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Technical Report - The Commonwealth Fund

Technical Report - The Commonwealth Fund

We reviewed the process

We reviewed the process flow chart, measure specifications, and each data element needed to implement the measures with the appropriate staff. For each data element, we asked about the presence and the format of the element, including whether each data element was: • currently available in the chart; • available in free-text or structured format and, if structured, the codes/categories or coding system used with the data element; • regularly recorded by the practice; and • currently being electronically abstracted to a data warehouse. Participants were not asked questions that previous responses precluded; for instance, a respondent who identified that a data element was not available in their chart would not be asked further questions about that data element. 28

APPENDIX II. MEASURES IDENTIFIED FROM LITERATURE SEARCH Measures are grouped by the following transitions across parties (N=number gathered): A. Primary care to specialist (N=4) B. Specialist to primary care (N=2) C. Primary care to ancillary (N=5) D. Ancillary to primary care (N=0) E. Primary care to rehabilitation center (N=0) F. Rehabilitation center to primary care (N=2) G. Primary care to hospital (N=0) H. Hospital to primary care (N=5) I. Primary care to patient and family (N=3) J. Patient and family to primary care (N=0) K. Miscellaneous (N=19) Total: 40 measures Number from survey sources: 11 Number from administrative sources: 30 Number from medical records: 20 * Tally does not sum to 40 because some measures use data from multiple sources. Abbreviations: NQMC: National Quality Measures Clearinghouse PCPI: Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement AMA: American Medical Association CTM-3: The Care Transitions Measure 29

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