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U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

SO-Fnrlav. NV 21 JV,7

SO-Fnrlav. NV 21 JV,7 THL DAILY RLU^ U Cadillac U Cadillac U Cadillac r. Cl». 45 «trcury pk. Lon» 4-Dr. Sdn. H Ford Gal. 500 HP. Cpt. .(IChtvtlll MOIIIHSSHP.CPI. HOIdimomit n TnmSdn. 44 Oldimobllt villa sta. Wgn. M pontlac LtMan Hp. Cpt. 4! Ford Cly. Sq. Sta. - Wgn. 5. Sfiti-fiOOO. MERCURY 1!>S4 Parklane convertible. 1 1963 MARK X JAGUAR — Automatic. MULLEK CIIEVROLEr, Hwy. M, Mat- Showroom new! Not lc down. Bank BUICK-OPEL 1 Excellent condition. One owner. $1759. awan. 566-8000. will finance $12fi5, only $12,80 weekly. 264-4500. Ext. 210. 10 to 5. BUICK IMS Skylark. Full Power. No Call OASIS, 721-7100 for credit ok. 1!W2 FORD — Nine-passenger Country money down. Bank will finance HIPS, 1963 THUNDEREIRD — Hardtop. Fully Sedan. Good condition. Good rubber. only S11.R0 weekly. Call OASIS, 721-7100 equipped. Original black finish. Low V-8, automatic. $600. 671-3247. for credit ok. mileage beauty, Fully guaranteed. PONTIAC — ISM convertible. Air con- 1065 MUSTANG — Two-door hardtop. J149.1. MULLER CHEVROLET, Hwy. I dltlonetJ CaUlfiu. Full power, white V-8, automaltc. Radio, heater, whtte- 34, Matawan. 568-BOOO. "* "Th* daaUrslrip where the customer is Important!" I with blue top and interior. Condition /all tires. Fully guaranteed. $1695. THUNDERBIRD 1963—Excellent. White like - brand new. Fries I21S0 firm. MULLER CHEVROLET, Hwy. 31, Matwith red Interior. Power steering, power Private party. 542-2338. •»n. 666-8O0O. brakes. Personal car. 747-5852, f HWY 35 KEYPORT—264-4000 1M2 CORVAIR MONZA — Automatic. 1962 CHEVY II — Stick shift. Good 1965 CORVETTE — Convertible. Four- 1 Perfect condition. Call condition. Call speed, 350 h.p. Hub wheels. Exceptional C/i-Mile South of Parkway Exit 117) 671-3286. 741-9741 condition throuRhout. MULLER CHEV- 1959 CHEVROLET - Two-door. Six- 1964 RENAULT — Excellent condition. ROLET, Hwy. 34, MaUwan. 586-80OO. cylinder, stick. Snow tires on extra Radio, heater. 8250. 1963 GTO CONVERTIBLE—Royal blue ¥" ' , rime. Goon condition. *178. 842-0356. 842-1017 with blue bucket scats. 389 engine. 1M3 AUSTIN HEALEY SPRITE — A»k- PONTIAC TEMPEST 18W — Two-door Four-on-the-floor transmission. A real j Ing $550. Good condition. Call altar 1:30, sedan. Maroon. Factory •warranty. One lover's car. M. SCHWARTZ at SONS. 842-1624. owner. J1758. 741-7787. 141 W. Front St.. Red Bank. 747-0787. AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE OVER $3500 $1000J$1500 P Perfpct connltlon. IJOW mileage. On owner. U495. Call S3UM90. 1D53 CHEVHOLET \ TON R*CK-rick up. Good condition. Call alter i p. 7*1-9392. 1SM> ECONOLINE KOItn — Side n heater. 10fi:j (J.M.C. V6 panel heav duty, four forward flpeeds, healer. 19 KODfiE Pickup, cab over engine, r dlo, lieatpr. 872-no:i. CHE VnoLET~.rTON~plcJI{ U I r l r 7IHrU7_, 4*i*r trl meuj sfefcd. P*''-i — UtAi UJ at*!. tuinlthiii. VS7'A C*x b* tinxj-.iMI, MI tt'M. J7_or ii^?__ WANTED AUTOMOTIVE Fvt&rrvSx Uovwa - AtUca a»{ celltrs cleaned Tin aatlmaUl. Call JUNK CARS BOUGHT M & KlASEMENT Twinbrook Auto Wrecking WATERPROOFING CO. Eatontown 542-223! 10-year juarantee. free eallmala. »25- JUNK CARS WANTED SHORE AUTO WHECKEES REifoilEWN'", ~- "ADDITioNS — AL- 5U-5541 22219: TKP.ATIONS - Easy terms, tree esllmain. 