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U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

34—Friday, Nw. 21, THE

34—Friday, Nw. 21, THE DAILY Ch. J. Complete Program Listings . WCBS-TV Ch. < WNBC-TV Cb. S WNEW-TV Ch. 7 WABC-TV Ch. 9 . WOR-TV Ch. 11 WPK-TV Ch. 13 .„. WNDT-TV FRIDAY AFTERNOON 11:00 1—Love Of Life—Color 4—Jeopardy—Color 7—Journey To The Center Of The Eoritv—Cartoons—Color f—New—John Wlnoote, Mary McPMHIos—Colo- 11—BDZO—Carto&n—Color 12:25 2—New*—Joe Benti- Color 12:30 T—Seordi For Tomorrow—Serial—Color 4—Eye Guess—Color 7—King Kong—Cartoons—Color •—Journey To Adventure—Color 11—Popeye—Cartoon—Color 12:45 2—Guiding Light—Color 12:5! 4—New*—Newmoft—Color 1:00 2—2 Al One—Interview*—Color t *—P.DQ—Gome—Color 5— New Yorkers—Color 7—Beatlesr-Cartoons—Color 9—Continental CookeT—Color 11—Continental MliUcturw l:» I—Ai The World Turns—Serial—Color 4—Let's Moke A Deal—Gome—Color 7—George Of The Jungle—Cartoons— Color 9—Fireside Theater—Drama 11—Star For Today—Drama 2:00 J—Love li A Many Splendored Ttilno— S trio I—Color 4—Days Of Our Lives—Serial—Color 7—tlewlywed Game-Color e—Outrageous Opinions—Color 11—Film—Adventures ol Tom Sawyer- Tommy Kelly—t hr., 25 mln.-Color 2:30 J—Art Llnkletter— Europe—Color *—Doctors— Serial—Color 7—Oream Girl—Color 9—Loretta Young—D-oma 1:55 7-News-Sonders-Color J:MT 4—Another World—Color , 7-enerol Hospital—Color f— Rim—Bundle of Joy— Eddie Flsder—90 nrrln.—Color H—American Llterato-e S:15 II—Eighth Man-Cortoort-Color 1:30 S-Edoe Of NWt-Color 4-You Don't Scyl-Gome-Color 5—Marine Boy—cartoon—'Color 7—Dor* Shadow-Color Jl—Rim Feature 4:00 J--Secret Storm-Color 4—Mat* Game—Color 5—Sandy Becker-^Color 7—Dating Game-Color 11—Stlncroy—Cartoon—Color 31—Around The Clock 4:25 4—News—Koloer-Color 4:30 2—Film—the Lone Ronoer end the Lost City of Gold-Clayton Moore-W mln.—Color 4—Film—The Gun Hawk— Rory CaKioun—9D mln.—Color 7—lf» Your Move—Color «-Mlke Dougkn-Vorlery-Color 11—Little Roseau-Color 11—Wings To The World 5:00 5-Paul Wlnotiell-Color 7-LOOTI News-Color 11—Three Stooges—Color 13-Carloom-Chlktren 31—Fllim From Fnonce 5:15 IJ-Frtendry Glont-Chlldren S:1S 7—Weather—Antoine—color , 47—News 5:50 7—News—Peter Jennings—Color 11—Superman—Adventure—Color 13-Vnlsterogor*—children - 31—Infinite Horizons-Medicine 47—Follow The Sun—Adventure EVENING 4:00 2—News—Jim Jensen—Color 4—News-Lew Wood-Colot J—FllnWones—Color 7—Fllm-1001 Arabian Nlghts- 90 mln.—Color _..,fcJocte.Room.R>c-Ooddy .„.,„,.._... 11—Speed Racer—Color 11-Wtiofs New-Children 31—Film Feature t;yt_ „ 5—McHole's Navy—Comedy 9—GIlKgon's l»land—Comedy—color 11—Bozo At Morlreland—Color 13-TV HI* Sdiool—Education 31—Film Short 47— Youth Club—Oonce 4:45 31—News—Paul Monocher 7:00 J—News-Cronklfe-Color STRAN NOW PLAYING Sidney POITIER Lots Show Frl. and Sat. Nights Klddli Mm* Sat. and Sun., 1:00 P.M. try and find us 4—News— Chef Hundley, Dovld Brinklfy—Color S—I Uove Lucy—Comedy 9— Twiliotll Zone—Drama 11—F Troop—Comedy 13—University Forum 31—Return To Nursing 7:30 2—wild wild West—color 4—Taricn—Adventure—Color 5—Truth Or Consequences—Game—Color 7—OH To See Ths 'Wizard—Color II—Patty Duke—Comedy 13—Arnold Toynbce—Interview 31—Brooklyn College 47—Stodium 4/—Sports 7:55 47—Sports—Fousto Mlanaa 5—Hazel—Comedy—Color 9—Film—Billy Budd- Rooert Ryon—2 hrs. 11—Password—Game—color N—Wasdinoton: Week In Review- News Analysis 31—Survey Of The Arts 47—Film—La Fe en Dios— Domingo Soler—2 hre. 8:M 2—Gomer Pyle—USiVtC—Color 4—Tijuana Brass—Musics-Color 5—Merv Grlflin—Color 7—Hondo—Western—Color 11—^oneymooners—Comedy 13—NET Playhouse—Drama 31—Consultants At Large »:M 2—Film—Around the World Under the Sea-JLIoyd Bridges—2 hrs.