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May/June 2012 - Level Renner

May/June 2012 - Level Renner

Featured Event Boston

Featured Event Boston Marathon Cipriano Levy Spinney Cherop, known for her great closing speed (that she mysteriously failed to deploy in 2011), took off making the move so strongly and decisively that the champion’s wreath may have just floated onto her head right then and there. Still, there was the matter of 300 more meters and a fighting compatriot who knows another’s tricks all too well, and Sumgong answered the call and caught on to Cherop’s shoul der once again. However, there was simply neither enough gas in the challenger’s tank nor enough Boylston Street to save for another go round, as 20 feet in front of her she watched her friend claim the banner of 2012 Boston Marathon Champion. Not much farther back, stories of a local nature had developed as the recent women’s champ of the New Bedford ½ Marathon, Hilary Dionne, was one of the few June 10, 2012 1:00 pm 7.1 Miles still looking good in the final miles, coming in at 2:51:56. Even on a good day, a local woman clocking that time would be considered highly impressive but given the conditions, it was especially notable. Even better for the BAA (her team) and her bank account was the fact that her finish put her as the 3 rd American across the line. Dionne had told the The Level (see video gallery on website for proof) in her New 12

Featured Event Boston Marathon Sheri Piers Exclusive Hear straight from The Master how she became not only the first 40+ but also first American to cross the finish line at the 2012 Boston Marathon. 1. How did the unseasonably warm weather affect your race and your strategy? When I learned a couple days prior to the race that it was going to be unseasonably warm, plans changed immediately. I spoke to my coach, Benita Johnson-Willis, and we decided to forget about the PR that I was hoping for (sub 2:37). We decided to go for place instead, especially in the masters field. I decided to forget about my watch and certainly forget about my mile splits! 2. Your splits were pretty even, especially compared to many other athletes. So that was happenstance? My splits turned out to be pretty even and that was definitely by happenstance. For part of the race, I was running in a pack of the top seeded masters and we just ran pretty evenly! 3. How did you hydrate and fuel prerace and during the race (we noticed a gel pack tucked into your uniform)? I am typically not much of drinker before or during ANY race. My training partner laughs and calls me a camel, but when I learned how hot it was going to be during the race, I drank a ton, for me, before and during the race. I took fluids throughout at all elite fluid stations and at the other stations as well. I felt completely hydrated for the entire race! You mentioned the gel in my uniform....I typically take a gel every 5 miles in all marathons. I think I took a couple more than usual last Monday! 4. What role did coaches, training partners, and fans play for you both before and during the race? My coach played a huge part before (with the training piece and the pre-race advice), but my training partner, Kristin Barry, played the biggest role. She and her dad were out on the course throughout the race. I saw her 5 or 6 times and her job was to tell me what place overall I was and what place in the masters I was. Each and every time I saw her, she gave me the energy and confidence to keep going. Her positive energy was exactly what I needed. I am grateful to her! The fans were also a great help, hearing hundreds of people chanting "USA, USA, USA" gave me chills and still does. 5. What did you focus on in terms of key workouts due to the relatively short turnaround time between marathons (Olympic Trials to Boston)? I focused a lot of my training on marathon specific training and some speed work. The base was already there; I just tried to stay healthy! 6. What's next? What's next is not my favorite. It’s more shorter distance stuff like 5 and 10Ks. Although, I am going to participate in the half marathon championships in Minnesota in June. Then I will do Freihofers, Peachtree, Beach to Beacon, and possibly Falmouth. Then, I will do the USA Masters Marathon Championship again at Twin Cities in October....I am tired just thinking about it....haha! Piers: Picture Perfect Profile Bedford post-race interview that she hoped for a 2:45 at Boston and those of us in attendance believed she was capable. Prorate that with 85 degrees of Fahrenheit and what she did Monday has us all 1) bowing, and 2) fearful of looking her in the eye for lack of worthiness. The other great local result of the day (not the only, by any means, but simply the most intriguing on the men’s side) was that laid down by the Greater Boston Track Club’s David Bedoya, whose 2:29:34 placed him as 21 st overall, his highest finish ever. Bedoya seemed to play it smart the whole way as he took a pragmatic approach, going through the initial downhill 5K in just over 17 minutes and the ½ mark in 1:13. His finish also helped put the storied GBTC Men’s Open Team into the #2 spot behind the seemingly permanently installed BAA crew. Speaking of, the older guys of said BAA put forth their first Masters win in some time with another Level fav, Wayne Levy (issue 2 cover athlete), placing 2 nd on the squad with a hard fought 2:51:31. The team was led by Peter Hammer with a 2:45:46. 3 rd on the team was Chris Lawrence coming in at 2:54:21. It simply wouldn’t be a Boston Masters recap without some mention of Whirlaway, and while the Men’s team entered the race with 2 of the 3 from last year’s group MIA (with the unbreakable Chris Spinney still making the trip), the women’s team returned with Simonetta Piergentili, 3:10:20, Christin Doneski, 3:12:06, and Nadine Palmer, 3:32:43 giving the Methuen-based juggernaut another blue bowl for captain Dave Kazanjian’s crowded mantle. All in all, it was a day that rewarded the type of pragmatism that is not exclusive to but certainly come by in most cases with age. While it’s always better to be fast, there exists the rare occasion when in pays to be cool. Joe Navas is a regular columnist for Level Renner. He’s fast too. 13

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