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U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

Lions Top Colonials in

Lions Top Colonials in Mud By CHUCK TR1BLEH0RN school games played on this wet the school's string of defeats the home club with a minus eigh Poor punts led to Middletown's Nyman's placement went high Register Sports Editor morning. An estimated 1,500 fans (sniff, sniff) climbed to 21 over yards total offense. Freehold first two scores, both of which but wide to the left, FREEHOLD - Turkey Day? braved the elements (cough), not a three-year period. Freehold fi- gained nothing through the air in cams in the first half, one in Middletown scored Its linal Is that what they call yt? bad considering the weather. nished in the Class "A" cellar three attempts. each period. touchdown (sniff, sniff) the sec- Middletown Township and Free- The victory left the Lions (cha- and over-all was 0-9. Middletown, meanwhile, racked Middletown threatened midway ond time it got its hands on the hold Regional High Schools choo!) with a fine 6-2-1 over-all With its hard-running halfback, up 300 yards (sniff, sniff) total through the first half. A 60-yard ball in the third period. Taking dropped the curtain on their 1967 record and boosted their Shore Len Eianchi, again out of the offense, according to this writer's screen pass from Rochelle to over after a punt on the Freehold football campaigns here yester- Conference "A" Division mark to lineup with a leg injury which soggy and blurred notes. The Rick Steward sparked a drive 41, runs by Rochelle (seven day in weather more suitable for 4-2-1. Additionally, Coach Dick has hampered him all season and Lions, with quarterback Doug Ro- fi 'ram the Lions' 26 to the Colo- yards), Steward (one) and Mike ducks or a talented thoroughbred Kleva noted after the contest that aggravated in a gym'class, Mid- chelle doing most of the lugging nials' 4. On a first down play, Byrnes (two) gave Middletown a mudder. the Thanksgiving Day triumph dletown's offense was spotty, on rollouts, showed (cough) 175 however, Willie Davis (Ahchoo!) first down on the Freehold 30. My soggy notes (Achoo!) tell preserved his club's spotless '67 while the defense came through yards net on the ground, and 125 broke through to recover a Mid- Bruce Goodman picked up seven me that Middletown, as expected, road record. with its finest effort of the sea- passing on five completions in 12 dletown fumble on the Freehold more yards and then Rochelle proved to have too much for The losing Colonials of Coach son. The Lions repeatedly (ah- attempts. eight. flipped a screen pass to Byrnes Freehold, 19-0, in one of the three Charlie Figg ended their second chool) threw the Colonial ball In first downs, Middletown al- Three plays netted the Colo- On second down. Byrnes hauled scheduled (sniff, sniff) high consecutive winless season and carriers for big losses, leaving so had a big edge, 13-3. nials nine yards to the 17, but a In the pass at the line of scrim- fourth down punt put Middletown mage end romped 23 yards down back In business on the Free- the right sideline for the score. hold 35. On the first play from (Cough). ' scrimmage, with just 46 seconds remaining in the opening period, Bob Yahara's perfect kick Rochelle rolled out to his left made it, 19-0, with 6:13 to play and scampered the 35 yards to in the third period. paydirt. A mishandled snap from Freehold, unable to mount a center thwarted the extra point serious attack against the Lions' bid. forward wall led by Dave Sieg- With 6:40 remaining in the secfried and Mike McCray almost ond period the Lions scored scored In the final minute (Ah- SPIRIT REIGNS IN RAIN — Finalists In the Freehold again. The touchdown was set up choo!) of play. Regional High School Homucoming Queen contest, lift by a fumble recovery by Middletown's Bill Hendricks (Ah- peared to be another touchdown *» right Janet Hammond Marsh, EUenberg .ndI Rita chool) on the Freehold six. The drive from the Freehold 46. Ro- Siymanski, all 17, fail to let the weather get them down. Colonials' bobble