—Color 11—Perry Mason-Mystery 31—Sloht And Sound-Music r.X 4—Accidental Family—Color 7—Guns Of Will Sonnert-Color " 13—To Be Announced 31—Film Short »:45 31—News—Herbert Bokmd 10:00 4—Bell Telephone Han-Color 5—News—BIH Jargensen—color 7—Judd—Drama-Color 9—The Scene—Interviews—Color II—Pot Boone—Variety—Color 13—Newsfront—Mitchell Krauss 31—Penol Law—Discussion 47—Spanish Drama—Serial 10:55 47-Weother—Jose I. Lama 10:30 5—Alan Burke—Color i 31-Your Right To Say It-Color 47—News—Arturo Rodriguez 10:35 47-'Pumore|»-Vorlety 11:00 2—News—Tom Dunn—Color * 4-New-Jlm Ham-Color 7_News—Bill Beutd-Cotor »—Firm—The Children?! Hour- Audrey Hepburn—2 hrs., 10 mln. 13-Sport Of The Week 11:10 4—Weattier—Frank Field-Color 7-Weother—Ar*>lne—Color 11:15 4—News—Jim Haiti—Color 5-Woody WoorJbury-Varlety-color 7—Local News—Beutel—Color 11:15 4—Sports— Kyle Rote-Color 11:30 2—Fllrn-Portrolt In Block- Lano Turner—2 hrs., 15 mln.—Color 4—Johnny Carson—Color 7—Joey Bishop—Variety—Color 1-News-Color 11:35 47—News—Arturo Rodriguez 11:55 II—Racket Saua*-PoHce 12:20 1—Com Three-Police 12:45 5-New« 1:0) 4-News—Jim Collis—Color 7-'Flrtn—Castle of the Living Dead— Christopher Lee—1 hr., 25 mln. 1:10 »-Fllm Short 1:15 4-Pllm—Andy— Mormon AMen—l hr., 25 mln. 1:25 9—News And Weather 1:45 2—News-CDior 1:50 I e g 9 Ingrid Bemwn—l hr., 40 mln.—Color 1:39 2—Fltm—Ttp on a Dead Jockey— RBfTvrr^i: SATURDAY MORNINS 6:30 2—Sunrise Semester-Color 4—Modem Fanner

+ THE DAILY REGISTER Frjfcy, Nov. 24, 'l9(57-3 "ASTRO-GUIDE" By Ceean Safurdiy, NovMnber 25 Preient—For You and Yours ... Don't m gleet routine matters while you seek the big chance. It may come when and where you least expect it. Emphasize good health practices as outlook is somewhat negative for the stomach area. Affairs of young people may take up a good deal of time today, bu< it will be time well spent, The Day Under Your Sign Ari«. Born Mar. 21 fe Apr. 19 An ingenioiu idea may t« presented to you. Uon't scoff; loalc into it closely, Tiurui. April 20 1o May 20 Demonstrate your ability to keep a tecret to someone needing; *.confidante. Gtmtnl. M«y 21 lo Jun« 2! Don't pretend something you don't really feel You're doing no one, & favor. Cinctr. Junt 22 to July 21 Actmty !• centered around home today. You may htr« more company titan you want! Uo.July 22 4oAug.2| Relationship* between the encea are more fctnnonioui ihin they bare been. Virgo. Aug. 22 fo Sapf. 22 Doo't nakr an iuue out of t remtrfc made thorn* litW*ly and imioccntly. Libra. Sept. 23 to Oct. 2* Tlan ahead M you can do you. showing and errands early ccxi w«k.. Scorpio. Ocf. 23 to Nov. 21 You seem di>!nterejied in -wliai'i ping, on, but la reality you're ;ust worn out Sigitftriui.Nor.224oDtc.2l Your inclination is- to spra., first and think later. You'd better reverse the procedure!. Capricorn, Die. 22 to Jan, 2D Interruption! will a/gravat* you but you'll k«p