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U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

22—Friday, Sov. 24,

22—Friday, Sov. 24, 1967 THE DAILY BEGISTER CHRISTMAS PARTY COLTS NECK — Court Marian, Catholic Daughters of America, will hold a Christmas party Dec II at t p.m. in the Colts Nee] Inn. A smorgasbord supper wil be served and gifts will be e: changed. Mrs. Arthur Rodrique: will be chairman. ENROLL NOW FOR FALL CLASSES Compiled by Methodist Churchwomen 200 Recipes That Passed the Taste Test By MARGOT SMITH RED BANK - "To share a recipe indicates friendliness and good wil] as well as pride one's culinary performance." We couldn't agree more with SPLURGE! OUR SWEATERS ARE SALE PRICED AT 8.99 formerly 12.00 to 20.00 Go ahead, splurge, think of yourself or _ ahead to Christmas, but think of what 8.99 will buyl A sensational array of sweaters, that's what, classics and novelties, cardigans, turtlenecks and pullovers, belted styles, V-necks and such. We've all kinds of textures „ « and treatments trvbrisht.towad :.„»».••>>,. holiday wools and Orion 8 acrylics, 34 to 40 in Sportswear. No mail or phone orders, please. FRANKLIN SIMON MONMOUTH SHOPPING CENTER. EATONTOWN OPEN DAILY'TIL 10:00 famous ladies in residence at the White House and Morven, Mrs Katharine Elkus White and Shrewsbury's Mayor Frederic Messina are, for the most part, family fare, sometimes special, 147 Fairview Drive Middletown MANDARIN ORANGE ANGEL CAKE the editors of "Treasured Rec- sometimes basic. 1 angel food cake ipes," a cookbook lovingly com- There's a chapter devoted to 1 large can mandarin orpiled by the Married Couples feeding large crowd6, which will anges, more if preferred Bible Class of the First Method- be welcomed by chairmen of I ist Church, Red Bank, and oftestimonial dinners and grand ered for public consumption this scale hostesses. T'.'s always week. problem knowing how big a tur- The book made its debut, with key will make an adequate salad a silver spoon in evidence, youfor a crowd. could say, on three very long Another sequence titled "Re- tables in the church hall last gional and Foreign Dishes" is Saturday afternoon. All contrib- generous with family recipes utors to the book brought forth from abroad, Interesting additions samples of their offerings. The to the kitchen repertoire. Special clasiti for ihrt» to entire 2D0 dishes made an im- The ladies have done a fine, fiv*-y«ar*olcJi. pressive sight, indeed. Members professional Job. Illustrations by of the church spent the after- Parents invited to observe. team headed by Mrs. Karl noon tasting and complimenting Bergman add to the book's at- the cooks. TAP • BALLET • TOE tractiveness. Historical notes by Mrs. Marguerite Griesmer and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Rigby en- Acrobatic • Discotheque her staff worked three years to hance its readability. compile the cookbook. The fruits With holiday time upon us, we (vegetables, casseroles, desserts DOROTHY"TOLAND have chosen two party cakes breads, etc.) of their labors can from the book, hoping your suc- DANCE STUDIOS lardly be summarized concisely, cess with them will spur you to 201 E. Btrgin PI. R.d Bank for variety is certainly the order a copy of 'Treasured Rec- theme of the work. The recipes, ipes" from the church office. It 741-2208 including contributions from the is also available at Baynton's Floor Coverings, 6 W. Front St., Red Bank. ORANGE COCONUT CAKE y3 cup butter % cup shortening V/i cups sugar 2 teaspoons grated orange rind 3 eggs W, cups flour 2>/4 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt RDAILMDAHT09TB 1 cup orange juice Cream together butter, shortening, sugar and orange rind. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Sift together flour, baking powder and salt. Add to creamed mixture alternately Specialist in with orange juice, beginning and ending with flour. Turn Early American decor batter into two greased and floured 9-inch round nans. Bake' at 350 degre« for 25 minutes. Filling t« •"From our workshop- "% cup sugar " ; |L Hand crafted furniture 3 tablespoons flour £ and accessories. 1 cup orange juice 2 epe yolks 2- tablespoons butter Colonial lamps and Mix suqar and flour in saucepan. Add orange juice and ev.% shades made to your yolks. Place over medium heat specifications. and brin? to a boil, stirring const!