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StoneShow 2011 Exhibitor Brochure 16pp TB:StoneShow 2010 ...

StoneShow 2011 Exhibitor Brochure 16pp TB:StoneShow 2010 ...

04/ UK success story The

04/ UK success story The Natural StoneShow 2011 The UK stone market has grown at a faster rate than anywhere else in Europe. National Statistics reveal that the level of imports into the UK between 2003 and 2008 increased by 84% in value with the industry now worth £1.15 billion per annum at the consumer end. All sectors of the market have shared in this growth, as the attractive and hard-wearing qualities of stone have received greater recognition as a means of adding both quality and value to a project. Imports in particular have flourished, satisfying a growing demand for stone interiors in domestic and commercial properties, with the rise in popularity of granite worktops, limestone flooring and marble-tiled bathrooms just a few examples of this established trend. External use of stone has also increased significantly with major public landscaping projects taking advantage of the falling prices of sandstone and granite from emerging economies and developers increasingly using stone for cladding and roofing new builds. In terms of yield, stone is imported into the UK at an average price of €1013 per ton*. Of the top four supplier countries, Italy have proved their ingenuity by successfully positioning their products at the top end of the market with the highest yield of €1361 per ton, over 63% higher than the prices set by Turkey and India, and 90% more than the average price of Chinese products. Despite these price differentials, all of the countries involved in supplying standard and cut-to-size products to the UK increased their sales over the last five years, a sure sign that the British market is doing well on all levels from serial to luxury products. In terms of volume growth, Turkey leads the way with 700% growth (with the UK now being their largest market in Europe), followed by China with 380%, India 133% and Italy 47%. Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany and France, whilst losing overall market share, have also grown their turnover in the UK over this period, with European bellwethers Levantina, Beltrami, Ingemar, BMB, Brachot-Hermant, Cosentino and Areniscas all opening new warehouses across the UK within the last few years. This level of activity is reflected at the Natural Stone Show, which has participants from over 40 countries around the world and has doubled in size since 2002. * 2008 UK stone economy report - Marmomacchine Classic Natural stone imports growth since 2003 0% 2003 19% 2004 37% 59% 88% 84% 2005 2006 2007 2008 Successfully entering the UK market “As a first-time exhibitor, we were delighted with our return on investment from the Natural Stone Show. We have taken orders for 12 Gisbert bridge saws, CNC machines and edge polishers, as well as adding many new diamond tool and abrasives customers” Stella Zambelis D Zambelis Generating tangible results “'Our Roman travertine was very well received at the show with customers recognised the quality of our material. Throughout the three days, we gave out over 100 quotations and the subsequent conversion of these has been very encouraging” Mauro Poggio Fratelli Poggi srl

The Olympics effect London’s selection as the host city for the 2012 Olympic Games has stimulated one of the biggest construction and regeneration initiatives in Europe with the ensuing building investment set to top £6.09 billion. Located at ExCeL, the Natural Stone Show is situated just 1.5 miles from the 500-acre Olympic Park that lies at the heart of London’s plans for the 2012 Games. Approximately £1.4 billion has been budgeted for the ‘Big 5’ venues within the Olympic Park, which encompass the 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium; the Aquatics Centre; the Velopark; the Athletes' Village; and a state-of-the-art Broadcast and Press Centre. ExCeL itself will host seven Olympic sports and five Paralympic events providing four arenas with between 6,000 and 10,000 seats for boxing, fencing, judo, taekwondo, table tennis, weightlifting and wrestling The Olympic Village will offer guaranteed accommodation for every athlete and team official, with more than 17,000 beds in total. And after the Games the Olympic Village will lie at the heart of one of Europe's largest urban regeneration projects. The converted village alone will provide 3,600 homes and in total 9,000 new homes will be created in the Olympic Park area. The ripple effect of the Olympics throughout East London will also boost retail, office and hotel developments in the area with an additional 15,000 hotel rooms available by 2012 within 50km of the Olympic Park. Around £7 billion of transport infrastructure spend was planned before the award of the Games and this has now been stepped up to be ready for 2012. Projects include the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and extensions to the Docklands Light Railway and East London Line. Also planned is the refurbishment and modernisation of all London Underground stations together with a £225 million upgrade of Stratford rail station. It is against this dynamic construction background that the 2011 Natural Stone Show is confident of providing exciting opportunities for its exhibitors. See and for more information about the Olympic developments. The Natural StoneShow 2011 /05

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