imiUnjE *U the •ame. Aquarius. Jan. 21 fo Fefc. 19 S|>eak up instead of mumblinp. Let people know what you think and where you stand. Plscti. f«b. 20 to March 20 You may be reconciled with friend or family member with whom you'vt been at oddi. 1967, rublktcrt-niU Syndicalo the CohbleStones Restaurant • DINNERS • BANQUETS Route 35 • 741-8344 • MIDDLETOWN FRIDAY "THE PRODUCT OF TIME" scene DNtCECUBFORTONACERS HIGHWAY 35 MIDDLETOWN 8:00 to 11:30—Admlulon $1.25 MtfflMnMp AppUcstlwi Form Available ot tti« Club SPECIAL ! OPEN SUNDAY THE FIVE OLD MEN" Walter O'Brien presents • • • FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE DON RAGO and tfie "CONTINENTALS" APPEARING SATURDAY, NOV. 25th also SATURDAY, DEC. 2 Dine by candlelight directly on the river. NEW ANCHOR ROOM 50 FANTABULOUS YEARS 1917-1967 "where good friends meet" O'Brien's SEA BRIGHT INN 1030 Ocean Ave., Sea Bright 842-9852 "irF + PANTOMIMISTS Beverly Kerr and Cindy Brandt will be among the performers tomorrow at a "Visit With Santa" jhow in the Little Silver Woman 1 ! Club. Show Tomorrow By Toland Dancers LITTLE SILVER — Thepro-spring, "Bang Bang!" performec fessionai dance class and several by Melisa Predmore, Bever four-and-five-year medalist stu- Kerr, Trudy Beaman, Laure: dents of the Dorothy Toland Overby, Cindy Brandt, Joy Ades Dance Studio of Red Bank will kavitz, Linda Queen and Gail Ai appear tomorrow afternoon in a eskavitz. special "Visit from Santa" show Seven-year-old Michelle Busch sponsored by the Junior Women's who is working for her five-yea Jub at the clubhouse. medal this year, will do the Mou- Opening the show will be the lin Rouge Waits. Trudy Beamar dance which won first place in will perform "Jewels of the M, the junior competitions for Dance donna," Gail and Joy Adeskavit Masters of America at the Hotel will do their chained-together ta; Edison in New York City last dance. PTA to Present 'Heidi' Movie Dec. 2 HAZLET - The Sycamore Drive School Parent-Teacher As- sociation will sponsor a movie Saturday, Dec. 2, at 2 p.m. in the all-purpose room of the school. Denise Mandia dances "Hey Look Me Over!" Melissa Predmore taps oui "Banzia Pipeline." Linda Queer pirouettes through "Happy Song" Cindy Brandt and Beverly Kerr offer their pantomime "This Must Be the Place." Susan De- Maio does the "Spaghetti Rag. The movie will be "Heidi," Jo- Patty Ann Horton, trophy winner hanna Spyri's famous book that is Point Pleasant, does her award became an award-winning drama. winning acrobatics. Cartoons will also be shown. Can- Beverly Kerr does the routines dy will be sold to youngsters. that she has performed at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City anc Tickets Still Available at demonstrations for Dance Mai For Sunday's Show ters of America national conven- By ALFRED SHEINWOLD MATAWAN TOWNSHIP - The tion. A good point is made in today's Matawan Chapter of Hadassah Baby - acrobat Nancy Scott hand, taken from Edwin Kantar's will hold a theater party Sunday the "Alley Kitten." new "Complete Manual of Play." at.7:30 .,p,m,. at the Paper Mill Also performing will be thi This will not surprise bridge Playhouse, Millburn. Tickets in Spanish Harlem flamenco - taj players in Southern California, the front row orchestra are avail- group which