>fitlv. Cook for one minute. Remove from fire, add I'M our lay-away or y chargt! butter and stir well. Cool before using. Frosting 2 egg whites 15'4II/4 tablespoon light corn syrup tablespoons water teaspoon cream of tartar cups sugar 1 teaspoon p vanilla can coconut t " Combine everything except vanilla and coconut in the top T5TTouBle"DoiIe?7TSeir?or one minute at high speed to blend. Place over boiling water and beat for seven minutes, or until mixture forms peaks when beater is raised. Remove from water and add vanilla. Continue beating until thick. Spread on cake and cover with coconut. Mrs. Albert Blust 1 /, envelopes unflavored gelatin (3% teaspoons) V£ cup cold water 1 cup hot water 1 cup sugar 1 small can frozen orange juice 2 cups heavy cream, whipped separately Add gelatin to cold water. When softened, add to hot wa'ter. Add sugar. Mix well and cool in refrigerator until slightly firm. Add one cup whipped cream and can of frozen orange juice. Divide angel food cake into thirds crosswise. Tear one section into pieces and cover bottom of angel food pan with cake bits. Arrange a quarter of the drained orange slices among cake pieces. Pour y, of gelatin mixture over this. Repeat until all ingredients are used (three layers of each). Refrigerate until thoroughly chilled, CAKES OF ALL KINDS — Mrs. Karl Bergman. 50 King- five hours or more. When ready to serve, invert onto cake plate fisher Drive, and Mrs. Albert Blust, 19 Faimew Drive, and ice with one cup whipped both Middletown, display the end products of their con- cream and decorate with retributions to "Treasured Recipes," 250-page cook book maining oranges. Makes 12 or 14 servings. published this weak by the Married Couples Bible Class Mrs. Karl Bergman of the first Methodist Church, Red Bank. 50 Kingfisher Drive Middletown [Register Staff Photo) Ann Landers Lingering Guests Dear Ann Landers: To put it been a wonderful evening and feet with new shoes and not bluntly, what can be done about tomorrow is here already, so show the youngsters' faces? friends who don't know when, goodnight, everybody." If you print my^ter I will to go home? For those who are hard of consider it my Christmas pres- Some people think that just hearing or pretend to be, I add ent to the underprivileged chil- because' it is a'Friday"or Sat- another Sentence:"' "The party dren In our community. I will urday night and tiiey can sleep is over. Good night one andalso donate the price of a pair until noon the next day, every- all." The wives invariably of new shoes for one of the one in the world can. It so take it from there. kids. — PORTLAND, OREGON happens that Saturday is my husband's busiest day and Sun- Dear Ann Landers: Every Dear Portland: Here's your day morning we must get up to Christmas an organization in letter and my thanks to you for go to church. our city exercises the fine tra- writing It. Let us hope the TV Last Friday two couples sat dition of buying new shoes for director follows your sugges- here until 2:50 a.m. and I was needy children. The group's tion. It's a good one. ready to climb the walls. My generosity is duly covered on husband kept signaling me to TV, which I suppose is fair Confidential to Heart Full of get rid of them and I did drop enough from the organization's Regret: You- should have several bints — but nobody standpoint. My concern is for stayed with him until he "rebudged. the children. Mined his strength." He said he was tired, not dea^ Ask Please come up with an an- When the TV camera dollies for another chance and I hope swer, Ann. We need your help. in and catches these tykes you get It — TRAPPED TIL DAWN close up, most of them cringe Dear Trapped: I have always in embarrassment. I have the jiperated^ on the theory _that feeling something more is in- Alcohols no shortcut to so- noffifng very'¥flnian"f gefs saTd~ • a ^ h p a L l L i b i k after midnight, particularly if have to drink to be accepted From my own experience back the booze is flowing — and it in—the...depressioo,-l-^ispt:ct your friends, get the farts. usually is. some of these kids are aware "ReW^'lloozp and You — For I also notice that the reluc- of the charity involved and Teen-Aeers Only," by Ann Lantance of guests to go home 19 they resent having their pride ders. Send 35c in coin and a in direct relation to the amount crushed in public. They also long, self-addressed, stamped of liquor they have consumed. run the risk of humiliating envelope with your request. Most home parties are din- comments from their class- Ann Landers will be glad to ners which begin about 7 mates. help you with vour problems. o'clock. I figure five hours of Surely there are ways to pro- Send them to her in care of food, drink and witty conversatect