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U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

U.S. Seeks to Head Off - Red Bank Register Archive

On Campus daughter of

On Campus daughter of Mr. and Mri Doa-i aM E. Knrtfi. Sh* u a liberal!- Nov. 24, 1967 THE DAILY REGISTER arts major. Shore Residents in Nation's College Life ; Hn Laurie Fox, (laughter of »fr. and Mrs. Laurence J. Fox, 20 West Lincoln Cir., Middletown, has been named a University ( dent student in the liberal artssecretarial course at Katharine Gibbs School, N. Y. She is a graduate of Red Bank High School. " of Connecticut cheerleader. Miss Lyanne Jacob, daughter of Miss Fox, a sophomore, is aMr. and Mrs. Robert F. Jacob, graduate of Middletown Township 6 Lewis Lane, Fair Haven, has High School, where she was also been selected to serve as a stu- a cheerleader. dent co-chairman of the 1967 Janet Nulle, formerly of 3Parents Weekend at St. Lawrence Chapman Ter., New Monmouth, University, Canton, N. Y., Friday was among those who partici- through Sunday. Miss Jacob is pated at a fashion show andla a men member of the freshmen class open house sponsored by the' Berkeley School, East Orange. | a ' st member of tr,t vartlry t.M fc/xkjtJ Hill 8/>a4 lWlltVjwn, w«a on ev team st Srew University, the pawl crtw to/ the production * .. _. .. i .j i. .1 I.'IIL. fj^.ff »• r.'^ '*Ttl« fl-.n . Nancy A Teteri, daughter of Madison. The five-game schedule of Lillian HeMmao'i "The | Mr, and Mrs. C. W. Teters, 21 for the 1967 season Includes dren's Hour" at Hollia* (Va.) I Brook Avenue, Eatontown, is an uate of Bishop D. J. O'Connell and Mrs. Monroe Jones, 463 tional Honors Convocation cere- games with Newark State, Pater- College, where she is « sopho- executive secretarial major at High School in Arlington, Va. Point Rd., also Little Silver. A monies.son State, Centenary, Upsala and more. She is a graduate of .the returning senior is Susan McRob- Miss Smith is a graduate Falrleigh Dickinson. Ranney School, Rumson. Hollace A. Hindle, Sherwood erts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Red Bank Catholic High School. Road, Little Silver, is among 325 Regional High School. William J. .McRoberts, 5 Ever- Miss Barbara Mazza, daughter Miss Linda Coats, daughter of freshmen who arrived on campus green Dr., Rumson. Lois Anne Magee, a senior at of Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Mazza, Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Coats of,Lit- here to begin their studies at Robert A. Wilson, 120 Beers St., tle Silver, was initated into Beta William Smith College here, has Colby Junior College for Women Keyport, is among 206 students 111 Silverton Little Silver, of p Terrl Genovese, daughter of been named to the Dean's List in New London, N. H. who launched their college ca- was elected to the Student Coun-jsgrorjty at Kent (Ohio) Miss Hindle is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Genovese at Hobart and William Smith reers this semester in the Eve- cil at Katharine Gibbs School, Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Hindle of Holmdel was inducted into Colleges in Geneva, N.Y. ning Session at Union College. Montclair. A student in the one- of Little Silver. Gamma Tau Sigma, senior honor Miss Magee, daughter of Mr. . Mr. Wilson, a graduate of Keyyear secretarial course, she is a She is a graduate of the Ran- society, at ceremonies at Glass- and Mrs. William A. Magee, 35 port High School, is the son of graduate of Red Bank High ney School in New Shrewsbury boro State College. . Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Wilson. Irving Pi., Red Bank, is a mem- where she was editor of the School. He is majoring in business ad- school yearbook, a member of The organization was estabber of Schola Cantrum, the ministration. the student council and the dralished in 1965 to honor students Dean's Student Committee, chair- Miss Judith A. Blice, a senior - Lawrence. ma chorus. who have distinguished themman of Student Guides and is Brenda Barno of Rumson has at Immaculata (Pa.) College was selves in the areas of scholar- Miss Nulle is the daughter of ship, character and leadership senior class representative. enrolled as a junior for the fall named one of 10 semi-finalists Mr. and Mrs. Alden Nulle of Three area girls are members Slacey E. Ogens, daughter of from whom a team of four and and service to the college. semester at the University of Maplewood. of the freshman class of 275 whoDr. and Mrs. Walter Ogens, 867 an alternate will be selected for have entered Immaculata Col- A general elementary major, Three Monmouth County resi- Tampa. he General Electric College Bowl Poole Ave., Hazlet, is attending Paula Juska, daughter of Mr. lege. Terri is secretary to the class dents are among 413 students Miss Barno is the daughter of TV program. She Is the daugh- Simmons College, Boston, Mass. who launched their college and Mrs. William L. Juska, 28 Margaret S. Brandow, a grad- of 1968 and a member of the Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Barno, :er of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph j J. Irving Place, Eatontown, has uate of Red Bank Catholic High Miss Ogens graduated from Rari- careers this semester in the Day advisory board. 93 Bingham Ave. She is a his- 3lice, 16 Majestic Ave/ Lincroft. Session at Union College, for- been elected to the Student Coun- School, is the daughter of Mr. tan Township High School, and is tory major and a graduate of merly Union Junior College, and Mrs. Oscar M. Brandow, 63 cil at Washington State Teachers enrolled in the School of Publi- Grace Ann Greenberg, a fresh- Rumson-Fair Haven Regional Miss Sally Craver, niece of Mr. Cranford, a "two-year commu- Rosalie Ave., Lincroft. High School. Miss Barno is serv- ind Mrs. Harry S. Craver, Chap- College, Machias, Maine. A '67 cation at the college. man majoring in mathematics nity college of the academic dising as fashion editor of the Uni- graduate of Red Bank Catholic Christine A. Hoffmann, a grad- at the University of Maryland, ciplines."versity newspaper, the Minaret. High she has also been appoint uate of ,Rumson-Fair Haven Re- Sharon J. Anderson, 84 Borden College Park, Md. is pledging Those who launched their col- ed corresponding secretary of the gional High School, is the daugh- St., Shrewsbury, js among new Sigma Delta Tau Sorority. She is lege careers this semester in the Miss Linda Noweck, 31 Spruce ter of Mr. and Mrs. William H. students enrolled this fall at the Day Session at Union College council. the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Drive, Fair Haven, is studying at Hoffmann, 18 Edgewood Road, new Case Western Reserve Uni- are: Hazlet — Eugene J. Steady Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospi- Rumson, and versity in Cleveland. She is a Jesse J. Greenberg, 14 Hillside of 10 Garrison Drive; Matawan tal, Hanover, N.H., in a college Patricia A. Trufolo worked as Katherine E. Serfln, also a 1967 graduate of Red Bank High Place, Red Bank. She is a grad- — Gary M. Kummer of 26 Lake- affiliated course at the hospital's a puppeteer at the Tampa Book graduate of Rumson-Fair Haven School. uate of Red Bank High School. ridge Drive, and Fort Hancock- School of Medical Technology. Fair. She, and other members of Miss Janet K. Korth of P.O. High School, Is the daughter of an education class at the Univer- Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Serfin, 5 Charles S. Callman son of May- Box 4. David Patrick, son of Mr. and sity of Tampa, made the puppets Riverside Drive, Rumson. or and Mrs. Charles S. Callman Mrs. John S. Patrick, Middle- A graduate of Raritan Town- and presented the shows to en- of 38 Circle Drive, Rumson, is town, Is enrolled as a student In ship High School, Hazlet, Mr. courage reading. Fourteen Waynesburg College enrolled as a student at^he Uni- the Calhoon M.E.B.A. Training Steady is the son of Mr. and Miss Trufolo, daughter of Mr. students have been named to versity of Tampa. • School to learn to become a Mrs. Eugene M. Steady. He Is a and Mrs. Anthony F. Trufolo of "Who's Who Among Students in Callman, a graduate of Rum- licensed engineer in the United liberal arts major. 