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Bulletin - April 15, 2012 - Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish

Bulletin - April 15, 2012 - Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish

Thirteen Tuesday Novena

Thirteen Tuesday Novena The Annual Thirteen Tuesday Novena in Honor of St. Anthony of Padua has begun. This Tuesday will be week 5. The Novena will continue each Tuesday through June 12, the Tuesday before the feast day of St. Anthony. Mass and Novena is held at 8:30 am. Novena and Benediction is held at 7:30 pm. Many people from all over the Pittsburgh area attend this Novena, come and be a part of a long tradition. First Communion Parent / Child Meeting Just a reminder that the parent / child meeting for First Holy Communion is Tuesday, April 17 at 7:00 pm in the Saint Aloysius social hall. This is an important meeting for both the children and their parents. At this meeting we will be baking bread together. Please remember to bring a mixing bowl, measuring cups, and measuring spoons. If you have any questions please call Steve Swank at 412- 759-9835. Confirmation The 8th Graders from our parishes will make their Confirmation on May 3rd at Most Holy Name Church, along with the 8th graders from Holy Spirit and St. Nicholas Parishes. All candidates should plan to attend the following: Sunday, April 15th 10:15 - 11:35 am Regular Class Friday, April 20th 9:00 am - 2:30 pm Confirmation Retreat at Martina Center Sunday, April 22nd 10:15 - 11:35 am Last Class Sunday, April 29th 10:15 am Confirmation Practice at Most Holy Name Church. Class should meet in the classroom as usual. Baby Bottle Amnesty Full or Empty…No questions Asked! We know that they are out there...lurking in the inky shadows, perched on top of the dryer, rolling around on the floor of your car...and just like that library book you checked out in February, your Baby Bottle is embarrassingly overdue. Have no fear. You see, each of those bottles cost about $1.25 and we recycle them over and over. So even empty bottles help us reduce our overhead. Please return your bottle to your parish, or one of the 5 location of the Women’s Choice Network. Blessings, Linda Frank - Women’s Choice Network SPRING HAS SPRUNG! THE GRASS IS GETTING GREENER! GET IT?? “GREENER” ALMOST TIME FOR???? “FORE CHURCH MINI GOLF” KEEP WATCHING THE BULLETIN FOR TIMES AND PLACES!! ST. ALOYSIUS VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION LUNCHEON The Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon will be held at the Holiday Inn on McKnight Road on Sunday, May 20, 2012 from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. All volunteers (children through adult) who wish to attend the luncheon please come to the Administration Building during normal office hours to pick up your ticket. Volunteer tickets are paid by St. Aloysius Church to thank you for your generous gifts of time and talents to our parish. Volunteers may bring guests (spouse, child, mom, dad, etc.). Guest prices are as follows: Children 5 years of age and under are free, child guests (age 6 to 12) $11, and adult guests (age 13 and up) are $22. Please come to the Administration Bldg. to buy guest tickets. Protecting God’s Children Class will be held on Saturday, May 5th at Holy Spirit, Millvale. The class starts at 11:00 AM in the School Cafeteria. Please call Cathy at Holy Spirit at 412-821-4424 after 1:00 PM for more information or to register. ���� ���������� ����� � � � Saturday: 241 Sunday: 913 Total attendance at both churches: 1154