741-2:112 GET CASH FOR YOUR FOREIGN AMERICAN — AND SPOKTS CAR EXPERT TREE SERVICE --"Removal. AT MONMOUTH MOTORS. INC, H tmiinnK itninlng. anrl lireplar.e wood. 35, Eatontown. 5*2-2411. • Reasonable rltts. Free estimates. JM-, AUTO RENTALS SNOW TOM'S FORD ltI' '*!• PLOWING -Excellent condition Inside and RENT A CAR Used >mly to and from work. H'2' ercial and realflenlial. Call now. 20O Hwy. 35 26ur week, all company henentl. Apply In person. •HOPRITE, HOD Hwy. 35, Mlddletown. tJflFKEKPER WANTET) — Twlea week, either morning or afternoon. Own transportation. After 6, 717-0971. EXPERIENCED cleaning woman. One day every other weak. References. Call sniwn TEACHER'S AIDE — To work wlti severely emotionally dlaturbed children. 1:30 to 2:30. Previous nursery aehool experience desired. Call M3-3M), lira.. Booth. • T E P T I O N r r r Permanent, precision manufacturer at environmental equipment requires full lime aecretary-receptlonlst for buiy of- 'lc. Pleasant speaking vole, and neat ippearance a must. Some college or aecreUrlal training helpful but not *»• aentlal. Must be capable of handling telephones, typing and light ateno ef. flclemtly. Age 25-30. Call lira. Humphrey at 3U-MM between 111! and 1-3. WAITRESS EXPERIENCED - I t m • 3:30 p.m., Mon. threugii -lat Apply Burger Bowl. 15 White it.. Rail Bank. AVON CALLING ATTENTION HOtUBWIVZBI

HELP WANTED - MAJJE HELP WANTED-MAtE ENGINEERS ALL DISCIPLINES If you «•• an engineer and have from one to five years experience with your present employer, try to reflect upon your,oexpectation» when graduating from college. Have they been realized? Unfortunately, all too often many bright, energetic engi- neers don Make the time »o reflect upon their careers early enough. The result is that many outstanding men have mediocre careers. If your needs aren't being met in terms of salary, advancement or professional challenge, let Drummond Associates turn your expectations into reality We have positions available in every engineering disci- plina in all areas of the United States. If you have a resume prepared, submit it to us. If not, fill in the informa- tion below and we will send our application form to you. Upon its return, we will prepare a professional resume which will aid you in finding the position you deserve If convenient, phone for appointment, NAME _ ADDRESS ..: ' -" TELEPHONE NO "'"" DEGREE [ S)! DRUMMOND ASSOCIATES Executive Placement / Personnel Consultants Professionals for Professionals / Engineering Scientific / Administration / Management Sales / Financial. 265 MONMOUTH PARK HIGHWAY , WEST LONG BRANCH, N. J. 07764 Telephone: 1201) 542-6464 HELP WANTED - MALE MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY dre&t opportunity for qualified me: over 31 to Join New Jersey's fastest growing chain of limited menu drive in reiUmraaU at managers. Experience belpfu!, but not necessary. Excellent ttlkiitM, vacations, bonus program, in- i urine* aod hrapllalLzallon. Regular hours, permanent position!. Franchise •' •loci purchua plans. For Information DUTCH HUT SYSTEM MANAGEMENT CORP. Aibury Park, New Jeney 07712 S31-81O0 tUSHWABHER —, part-Urne 2dmt have car. Hours 10 p.m. -l a_m. alx days. Do not phono. HARMONY HOWLING ALLEY, Rt. 35, illddletowa ASSISTANT