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DEFInInG mOmEnTs - Newark Academy

DEFInInG mOmEnTs - Newark Academy

defining moment loyalty

defining moment loyalty and generosity The Cupola Society was established to recognize donor loyalty. 22 Newark Academy

Ccupola society The Cupola Society is an ancillary gift club that recognizes donor loyalty to Newark Academy. A dedicated core of parents, alumni, grandparents and friends generously support Newark Academy each and every year. We are profoundly grateful for those donors whose steadfast support over five or more consecutive years has helped to sustain Newark Academy’s tradition of excellence. Hampton P. Abney Robert Abrams ’64 Vincent and Josette Abruzzini John and Ann Acierno Allan and Stephanie Acquadro Lenard Adler and Rhonda Carniol Steven Adler ’76 Eli and Yanina Alelov Jennifer Riemer Allen ’89 Joseph and Josephine Allocca Jeffrey and Lynn Altschuler James Anderson ’44 Antonio Argibay and Maria Ferradas Lance T. Aronson ’74 Sybil Aronson James Arvidson ’65 Tom Ashburn James Asher ’65 Gilbert Augenblick ’39 Danforth and Gail Austin Lynda Baccoli Augustus Baker, Jr. ’32 Rowan Murphy Baker ’78 Whitney Baldwin ’75 Joseph and Pearl Ball Hector and Ann Banegas William Bannon and Vivian Maese Bannon Craig and Ellen Barker Michael Barrett ’76 Karen Bassin-Reif ’86 Harry Baumgartner and Lynn Barrett William Beecher and Patricia Budziak Steve and Noga Beer Peter J. Behrle ’69 Sheila McGrath Beljan ’83 Kenneth Belkoff ’76 Maria Rice Bellamy ’85 J. Richard Beltram ’41 Brent Bergin and Pamela Huttenberg Ronald Bergwerk ’72 Lewis Berman ’79 Betsy Dollinger Bernstein ’86 Robert Bertrand and Esther Cohen Jerome Bess ’40 John Bess ’69 R. Scott Bevans, Jr. ’78 Sergio Bienstock and Shelley Lanzkowsky-Bienstock Peter and Christine Birnbaum Amanda Rubinstein Black ’97 Allegra Blackburn-Dwyer ’96 H. Mercer Blanchard, Jr. ’51 Willard and Fran Blaskopf William Blomn Joseph and Aimee Bloom William Bloom and Ruth Redmond Bloom ’80 Paul Bontempo ’69 Lewis Borinsky ’80 L. Barry Boss ’78 William Bowers, Jr. ’69 Robert Boyar and Barbara Mitchell Melissa Harrison Boyd ’96 Christopher and Debra Boyman Paul Breene and Miriam Peretsman Mark and Elaine Brodie Roger Brodkin ’50 Edward and Joan Bromage Doug Brower David Bumke and Elizabeth Mauro Mary Burg Robert Busse ’30 Jay Butan ’75 Robert Butler ’59 John and Amanda Cali J. Kim Capobianco ’74 Michael Carniol ’98 Paul and Renie Carniol Donald and Susan Carter James Cassino ’77 Jacob Cecere, Jr. ’78 Ruth Celebre Albert and Nancy Celente Gerald Cetrulo III ’59 Lawrence Cetrulo ’67 Report on Giving 2008-2009 23

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