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RUDE Magazine - Winter Issue

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english version issue9W I N T E R 2 0 1 2 · L E S O R T D ‘ H I V E R Pages 142 - 143 Oxford Street Over 300 stores in the biggest shopping street around the world, Oxford Street is full of bustle and movement. The district is located at Westminster and we can find stores like Selfridges or Marks&Spencer. It’s not the most expensive area of the city, but Oxford Street has a special appeal to buyers looking for special something. Spanish people attracts especially cause we can find shops like Zara or Bershka, and it’s curious to see what’s different and similar at these stores with regard to Spain. Another attraction at Christmas in Oxford Street, besides shopping, is the Xmas lights. Every year the lights on the street becomes a special event in London, and always has a celebrity to turn-on the lights. This year 2012 was Robbie Williams. To read more about Oxford Street: Knightsbridge At the city west center is one of the biggest shopping area: Knightsbridge. Famous for Harrods, it’s considered the favorite place for londoners and tourists traveling to shop at London, especially at Christmas. One of the most exclusive shopping districts in Europe, we can find shops for brands like Chanel, Manolo Blanhik, Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo and many more. Besides shopping, Knightsbridge it’s known to have the most famous restaurants in London and many bars. It’s between the Belgravia and Chelsea neighbourhoods, the favorite place of the paparazzi to looking for British celebrities, who knows who you can find here? To read more about Knightsbridge: by Gloria Jiménez Covent Garden At Covent Garden we’ll enjoy one of the funny areas of the city, at the covered market and the streets around. The covered market, rehabilitated in 1974 is now one of the areas most frequented by tourists and Londoners to shopping. For those seeking specialty stores -especially shoes-, “delicatessen” or curiosities, that’s a wonderful area. It’s a must-visiting for the atmosphere and street performers. To read more about Covent Garden: Carnaby Street They say it was at Carnaby Street where the fashion revolution in the ‘60s begins, when bands like Rolling Stones or The Beatles walk through the streets. Designers set up their business here, like Mary Quant, the miniskirt’s mother. Today, it’s still a shopping and lifestyle center for modern designers and design lovers. To read more about Carnaby Street: Portobello and Notting Hill The bohemian London neighbourhood, Notting Hill offers you the Portobello Market, one of the best known and oldest markets at London. The place to be for antique lovers: tableware, jewelry, clothing new designers or sewing machines are some of the purchases you can shop at Portobello Road Market. The market opens on Saturdays, but all the week we can find the rest of antique shops (dealers) open. To read more Portobello Market:

Camden Town It’s the favorite place for the alternative, young people and tourists who are attracted by the variety of shops and eccentric decorations of facades. Open Monday to Sunday, at Camden Market Town you can find clothing, crafts, food and music. And more than a thousand different stores. Anything you can think about can be bought at Camden. To read more about Camden Town: Craft or luxury products, great designers and antiques, whatever their style, any tourist in London find your ideal shopping space. ® Magazine 159

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