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Bulletin - April 15, 2012 - Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish

Bulletin - April 15, 2012 - Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish


2012 St. Aloysius Easter Flower Memorials Mr. & Mrs. John Dezort Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George Dimeff Mr. & Mrs. James Frazee Donations of Easter Flowers By: Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Gulizia Ms. Karen Ann Haas Mr. Daniel Kaib, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Mikolay Mr. & Mrs. John Mueller Mrs. Mildred Schaar Mr. & Mrs. Paul Schlosser Donations of Easter Flowers In Memory/Honor Of: (By) Mario & Catherine Alioto (Mr. & Mrs. John Alioto) Dorothy Babicka, Marie Rosen (Mr. Richard Babicka) Berdych & Betz Families (Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Berdych) Pap Pap Russ, Garlicki Family, Schnelbach Family, Bittel Family (Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bittel) Sr. M. Juliana (Ms. Lois Blanyer) Hilda & Walt Ruszkowski, George Bodnar (Mr. & Mrs. George Bodnar) Robert Fisher (Mrs. Donna Borza) Alex Braun (Mrs. Alex Braun) Allen Braun, Eddie Braun (Mrs. Myrna Braun) Philip J. Breen, George & Teenie Shelly, Julianne Fedenko (Cathy Breen-Shelly & Jeffrey Shelly) Kay & Ed Breinig (Ms. Mary Kay Breinig) Alfred A. Brenckle (Mrs. Lois Brenckle) Marion & Andrew Schrauder, Viola & William Brooks (Mrs. Marion Brooks) Comis, Jockel, Scheid Families (Mr. & Mrs. B. Comis) George Delach Jr. (Mr. & Mrs. George Delach) Mary Marks (Mrs. Amelia Dering) Henderson & Forbeck Families (Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Forbeck) Gavin & Werner Families (Mrs. Louise Gavin) Louis Grahor (Mrs. Maria Grahor) Anna & Bernard Graupe (Miss Antoinette Graupe) Margaret Greiner (Mr. William A. Grener) Bob Hagerich (Mrs. Robert Hagerich) Robert Haas, Sr, Clara Larson (Ms. Donna Haas) Dorothy Stanek & Martin Stanek (Mrs. Janet Holman) Norbert Yochum & Wilma Yochom (Mr. & Mrs. Richard Horn) William, Marie & Cecilia Niederst (Ms. Alice Johns) Al & Jean Brush, Art Brush (Ms. Mary Beth Kaib) Dan Kaib, Sr. & Kayla Kress (Mrs. Regina Kaib) Carl Spagnolo, Bernice Spagnolo (Mrs. Mary B. Keay) Frank Klem, Smola Family & Friends (Ms. Marcella Klem) Peter Kocian, Kocian-Erdeljac Family, George Sebal (Ms. Christine Kocian) Al & Cathy Furno (Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Kocian) Dale & Fred (Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Kress Jr) Mario Lepore (Mr. & Mrs. Mario W. Lepore Jr) Deceased Lippold Family (Mrs. Joan Lippold) Red Madden (Mrs. Colleen Madden) Fred & Greg McKenzie (Mrs. Fredrick McKenzie) Bill Dlugos, Baby Dlugos (Ms. Anna Maksymowicz) Rose, Vincent, Adella, Sylvia (Mr. Joseph Maksymowicz) Edward Murphy, Jr., Mary Alice Murphy (Mr. Edward Murphy) John O’Connor, Mark Melcher (Ms. Mary Catherine O’Donnor) James OKunewick (Mrs. James OKunewick) Louis Pavlis (Mr. Ronald L. Pavlis) Cathy P. Walters Rosemary St. Vincent (Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Prince) Robert & Rosemary Reiger (Mr. Russell Reiger) Chuck Rothert (Mrs. Dolores Rothert) Joseph & Regina Rudzki, John & Cornelia Wroblewski, Joe Rudzki (Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rudzki) Janet Rummel, Agnes Rummel (Mr. George Rummel) Edward Schmitt (Mrs. Edward Schmitt) Frances & Leo Hermanowicz, Fred & Emma Schneider (Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Schneider) Joseph Schneider (Mrs. Ruth Schneider) Lillian J. Pfeiffer, Otto H. Pfeiffer (Mr. & Mrs. Alan F. Schwartz) Marg & Dave Miller, Loretta & Ray Shiring (Mr. & Mrs. Earl Shiring) Sigmund Family, Kreuzer Family, Dan Sigmund (Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Sigmund Jr.) Fred & Mary Sukitsch, Hailey Eltringham ( Ms. Joann Sukitsch) Ron Swaboda (Mrs. Ron Swaboda) Regis Weidner (Mrs. Martha Weidner) Charles Woolley (Mrs. Charles Woolley) Wilma & Bud Yochum, Cecelia & John Graf, Katharine & Frank J. Yochum (Mr. Frank Yochum) Edward & Nancy Yuretich (Mr. Paul Yuretich)