HOUBEKKEI'IJIi SUPER- VISOR—FuH-tlm* day position avall&bli with full f rings benefits. Excellent working conditions. Call Rlvervlew Hospital, T41-27W, Ext 225. YOUNG MAN—18 years or over, p time.' Learn delicatessen btiBinees. Ap- ply In person, TaljatctmJck's Tllt •«n, 1U Broad Bt, lied Bank. EXPERIENCED LUBRICATION MAN — Apply tn person, Pontlac, 63 Lower Main St., Mmtawan. DRI^B^miTEDiuIB center. Boms Wevrehouse and counter. Apply In person only, Mr. Is'icaatro, Honmouth Building Ceater, Sfcrewi bury Ave.. Shrewsbury. ^ ^ REFRIGERATION SERVICEMAN With ionie electrics! eipeflence. Steady yes.r found emptormcaiL fiaisry open. Call THERMAL MSfpcU INC., 2M' WOO. ^ SERVICE STATION ATTENDANT — Full time days. Experience preferred. Apply Mlddlfttcwa American, Hwy. 25, Vlddletotra. FULL FLEDQE CARPENTER — time. Good pay. Oil alter 0 Full p.m. BARBER — Experienced. Steady. Ei- eellent pay. Call after 5, AUTO CLEANUP MAN — Hurt ()• -dependable and have experience In tbls type of wort Steady work. Many fringe benefit*. Apply In poreon Circle Chevrolet. 325 Usple Ave., Red Bank. CLERK WANTED — Apply CBS SU- PER MARKET, M Main St. Keans- burg. BOY WANTED — To worlc In hard- ware atore, 14 dally, 8:30 to 8 Ratur. dayi. Huit drive. Call M1-7M4. PLUMBEP, — Full eiperKnced. steady Tear round work. Call 531-8085. DRIVER — Beveraf* home, delivery. Salary, Incentive Married. 566XO& benefit*. Over 21 WAREHOUSEMAN — Some experience. Mm! have driven license. Call 7M-MK mornings' on&jf HELP WANTED — MALE QUALITY CONTROL FOREMAN Challenging aniperrlaoiT pofltloc tor responsible Individual. Prwvlotu quality control preferred, but not necessary. Excellent company benefits. Salary commensurate with experience. Submit resume to Box Z405, Tfoe Dally R*t> Jster Red Bank. An equal opportunity '-nploycr. DELICATESSEN MAN - Some «I- periroca and toma knowledct of Ital-' laa language. Oood pay. Pleaiant iur- rouMlDgs. Call 737-6023 - momlnn only. PARTS MAN ~ Chrysler and Inter- national eiperlenc* preferred, but not necessary. Haipltat&alion, paid vaca- tion, hoiirtays. Benenta. Apply In per- son, M. BCHWARTZ & SONS, HI W. Front St, Red Bank. FLOOR WAXER. — Part-tlm* Oar and phone required. 767-3323. FIBERGLASS LAY-UP MAN Erptrtoocei! in hand lay^upi, Re«Ini and Oel Coats. Salary open. Steady year round employment. Call THERMAL AMBITIOUS 8ALE8MLNDED represent- ative (or. Metropolitan Life Inxuranc* Co. Established territory. 2 year train- ing program. Equal Opportunity Em- ployer. 12 Reckless PI., Red Bank. Mr cannella, 7*7-2200 to 5 p.m. After 5 . 671-5747. MECHANICS Maintenance and construction, machin- ery and buildings. Machinist*, mill- irrtgtitf, auto mechanics, electrician! and other trades. Versatility desirable. Intenrlswins for all grades. Reliable men who want permanent year-round obi close to home. 264-8000 ATCO CERAMICS CORP. HWY. 35. KEYPOftT, N. J. SERVICE STATION- ATTENDANT - Experienced. Part-time or full time. Apply MO.VMOUTH ST. CHEVRON, Red Bank. 'ARTS MAN (Ford) — Only expert, enced man need apply. Salary open. Call now 261-1601). Evening! 