came three chelle picked up most of the yarc plays after they had halted a age on runs of 13, 13 and 17 sniff) was headed for six points, er in the pilferage department Lions' march on the seven. Mid- yards, as the lions reached thi but a few looks back did him In. and one of the leaders in tin dletown's drive extended after Colonials' three. He was hauled down on the Mid- Shore area. another short punt gave the dietown 19 after a 78-yard rum- "We played well, considering Lions the ball on (he Colonials' A handoff on first down faile ble. the sloppy conditions," said Kle- 38. to connect, and' the football flei Eager to get on the Scoreboard va after the game. "The boys On the first play after Hen- loose. Dennis DePhillppo, a Free- with time running out, Freehold did a good job even with Bianchl dricks pounced on the fumble, hold guard, picked up the ball quarterback Don Schank (Ah- out with the injury." Figg can Carl Pomposelli cracked off tack- and took off for paydirt with a choo!) took to the air on second only wait until next year. le into the end zone from six host of Lions In pursuit. It ap- down from the 22. The attempted Happy Thanksgiving, boss. I'll yards out to make It, 124). Bob peared that Dephillppo (sniff, pass was Intercepted by Good- be seeing you in about a week. man, Middletown's seasonal lead- (Achoo! Sniff. Sniff. Cough). SEE OUR FABULOUS NEW KITCHEN and H MAINTENANCE FR E E HOUSE H* OUR SHOWROOM ! "your neighbor is our next customer" RED BANK ALUMINUM HOME CENTER 36 WHITE ST. 741-3939 RED BANK ) OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS PRODUCTIVE SCREEN—The uniforms are still relatively clean in the first quarter as Middletown quarterback Doug Rochelle (II) above, tosses a screen pass to teammata Rick Steward (10). Below, Steward tucks RENT A CAR or TRUCK from HERTZ U-DRIVE . , . Call 775-1515,222-3299,747-2121 FARM SERVICE Frank Porter's Red Bank Tire Co. SHREWSBURY AVE. 747 - 3404 Open Mon. thru Fri. — 8 to 6 p.m.; Sat. to 3 p.m. Raiders Hold Lead in West the pigskin under his arm and looks for daylight. He found it to the tune of 60 yards. (Register Staff Photos by Don Lord!)' >*>< * I « THE WHOLE STORY — The two feet of a football player tell the story of yesterday's Middletown-Freehold game which was played on a muddy field. c Keansburg Warner Eleven Is Shutout by Jets, 26-0 LAURENCE HARBOR - Quar- all, Rich Casazza passed to Keith "terbat&~Tom"O'Hern- threw -two Sands -for-a-69-yard-Bcorlng-play, scoring passes to Dennis Healy A team, trophy and most valu- yesterday to lead the Cliffwcod able player awards were pre- —BeacfrtaurencerHarbor-Jets-to-a 28-0 victory over the Keansburg Bluejeans varsity squad. Harbor quarterback, won the var- O'Hern's first scoring pass sity award firing two scoring covered 17 yards, while the other passes. Casazza also threw two . went for five yards. Reggie Hayes scoring passes to win the Peeran 20 yards, and Steve Apito ran Wee MVP award. over from one yard out for the other two touchdowns. Keansburg varsity finished with a 2-6 record, Laurence Harbor Laurence Harbor also won the Pee-Wee game by taking a 19-13 concluded at 2-7. Keansburg Peethriller. Late in the fourth period Wees had a 5-3 season, while with the score deadlocked at 13-ILaurence Harbor finished at 2-7. ; By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Oakland Raiders main- Mod talned the top position in the Western Division of the Amerl can League while the Dallas Cowboys Increased their lead in the Capitol Division of the National League In yesterday's professional football action. The Raiders romped over the Kansas City Chiefs, 44-22, and the San Diego chargers came from behind to defeat the Denver Broncos, 24-20," in the AFL . In the NFL, the Cowboys trampled the St. Louis Cards, 46- 21, and the Los Angeles Rams trounced the Detroit Lions, 31-7. ON THE BENCH — As if tho rain and muddy condition! Four pass interceptions and aren't enough to make a droary Thanksgiving Day, the Pete Banaszak's excellent fill-in job for injured Clem Daniels playen on the Freehold Regional