has won awards ir who know Kantar as a fine playable for the performance of "TheNew York City and Asbury Park. er, writer and teacher. Student Prince" by contacting Members are Beverly Kerr, Cin- Mrs. Leonard Pearlman, 25 Carol dy Brandt, linda Queen, Gail Ad- You hold the East cards an Lane. eskavitz, Lauren Overby, Melissa isten to the opponents bid the Predmore, Karen Koelsch and way to four hearts. Your partne: First rule for finding: Place a Joy Adeskavitz. The cast will join opens the ace of spades, and you look at the dummy with greal 'Lost" Ad in Classified. Call 741- in a special arrangement of "Al- interest because it tells you how i900 right away. ley Cat" for the linale. to defeat the contract. DENNIS THE MENACE By Hank Ketcham ' 1 SUPftSE IF HE DOESN'T COME BACK.THEY'U. GO L00KM6 WR «*»!• Seafood Steaks Marine Lounge LANDING 'EVER AT THE BRIDGE' * HIGHLANDS, NJ. anquet Rooms Cesare Siepi To Perform Tomorrow NEWARK - The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra will open its 1967-68 concert Beries with a performance at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow in Symphony Hall, featuring Metropolitan Opera basso Cesare Siepi. The orchestra, under the baton of its music director, Kenneth Ichermerhorn, will open the program with Symphony by Gunther ichuller, and later will play selections from the "Ring Cycle." Siepi will sing selections from Verdi and Mozart operas and "Wotan's Farewell" from Wagner's Dlo Walkure. A special bus service will run between Military Park and Symphony Hall tomorrow night. Buses will leave from the entrance of the Robert Treat at 7:50, 8:05 and 8:20 p.m. Return service will be Immediately following the concert. Tickets for the performance are availnblo at the Symphony Hall box office. PUZZLE By Jut k Mike Dubin ACROSS 48 Attention- 1 Gabber. getting S Cover. „ sounds. 1$ Medium. 49 Goal. 16 Proffer. 51 Shinto 17 Miss. temple. 18 Regret. 53 Health 19 Weather resort. Words. 56 Disen- 20 Fuss. cumbers. 22 Exclama- 58 Pertaining to tions. the eye. 23 Distress 62 S.A. city, signal. 65 Mollify. 25 German 67 Sandy, poet. 68 Futile. 28 Low. 69 Cuddled. 31 Coffee maker 70 Spats, action. DOWN 33 Chemical 1 Masses, compound. 2 Rui! - John - 37 German exclamation. 3 Glade: comb. form. 4 Nod. 38 Royal term. 5 voice. 39 Washington. 6 Century 40 Upstarts. 7 Hardens. 43 Go off the g yell, track. 9 Tillers. 44 Buzzes. 10 Tree. 45 Group. 11 See 20A. 46 French 12 Bullring river. protagonist. 47 Gown. 13 Silence. U Fraicn seasons. 2J Entrance, 24 Barker'* pitch. 26 Oozes. 27 Fabulist: var. 28 Ribald. 29 Pines. 30 English county. 32 Wander. 34 Curl. 35 P Showy bird. 36 Recuperates. 38 Peeked. 39 Sports. 41 Equal: comb form. « Center. 47 Prom'tltA- 4* Theses. 50 Wipe out . 52 Expects. 53 Read. 54 Trim. 55 Greek wargod. 57 Ornamental band. 59 Appendage. 60 Man or Capri. 61 Letters. 63 Insect. 