871-5192. Aalt tor Jack millings. WANTED — Part-time aewer plant operator. B-l or S-2 llcenie required. Forward resume to MMIttown Sewer- age Authority, 021-RL 35, Ulddletown. MECHANIC — Mechanic's helper am lervlce station helper. Apply In per ton Werner's Automotive Ins., Hwr. M. Belford. THE FAMILY CIRCUS ByBilKecuw "Why did Grandma give us all ihis food TO tale home? Doesn't she lib leftover turkey dinners?" HELP WANTED i- MALE HELP WANTED — MALE TRUCK MECHANIC-MAINTENANCE MAN Five-day week. Good earnings, paid vaca- tions, hospitalization, group insurance, liberal pension plan, etc. Apply in Person • LITTLE FALLS LAUNDRY Newman Springs Rd. Red Ban COST ESTIMATOR WDTJBTWAL XNQINEEHINa EACKaROUND BXQDIKED QUALITY CONTROL ANALYST - BOMB ELXaraiCAL/ZI^EOTKOKlO BACKOBOUND KXQUIRED TOOLMAKERS / MACHINIST THE BENDIX CORP. ROUTE 35 EATONTOWN 542-2000 EXT. 221 Equal Opportunity Employer HELP WAOTED-MALE MAN TO WORK EVENINGS tH LJQUOB BTOM! 6 to 10 p.m., live nlgbrj. Good pay. Moat furalih excellent referencM. Apply tfanoiouth Llquon, 169 Newman Springe Rd. Monday 7 to 8 p-m. SHORT ORDER COOK — Experienced only. Apply In person Sbor* Point Inn, 33«O Hwy. 35, Hazier. YOUNO MAN — Over IS to learn delicatessen buslneis. Call In person TabatcnnlcK'a Dellc&teasea, 1U Broad St., Red Bank. 'ORTElt — Full time work In rural- jro atore. Five-day -week. Good work- Ing conditions. Apply Mart Furniture Galltry., HOT.. ,35. Mlddletown., 671-SJQO, MAIL CLERK 0 hour week, p!ei';ant worldng con- tlons. Liberal benelits, paid vacations, a-itl holUaya. t&i to start. Call 222- GOOO Personnel for Interview. TRACTOR — TRAILER OPERATOR — Experience necessary. Apply In person s'appl Trucking Corp., Morrlatow Hautwan. N.J. Ed., IOLLY RETIRED GENTLEMAN — To le Santa for holidays. See store mana- ;er SEWBERR5TS. Red Bank. MASON'S HELPER WANTED — Call alter 7 p.m. Paul Klsi 531-M59 PAHT^imB Need a JOU7J3 an hour, any IB boura ekly. Car necessary. Call Alcoa, Cut- Dlvlslon, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. 229-S178- TRAINEE CHEMICAL OPERATOR b ld I tt dUon TR To bo tralndd In l U f OPERATOR vroducUon of HELP WANTED—FEMALE HELP WANTED-FEMALE FOR NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT You won't bicom* bortd with ihii |ob ai dutiei ijnV^lTNaiNa-PLAB- TKIt RUI'AIItS - rtooms »25 nnd up. Clonn work. . r ii2-0S12. Painting and Decorating THOMAS SLATE] Freo Eatlmates Painting and Decorating Fully Insured 74H33O Pearl and Bead Rcstringlng Expertly on braided nylon. $1.50 a strand. Sterling clasps from 75c REUSSILLES', 30 Eroad St., Red Hank. Plumbing and Heating PLUMMNO — Heating and batliroom remodeling. CORRIGAN'S 127 Oakland St., Red Hani! 747-2700. Roofing, Siding & Insulation _ OL3EN CO. INC. nooflng, siding ft InnuliLtlon lmtnlled and guaranteed tor -W stft 7irWK 2 SIDINO — Alsco, Dupont Tcdlar and Alcoa. Work guaranteed. PROWN'S 32 Ilroad BL Rod Bank 741-7500 Sewer Cleaning .TAOK'B BBVVKIt OLfflANINO — WltH ffiloctrlo aowor Rcolor, oloatu all houselioM drains, pipes and »»wer lines. 071-5080. Window Cleaning AAA WINDOW OLBAHINO OOMMKROIAI, AND INDUBTJUAL 747-5543 INSTRUCTION FREE CAREER TEST Is computer profiramnilns ths prof«- slon tor you? Take the free ECP. Careor Test Call M2-2800 or visit ECH at 255 Monmouth Park Hwy.» W. Long Branch- TUTORING AU subJsotA and languages taught In your homo. CAMBRIDGE, 721-7486. ENROLL NOW IBM • Keypunch • Computer Programming • Office Automation Day or evening cliwaea — Fre« place- meat eervlco. NORTHEAST BUSINESS MACHINES SCHOOL &4 Broad Bt. nea B&nlt 747-4047 APPROVED FOn VnTBIUNS MERCHANDISE FOR SALE UNPAINTED FURNITURE ON OUR 2nd & 3rd FLOORS Large. 