St. Aloysius Mission Statement For over a century, we the people of St. Aloysius Parish gather as a Catholic community. Together, we share family, friendship, and love through Jesus Christ, who anchors us in this changing and challenging world. St. Aloysius Weekly Offerings 4/1/12 Offertory: $2,963.00 Debt: $206.00 Food Bank: $235.00 Holy Thursday / Food Bank: $1,148.00 Good Friday: $579.00 Debt: $65.00 Easter Offertory: $2,365.00 Easter: $2,262.00 Apr 15 Rummage Sale 12:30—3:30 PM Apr 17 Parent/Child Meeting for First Holy Communion 7:00 PM in the Social Hall Apr 17 Christian Mothers Board Meeting following The 6:00 PM Mass (Class Room) Apr 17 Pastoral Council Mtg. 6:30 PM Admin Bldg Apr 22 Fr. Larry’s get-together to say goodbye following the 11:00 AM Mass till 2 PM Stop By to wish Fr. Larry Good Luck on His new position, and to say Good Bye. (ALL ARE WELCOME) See Ad Below! Apr 24 Activity Meeting 6:30 PM Admin Bldg. (Please Note this meeting was originally scheduled on the 25th and moved) Please stop up to the St. Aloysius Social Hall on Sunday, April 22nd. From 12 Noon—2:00 PM to Wish Fr. Larry Well on His New Position, and to say “Good Bye”. Light Lunch and Desserts will be served. See You There!! Erna J. Toski By Family The Parish of St. Aloysius would like to Thank Al and Tess Kress for the new entry-way doors, which they donated in memory of their son, Frederick A. Kress. May Flowers Raffle Tickets If you have not picked up your raffle tickets they are located at the entrances to church. We ask each family to take an envelope of tickets. Each envelope contains 4 tickets. Each ticket costs $5.00 and is good for the entire month of May! St. Aloysius Christian Mothers Spaghetti Dinner Tickets The Christian Mothers will start selling tickets for the Spaghetti Dinner the weekend of April 21st & 22nd. The Spaghetti Dinner will take place on Sunday, June 3rd. From 2 PM—6 PM in the Social Hall. Tickets will cost $9.00 for Adults and $6.00 Children 12 and Under. For more information or tickets call Suzy 412-821-2404. This is a fundraiser that will benefit the St. Aloysius Food Bank. Get your Tickets Early!! Rivers Casino Trip Fundraiser sponsored by the St. Aloysius Christian Mothers will be held on Friday, May 11th. Cost of the trip is $20.00 and you will get back $15.00 in free play, and $5.00 in food. The bus will leave St. Aloysius parking lot at 10:00 AM and then stop at the ESB Bank on Troy Hill for another pick up. We will leave the Casino at 3:30 PM. Please call Carol Fulton at 412-931-8469. Leave a message, and she will get back to you. Protecting God’s Children Class will be held on Saturday, May 5th at Holy Spirit, Millvale. The class starts at 11:00 AM in the School Cafeteria. Please call Cathy at Holy Spirit at 412-821-4424 after 1:00 PM for more information or to register.

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