621 Harding Road, Little Silver, American Colleges and Universison-Fair Haven Regional High States Merchant Marine. An engineering major, Mr. N. J., is a graduate of Red Bank es." School, is majoring in business Kummer is a graduate of St. High School and Is a, junior. She Among them is Valerie Me- and minoring In economic!. Mary Louise Smith, daughter Bernard's High School, Glad- is majoring in elementary educa- Pherson, a junior majoring in of Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Smith, stone. He is the son of Mr. and tion. English, daughter of Mr. and Miss Elizabeth Green, daugh- 27 Cross St., Little Silver, was Mrs. Oscar Kummer. Mrs. John S. McPherson of 38 ter of Mr. and Mrs. Van R.H. among 124 Elmira College stu- A graduate of Medical Lake Kathleen Berg, daughter of Mr. Lenape Trial, Middletown. Her Greene, 33 Demarest Mill Road, dents who were honored for their High School, Medical Lake, *nd Mrs. William Berg of High- activities include: freshman, West Nyack, N. Y., was pledged scholastic excellence at tradl- Washington, Miss Korth is theOakwood Lane, Rumson, is a lands, has begun her study of sophomore and junior class secre- to Gamma Phi Beta Sorority this nursing at Bryn Mawr Hospital. tary, student council,.Religious week at Northwestern University She attended Henry Hudson Re- Life Committee, Convocation in Evanston, 111. gional High School. - Committee (secretary), freshman Barbara Ann MUM of 111 Sil- guide, Operation Upswing, Seven students from the Red verton Ave., Little Silver, is en- SNARE, Leadership Conference, Bank area are enrolled here at rolled In the Katharine Gibbs Sigma Tau Delta English fra- Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill School School. Miss Mazra was graduternity, Sigma Kappa sorority as it opened its 99th academic ated from Red Bank High School (scholarship chairman), May year, in June. Day program chairman and in- They h tramural volleyball. She is a are Charlotte Ellis, a junior, Susan E. Creutz of 71 Leeds- 1965 graduate of Middletown and her sister Lynda Decker, a freshman, daughters vllle Dr., Llncroft, is enrolled in Township High School. of Dr. and Mrs. William C. Ellis, Katharine Gibbs. She was 8 Sailers Way, Rumson; Laura graduated from Middletown Cadet Stephen M. Johnion, 22, Hilton, a freshman, daughter Township High School. son of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hilton, Thomas B. "Kufish Jr., of 5Johnson, 60 Clearview Dr., New Broadmoor Dr., Rumson. Stratton PI., New Monmouth, is Shrewsbury, was selected to par- Sophomores include Katherl a member of the 150th class to ticipate in the advanced course Eisner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs enter Philadelphia College of of the U.S. Army Reserve Of- Robert S. Eisner, 190 Prospeci Pharmacy and Science. ficers' Training Corps Program Ave., Red Bank; Sydney Bar a! GeorgetQwxL,..Unlv.erjlty... Jn,' daughter of Mrs. Feli) Janis L. Fowler, 300 Broad St. Washington, D. C. Molze7,2 Cross' sC'LitUe" Silve Red Bank, is enrolled as a resi- Cadet Johnson is a 1963 grad- and Anita Jones, daughter of W State University. Mis> Janet L. Spuen, 101 West River Road, Rumson, is a freihman majoring in retailing at Mount Ida Junior College, Newton Centre, Mass. Also a freshman at the college, majoring In merchandising is Miss Joinn Miller, 66 Bellevue Ave., Rumson, David Kessler, 22 N. Riverside Ave., Red Bank, is a senior at Croydon Hall Academy, where he was elected class representative to the Student council. (Continued on Next Page) COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS ANALYST BALLISTIC RESEARCH LABORATORIES Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. Minimum of two years experience and an MS in Communications, Electronics, Operational Re- Miss Vickl Johnson, daughter of search or closely allied disciplines required. M. Sgt. and Mrs. Norwood P. Thomas, Fort Monmouth, has . Junior and Senior level jobs available $9,000 to completed a course at the School $15,000 per annum. Call collect weekday! Mr. of Business Machines, Asbury Waller. Area Code 301. 