1 }I alock on U19 Now Jersey fllioro and at 25% off manufacturer's Hat for cash nntl enrry. Also chalra saloro, Picaso ntop in. RED BA.NK.LUM&ER. --,-• Poirl and Wall, Itcd Bank 741-5500 TYI'EWIlITIflRS, ADDINO machines. All makes new or used. Guaranteed. Low as $25. Borplco'o, 101 Monmoutli St. Next to tlicalcr. 747-04S5. DKHK1J $15 up FILICU, talilen, cualrs, ddlnR machines, typewriters, otflce qiilinncnt, oto., at bargain price*. Now or used. AAO DUSK OU'nJnT. HI. 83, Oalilmrst E31-399I). UtllDD 1'IANOa AND OHIO.ANB Irora $25. rlnnoii bought, Hold, repaired, movnil. liy nppolntmont-Frecliold Music Center, 4C2-4730. CilltlilTMAD THBEII ami ilocorntlonri. Comploto Trlm-ft-Treo flliop & Chrldt- mus anllcry. 221 Throckmorlon, Bt., Freohold. 402-5005, Open 7 Days, FOR SALE ITEMS YOU NO LONGER NEED OR USE WILL... SELL FAST WITH A QUICK ACTION LOW-COST DAILY REGISTER FAMILY AD 3 LINES - 5 DAYS FOR JUST $ 2.00 Available for Merchandise For Bale onl: Article must originate from a househi and may not exceed a Bale price JoO.OO i>cr article, Price MUST bo advertised. Each add! tiooal line 11.00. No copy changes : be made and no discounts or return will be mStie U ad Is canceled beloi .pi ration. To Place Your Daily Register FAMILY AD. CALL.. . 741-6900 24-Hour Service RENT A TV Color or black and white. Day, week or month. Low rates. 3AYSH0RE TV U Church St., Keansburg. 787-1100. FOR THE PERFECT WEDDINO 0OWN — Bridesmaid dresses and _ accessories with Individual personal aei vice. Call Virginia Klmball, Freehold 4*2-7773. KITCHEN CHAIRS RECOVERED - Dinette sets and bar stools. Monmoul Dinette, 110 Monmouth St., Red Bail 741-8333. FOR SALE!!! Complete U. s. School ol Huslo plino eourse. f29. CaU before 1:30 p.m. 642-5860. ROUND PEDESTAL TABLE _ Pel feet for floor length table doth. Zff diameter. Call 747-1681. BEDROOM SET—SIX-PIECE. TAKI OVER PAYMENTS. IXSO I'EF. WEEK NO MONEY DOWN. FREE LAMPS, INSTANT CREDIT. CALL MR. DON, AT QRO83MAN, 373-6636. COLOR TV'S — REPOSSESSED AH NEW. NO MONET DOWN, »100 PER WEEK. FREE ANTENNA, INSTANT CREDIT. CALL DR. DRAKE, 373-6636. LEAKY GUTTERS are damaging. Call for free eitimil and low, low prices on white, '' qoallty ALUMINUM QUTTEKa PROWN'S Broad Bt. Red Bank T41-75C CLEAN-RICH TOP SOIL (i on, yd. Minimum B yds. Redaction For Hfge Quantities Call 741-72W. SCUBA TANK — Regulator, maik, anc fins. Good condition, (125. Call 284 8397. DUOTHERU TRAILER HEATER — 15,000 BTU. 22 co per minute. Luce new. »160. 291-0704. WOODEN STORM SASH — Three 28' 43", Jour 28"x47", two 28"x39", three 28"x38", two 24"x55". In perfect con- dition. S2 ea. Aluminum screens. (2 ea. Call 642-2629. BLN-GER ZIQ ZAa Repossessed. Melies buttonholes, mono- frams, hems, twin needle. Netds m attachmenti. Balance 156.70 or (6.5' monthly. Trade-ins ok. CREDIT DEPT. 254-655: SAWS SHARPENED It's later and mora efficient to use sharp aaw blade-ir hand saw. Yefl, w Bhaxpen both, Oft select a new blad from oar large^RocJc of wood, tone cutting blades. RED BANK LUMBER Pearl and Wall, Red Baali 741-55C FACTORY CLOSEOUTS Bedroom pieces, maple and wals Hnlshed, cheats, i drawers, $25, drawers $30. Single dresser $25. Doubli