Hstfield 1 RED BANK — Stephen Garoff, a Red Bank High School senior, will be one of 21 New Jersey science students attending the National Youth Conference on Atomic Energy in Chicago. He . leave Tuesday and return Dec. 3. While at the conference, he will attend lectures and dUc sioas with top men in the field of atomic energy, and will visit the Museum of Science and Industry, the research center of the University of Chicago and the Oregon National Laboratory. Beach, from Mr. and Mrs. John Golly. The Sayre- Tired paying rent? Find the woods office listed the house and home you've been dreaming of Mrs. Walton and Mr. Mason were in today's Classified Ads. the .selling agents. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sanchirico of 2280 Bathgate Ave., Bronx, N. Y., have purchased property at 195 Davis Lane, Middletown, from Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jones. Mr. Barradale and Mr. Lowenstein listed the house, which was sold by Mr. Barradale. Robert Ford of 378 Atlantic St., listed the house, which was sold Keyport, has purchased property by Mr. Mason and Mr. Wilson. t 25 shrewsbury Ave High. J 6 Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lamberson of 410 Pine St., Union Beach, lands, from Mr. and Mrs. Leslie have purchased.,property at 728 Tilly. Mr. Schmidt listed the house, which Mr. Wilson sold. Ernest Tewis of Keyport has purchased property at 24 Sweetbriar St., Cliffwood, from Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hickman. Mr. Cromwell listed the house. It was sold by Mrs. Walton and Mr. Cromwell. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hosier of Hominy Hill Road, Colts Neck, have purchased property at 537 Cambridge Ave., Union Beach, from Mr. and Mrs. Jeramiah Vashey. Mr. Mason listed the house." The selling agent was. Mr. Connelly. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson of 339 Washington Ave., Belleville, have purchased property at 123 Sycamore Ave., East Keansburg, from Mrs. Margaret Stockwell. Mr. Jones was responsible for the listing, which Mr. Crom- Well handle your things well sold. ' as If we owned them. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jestradt of Your fragile china, glasswari, mir- Aberdeen East Apartments In rors, pictures and other valuablo Matawan have purchased proper- things aro given ths extra car* ty at 11 Vineyard Ave., East they deserve. Kenasburg, from Mrs. Margaret We're just as considerate of all Carroll. Mr. Connelly and Mr. the other problems you worry about Lowenstein listed the house, when you move. So when you're which was sold by Mr. Wilson ready Jo move, give us a call. and" Mr. Schmidt. Marlboro, Holmdel Estates Sold HOLMDEL - A 26-acre Pleasant. Valley estate, former residence of the William Jones family on Rt. 520 in Marlboro, has AN APARTMENT RESIDENCE YOU'LL CALL A HOME ?-ifory p«nthouie and luxury

Maureen Hemsley Wed To Barry M. Clark AMERICA'S LARGEST FAMILY CLOTHINS CHAIN . t»4O Extra! These come in average, tall and large sizes! DOUBLE KNIT ORLON AND AVRIL* STRETCH SLACKS 97 Comparable value 5.97 Great size news in these double-knit slacks! Even the fabric is terrific—Orion* acrylic and Avril® rayon blend with marvelous texture. Styled with elastic waistband, tapered legs. At 3.97, they're a super-valuel Great colors; sizes average 8-18, tall 10-18, sizes 32-38. Orion* DuPont'i rtg. TM for III acrylic (ib« Anil* TM of FMC Corp. s OWN 9:30 T71 9:30 v * - *« Miss Linda Thompson COLTS NECK - Mr. and Mrs William Thompson Jr., Heyei Mill Road, announce the engagement of their daughter, Mis Linda Jeanne Thompson, to Ai Force Sgt. Henry Quabeck; He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Quabeck Sr., Heyers Mil! Road. Miss Thompson, a graduate ol Freehold Regional High School, is a junior at Glassboro State College. Sgt. Quabeck, who