bench aren't happy helped Oakland beat the Chiefs. L with the score either. Banaszak, a second-year pro who had carried the ball only nine times in his pro career, ripped Surf, Field and Stream the Chiefs for 81 yards in 13 carries and caught four passes for 27 yards. The game was rarely In doubt the Road after cornerback Willie Brown's 25-yard soaring run with an lnteroepted-.pass_madSi.,lLl7:3 in ByDICKRIKER pin the bird. On picking up the first bird, a second flushed the first period. Safety Warren The upland gunner visiting one of our public shooting within ten feet of the startled hunter. I folded this bird as he Powers set up the initial Raider ~giiounariortliB-flrst-tfane-has quite -a surpriM-ooming-tohim..- touchdown with an interception at Having read stories of pheasant bunting In various sports- was within two feet of the groundind'flyJng the Paiders men's magazines, he expects to find fields of standing corn or trail like-a gutter ball at the bowling alley. wheat stubbie. According to these stories, you simply push a Plowing through a mess of high bush blueberry alongside line of gunners through ths field and when you come to Hie a boggy thicket a short time lattr, I stopped for a moment to end of it the pheasants will rocket up to fall easy prey to the catdh my breath. With that, a chink stepped out of the bog gun. directly in front of me, let out a startled squawk and rose Gunning pen-reared ringneciks on our scrub pine, oak and straight up in the air like a helicopter. Almost as startled as bush blueberry hunting tracks is a fax cry the bird, I had trouble disentangling my soattergun from the from storybook hunting. Dumped tram boxes brush and simply poked a shot at the bird, which dropped al- along a dirt road, our perwaised birds will most at my feet I suspect the bird died from sheer fright immediately make a headlong dive for the since I really hadn't even aimed me gun. nearest cover. Pursued on Saturdays and On the way back to the car to unload our take and for me holidays by a small army of upland gunners, to get some number eight shells for quail, another bird got up our birds quickly learn mat cover means from a stand of middle-aged pine and flew below the branches survival and they dig into the thickets and to offer a clean shot to the Ctamdigger and his boy. This DO YOUR HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING sit tight during the greater part of the day. bird was added to the bag and after I missed a hen quail I IN A NEW BASEMENT ITS HARD WORK almost stepped on in a little meadow, we decided to go on to What I am trying to say is that la order Colliers Mills to try and fill our bag limit and perhaps get a RECREATION ROOM! to be successful in your pursuit of pheasant few quail. on grounds such as Colliers Mills, you must Riker A DIFFERENT STORY get off the roads and out of the fields and dig into the Hunting Colliers Mills Is a somewhat different proposition. thickets, the bogs and the jack pine. It is hard work, have no Here, there are food patches scattered throughout the area. doubt on that subject, but it is very productive. As an example, The inexperienced hunter works the food patches and finds the Clamdigger and his oldest boy joined me for a day of ring- nothing. The gunner, wise to the ways of public grounds birds, neok gunning early in the week. In less than four hours of works the wooded strips between the food patches and does hunting, we each got our limit of cocks and saw another business. The Clamdigger's boy folded a big buster of a ring- limit each. We hunted two public shooting grounds, both neck just moments after we left the car. Hunting three abreast close to us and easy to reach. to cover a wide a strip of woods as possible, we worked a box You will note we chose a weekday to hunt die public pattern around the food patches, then moved on and worked tracts. Frankly, I would not go near Colliers Mills on a Satur- around flie next food patch we could spot. Another pheasant day untlTvery late In the season. Are there birds at the Mills flushed far ahead of the