triple dressers $35. Single beds 115. Bookcase beds (25. Maks up a bedroom ^ FINE FURNITURE 27 Monmouth SL M7-OT11 Red Bi CHRISTMAS TREES wwnT.lwUT.1ll Sctoch pine, etc. Call S4C-0013 HINK STOLE — Autumn haze, 8 skins. Excellent condition. (200. Call 74a-6201 HEIRLOOM TREASURES for Holldi: Gifts. Special lay«-wa/ plan. EAS' HOUSE ANTIQUES, Hwy. 36 at Sean Avo., Atlantic Highlands, 2914147. NURSERY BTOCK — Small sizes. Tax- us Capltata (upright yew). Colorado Blue Spruce. Blue Atlas Cedar. Bhali and ornamental trees. T. J. McMAHOK, 142 Lexington Ava.( Fair Haven, N. J Sat. and Sun., 12-4 n.m. wj..aa4aio...:_ixiLJt case, flash, all aocesionea. 4391. 741- PAROOHZAL BLOUSEft P«rmanenl press, two for $5. BUverblattJ, 120 Baj Ave., Elgblandj. m/Fl TUNER/AMPUFIER — With 8. war speaker, 595, Oater dog cllppei 12. 9' valance and tr&verie, $S. Clu chair Trita sott back, J20. Violin, rtu ize, (15. French doori 46x80 Including torm/tcreen doon, $20. Other voluti CaU 291-3090. HAMMOND ORGAN OF ASBURY PARK Corner of Ualn St A Uattlsoa Art, THH LARGEST ORGAN AND PIAUO DISPLAY IN THE SHORE AREA Open dally *t!l B^p.m. Sat 'til 6 p.m. Factory Authorized Special Offer New Hammond Spinet Organ $595 Come In for a tree demonstration Limited time onlr. 775-9300 FRUITWOOD CONSOLE TABLE — W hlgn, IS" wide, 33" lone. Full length drawer. Excellent condition. f30. 94( 87M. MOUTON LAMB FUR COAT — Medl- umn size. $25. This Is a good looking, •warm coat. Call 842-1412. "We repair anything and everything" MACHINE SHOP-NO JOB TOO SMALL Rainbow, 175 Broad, 7(1-7008 '1AN0 — Baby arand 5'. Goal un- ion. Call after S p.m. 7750346 CHRISTMAS CHAUl FOR YOUH MAH —Big comfortable red naugahyde with ottoman. Sacrilice, SCO. Call altar 6:30, 47-4049. Ml DELUXB IRONER — S40. 291-0338 BROKEN GLASS IN STORM WINDOWS? LET US REPLACE PROWN'S Broad St. Red Bank 741-750] R a SALE — MovlnK. Friday anfl iaturday, Nov. 24, 25, 11-4 p.m. sportj qulprnenl, desks, power mowor, ilclc-knacla, chairs, miscellaneous maehohl goods, toys. 46 Willshlra Dr., [nton Fallfl. FA — Sleeps two, noutral covering, lono 741-181B. TirtB8 — COOxlG, $20. VW tlrei. 0x15, ?20. Two CH1X13. $5. Commercial oat sllcer, $50. 220-4083. miO WALL OVEN-BrtOILEn niillon anil eounlor top range, •onzotono. Kjccellent condition. Com- nlo set. ;i00. Attor 0 p.m. 871-11248. JMIRAL 10" TV-BtooK nno - wtlllB Co. lal. Call aftift- c p.m. 291223a NalJBIl PItAM — Playpen, wloUer 'osalnt; ntand. All In oxcellont conill- on. ltattan porch furnlturfl, run end -bins. Lawn mowcra, men's skntos. owlim maclilnu. in-im'l. STORM WINDOW!) — AsJiirteil BIZ, p to 34"xfl7. $2 each. [Screens to ialcli. «1 unoli. Cnll 291-2170. 'irlCB DESK — Typewriter type Ith leathor nwlvel ctinlr, tyimwrlter Itlo wltli oxtcnnlon, $. r i(l. 737-(llFi(), IIIOP LlilAI' MAHOGANY TAI1IJ0 - .nil nljc clinlrs, one Irunp tnlili 1 , twn oclttnil tnlili'n, two end Uilih-n, nil mhoaany. MornlnKO or after 0 p.m, ill 741-NDO, FtTK SALE WHITE ALUMINUM Is the thing — Bee the BIO-M white ulumlnmn combination window. Onlf 4 tor fG4 INSTALLED. You will never ie» a value ilka this ANYWHERE. PROWN'S 32 Broad St. Red Bank 741-7501 GARAGE BALE — Clean chaise am :Iay bci. $1", each.' 3 bar atoola hn. Lady's table-desk and chili $10. Doll, clothes, accessories, cas< hke rn:w, SI J- Small wall mirror, $S Colored glass, candy dish, cake plat, tea pot, cane, frames etc. 10c to J 10 to 4 Tui's.. Nov. 28, Wed. and Fr! Ptters PI,, Ked EaJik. 