64 Mountain pass. 66 Educational group: abbr. SATURDAY, NOV. 25 Solution to Yesterday's Puzzle r U H N|SBC|O|L|E«S A P 1 A|NBO|D 0 RHC nu N GUJNID p A INJCIE p FHF IA IS ITHA IM BEna Gintja s V • G E [T A t V A D A I s Bridge Advice Now you turn your attention back to the first trick; or perhap you have already played th< deuce of spades to tell you: partner that you have no high card in the suit. If you have done so, you have ruined the defense. Your deuce I spades will-ask-your-partjie to switch to a different suit — and this will give declarer hi contfacfr " "•""" Short Suit West's lead is obviously from If West does not lead a second spade you will not defeat th Mntract since West will not ge is ruffing trick. You should ilay the eight of spades at the rst trick to encourage you lartner to lead another spade it once. The play of the eight, an enxmraging signal, does no romise • any definite strength in he suit. It merely asks partner to lead the suit again. This is n important lesson, well taugh y Kantar, like so many other lessons taught in his new book. DAILY QUESTION Partner opens with one spade, ind the next player passes, You lOld: Spades — Q J 10. Hearts — 8 3 2. Diamonds — A Q 7 5 :iubs — Q 3. What do you say? Answer: Bid two diamonds .void jumping to three spades ith only 3-card trump support T to 2-NT with one suit (clubs) HAVE INVESTITURE ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS r iirl Scout Troop 144 recent f held an investiture ceremony welcome the following girls to couting: Mary Lynn Berth, Leah ^assone, Deborah Smith and Tiercsa Weiler. Attending the Brownie fly-up eremony were: Susan and Mari nne Bisliof, Catherine Caizza, eanne Chapski, Allison Conover, lary Rose Dellert, Darlens Fig- )la, Nancy McDee, Lorraine estana, l Judy Reardon, Claire 'ailing, Frances Stanley and ary Goemcr. Also: Gina Rich, Susan Redlan, Robin Nolan, Maureen Meroary, Janice Loeri, Kathleen ackson, Patricia Husker, Mary nn Hlllman, Winifred Hartan, Katherine Finnegan, Milele Dempsey, Donna Connell, iron Brown and Veronica Bctz. Lose a valuable? Lost ads are imous finders. Dial 741-6900 tor n ad writer now. A P H 0 M ) T < b TV Listings EVENING f—Film—To Eort-Hls Own— • Molly Hommort—2 hr«. f—BtHite'f Low—Mytfery flTrPtfry Mosofl—Mysiery 31—Human Rights Forum 47—^ilm Drama—Serial IX 13—Editti Sitwell Documentary—Color 31 —London Line -Report (7-Sports—Fllippo Cr sofulll «:4S 31—News—John Corr 47— Italian Mlnloiures— Music 7:00 1—Lassie—Advtrvture—Color . 7—Voyage-Adventure—Color 9—Deatti Valley Days— Ononw—Color 11—12 O'clock High—Drama 31—Big Picture— Army 47—Film La Fe en Dios— Domingo Soler—2 liri. 7:30 2 -Gentie Ben—Adventure—Color 4—Walt Disney's World—color 9—-Film A Foc« in *• Rein— Rory Calhoun—90 min. 13—Showcase—Drama 31—Focui On Books— lotsrvlew 1:00 (Continued) £ , f, 1 7 2-Ed Sullivan—Variety-Color 5-David Susskind— Interviews—Color /—^Bl—Dromo—Color |C |E |R L 11—Rowhide-MVestefti A L 31—American Printmakeri A u rm v 1 L LltBl I . E 1:30 M 1 EISJBE 1 AB^IS A 4-Mothers-lrt-Low— Color A N LWPIR 0 P|E|R|T 1 t. b 13—PBL—News end the Arts—Color 31-Survey Ot Th« Arts N r 1 !R]E • P |R |Y • E > E >:00 2— Smothen Brbttiert—Color T SE |A BO |L IE 10 M£ IK ED ib 1 rajs « A .ILIOIWIE 1 S 1) E|RE 1 Is BD IF IN M |A DBO|R c A BUR U fi s 4—Bonanro—Wtstern—Color 7—Diary Of Annt Frank—Color 9—Newark—OcumerrtoryP 11—Film—Portrait.of a Sinner— William Bendix-90 mln. 31—Man And Ttw Unlvsrst 47—Festlvol Of Comedy »:30 31—'Film—Docvmentory The Hand u „ Soulh dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH • QUO O K832 OAQ75 *Q3 WEST EAST t> A4 • 87652

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