These kids without inhibit- thft nnwsnaner. enclosing a tion is enough for anybody. At ing news coverage. Why self-addressed, stamped enve- midnight I stand and say, "It's couldn't they Show the small lope. IN NEW JERSEY IT'S FOR FABULOUS FASHION FINDS! ... iall fashions Clearance at savings yon cant afford to miss! coats • suits • dresses sportswear •millinery sale at both ntorea Charge Accounts Invited MONTCLAIR 500 bloom field aye. SPRING LAKE 1113 third are. Presents Lecture On Art Galleries MATAWAN — "Art as I Saw It," an illustrated lecture, was presented by Mrs. C. Edward Price, Washington, N.J., at a meeting of the Woman's Club in the clubhouse. Mrs. Price, a past president of the Washington Woman's Club and presently a member of the art and literature committee of the club, attended the General Federation Conference in Munich in 1963 and Athens in 1965. Her slides included visits to the art galleries of Europe and royal palaces of Spain. AN AFTERNOON OF TASTING — Mn. Leonard J. Reade, 61 Orchard Road, River Plaia, loft, chairman of recipe editors, and Mrs. S. I. Griesmer, Rt. 34, CoHl Neck, editor-in-chief, try some of the dishes that filled - the tables in the First Methodist Church hall Saturday afternoon. I Register Staff Photo) HONORARY MEMBER MATAWAN - Miss B. Dorothy shore recipient of council's Han- Cohen of Keyport has been made nah G. Solomon award In 1965. A teacher of trainable children, an honorary member of the Na- Miss Cohen was cited for her tional Council of Jewish Women. services to disadvantage*! chil- Miss Cohen was the first Baydren and their families. + + WEST FURNITURE CO. Keyport 264-0181 features ... "LAZ-BOY" CHAIRS EST. 1869 Open Mon. and Fri. eveningi 'til 9 PAPER PARTY SUPPLIES and DECORATION PARTY LINE RENT ANY PARTY NEEDS • CHAIRS • TABLES • BARS • PUNCH BOWLS • CHINAWARE etc The Largest Party Shop in the East !15 HWY. 35 • K.Mlle South, Eatontown Circle BULLETIN!!* "As you know we can get these tremendous values

795-C Rlvtr Rd. FAIR HAVEN 142-flll Soup Bowls Op.n 10 A.M. • 5 P.M. Services in County Churches FIRST SPIRITUAL OP DIVINE BOSK Belford Tht Sunday service will bt held at S:15 p.m. with Rev. Phoebt Dalley, paator, officiating, NEW MONMOUTII BAPTIST New Honmouth Sunday worship services will be held at 10:*5 a.m, and 7 p.m. Rev. D aid W. Scofleld will apeak at both erviced, CHRIST CHURCH Mid die town Services will bo Holy Communion at 8 (new church;) morning prayer and sermon at 9:15 (new church:) Morning Prayer and sermon it 11 a.m. old church.) Sermons by the tector, RBV. Robert E. Lenglcr. SAINT CLEMENT'S EPISCOPAL Belford Sunday schedule: 7:40 a.m. Matins; . a.m. Holy Eucharliit and sermon; 9:30 a.m. sung Eucharist and sermon y the Rev. Ralph Edwards. YOU > ARE ALWAYS WEI AT OUR SERVICES SUNDAYS 11:00 A.M. (Nursery Providod) - WEDNESDAYS 8:15 P.M. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST 111 BROAD STREET READING ROOM RED RANK, N. J. 209 BROAD ST., RED BANK, N. J. ST. JAMES CATHOLIC Red Bank Sunday Masses will be at 6, 7:30, 9, 10:30 a.m. and 12 noon In the Church; at 8, 0:30, 11 a.m, jnd 12:15 In the etcrs Place aiulltorlum. and at S:30 .m. In the Church. Msgr. Einmetl A. Monatian Is pastor. SHREWSBURY 468 BROAD ST. Call 747-4422 "0 man greatly beloved, fear not" The healing Christ, bringing wonderful proof of God's love and care for man, is available today for everyone. This is no idle promise. GEITH A. PLIMMER, C.S., a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, will explain why in a lecture based on his experience as a Christian Science practitioner. He will share some of the insights into prayer as Christian Scientists understand it — insights which have brought healing and happiness to thousands. His lecture is entitled, "Christian Science: The Discovery of the Healing Christ." 'Marge' Pfilmer ffos Lead In 'The Sleeping Prince 9 Atlantic Highland! •MMANOAL BAPTIST Atlantic HlfhJtMi Horalni worship servics will t» s.t 11 vdock and ths evmlnt s»rvlc« st flRSI METHODIST Atlantic Hljhlandi Moralni worship will t,, held «1 f. .f m v" r Comm Keansburg BT. ANN'S VATHOUO Keuiburx Sunday Muiei will b» it T, I '0. ti and noon, BAY SMOKE COMMUNITI East Keansburg Sunday aervices wll be held at 11 a.m, Rev. Richard Schwartz will officiate «n' -with » med- and preich on ''Learning to Live.' itation by George johnHon. FIB8T PKERBVTEnMN FIRST METHODIST Atlantic Highland! Keaiuburg Sunday services will t>e heM at Sunday nervlcca will be at 8:30 1:30 «n

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