141-1855. IN ( ; ROOM SET — Mahogany li-, f'jiir chairs, buffet, clilna closet Good condition, 5^0. 2U1-0349. iJAiad DlNINfi ROOM TABLK ~- Oak. Four chairs, ildeboard. 264- fiOfiG. MAS SALAMANDA HEATER — Pert- able, operated vn. bottle gas. Heater, fc, regulator, bottle, £S5. 737-6180. RSR TRAILER — l'JOQ Diamond De- « model. Four wheels, electr! brakes, etc. 5950. 10-5 call 711-5877 o !verilnf,'3 5-12-4718. •• UABB GUITAR, — Good condition ,a one year old. $10 with case. Call 741- M56, SPECIAL ORI>ER CANCELED—Cu tomer forfeits deposit on brand new cuBtom ordered three-room outfit. T&U U really a find! Decorator nine - plac living room wlUi tliree taljlea, two lamps and more. Huge eight-piece con- temporary bedroom with double dress- er and a five-piece two-tcna dinette, Original valuo JS99. Pick 1t up for onl' $425. Only J3 weekly. FIELD FUR- NITURE, 7-11 E. Front St, KeyporL 264-3020, Open Tuea., Wed., Thurs. & Sat, 9 o-ra. to 5 p.m. Mon. & Frt. a.m. to 9 p.m. SPINET — Walnut. Excellent cond! Uon. Baldwin-Howard. *500. Call C29- 6559 evenings. RCA COLOR TV — 26" console. New cost J900, WlU lacriliot. CaU 291- EASY AUTOMATIC WASHER - One- year old. Now in an. $100. Call 787- 2110. ADMIRAL CONSOUD 24" — $50. Thre Laoe tables. *5a 21" KCA TV an stand, go. Sola bed, »20. Call 787-2170 HI-RISER. — Trundlt beds, extra firm mattreiaea. ZDxceUftot condition. $10. CaU 747-4290. ELECTRIC TRAINS — Two seU with track, trauBfonner, nrltcb, crosaovar, buildings. Cost J50 new, youri for $20, Call 747-4290. BIRCH TREES T- NOW li the Um« to plant, 8-12' taU. After 3:30, U Lk Ave., Fair Haven. 7*7-1755. FOUR-PIECB VRVU SET — Rogei dfl, aretcb pedal, Zlljea cymbalj, 747-1479 after fl p.m. _______ Episode #10 ~\ THE CASE OF THB INHERITED BACKACHE Aunt Tilly willed thtm her antique sofa . . . ami tho baclcach* they got from Bitting on It Call thB doctorf No I CaU Golden Touch Decorators, Gold Touch will rebuild, repad, recover and restore It to a comfortable, beautirul piece of furniture. Save the swli CaU .... / Golden Touch Decorators 177 Broad Bt, Red Bank-7*7-0552 P.S., custom made, band sewn drap- eries Trill add cMracter to every room in your home. See next Friday*! luue for the next episode of the case* solved by the super sleuths from Golden Touch. REGISTERED APPALOOSA — QlMur- ter horse. Two year old gelding* ride* English or Western. »i50. 542-4523, ANTIQUE TRAFFIC JAM — In our Brewery. -Bale Friday and Saturday, Tha Annex, Boat Coub Court and Trea- sure Alley. Red Bank. 7" POOL TABLE — Folding side legs. Complete, $30. CaU 787-1S68, after UNFURNISHED CANNON POINT VIL- LARGE Apartments. 239 Spring St, Red Bank. 3 and Z\_ rooms. Total elec- tric Seo manager, Apt. E-9. KENMORE DELUXE WASHING MA- CHINE — Six months old. $95. Call 741-6462 morning* or evenings. BABY'S DRESSING TABLE — Bath- tub, sterilizer, G.K. feeding dish, auto* malic swing tafant seat. Jump seat •Play -pen(- car-bedr- twin cartiaga.,con- verts to stroller. All In good condition. CaU 671-6194. KEANBBURG — THREE-ROOM GAR^ DEN APARTMENT. CLEAN, QUIET, AIR-CONDITIONED, SCIENCE KITCH- EN. WALK TO BUSES, BHOPFING. OWNER MAINTAINED. 