278-3372/Mr. Stubbi, Park, In office automation, and was placed in a data processing 301, 278-4865 or submit a Resume to Chief, position through the school's Personnel Resources, Aberdeen Proving Ground, placement service. She is a grad- Maryland 21005. uate of Marshall High School In Turkey. Equal Opportunity Employer Miss Suzanne Van Der Leur, 2 U.S. Citixenihlp required. SHOP Friday and Saturday Values! "Super-Right" Quality 7-RIB PORTION LOIN PORTION FULL 7 RIBS 3* 4* You get more of the Choice (enter Cut KIDS! ARRIVES AT THE... MIDDLETOWN SHOPPING CENTER HIGHWAY 35 MIDDLETOWN 2 P.M. SATURDAY, NOV. 25* "The Middletown Lancers" DRUM and BUGLE CORPS (CONTINENTALS) WILL LEAD SANTA'S PARADE Christmas Shopping Hours: NOV. 27th thru DEC. 23rd ..JO AM. TO ?P.M.. MONDAY thru SATURDAY SANTA'S AUTO FURNISHED with the COMPLIMENTS of STRAUB BUICK HWY. 35, KEYPORT The store that cares about you! Fresh Produce Fresh Broccoli Caltfimt* URGE MM PRICED HIGHER! IUHCH Washed Spinach 25 flRGWUfiarfci Fres* IB a. NONE PRICED HIGHER! ctfli Red Apples WathtogtM State—facy HME PRICED RIMER! Thrifty Buys! I MRI HWKER—AMU er Pumpkin Pie I s " 59 e JANE MRKER Mince Pie "STi£ 79 C A&P BRAND (In Betry Dm) I'/, ex. *»» Real Cream Topping 49 C Pasteiirlied (li Dairy Dept.) A&PEggNog 53 C ANN PAGE—All Varieties—I Ib. pkf. Pure Egg Noodles 29 C A»P BRADE A Apple Sauce 2 1 35 C A*P BRADE A Sauerkraut 2 39 C AtP GRADE A—Wholo Berry or Jtllltd Cranberry 5u • 2 1 39 C VEGETABLE BEEF Campbell 4 PORK LOINS AiP RIB PORTIONS CONTAIN A (Sliced (Sliced * 5?) RIB HALF •eat MMCIB luitm LOIR HALF unnttutmm WHOLE PORK LOIIS "V~ u 54 • "Super-Right" Quality IKS. GOVT. INSPECTED GRADE A YOUNG TURKEYS SKIS SIZES 20 and 10 and under 24 lbs.291 wider 19 lbs. SWIFT'S BUTTERBAli TURKEYS SsSfi 391 S:SSHSi 19 Ribs of Beef 1 A C "Super-Right" Quality—C«t From First 4 Ribs Only! 89: CENTER CUT-Thick or Thki-SAMI PRKI! 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j A. Haiku, ton of Mr. ifl Mn. Jtmes F. Wallace, 82 tttple Ave;,UttIt silver, a Boph- Wwre at the College of Emporia (Kuu) has returned to the *$mpu», where he will be serving U proctor of Vollmer Hall. He Ml received a «cholarship from Hit Buttonwood Foundation, af- BMated with the New York Stock Exchanje, Mr. and Mm. C. J, Danowjtz, 21 Vista Dr., Little Silver, has returned to Dickinson College, Carlille, Pa., after spending the •ymmtr at the Institute of Critical Languages, Putney, Vt. Miss Dtnowitz is a senior, majoring IB Russian and Eut European Studies, and housemanager of PM Beta Phi sorority. and Mn. Arthur L. Cone Jr. of Big Betch La., Colts Neck. Is a member of the freshman class at "thTMduar Herman School In Eut Northfieid, Mass. On Campus ecutlve board and the dormitory council, and served as alternate chairman of the Student Union Board. Barbara J. Rose, daughter of Mrs, Eileen K. Rose, 52 East End Ave., Shrewsbury, was named to the dean's list at Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pa., for. th«> spring semester. Miss Rose is a junior majoring in history, in preparation for He is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering and is a member of track team, independent men's organization, and several engineering clubs. Craig Clarke Sergeant, a senior at Albright College, Reading, Pa., was named to "Who's Who in American Universities and Col- Fike Senior High School in Wilson, N.C. An alumnus of Rahway High School, he is participating in the career teaching program at Atlantic Christian College in Wilson. He is teaching physical education under the supervision of Henry Trevathan. Newark College of Enginccrbf gtarted its academic year secondary school teaching. She (flpt .13 with the largest freshman dan in the ichool's 82-year fclltory. Some 750 men and woman arc enrolled in the class of |71 From Monmouth County are Wlllam Hanlly, Atlantic High-. lands; Erie W. Relnhardt, Bellord; Rail Glebinski, Cliffwood; Jeflrty L. Hlrschmann, Dea); ttwph 0. Scoff, Keansburg; Anmay- f. Ptnta Jr., Long Branch; Patrick Coullahan, Neptune; Frank Klccirdo, Ocepnport; Aehlllt A. Niro, Red Bank; AunM A. Vllet, Middletown; Ikhard Trogtr, Sea Girt; Fredtick Coutgno, Spring Lake Heights; PhlHp G. Lemig, Wani and Jeffrey y G. Donofi tod Joseph h Trammell, T both of Cream Ridge. Patricia Borelll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Borelli, 75 Rector PL, Red Bank, has enrolled in the General Business program at Slrayer Junior College,- Washington, D. C. •Miss Borelll is a 1967 graduate of Red Bank Catholic High School. DureacI In the Trenton State College sj cast of "The Inspetcor General," j = a historical parody on Russian j=? bureacracy of the 19th century's is a sister of Tau Sigma Gamma written by Nikolai Gogol are!