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In-Line Shopping - Ericsson

In-Line Shopping - Ericsson


THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Figure 4: Online retailers need to cherry-pick retail store benefits 73% What do you dislike most about shopping online? Source: Ericsson ConsumerLab Analytical Platform 2012 Base: Internet users in the USA, aged 15 and upwards The physical experience of shopping in a store cannot be replaced. However, the benefits of shopping online are becoming part of the in-store experience, enabling the best of both worlds for consumers. Figure 4 shows that for 80 percent of consumers the best thing about shopping in a store is that they can “see, touch and try things”. People want to bring the same hands-on experience to their online shopping. 73 percent of Americans say that Figure 5: Stores need to cherry-pick online benefits What do you dislike most about shopping in a store? 56% Source: Ericsson ConsumerLab Analytical Platform 2012 Base:Internet users in the USA, aged 15 and upwards 39% 6 IN-LINE SHOPPING NOVEMBER 2012 34% I can’t see touch or try things 12% 11% I have to wait to receive purchases I worry about security/credit card Lack of customer service too much choice this is what they miss most when they shop online. However, consumers also recognize the benefits of shopping online and wish to bring these to the retail store experience. For 69 percent of Americans, the best thing about making purchases online is that it is “easy to research and compare prices”, whereas 56 percent say that the worst thing about shopping in a store is that they “don’t like lines and crowds”. I don’t like lines and crowds What do you like most about shopping in a store? I can see touch and try things I can take my purchases home directly It’s fun to browse stores I can get personal customer service Something to do with friends or family 34% 31% What do you like most about shopping online? Easy to research and compare prices 51% In choosing a mixture of both online and in-store shopping activities, we can conclude that for consumers it doesn’t matter whether their shopping is done in the physical world or not. What is important is the overall convenience of the shopping experience in their everyday activities. Consumers prefer the option that makes life easier, and this involves an integration of the two. I cannot shop I can shop whenever I want to 31% whenever I want to 68% Stores have a I can find things I can’t find in stores 35% limited choice 66% poor customer No pressure from sales people 17% service 61% It is difficult/ No need to spend time/ 22% takes time money to go to store 50% 64% 69% 80%

THE NATURAL FLOW 24/7 SHOPPING Apps make life easy. They provide access to the online services of our choice. Increasingly, the same apps also provide entry points to the shopping decisions that we make in line with the flow of every day life. Email MORNING NOON NIGHT Email Sending a vacation plan to my manager reminds me that I have to call the travel agent. Exercise Exercise I’ve booked an online appointment with my personal trainer. Time to show him my measurements! Commute Commute The pizza advert on my bus looks delicious. I will scan the code and save it with my supermarket app. SmS Better check with the family that pizza is OK for dinner. Consumers are making shopping part of the natural flow of their everyday lives. It is becoming linear rather than being seen as a planned activity or something that needs to be postponed until shopping SMS Podcast podcast Weather check That book review makes me want to read the Steve Jobs biography. Weather check Below freezing point tonight, time to get winter tyres. Social network Social network E-book E-book My Australian friend says that the new Peter Jackson movie is great. I’ll pre-order a ticket straight away. I’ve had no time to pass the bookstore, but luckily the Jobs bio is available from the e-book store. opportunities arise. Understanding the evolution of the in-line shopping phenomenon will be the most crucial aspect for successful retailers in the years to come. NOVEMBER 2012 IN-LINE SHOPPING 7

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