1103 MONTH. B71-9042. STORM WINDOW SALE Bow at PROWN'S 32 Broad St. Red Bank 741-750 EXECUTTVB SUITE — Throo rooms of furniture forfeited for unpaid bal< ance duo of 93. BED PIANO — Inoxponaively priced r child's practice. Call 747-4002 after p.m. or wookends. STAMPS U.S., FOREIGN, U.N. PHONE 872-1D85 NTIQUE3 — rnlntlngg, N. J. Atlas. latatea purchased ana appraised. 747- '003. Tho Hudson Shop, Inc., Oil Broad IL Shrewsbury. NY WAI1 SOUVENIRS - Or mill- iry Hems, one plecn or a collection. nil after 6, 4U2-3G80. 193E8 ' BlZtif'tS LONG mVEMNQ Inter coat. Oood condition. Call 040- i23, aftor 0 p.m. SWAP OR EXCHANGE UKNBT, KXNO, SILVER BONIC, with aso am mouthpiece. Will trodft for HIM BIOT 111 oiiimlly Hood oonilltlon. 1-88M aflor 0 p.m. PETS AND LIVESTOCK E3T IIIQIIIJVNDKlt — Wllllo Ter- ;rn. ClLimiilcn fllred puppies from r top qiiiillt/ nliow Block. Alno ro- rvo now for Ctirlntmnd pupplen. itunploit. nt tilud. KvenliiKS nnd wook- nils, »UW. TWE DAILY BEGI5TF.R Friday, Nw. 24, l%7 APARTMENTS APARTMENTS KEYPORT AREA - 1 miles from Bell Lab GREEN GROVE GARDENS FOUR ROOMS - $115 (ONE BEDROOM) "k Five Rooms (Two Bedrooms) (140 • Efficiency (2. AXO registered. 7B7-926L AEO MINIATURE POODLE AT STUD 842-1586. OOLDEN RETRIEVER AT BTUD — Beoch dutmplon, field trial and bunt- Ing. Call 7U-TCW evenlngi. • GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES five moatlui old. AKC rerfjUrsd. 741«0« OOLIJE3 — A man alzed tri-color male, big and friendly, will make an excellent pet and oompanlon. Also sable and white male. Wonderful temper- znentj. Very reasonable to good homes, "•hone 229-5938. EDIQREED TOY FOX TERRIER OR SALE — With papers. WlU sacrl. [Ice. 566-7445. TWO AKC REGISTERED POODLE PUF3 — Asking 185. Will taka beat .Her. CaU 264-1758. SIAMESE CAT — One-year-old lemale. Gentle disposition. PrefBr allult bomo. 264-S998. WEIMARANER PUPS — Father and mother AKC Champa. Last litter all champs. 2 males. Show quality. 542-0056. AKC REGISTERED PEKINESE — *60 id up. P«l» ftud service. 774-3552 or T74-6923. BIX-WXEK-OLD GERMAN SHEPBBRD PUPP1EB — Pedisreed with paper* Reascrablg. Call 264-7728. OODLE — AKO diver mln!atur» I* male. Nine weeks. Exceptional. Rea- sonable. 741-3253. WANTED TO BUY—Miniature or small standard dachshund. Six months old. 946.9S80. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT APARTMENTS RUMSON — Waterfront studio apart, ment for single. Furnished. $95 month- ly. Lease, call-842.1761 THREE-ROOM FURNISHED APART- MENT — Private entrance. Adults. Rt. 35, north of Red Bank. 741-3014. IMMACULATE TWO-ROOM APART MENT — Completely remodeled and lurnlshed. Ready for occupancy 812- 1754. MODERN 3^-room furnished apart- ment, utilities Included. Business cou- 10 only. 291-O72*; or 291-1056. MARLBORO — HOLMDEL AREA 'our-roora apartment. Second floor. Adults preferred. No pets. Heat and electrla Included. Call 946-4332, after- toons only. APARTMENTS BODMAN ARMS ON NAVESINK RIVER February Occupony. 1 Bedroom * 2 Bedrooms. . , 1 & 3 Bedroom Duplex Pent Houses. All beautiful apartrnenfa overlooking Rlv»r with Panoramic view of river. Includes sunic-in living roomi 12* siidi w-dow-w-pWDrvwirro-*atr corpertlrq. Rooms sound proof. Indl-1 vldud heating and cooling system, •ib^W"plr1dhB;~"Bci

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