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R/O-2 - City of Plano

R/O-2 - City of Plano

Agenda Item No. 5f

Agenda Item No. 5f Preliminary Plat: Franklin Park at Canyon Creek, Block 1, Lot 3 Applicant: Plano Parkway Investments, LP Commercial pet sitting/kennel (indoor pens) on one lot on 2.1± acres located on the east side of Independence Parkway, 500± feet south of Plano Parkway. Zoned Planned Development-382-Retail/General Office/190 Tollway/Plano Parkway Overlay District. Neighborhood #65. The purpose for the preliminary plat is to propose easements necessary for the development of the site as commercial pet sitting/kennel (indoor pens). Recommended for approval subject to: 1. Additions and/or alterations to the engineering plans as required by the Engineering Department. 2. Dedication of an offsite fire lane, access and utility easement on Franklin Park at Canyon Creek, Block 1, Lot 1. CONSENT AGENDA (09/06/11) PAGE30F 3

Plono'" 1 9 ·r PO-336 MF-3 Item Submitted: REVISED SITE PLAN PO-277 R/O-2 Title: FELLOWSHIP BIBLE CHURCH-NORTH BLOCK A, LOT 1 8-345/8­ Zoning: PLANNED DEVELOPMENT-277-RETAIUGENERAL OFFICE o 200' Notification Buffer

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