Just returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam, ate) was graduated from Freehold Regional High School. He is stationed at Platoburgh (N.Y.) Air Force Base. HAZLET — The Rosary Altar Society of St Benedict's Catholic Church will hold its Christmas meeting Monday, Dec. 4, beginning at 8:15 p.m. with recitation of the rosary in the church. Entertainment will be by the parish choir and the Raritan Bay-Middletown chapter of (he Society for the Preservation of Barber Shop Singing in America. Refreshments will be served by Mrs. Robert Miller and the hospitality committee. A $1 donation will be collected for children of Holy Rosary Indian Mission in Mississippi in lieu of the annual Christmas grab bag. LAKY RKJSTKR Fri/iay, Nov. 24, 1967-21 Mr. Deadder Married In Maryland Ceremony ( MFPOIKT CHAWMEN F8£EH0LD — Chairmen for 'coming projects were spfoi/ited |«t the meeting of the Freehold Jaycee-ettes Monday in the First Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Phil Brunner will be in HOLMDEL - Miss Maureen Donald Kunsler, Edison, was charge of compiling recipes for Henuley, daughter of Mrs. Doro- the best man. Ushering were Mi- the Jaycee wives' dessert cookflvy HemjBley, 60 Fleetwood Drive, chael Morella, Piainfield, cousin GLEN BURNIE, Md. — Miss ert Foster DeAdder, son of Mr. book. Hazlet, and the late Herbert Hem- of the bridegroom, and William Carolyn Gayle Wade, daughter of and Mrs. Robert S. DeAdder, 25 •ley, became the bride of Barry Mrs. Abe Littenberg will ar- Pryor, New York City, uncle of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin O. Wade of Meadow Drive, Shrewsbury, N.J., Michael Clark Saturday. range a cake sale Dec. 2 at Food the bride. Michael Hemsley, Severn, became the bride of Rob- Nov. 11 here in the Methodist Town, Route 33. The bridegroom is the son ofbrother of the bride, was junior Church. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clark, Edi- usher. Secretaries Prepare Miss Patricia Wade, at home, ion. The bride was graduated from Vietnam Packages FUEL OIL was maid of honor for her sister. The Rev. Gerald Callahan of- Raritan Township High School BRIELLE — Christmas pack- Carlton Beseey, Little Silver, ficiated at the ceremony in St. and was employed by the Monages will be sent to servicemen N.J., was best man. Benedict's Catholic Church. mouth County National Bank, Lit- in Vietnam by members of the The bride is a graduate of Glen Herbert Hemsley Jr. escorted tle Silver. Monmouth Legal Secretaries As- Our Cash Price Today Burnie High School, and Mr. Dehis sister to the altar. She wore a Chantilly lace cage gown with The bridegroom was graduated sociation. Mrs. Joseph A. Biscus, Adder was graduated from Red [16 Jewelled scalloped neckline, long from Edison High School. He Lincroft, is in charge of the proj- Bank (N.J.) High School. He also :.2c sleeves and scalloped Watteau served in the Coast Guard and is ect. attended Monmouth College, West train. a member of the Coast Guard Mrs. Barry M. Clark • Mrs. Alois Storey Mrs. Alice Brewer, Eatontown, Long Branch, N.J., and was grad- Mrs. Robert F. DeAdder Miss Barbara Hemsley, sister Reserve. He is a printer employed (The former Maureen Hemsley) (The former Theresa Rose) a member of the group, was apuated from RCA College of Tech- (The former Carolyn Wade) gal. . of the bride, was the maid of by Lithographic Plate and Nega pointed Law Day chairman renology, New York City. Both are _ Order now! It'i getting cooler) honor. tive Service of South River. cently at a board meeting of theemployed at Fort George Meade 'Subject to market changes. New Jersey Association of Legal Bridesmaids were Miss Patricia Theresa Rose Is Bride in Severn. Fastest way to find buyers for Secretaries. Hemsley and Miss Kathleen People need money for Christ- KEYPORT—Miss Theresa An