MOST HOLY NAME of JESUS EASTER FLOWER MEMORIALS Cele Uhlig – By Eileen Wehner Helen Stanek – By Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schmidt Heather Beeson – By Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Beeson Robert Sladack; Diane Lynn Sladack – By Robert Sladack Cecilia Uhlig; Herman Uhlig – By Mr. & Mrs. John Salvatore Tuminello Family – By Mary Jo Tuminello Thomas Tortella; James Owoc – By Mr. & Mrs. Robert Reynolds Fred – By Family Walter & Victoria Rimkus; Joseph Lukaszewicz, Sr.; Frank & Mary Renner – By Mary Ann Lukaszewicz Marie Zeis – By Joseph Zeis, Sr. Raymond Oberst – By Katherine Oberst Lorraine Stamper – By Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Stamper Donald Baur – By Marian Baur Felix Dzubinski; William & Margaret Duermeyer – By Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dzubinski Frank & Bill Windisch – By Helen Windisch Bud Miller; Mark Swan – By Marge Miller Joseph Bechtold – By Elizabeth Bechtold Mary Anna Way; Andrew & Rosemary Senge – By Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Senge Helwich Family; Bajcic Family – By Camille Helwich Joseph Tronko, Jr. – By Kimberly Snyder Ruby Burrell Slice; Brabson Burrell – By Sharyn Kuebbing Filipowski & Fischer Families – By Dolores Filipowski Wayne Scheuring; Mike Newman – By Patricia Schuering Joseph N. Conti, Sr. – By Nanette Conti The Unger Family; The Bender Family; The Eberz Family – By Mr. & Mrs. James Eberz George Cesnalis, Sr. – By Frances Cesnalis Paul Koch – By Janet & Family Joseph Barone; Kathryn Simok; Audrey Martin – By Mr. & Mrs. Walter Martin John & Trudy Enz; Ed & Catherine Orr; Bernard & Hilda Lunz; Michael & Anna Enz – By Mr. & Mrs. Paul Orr Emil J. Hubert – By Family Rose & Ray Dumrauf – By Family Susan Sweeney; Carolyn & David Trunick; Anna & Francis Sweeney; Joanna Horvath; William & Anna Mae Sweeney – By Sharon Sweeney Trunick & Steve Trunick Anthony & Helen Fortun; Joseph & Katharina Fortun; Frank & Mary Miklavic – By Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Schubert Jim Henderson – By Loretta Henderson Tom Weidner – By Mr. & Mrs. Charles Connolly Rudolph Yuretich – By Sharon Pietrone, Naomi Yuretich Rudolph Yuretich; John & Evelyn Petrick – By Susan & Dennis Petrick In Honor of Naomi Yuretich – By Susan & Dennis Petrick Bob Seelman; Anna & Joe Seelman; Anthony & Margaret Majoy – By Grace Seelman & Sue Fabrizio Skip, Robert & Bruce Dumrauf – By Eleanor Dumrauf James Plichta – By Shirley Plichta Mary & Siki Stohovic; Andy & Tillie Hosek – By Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Hosek, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Helch; Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dratfinsky – By Mr. & Mrs. Regis Helch Catherine Kute; Donald Schutz – By Kathryn Schutz John & Eleanor Kimmel; Art & Tootie Roos – By Mr. & Mrs. Robert Roos Mary & Henry Leo – By Margaret Leo Joseph & Mary Camarda; Camarda & Balestrieri Families – By Dorothy Camarda Marcella & Chuck Dickson – By David Dickson Marie & Joe Lieb; Agnes & Elmer Ernst – By Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Ernst Robert D. Hughes; Henry J. Pappert – By Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hughes Carl J. & Mike Bruecken – By Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bruecken Stephan & Cathrine Mitterer; Robert & Annette Stephens – By Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mitterer John & Helen Bedeck; Tony & Anna Mae Ross – By Mr. & Mrs. Robert Roos William P. & Eleanora C. Nist – By Margaret Nist Heyl & Elstner Families – By Corinne Heyl Al & Marge Turkovich; Art & Marlyn Gornick – By Mr. & Mrs. Art Gornick Charles Leskowak – By Nickolas Leskowak & Ashley Charles Novak; Larry Novak – By Marian Novak Frank Nosseck – By Mr. & Mrs. Steven Reiner Joseph & Loretta Werner – By Joanne Reiner Ralph Winters – By Family Robert Rausch – By Mr. & Mrs. Donald Tomlinson Regis A. Sundo; Robert Sladack – By Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Sundo Donald Zivic – By Catherine Zivic Larry Geubtner; Bob Freiss; Harry & Hilda Roetter – By Diane Geubtner We Remember the Deceased from the following Parishioners: Cecilia Acres; Eugene Babik, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Baer, Mr. & Mrs. John Betkowski, Sophia Boles, Joseph Charnock; Michael Chernosky & Fran Vlakancic, Clara Dank, Mary Ann Dank, Mr & Mrs William Ebitz, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Fohl, Mary Foley, Michael Funtal, Mr & Mrs Robert Gramc, Mr. & Mrs. George Groll, Mr & Mrs Anthony Hermann, Marge Hoffield, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jacobs, Loretta Jelinek, Mr. & Mrs. Al Kaib, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kapetanovich, Stephen Kapetanovic, Dorothy Kemmler, Mr & Mrs Tom Koch; Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kryl, Leonard Labas, Mr & Mrs Bernard Lunardi, Carol Musthaler, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Paras, Lil Rausch, Donald Ritter, Mr & Mrs Charles Rothert, Fran Russell, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Schell, Sr., Raymond Schmeltz, Mr & Mrs George Shelly, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Gary Tevis, Ruth Tremel, Frank Tuminello, Bill Vlakancic, Mr & Mrs Ron Wedrick, Margaret Weidner, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Weis, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Weisensee, Mr & Mrs Ed Yanosko

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