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Die Wirksamkeit von Boden

Die Wirksamkeit von Boden

References Zhang Q, Fua

References Zhang Q, Fua B, Chen L, Zhaoa W, Yang Q, Liu G, Gulinck H (2004) Dynamics and driving factors of agricultural landscape in the semiarid hilly area of the Loess Plateau, China. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 103(3):535-543 Zhao H, Zhang X, Xu S, Zhao X, Xie Z, Wang Q (2010) Effect of freezing on soil nitrogen mineralization under different plant communities in a semi-arid area during a non-growing season. Applied Soil Ecology, 45(3):187-192 150

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have received great support from different institutions and individuals during my PhD study. I am grateful to the Church Development Service (Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst, EED) for providing me with a scholarship and supporting my research. I would also like to thank the Center for Development Research (Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung, ZEF) of Bonn University for also financing my research, providing valuable support and hosting me during my study, and also the Dr. Hermann Eiselen Doctoral Programm of the Foundation Fiat Pains for their financial support for my research. My sincere gratitude goes to my first supervisor Prof. Dr. Paul L.G. Vlek for accepting me as his student and for his support through the entire study and his review of my thesis. I would also like to thank Prof. Dr. Armin Skowronek to be my second supervisor. Further, my sincere thanks go to Dr. Lulseged Tamene for his valuable guidance and advice, his continued support and encouragement during the field research, write-up and his review of my thesis. I would also like to thank the ZEF doctoral program administration, especially Dr. Günter Manske, for the administrative and technical support throughout my study. Special thanks go to Mrs. Rosemarie Zabel for her unreserved administrative support. My thanks also go to Mr. Guido Lücheters for his guidance during the statistical analysis. The Sirinka research center of the agricultural research institute of the Amhara region, Ethiopia, is sincerely thanked for providing data and cooperation during the field study. The North Wello and South Wello zones and the respective district agriculture and rural development as well as the administration council offices and staffs are also thanked for providing secondary data and support during the field research. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to the Generation Integrated Rural Development Consultants (GIRDC) for providing me with equipment and an office free of charge during field research. I would like to thank the Ethiopian National Soils Testing Laboratory and staff for on-time soil sample analysis. My special thanks go to Mr. Toshome Afrasa, managing director of GIRDC, for his all-round support and motivation. My sincere thanks go to Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Development and Inter Church Aid Commission and Dr. Nigussu Legesse for the support during the scholarship processes. I am also most grateful to Mr. Ali Ahmed, Mr. Zerihun Demissie and Mr. Alemu Tadesse for their support during my field research. I would like to extend my deep thanks to my wife Ejigayehu Mengesha for handling all burdens and managing the family. It was really difficult to accomplish my study in the absence of her support and motivation. I very much thank my children Michael Shimeles and Kalab Shimeles for tolerating my absence. I am also grateful to my mother Engdawork Habte-Mariam, who laid the foundation for my schooling. I would also like to show gratitude to my sisters and brothers Mulumebet Mengesha, Atsede, Solomon, Aynalem, and Meaza, Amsale Mengesha, and Zewdu Melake-Tehay for their support and taking care of my family. � Glory to God the Almighty �

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