the bride, and Frank Mendes Board of the local association Mr. DeAdder is a grandson of motorcycles and bikes . . . dial Hance & Davis Stone, sisters of the brfde. Miss mas shopping. Tell them aboul Rose became the bride of Alo: Hazlet, cousin of the bridegroom will meet Dec. 7 at 6:30 p.m. in Mrs. Daniel B. Dorn of Red Bank, 741-6900 and place a Classified fi 24 Shrewsbury Av». Red Bank Lisa Smith, East Brunswick, crufiswic cous- your loan service with a Classic Storey Saturday in St. Joseph' Ring bearers were Timothy the home of Miss Marjorie Biel, and a nephew of Daniel and Vic- Ad. DIAL 747-0103 in of the bride, seized sewed aas junior bridesmaid. tied Ad. Dial 741-6900 today. Catholic Church. Rose, Neptune, and Anthony Dio 46-47 Ravine Drive, Matawan. tor Dorn of Shrewsbury. The parents of the couple an dato Jr., Keyport, cousins of th< Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Ross bride. 1968 Sr., 31 Perry St., Keyport, ani The bride and bridegroom an Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ochinegro graduates of Keyport Higl 275 Beers St. School. Mrs. Storey attended the The Rev. Cornelius Kane, pa* American Institute of Banking, tor, officiated. Freehold, and is employed at the Farmers & Merchants Bank, Christmas Club The bride wore a Jong-sleeved Strathmore. When you're Ho. 1... there's got to be a reason! A-line Empire gown of white satin The bridegroom served foui NOW OPEN ICTOR with a scoop neckline and chapel years in the Air Police Security train edged with Venice lace. of the U.S Air Force in New- Our .1968 Christmas Club Gift: Mrs. Stanley Poling Jr., Hazfoundland and is employed by thi let, was matron of honor. Brides' N. J. Natural Gas Co. A beautiful "SERVING TRAY" maids were Miss Mary Ochinegro, sister of the bride- • O/. PER ANNUM ON ANNUAL DIVIDEND groom; Miss Linda Zimmerman, \ SAVINGS CERTIFICATES COMPOUNDED Middletown, cousin of the bride, ' FROM $5,000 QUARTERLY Engaged and Miss Gail Stoddard, Matawan. Frank Grady, Warniinister, Pa., was best man. Ushering -SAVINftS ft LOAN ASSOCIATION , were J. Robert Rose Jr., Holm- MIDDLETOWN I ATL. HIGHLANDS I LINCROFT del, brother of the bride; Dom- 671-2400 | 291-0100 | 842-4400 inick Diodato, Keyport, uncle of KEANSBURG. RT. 36 on MAIN STREET ASBURY PARK—Rr. 35 at Asbury Park Circle PERTH AMBOY—365 Smith St., West RR Station MADISON TOWNSHIP—Rt. 9 (South el Rr. 516 batmen Sayravllla and Freehold) BELFORD — Annual bazar of (he Belford Methodist Church will take place Thursday, Dec. 7, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the church hall. Luncheon will be served at 12:30 p.m. Mrs. Dirk Hofman Is In charge of reservations. Sales tables will feature flowers, Christmas decorations, cards, jewelry, novelties, handmade articles, aprons and foodstuffs. NEW SHREWSBURY — The Women's Guild for Christian Service of the Reformed Church will sponsor a bus trip to Cherry Hill Shopping Center, leaving the church at 9 a.m. on Dec. 5 and returning at 6 p.m. Mrs. Charles Hagerman Is in charge of reservations. RED BANK — Coming events of the Woman's Club of Red Knnfc include et dessert car& party Dec. 4, Mrs. Gustavo J. Frerct and Mrs. Kenneth Smith, chairmen; theater party to Radio City Music Hall Christmas show, Dec. 19, Mrs. Rob- ert S. Lockwood and Mrs. Hpnry J. Brnun, reservations chairmen. The Dec. 15 regular meeting In the clubhouse will be sponsored by the music department, Mrs. Beth Tregaskls, chairman. RCA VICTOR TAPE RECORDERS AND PLAYERS as low as $ 39.95 NAME IN STEREO 6 Speaker Stereo Sound System; 40 Watts Peak Power! Studiomatic4 Speed Changer with Diamond Stylus! AM/- FM-FM Stereo Radio with FM signal light! VJT-30 YJS-13 Feature-packed 3" reeMo-reet battery or AC portable plays anywhere! 4* oval highefficfency speaker! 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