springer and crossed over in front late in the year? You bet there are. Tho Clamdigger and his of me. But since my limit was filled, and neither the Clam- boy hunted deer there last year and saw plenty of pheasant digger nor his boy could see the bird, it escaped to be hunted while seeing nary a deer. Tho other tract we hunted is a little by another gunner on another day. known irea just south of Rt, 537, near the Siloam Church. Take advantage of our FREE service and have our West of Freehold, follow Rt. 537 to the Siloam Road, turn left Our last bird of the day was pushed out of tiio grass along- basement remodeling specialist visit your home and to the Ely-Harmony Road and turn left again. The public side the lake by the hard-worldng springer spaniel. The bird plan your room! grounds are just a mile or so down the Ely-Harmony Road. ran like a deer for 100 feet or more before roaring up in tried- Cross-country, you are not far from Turkey Swaimp. and-true pheasant fashion and the Clamdigger's son proudly The Siloam grounds look like no pheasant country you picked up his first limit on pheasant. LIBRARY DESK esver saw in Field and Stream and, of course, aren't true ring- ROAD RIDERS SEEN neck territory. Without the stocking efforts of the Fish and AIMn-all it was a very pleasing day of hunting after two UNIT Game people, Slloam would be lucky to have a brace or three days of high winds kept the birds tight. We found relatively OR of quail. Yet, we got four cock pheasant out of the area and few hunters afield last Tuesday and suffered from no com- missed another. Each came to us under different circumstances petition at either place although we did see a few road riders. FREE BAR and proved Interesting. Road riders do their hunting from a car. TJiey watcil for WITH EVERY RECREATION ROOM ORDER! CLAMDIGGER NAILS FIRST birds along tho roadside. They then jump out of the car, shoot Number ono fell to the Clamdigger. Tho bird showed him- at the bird, then they got back In the car and move on slowly. self on the edge of the road, turned and raced for the tfiickets, They burn a lot of gas, get few birds and are frequently FIRST PAYMENT — MAY 1968 then burst Into the air cackling his fool head off. The Clam- checked by conservation officers as they aro prono to keep digger folded him neatly and sent his springer spaniel in to their gung loaded In the car. • 1 The ChargeVs charged from behind on Dick Post's eight-yard touchdown run with 2:33 remaining. San Diego set up the deciding score when Steve DeLong recovered a' fumble by Penver's Charlie Mitchell on the Broncos' 24-yard line. Post carried for gains of 11 and 5 yards before driving off right tackle for the winning marker. The results gave Oakland a 9- 1 record to 8-1-1 lor runnerup San Diego. Kansas' City, defending" AFL champ, is third with (W. Cowboyi Bain The Cowboy's victory enabled them to boost their Capitol Division lead over second-place Philadelphia to 214 games. The Cards dropped further back in the Century Division with a 5-5-1 mark. Cleveland leads with W while tin New York Giants are 6-5. Speedster Bob Hayes scored on plays covering 69,59 and 34 yards and Lance Rentzel on one of 74 yards for Dallas. Hayes returned a punt 69 yards for a touchdown and caught scoring passes of 59 and 34 yards from Don Meredith. ning back Dan Reeves' pass gav» the Cowboys a 30-14 lead early in the-third period. - — 45, and his 33-yafd touchdown run with another in THE DAILY REGISTER terception in tha last quarter 24^-Friday, Nov. 24, 1967 made it 37-15 ONE DAY ONLY TOMORROW, SATURDAY, NOV. 25 SUSPENDED CEILINGS COMPLETE ONLY 2X4 LAY IN PANELS WITH METAL Factory representative will be here to help you with your decorating and lay-out problems. JOIN OUR FRIENDLY STAFF FOR A CUP OF COFFEE . . . AND SEE OUR NEW LINE OF DECORATING SPECIALTIES WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF A DECORATIVE SPECIALISTI RED BANK LUMBER & SUPPLY CO. Call 741-5500 Cor. Pearl and Wall. Red Bank Open Dally 7:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.; Sal. 7:30 A.M. to 5 P.M.

