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Technological Extinctions of Industrial Firms: An Inquiry into their ...

Technological Extinctions of Industrial Firms: An Inquiry into their ...

Year Table 11 (cont.)

Year Table 11 (cont.) Firms(s) Innovation Tuning pre-1965 / 1965 — / Magnavox automatic fine tuning (automatic frequency control) (B&W/C) 1950s-70s Zenith &c remote control late 1960s European firms electronic tuning (using varactors; Sylvania first in U.S. in1970) 1974 Magnavox “STAR” system, digitally addressed electronic remote control 1971 Motorola one-button tuning 1973, 76 Sylvania &c. automatic tuning and tracking circuitry 1974 Magnavox random access tuning 1976 GE vertical interval reference signal used for picture adjustment Cabinetry continuous — new shock, temperature, and fireresistant materials, including phenolic Peripheral 1972 Magnavox video games 1975 Sony video tape recorder 1978, 1979 Philips, Magnavox video disc player Source: Levy [1981, pp. 48-52]

Table 12 Major Television Process Innovations Year Innovation Rank Assembly Lines 1946 assembly lines with conveyor belts 1946 overhead conveyors for chassis and materials 1946 trunnion supports for inverted chassis for working positions 1946-47 pass-along assembly line with rolling cradles in tracks 1952-55 conveyor sped up 14% to fit 24-inch chassis on a line usually used for 21inch sets Jigs, Component Preparation, and Riveting 1946-50 multiple part-holding subassembly soldering jigs, of many types 1948-49 automatic lead cutting machines 1948-50 automatic positioning devices for riveting, & automatic tripping 1950-53 multiple riveting machine for riveting of pin plates and terminal Testing and Alignment 1946 continuity tests 5 1946 setups for i-f, r-f, and deflection tests 5 1946 central test signal source 4 1949-50 improved, lower-cost test equipment 5 1951-56 intensity marker electronic equipment for i-f alignment 4 1953-54 new adjustment and test procedures for color TVs 4 7 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

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