|| sorority. James Buckalew, 85 Spruce Dr., Shrewsbury, and Miss Reva Wein- Cazenovia (N.Y.) College aner, Kenmore Rd., Freehold. Buck- =5 nounced students who are named alew, a freshman, will play Luka to the dean's list for the spring Lukich in the production to be semester of 1967. Included is presented by the Student Execu- Miss Jeanne Schusler of Teletive Board Nov. 2-5 in the Ken-| = graph Hill Road, Holmdel. dall Theater on campus, Miss'H Weiner will play the part of 1=2 George M. McCarthy of 80 Marya Antonovna in the produc- Oakes Road, Little Silver, is a member of the cast in the fall tion directed by Dr. William Weg- production of William Shakesn'er, associate professor of.; peare's "Twelfth Night" by the speech. Mr, Buckalew has per- St. Michael's College Drama formed in summer stock and di- Hub. rected a high school production The production will be pre- of "The Florist Shop." sented in the college playhouse November 15 thru 18. In the 917-member freshman McCarthy, a freshman at the!class at Massachusetts Institute Winooski Park, Vt. liberal arts college which enrolls over 1200 men, is a graduate of Mount Assumption High School in Plattsburg, N.Y. John B. Merle tie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd G. Merlette of 64 Ridge Road, Fair Haven, is a charter member of the Grove City College student branch of Ala K. Danowllz, daughter of | the of Technology at Cambridge are area students Thomas E, Finger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Finger, 8 Hillcrest Rd., Elberon, who is one of 35 designated National Scholars by MIT; Mark H. Van Note, &on of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Van Note, 1260 Deal Rd., Wayside, and Richard L. Bryan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Bryan, 254 Arnold St., g Society of Automotive Engl- Oceanport. 3§ Area students at Montclair State College named to the dean's list for the second semester of the 1966-67 academic year are Miss Sharon Stewart, class of '68, Crine Rd., Colts Neck, home economics major; Miss Karen Swenson, class of '67, 4 Center St., Sea Bright, science major; Miss Karen Sellick, class _,_ Bills, daughter of Mr.jleges." Son of Mrs. Dorothy Serind Mrs. Grandin Bills, 105 Ala- ? ean *.' 16 Jol "> St., Red Bank, he meda Ct.( Shrewsbury, is a mem-!? ma , jor ' nE 'V c D c T" ng He is : •. -.«.-. ,. „• , , ,~~ the alumnus of Red Bank High ber of the freshman class of 1967 School Md is a member of A]p«a Of Immaculata College of Wash- Pi Omega fraternity. Ington. She is a graduate of Red' Bank Catholic High School. Richard Martinelli. 96 South Lake Drive, Middletown was Arthur L. Cmw, Id, son of Mr.| named t0 Phi of '67, 33 Pinewood Ave., West|=i Keansburg, Fieqch major; Missjs Maryann Minor, Class of '67, 38 Mills Ave., Port ? Monmouth, physical education major, and all Red Bank students in the class of '67 Miss Josephine Mazza, 144 Bridge Ave., business education major; Corfado Mustlllo, 43 Spring St., French; Kathryn Per- Kappa Tau fraternity at kinj, 70 Peters PI., fine arts, and where he Is a-freshman. Elizabeth Sheridan, 7 Garden St., English. A tea for the dean's Richard Naiaro, son of Mr. andl list * tude ? ts wa * Mrs. John Nazaro', 287 Navesink! 1 *" Oct " " River Road, Middletown, is en-, ... „ „ _ „ held on cam rolled as a sophomore at the Uni-! "•*» f Mary Louis* Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Smith, J7 Cross St., Little Silver, a sophomore wii among 156 students

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