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07-26-12 FR low - Fluvanna Review

07-26-12 FR low - Fluvanna Review

Q & A with

Q & A with Fluvanna’s favorite son, Chris Daughtry BY KRISTIN SANCKEN CORRESPONDENT In 2006, Fluvanna County High School Graduate Chris Daughtry hit the big time, when he made it to the fi nal three on Fox’s hit television show American Idol. Today, not only is he one of the most famous person ever to come out of Fluvanna County, he is also the fi rst American Idol artist to have two consecutive number one albums and the third highest grossing American Idol contestant of all time. Although Chris Daughtry now lives with his wife Deanna and four kids in North Carolina, this Saturday ( July 28), he will be returning to Charlottesville to promote his newest album, “Break the Spell.” The Fluvanna Review caught up with Chris Daughtry this week to see what he likes about his new album, his high school hometown, and his new project with DC Comics. Why chose “Break the Spell” for Q the name of the album? It’s as simple as it has a nice ring to it. It just rolls off the tongue, and it’s one A of my favorite songs on the record. This is your third album, how do Q you feel your music has evolved since your time in Fluvanna? It’s night and day. I was just a kid A and I’m 32 now. I’ve lived and I have more to write about. From a songwriting perspective, I’ve matured. Which songs on the new album Q were written with Fluvanna connections? The song “Spaceship” on the album A was written with Brian. Brian Craddock is Daughtry’s guitarist and a Lake-Monticello resident. What aspects of the new album Q do you think Fluvanna fans will enjoy the most? Well, I’m not a mind reader, so I A can’t tell you what people will like. But I can tell you what people respond to at concerts. The songs “Out of My Head” and “Renegade” really get the crowd involved. Chris Daughtry in his Fluco days. Photo contributed by David Small. 12 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | July 26, 2012 The last time you played locally Q was in 2009, at the John Paul Jones area, after the release of your second album, “Leave This Town.” This time you’ll be performing at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion to a hometown crowd. Are you expecting to see a lot of people you know? Every time we play in town, I see A people I recognize from high school or work. It’s always great. It’s a different vibe. These people know me before any of this happened, and I’m always wondering what they’re thinking … I love playing for hometown crowds, it’s more relaxed. Will the tour bus drive through Q Fluvanna? A People have this perception that I try to stay clear of [Fluvanna], but that’s just not true. I would love to swing by there and see how things have changed, but we have a busy schedule, and the tour bus stays on interstates. When I have free time, I’m home. I’m home with my kids and my wife in North Carolina. Everyone here was really Q excited when you thanked [Fluvanna County High School teachers] Diane Greenwood and David Small on Kelly Ripa’s show. What do you remember about Fluvanna? I remember everything [about A Fluvanna], all of my teachers, everyone I went to school with. Meeting Robert Nesbit was the turning point for me. He talked me into doing [music], fi rst as a hobby and then as a career. Nesbit and Daughtry once earned extra credit in their Fluvanna County High School math class by making up and performing math songs in front of the class. The Daughtry Band I saw on Twitter that you Q attended “The Dark Knight Rises” premiere in New York City and were a little intimidated by Christian Bale. Even with all the fame you’ve attained, you still get star struck? The Hollywood scene and acting A world is totally a different scene. You’re not among peers, like you are at an award show. [Bale] is an intense actor and his intensity shows in the fi rst second that I met him. It wasn’t the right moment to be like, ‘Hey can I get my picture taken with you?’” I know you’re really into Q comic books. Did you attend [the international comic book convention,] Comic-Con this year? I heard a rumor that you went in disguise. Yes, I actually fl ew straight from A Comic-Con in San Diego to the Dark Knight premiere. I was only in disguise for about 20 minutes. It was the most miserable thing ever. You go in there with a Batman mask on and everyone wants to take a picture of you, but you go in as Chris Daughtry and no one cares. I was actually there to promote my involvement with “We Can Be Heroes,” a collaboration between D.C. Comics and Warner Brothers to fi ght hunger in Africa. (After the massacre in Aurora, Colorado during a showing of Dark Knight, Daughtry posted his thoughts on Twitter: “Woke up to the AWFUL news of the shooting in Auroro, Colorado and it sickens me to my core! My prayers go out to the victims’ families ... Stricter gun laws will not stop SICK people from getting access to guns ... Laws & rules are not in the forefront of the mind of a criminal ... Why must 1 miserable soul ruin the lives of innocent people!? Truly heartbreaking.” Yeah, that was actually my next Q question. Tell me a little about your work with “We Can Be Heroes” and DC Comics. It sounds like a very cool thing that you’re doing. It’s an effort to provide relief to A people in the Horn of Africa who are suffering from the worst drought Africa has seen in 60 years. They asked if I would be involved, they knew I was such a big fan. We rerecorded the song “Rescue Me” from our new album, so that the proceeds will go towards feeding those affected by the famine. I also did a piece of artwork with Jim Lee that’s going to go up for auction as well. It’s going to do a huge art tour called “Darkness and Light” around the world to raise awareness. Note: The rerecorded acoustic version of “Rescue Me” is available on iTunes for $1.29. Lithographs of Chris Daughtry’s drawing of Batman benefi tting the We Can Be Heroes campaign can be found at for $59.95. Is there anything else you want Q to add? Just that we’re super excited to be A coming back and can’t wait to see everyone in Charlottesville. Daughtry in concert Saturday, July 28, 7 p.m. at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion on the Charlottesville downtown mall $50 Reserved Seating $35 General Admission

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