LET IT RAIN — Fans here a,t the Red Bank Catholic - Rumson - Fair Haven Regional gams yesterday, stuck it out despite the off and on rain during the game. Umbrellas and rain gear were the fashion of the day. OFF FOR A GAIN — Wayne Trotter (22), Red Bank Catholic quarterback, gats off a short gain before being stopped by Rumson-Fair Haven Regional tackle Boyd Yesler, (73), left. CARSON STOPPED — Bill "Butch" Carson, (22) who ran the opening kickoff back 85 yards for a Rumson touchdown, is stopped here by Red Bank Catholic tackle Tom Smith's one-leg tackle. Despite rugged playing conditions yesterday, the Bulldogs won, 26-0. I Register Staff Photo by Larry Perna) Bulldogs' Whitewash Keeps Caseys Winless By HY CUNNINGHAM The Caseys just couldn't develop an offense this season boot to Bulldog scatback Butch Carson on the Rumson 15. RED BANK — Thanksgiving Day turned out as bad for and yesterday was no exception. Rumson scored more points Carson scooted past a couple of RBC defenders, broke into the Red Bank Catholic as its 1967 football season. The Caseys were than RBC did all season, 25. Casey opponents worked just open and completed his 85:yard touchdown run standing up. drubbed, 26-0, by Rumson-Fair Haven Regional on the Red the reverse, racking up 326 points for the season against the Rumson's Richard Brandt, kicking in the mud, had his Bank High School athletic field in mud and rain yesterday. Green and Gold. first kick blocked, but an offside penalty against the Casey Coach Joe Rosati's Rumson team served notice early as SLIPPERY GOING club gave him another shot which also failed. to who the eventual winner would be. In fact, it was 13 seconds Slippery going was responsible for holding down the score, The Bulldogs struck again midway in the first period after the starting whistle when the Bulldogs scored. and it might have even ruined a chance for the Caseys to after taking a Casey punt, and a Rumson clipping penalty For Coach Jim Mcnamara of the Caseys, he had to be score. Rumson failed on a couple of opportunities when Red placed the ball at midfield. Three plays later the Bulldogs glad the season was over. The loss was the ninth straight Bank Catholic offered its best defensive demonstrations of had the touchdown. for the Caseys, while Rumson went over the .500 mark with a the contest. Bill Fallen struck the line for nine yards and Pinckney M finish. Wayne Trotter, Casey quarterback, kicked the opening Mcllwain hit right tackle for four yards and a first down. On Longhorns Defeated, 10-7 Aggies Headed for Cotton Bowl By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hargett (numbered his arm horns ahead with a touchdown two Cornhusker scores in the sec- Quay's seven-yard scoring pass Ed Hargett passed Texas from his own 20 and Long caught in the final period, Bradley goond period. to John Hince was the clincher MM into the Cotton Bowl the pass at the Texas 36 and ing over from the two. A short Nebraska punt late in after an interference call against Thursday with an 80-yard toucl carried a Longhorn defender Eddie Hinton rambled 23 yards the third quarter gave Oklahoma Tech at its seven, down toss to Bob Long in over the goal to give the Aggies for a fourth-quarter touchdown its chance on the Cornhusker's 33 Only minutes earlier, an inter- last quarter that enabled the A their first SWC championship in for Oklahoma and the Sooners and Bob Warmack passed 10 cepted pass led to Dickie Longer gies to defeat rival Texas, 10-7 11 years and send them against 6topped Nebraska with four in- yards to Steve Zabel before Hin- beam's 20-yard touchdown run College Station. Alabama New Year's Day. terceptions and three fumble reton broke loose. for a 10-6 Tech lead. While the Aggies wrapped Texas threatened once more, coveries for a 6-0 conference VMI also charged from behind, Toledo raised its record to 9-1, the Southwest Conference tit but Blister Adami intercepted a mark and 8-1 over-all record. marching 74 yards for a touch- . its best season since 1917, by Orange Bowl-bound Oklahom Bill Bradley pass at the Aggie Oklahoma, which meets Ten- . . . . scoring 42 points in the first won its first. Big., Eight foqtba! 