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DEFInInG mOmEnTs - Newark Academy

DEFInInG mOmEnTs - Newark Academy

defining moment the big

defining moment the big picture On April 13, 2009, Newark Academy students, faculty, staff, and administration gathered on the front patio for the first all-school photo in more than 10 years. 4 Newark Academy

Ll ooking back on the great moments of the past year, I am intrigued to note the link between what we accomplished as a school and the generosity of spirit that guides us. For me it is the inclination to give to others – a collective, generous culture – that defines us as a community. This connection is not always visible when events are happening, but our response to so many circumstances, both opportunities and setbacks, highlights this core value. For instance, in the face of the devastating loss of a cherished alumnus, we became mountain climbers to honor his memory. As the world became a smaller place through enhanced technology and communication, we committed to broadening our students’ experience of the world through our Global Speaker Series and through our institutional commitment to provide every high school student with an off-campus immersion experience. And during the trying economic times of the past year, we looked deep into our hearts – and reached deep into our pockets – to surpass our fundraising goals because together we believe that Newark Academy makes a difference and will continue to do so. I am regularly reminded of how fortunate I am to serve as Head of School for this great community. I am surrounded by teachers who serve as exemplary role models for our hard-working, talented students. Our school is further strengthened by NA families who respond to the school’s needs with remarkable generosity. Together you give back to Newark Academy in so many ways. Whether it is through time, talent or treasure, we thank you for your dedication; your choice to give back to Newark Academy this year has made a robust institution even stronger. Sincerely, Donald M. Austin, Head of School Report on Giving 2008-2009 5

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