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07-26-12 FR low - Fluvanna Review

07-26-12 FR low - Fluvanna Review


14 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | July 26, 2012

Lake Monticello Sharks top Key West, fi nish undefeated BY DUNCAN NIXON CORRESPONDENT The Lake Monticello Swim Team defeated the Key West Swim Club by a score of 378-306 on Wednesday (July 18). The meet was held at the Key West neighborhood pool. First year head coach, Michelle Caron said that her team of over 100 youth swimmers has not lost a meet this year, and this was the team’s sixth and fi nal swim meet of the regular season. Caron, who is a rising junior and varsity swimmer at Bridgewater University, is well known for her swimming prowess. She won the Lake Monticello Fourth of July lake swim repeatedly while she was swimming for the Flucos. The Lake Monticello Sharks swim in the third division of the Jefferson Swim League. In this division, swimmers with top qualifying times compete for points in the Gold division, while the rest of the competitors swim in the Silver division. Points are awarded for top fi nishers in both divisions, Some events have one or two Gold division swimmers, while other event have none. Therefore, in events where there are both Gold division and Silver division swimmers, a team can win points for two fi rst place fi nishes. For example, in the girl’s 8 and under breaststroke competition, the Sharks won 19 points to 12 for Key West. Emma Daily Specials Coach Michele Caron (left) and her assistants brief the Sharks. Photo by Duncan Nixon. Poulin won 7 points for the Sharks by winning the two swimmer Gold Division, while Meaghan Dech and Taegan Chisholm recorded 7 points for fi rst place and 5 points for second place in the Silver division. Key West was limited to 5 points for second place in Gold and 4 and 3 points for third and fourth place in Silver. In this meet, the Sharks demonstrated their high level of competence by dominating the diffi cult 100 yard Individual Medley (IM) events. In the IM, a swimmer must swim all four disciplines (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfl y) in one race. The Sharks had multiple IM winners in the Gold division, while Key West had only a few Gold division swimmers. Gold division IM winners for the Sharks included: Morgan Milburn in the boy’s 11-12 age group, Morgan Maupin in the girl’s 11-12, FeFe Nardone in the girl’s 13-15, Ian Milburn in the boy’s 15-18 and Carly Csapo in the girl’s 15-18. In individual discipline events the Sharks also cleaned up with multiple Gold division wins. In addition to her Gold division win in the 8 and under breaststroke event, Emma Poulin also scored 7 points for the Sharks with a Gold division win in the 8 and under 25 yard freestyle event. Sito Arroyo took a Gold division fi rst place in the boy’s 15- 18 50 yard freestyle. Yvonne Smith was a Gold division winner in the girl’s 15-18 Next To F.U.M.A. Breakfast served until noon Homemade Soups & Desserts Large Menu for ALL Your Cravings! Check out our full menu at: www.Th To Go Orders: 434-842-1045 Sun.-Th urs 8 a.m.-8p.m. • Fri.-Sat. 8 a.m. 9 p.m. 4646 James Madison Hwy., Fork Union, Va. 50 yard freestyle. Samantha Morton won the girl’s 9-10 50 yard backstroke in the Gold division. Morgan Maupin won the Gold division girl’s 50 yard backstroke and J-Unit Barnett captured a fi rst place in the boy’s gold division 15-18 50 yard backstroke event. Silver division winners for the Sharks also recorded 7 points for their team. They included: Noah Amato in the boy’s 9-10 100 yard IM and the boy’s 9-10 50 yard breaststroke, Caylyn McNaul in the girl’s 11-12 100 yard IM and the 11-12 50 yard freestyle, J-Unit Barnett in the boy’s 15-18 100 yard IM and the boy’s 15-18 50 yard freestyle, Alyssa McIver in the girl’s 15-18 100 yard IM and the 15-18 50 yard breaststroke, Aiden Kraft in the boy’s 8 and under 25 yard freestyle, Joshua Rocklein in the boy’s 11-12 50 yard freestyle, Carly Csapo in the girl’s 15-18 50 yard freestyle, Andrew Franco in the boy’s 8 and under 25 yard breaststroke, Meagan Dech in the girl’s 8 and under 25 yard breaststroke, Tori Carter-Johnson in the girl’s 11-12 50 yard breaststroke and Alex Sprouse in the boy’s 15-18 50 yard breaststroke. The Sharks also grabbed 10 points each for two wins in the 8 and under 100 yard freestyle relay races. The boy’s team consisted of: Aiden Lewandowski, Jackson Kinsella, Andrew Franco and Aiden Kraft. The girl’s team included: Meghan Dech, Alana Carter-Johnson, Ava Amato, and Emma Poulin. Dr. Douglas Weiss & Dr. Victoria Molnar Weiss OPTOMETRISTS Lake Monticello 5 Centre Court, Palmyra (434) 591-0262 Fork Union, Route 15 (434)-842-3364 Evening, Saturday and early morning appointments Lake Monticello Fire & Rescue Thursdays! Thursdays! JULY BINGO! BINGO! Special Special All Regular $50 Games Will Pay $75 Addition to Our Six $100 Games $1000 Jackpot* 70 or more players to pay $1000 pot. Progressive Game Now $500 * * As of date 07-26-12 Doors Open at 5:30 p.m. Early Bird 6:45 p.m. 10 Slice Rd. Palmyra (Off Rt. 600, near CVS & Dogwood Rest.) Questions? Call 434-591-1018 THIS SATURDAY July, 28 Concert at nTelos Wireless Pavilion TICKETS: THENTELOSWIRELESSPAVILION.COM 877-CPAV-TIX, DOWNTOWN VISTORS CENTER & CROSSROADS MUSIC STORE WWW.DAUGHTRYOFFICAL.COM July 26, 2012 | FLUVANNA REVIEW | 15

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