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Convention Program Book - Texas Music Teachers Association

Convention Program Book - Texas Music Teachers Association

Awards 56 MTNA

Awards 56 MTNA Leadership TEXAS MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Awards and Honors Ann Gipson, NCTM, Immediate Past President Celinda Hallbauer, NCTM, Secretary/Treasurer Ann Rivers Witherspoon, National Chair of the Commissioned Composer Program Sharon Callahan, Affiliate Grants Committee Sherry Frush, NCTM, Studio Teacher Fellowship Awards Committee Debra Perez and Carolyn True, NCTM, AMT Editorial Committee Past MTNA Awards 2005 Teacher of the Year – Dr. Ruth Pitts, NCTM 2003 State Association of the Year – Texas 2002 Local Association of the Year - Abilene 2012 MTNA Newly Certified Teachers Nicholas Elderkin, NCTM Ellen M. Gossett, NCTM Lesley Sisterhen McAllister, NCTM Arjola Miruku, NCTM Alecia R. Russell, NCTM Minette M. Sicard, NCTM 2012 MTNA 50 Year Members Laura Jean Bearden, NCTM Jo Ann Hoffman, NCTM Cherry Harvey Potts, NCTM Werner George Rose Previous 50 Year Members 1992 Mary Evelyn Hess, NCTM 1992 Ruth Graydon Dean 1996 Irene H. Waters, NCTM 1996 Imogene W. Harris, NCTM 1997 Susan H. Allen-Carlisle 1997 William S. Murphy 2000 Betty A. Hood, NCTM 2000 Mildred M. Busch, NCTM 2000 Mary Lou Wade, NCTM 2000 Jane Sugars 2000 Frances D. Stuart, NCTM 2001 Wilma Dorsey 2001 Mary Elizabeth Wilson 2002 Jack J. Hardy 2002 Julia Woodrum 2003 Mary Ruth McCulley 2003 Donna Edwards 2003 Joy Moutos, NCTM 2004 Peggy Abraham, NCTM 2004 Jeannine Greene, NCTM 2005 U’nita Sweatmon 2005 Ella Louise Burba, NCTM 2005 Jeanne Elliott 2005 Ann R. Hallmark 2005 Edwin Key, NCTM 2005 Frances Key, NCTM 2006 Norma Auchter, NCTM 2006 William Chaisson 2006 Mary Reba Wilcox, NCTM 2006 Pat Powers, NCTM 2007 Paralee P. Curry 2007 June Leondar, NCTM 2007 Mildred Veillon 2008 Lois Emery Nielson 2008 Gerrie Schliep 2008 Robert Steinbauer, NCTM 2009 Ronald Bennett, NCTM 2009 Colleen Brashear 2009 Marie King, NCTM 2009 Narlin Beaty 2010 Mary Davis, NCTM 2010 Jean Muelschen, NCTM 2010 Mary Skaro 2010 Mary Lou Stockdale 2010 Martha Janie Throop, NCTM 2011 Mildred Bennight, NCTM 2011 Joy Finley, NCTM 2011 Wanda Miller, NCTM 2011 Kathryn Mischell

Order your Ensemble Program DVD in the Enterprise Foyer or online at www. videosofgoodness. com/tmta Congratulations to the Texas teachers who received awards at the MTNA National Conference in New York City in March. AMT Article of the Year Courtney Crappell, NCTM “Preparing Students for Vibrant Classical Sonatina Performances Using Rote Exercises” October/November 2011 AMT 2011 Pre-Collegiate Teaching Achievement Ruth Ann Hoffman 2011 Texas Teaching Fellow Diane Delk, NCTM Roberta Gober Distinguished Composer Honorable Mention Peter Lieuwen Overland Dream, Commissioned by Texas MTA Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award William Westney The Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2011 Collegiate Teaching Achievement Robert Roux 2012 MTNA Foundation Fellow Janelle Schlaudt, NCTM 2011 Teacher of the Year Heather Hearn Rathnau, NCTM 2011 Best of State East Texas MTA 2012 Commissioned Composer Scott McAllister 2013 Commissioned Composer Kris Becker Awards 57

Convention Program Book - Texas Music Teachers Association
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