15 to insure A&M's sixth victory nessee in Miami New Year's down with 1 minutes remaining ha]f_ |oland crown outright in five years wit in seven conference'' games. •night, took an early 13-0 lead on. to avenge last year's 70-12 loss • come-from-behind 21-14 trium A&M had led, 3-0, at the half two Mike Vachon field goals and over Nebraska at Lincoln. on Charliey Riggs' 32-yard field Ron Shott's one-yard touchdown triumph for VMI in the 63-game In the only other major gam goal, but Bradley's passing and run, but fell behind 14-13 when rivalry since 1962. On a light Thanksgiving Day o Ted'Hoy's running put the Long- Frank Patrick's passes set up Sophomore quarterback Russ lege schedule, VMI upset Vii ginia Tech 12-10 at Roanoke, Va and Toledo, the Mid-America Conference co-champio: trounced visiting Villanova 52- l the next down, Mcllwain started out to his left, cut back through tackle and dashed 37 yards for the TD. Brandt made the kick good for a 13-0 score. Late in the quarter, Rumson marched 56 yards, with the TD coming with 2:16 left before intermission. In four plays the Bulldogs posted a first down on the Casey 28. It appeared as though the Caseys were going to halt the drive after guard Bob Mihok tossed Doug Tauchert, Rumson end, for a 11-yard ' loss. Mcllwain started the drive again, going around right end to the Casey 15, with a key block thrown by Dewey Robinson, Bulldog back. Carson then climaxed the march by picking up 15 around his left end after two misses by would-be RBC tacklers. Brandt booted the point for the 20-0 halftinie lead. They'll Try As the rains kept coming, Rumson's offensive punch was weakened, but the Bulldogs did manage another score early in the fourth period. Tomorrow Trotter was attempting to pass from his own 35, when Nine of yesterday'! 12 guard Pete Jakubecy intercepted the pass and ran it back 13 games were washed out by yards tp the Casey 46. On third down, reserve quarterback heavy rains and all will be George Conley fired a pass to Bob Vetterl lor 21 yards. Sec- played tomorrow. onds later another Conley aerial to Vetterl placed the ball Tomorrow will find Nep- on tlje five. After Guy Haltom hit tackle for two yards, Craig tune traveling to Asbury Park Riley went through center for the TD, Brandt's kick for the (or an 11 a.m. game; South- point went wide. , ' ern Freehold Regional at Despite the slippery going, Carson, Robinson, Mcllwain Ocean Township, at 1 p.m.; and quarterback Dave Snyder kept the Bulldogs' offensive at- Shore at Monmouth, at 1 p.m.; tack moving. Rumson's team out-rushed the Caseys and out- Toms River at Lakewood, at passed in yardage totals.. « 1 p.m.; Keyport will enter- DEFENSIVE STANDOUTS V tain Matawan Regional, at 1 Linemen Chris Bond, Rich Rubley, Alan Guerci and p.m.; Red Bank will visit Boyd Yesler, turned in fine defensive plays for Rumson. Long Branch, at 1 p.m.; Mihok, Bob Kelsey and Chris Merli held up the Casey defense. 'i,06S scored ttree Raritan Township visits Ma- touchdowns and passed for one ter Dei at 2 p.m.; Brick There were a few fumbles in the game, but it was re- to Tech. It also was: "the first and "quarterback" John" Schneider Township hosts Central Remarkable there were not more due to ^g slippery balLand.. hit 13 of 20 passes for 227 yards gional, at 1:30 p.m., and field. and two scores. Schneider also Point Pleasant Beach at Coach Rosati started looking over next year's material, ran for 73 yards. Jackson Township, at 1:30 as he substituted early in the third period and continued until ?.m. the final whistle In the three games that Inclement weather washed out band performances, but at Harris Finishes With 119 Points were played, Middletown the half Rumson-Fair Haven conducted "Homecoming Queen" Township blanked Freehold ceremonies on the Rumson side of the field. Regional, 19-0; Rumson-Fair A late crowd arrived for the game, but at intermission Haven Regional shut out Red time, the stands were cleared of at least half of the fans as Bank Catholic, 26-0, and Point they paraded toward exits. Pleasant Beach tied Mana- Manasquan, which gained a 23 yards up the middle for his squan, 6-6. THE DAILY REGISTER Friday, Nov. 24, 1967—25 Point Pleasant Beach and Man- share of the Shore Conference Richie Harris, Ocean County's 17th touchdown of the campaign. asquan battled to a 6-6 tie here 'B" Division championship a leading scorer and second only yesterday afternoon