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RUDE Magazine - Winter Issue

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english version issue9W I N T E R 2 0 1 2 · L E S O R T D ‘ H I V E R Man returns Pages 32 - 49 Came the big moment, to live the longest nights and endearing of the year end, why not, to enjoy the most fun and romantic. Conquer by the perfume is an art and if there is one word that defines fashionable men’s fragrances is seduction, so we invite you to discover what the male scents with which you will become the most irresistible man 2013. From left to right ... Here’s our proposal! We start with a classic: Dior Homme Intense. Take is like wear a tuxedo. It is a perfume specially designed for the bravest. Nocturnal intense, sophisticated and sensual. Stay with their keys: Heart of iris flower, subtle tones of musk, hibiscus seeds and Virginia cedar. In short, masculine and sophisticated. Another magical gift is Boss Bottled. A fragrance that is characterized by the balance between their fresh top notes, based geranium and clove and other background, decidedly masculine, like sandalwood, vetiver and cedar. The british accent puts our selection of signature Jo Malone. The chosen fragrance is unisex and is called Lime Basil and Mandarin. The gift box is perfect to give away at such a special occasion such as the holidays. Additionally, we invite you to know the perfect scent for the mood your house. It’s Surround Scent Diffuser. Made with essence of pine and eucalyptus. With it you get your home smell like a Christmas tree. Bottled in electric blue bottle, we present another perfume, this one with an American accent. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue. It is a fragrance aimed at a young man fascinated by the beauty. Give thanks to the freshness clary sage and a background of delicate and sensual woods. Now we give you the VIP pass for a night under the sign of the origin of life: water clear, Issey Miyake’s hand. Leau d’Issey pour Homme is made of mandarin, coriander, yuzu, lemony verbena and sage, all power provocative notes and prompt feelings. And we end with another delightful scent of Chanel hand. Aroma is ideal for a rebellious spirit. It is the praise of man and his freedom. Written by the creator of this French brand perfumes, Jacques Poige, essence bottle enclosed in a dense black, olfactory displays three acts: the first is cool, thanks to citrus, pink pepper and vetiver. The second, is energizing, for grapefruit, cedar and labdanum and third, no doubt, the culmination of the senses, with incense, ginger and sandalwood as protagonists. BEAUTY TIME! Scent of a woman The scene will be perfect... a dream dress, high heels, jewelry, sophisticated makeup and party hairstyle and, of course, an unmistakable aroma. Analyze what you intend to achieve with your essence, choose well and hit to succeed. We start from left to right with the latest release of the signature Balenciaga, whose bottle created by former creative director of the brand Nicolas Guesquiere, called Florabotanica. Its package looks more like a piece of haute couture that a simple bottle. The name of the fragrance alludes to the mysterious greenhouses full of rare flowers and the scent, spectacular! Another classic infallible to seduce is J’Adore Dior perfume written about the essence of flowers. Tangerine, damask rose and neroli essence are the basis of one essence with one of the most coveted beauty packaging world. For inveterate romantic, nothing like a few drops of For Her, perfume of the designer Narciso Rodriguez. With this fragrance can enhance your sensuality. Another must have in the world of high-end perfume is the first fragrance of Italian brand Bottega Veneta. Its floral scent with notes of leather skins reminded their magnificent leather skins that characterize the pieces of their collections of prêt à porter. Coco Noir is a luxury to live up to the par excellence fashion house Chanel. A fragrance for women fleeing the norm, exhibitionism and vulgarity. One of the most controversial releases of the year was the perfume of the queen of the show: Lady Gaga. She confesses that her fragrance The Fame is made from a sample of semen and her blood. She says it’s like to take her to the skin... Please provide yourself! The perfect seductor by Clara Courel It is said that the best way to end the year is with red underwear, though it really is a game of seduction that knows much Agent Provocateur signature. Hand in hand with this amatory art expert label we told you all the tricks to finish your holiday the best way. From left to right, step by step through all their flagship products. The first thing to do is to prepare our skin and that the label offers Bubble Luscious, a gel containing all the ingredients of sensuality and rich in natural extracts like honey, to give a soft and velvety finish. Glamour Body is a body lotion that contains exquisite ingredients to make our skin smooth and with a touch of sparkle. Smell is one of the things that attracts, and the sense of smell awakens our senses. Two are the queens of the crown, first AP Parfum it is a classic synonymous with seduction, pleasure and provocation that achieved with the pure saffron oil from India, Moroccan rose oil, Egyptian jasmine, French magnolia oil , amber and musk. On the other side it is more enigmatic Provocateur Maitresse Eau, a mix of fresh and floral. A base of amber, sandalwood and

Tonka accompanied by green notes of Acacia and green Granny Smith apple. L’agent Titillation is the true star, a product suitable only for the most daring, two-step with only one purpose, excitement. Derrière Balm is specially formulated to help give shape and define your buttocks. The combination of moisturizing oils of avocado and caffeine works effectively to help lift and revitalize. Décolleté Balm is the other part that is intended for the décolletage and helps tone and firm the breasts. Avocado oil and Jojoba give your bust a much more sexy. And the best part is always left to the end and that is, as is well known, one of the most sensual and the most enjoyed are the lips. AP Lip Balm is designed to create enthusiasm and excitement, as well as increasing the volume of your lips and an irresistible fragrance is a must for your seduction ritual. From day to night There is a perfume for every personality and that is, there are so many personality types as fragrances according to our lifestyle. And there are so many types of smell as different types of party, choose which is more adapted to your lifestyle and character. Here are from left to right perfumes and cosmopolitan younger market. The first fragrance from lebanese designer Elie Saab is signed with his own name and as if one of his couture creations it were it is delicate and goes especially dedicated to the most exclusive. The heart of this fragrance is like a bouquet of white flowers among which orange blossom mixed with gardenia and mandarin flower. Flower Bomb is another par excellence floral fragrance that reflects the personality of the creators Viktor & Rolf. Does its smell? A very modern bouquet, bergamot with jasmine sambac, catleya orchídea and centifolia roses are their shrill ingredients. For a more romantic and feminine woman is created the new fragrance from Chloé. Love, which is the name the prefume, consists in its base notes with rice powder, talc, lily and musk, and its top notes orange blossom and pink pepper. A delicate powdery smell with a vintage look. A classic is Eau d’Issey, created by Japanese designer Iseey Miyake in 1992. It is a unique fragrance, complex in its essence, but minimalist and contemporary, very captivating thanks to its floral notes mixed woody and mossy. The master Giorgio Armani knows what a woman strong and character need and Armani Code was created for her. A modern elixir a disturbing and sublime femininity. Top notes that revolve around the peel of two types of orange: bitter orange from Africa and one species from Italy. The middle notes are displayed with Tunisian orange blossom that gives it a subtle charm, and floral scents of jasmine Sambac. The base notes are sensual orange blossom and persistent through the alliance of vanilla and a touch of honey. And the wild side goes along CK One Shock, one of the most modern perfume market, has the natural and inherent challenge of the younger generation. Unlike the mythical Ck One sock version is not shared. In its composition the heart reveals sweet and soft notes of blackberry, jasmine, narcissus and also claimed a slight chocolate note. The fund, a little oriental, combines amber, vanilla, patchouli and musk. All these ingredients are mixed with master perfumer Laurent le Guernec. Have you made your selection? 151 ® Magazine 151

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