on a muddy field to close out their respective week ago by upsetting Matawan point production along the Shore, Mike Dunn's extra point attempt ALL NEW-Volume 6 gridiron seasons in their tradi- Regional, finished with an unusu- gave Point Beach a 6-0 lead in tional Thanksgiving Day finale. al 4-1-3 record. Point Beach the first period. Harris romped The Garnet Gulls ed after the home team took over LOOKING FORA BARGAIN? STAY IN YOUR CAR AND HAVE fT WASHED IN JUST 2 MINUTES FOR ONLY . . . TRIPS AROUND THE CAR USES 2 QUARTERS HIGHWAY 35 MIDDLETOWN South of Howard Johnson's G. R. HOFFMIRE G. H. WHITE Gulls, Warriors Battle to 6-6 Tie POINT PLEASANT BEACH - Kelly EarnedBestLineman In Garden State Conference THE WORLD'S LARGEST TRANSMISSION SPECIALISTS 193 E. Newman Spring! Road. RED BANK — 842-2500 809 Railroad Avenuo ASBURY PARK — 774-4800 OPEN DAILY 8-5 32. Jack Ford's 39-yard scamper quan 24, and two plays later Harris went the distance. - out Jfabortte rtstmas Manasquan got even early in the second period when Roy Mait- RUMSON - Bob Kelly, play. Carlson also is a co-cap- also recovered a fumble in the son-Fair Haven Regional High g tain. frame to rate as his club's best end zone for a touchdown. The School's senior guard and co-cap- End Doug Tauchert, center six points came when Ford bobtain, has been voted the outstand- Pete Horr and quarterback Dave bled the snap from center on the ing lineman for 1967 in the Gar- Snyder received honorable men- 2 on a fourth down punt situation. den State Conference. Kelly also tion. Jelly is rated by Coach Joe Ro-Manasquan also was unsuccesswas a unanimous choice on the A 17-year-old senior, Kelly fig- ;ati as one of the finest lineman ful on its conversion attempt and annual All - Conference team, ured in on more than 75 per cent which also was announced yes- of the tackles made by the Bullterday.dogs as a middle linebacker. He Highland Park placed five men on the first team array selected by the coaches of the eight teams Hofstra, 19-0 in the circuit. Representing the HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) - unbeaten Owls, 8-0 over-all and 6-0 in GSC play, are end Ray Don Gault threw touchdown Haleluk, center Demi Devich, passes of 75 and 51 yards yes- A new 12-inch L-P Custom Recording featuring Jack Jones, Roberta Peters, Vienna Choir Boys and the Firestone Orchestra and Chorus. Limit one per customer at this price Additional albums *3 nd halfback Doug Milch. Runterday as Hofstra whipped C. W, nerup Carteret showed two, endPost, 19-0. Steven Bennett, and quarterback In the first quarter Gault hit Phil Chiera, who was honored as Bob Devin on Hofstra's 40, and he most valuable back in the Devin raced 60 yards for league in a close race with score. Gault connected with Jim Milch. Thorpe in the third quarter, Rumson's Kelly, Roselle tackle Thorpe grabbing the pass !harles Coble, Roselle Park Post's 25 and taking it in from guards Dennis Shallcross.Metuch- there. en tackle John Boyle, and Clif- Richie Green scored Hofstra's :ord Scott halfback Jim D'Amato first touchdown in the first quar- and South Brunswick fullback ter, climaxing five straight car Wayne Conover round out the ries with a 37-yard run. honor array. Rumson's Butch Carson, the Since the Southeastern Confer- Purple Bulldogs' leading scorer, ence was formed in 1933 the Uni- vas named to the GSC second versity of Alabama has had six earn on the basis of his steady teams go undefeated and untied. W Hi-Fi -*4 M Stereo Limited quantities Volumes 4 and 5 also available at $1.00...WHILE THEY LASTI BRONZETONE PRE-FINISHED 4'xT SHEETS REG. 5.88 All Pre-finished—All 4x8 Sheets For Unbeatable Traction Get America's Favorite Winter Tires! Our gnarantta citmiria to new Firestono Town & Coimtry Urea, on dnvo wheels of pnswnRrr fur Uio ruUra lift] vt tlic original Ucit 1 itraign Claims paid by ilcalir nrstoro gun rantco certifies la 30 She.ti Samoan Coral $2.99 39 Shostt Soa Isle Pocan 3.99 16 Shoati Maplotono 4.49 73 Shooti Samoan Ebony 4.95 SI Shooti Arcticmii* : 5.29 110 Shooti Antiquo Birch 5.99 27 Sheeh Colonial Cherry 5.99 32 Shooti Capo Cod Birch 4.99 24 Shooh Tawny Birch 7.99 56 Sheoti American Walnut 8.95 * i GEORGIA PACIFIC .Genuine Chateau Cypress Full VA" •

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