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J . ■ A -l2T Im e8*N ew 8. Tw in P alls, Idaho S u n d aly. y . ID(9ceinb9r a .1 9 a 5 , BOISE (AP) -- S tate-R ep.. j.F ..R epub!iQ bllQan'.ln the racerahd the'thlS ___ _ "Chad'-i-Chadband, d ,.R -Id a h o -F a ll8 ,-fro m -Id -Idaho-FallB.rState-Sen.-Dadk.~- j • plans to becom ime th e fourth W atkins ins announced earlier., -as did ■ _ RepubllcanJoJormi n ally announce for broadcai teaatfinJafiLBlchacdson.,,:,.^^, ^ Scfera/esfitii 'ightefrxed— -ms- party’s-2nd--E -D lsW ct-congres.— -R ep— . Gary Robbins,.-R-Dlelrl(^, slonu nomination, S’ BOISE (A P) — - F rom now on, release ises and notices, m u st contali tain • Chadband plans as been campaigning and saitl s a secies of an-,.inB oiM the Idaho Public lie U tilities Com- an expl icplanatlon of th e n eed for ’ the thi nouncements on ise i this week he is in the race. S ' W ednesday. Inm jssion w ^nts stat_e_ si utlliUes J o additioi tlonal revenue,, .'the dolla: illar eluding stops at a t Idaho Falls, The J winner wi q^the G (^ nomlhatiwi. COUNCIL"(AP) ) - keepcusfo"me‘rs'6e — A W ashington had be S etter infonncd. am ount jn t, and the proposed overal srall Pocatello, Twin Fall! Ills aifd B o ise............will .fac been se t for K iser to..enter .face--Ihcumbwt D c m ^ ra ^ m an a rre ste d follow] -T h e c o m m issio owing a 78-mlIc c a r plea.— Ion i said F rid ay it pcrcent entagechange.— • - ■ - -~ “ , hecpp- )m e . th e , fourth..R ep.RRichard lcl Stallings in NpvembeFf ■ ■ has adopted new w rjiles requiring ......: iem an said - QraMg^vlUe - a _ u tillUes to send-i 1—out—mont-JpfoiiL— Utiltt. ilULes-^l60.^^i]st.'e{ve-~nev ---------------^A dam sxourm rSherl z m a tlo n to c o n su mn c ni, •" ~ '— . cusjpm' Verlff J lnTH ilcm an—lng-clir )m ef^_Cleat am Pconelser'ex ;exc“' ;h a rg c s 'ffg a fn s t;9 R r,.b u ra c d d - , - : utilities-, will u • _ said: t ..... be .required to ' planath ed, " J^t’s It atlons of j a t e stru ctu res. Thi The - - ......-----------• .— m y understariding. th a t i w e provide accurate le jibtlces to the s a m e ji H l B H i t o A h . ■ m -G ran g ev llle to a re “goli }Jnform atlon.m ust-bc-gIvei iven.J __ ___ ' !T— ?oing^b p rosecute him -here'’-( B (In m edia and "to cu New M eadows on I W custom ers on re- to exU W ednesday ended _ A damn sC s (Xlsting custom ers orice i o u n ty ). ___ ' q u ests for rati wUh an Idaho StaU ate_ hikes; The year. ta le Police officer T he e chase i began about 3:15 a.m a.j > shooting a passengci iger in the car, am Wednes nesdiiy when a m an drove aaw. w a y . -------------- unldcntJfiedJS-^yeor-? ir-p liB o lselw y r^— from .^ .:^ ^ ii^ ra n g e W lle - g a s - stati tflMnn----- ---------- ----------------- R obert KJser, 20, Clarkslon, wIlHout 3ut"paying for g asrC rangevi: eville- W ash., who origlr Iglnafly identified police e I began to chase the car, a: him self a s R obert t-H H olm es, was ar-, the chi chase w as conliiiucd by Ida Idaho ralgned W ednesday ay night in Adam s County lly sh eriff's deputies a fter r t lh= > n» uuing Edge* County M agistrates Model "D " rtnon»l Cwnputir Ites Court on a c a r left irtir'comn with jftG rangeville. felony ch arg e of posj jossession of stolen — T he e e chase ended 78 thlles soulh Iih < ■ " ^ " P " " a i I to run U nutindt ol IBM* soltm t«nrs p K k i^ lltl on ,M p,rtpn,to. MUi I properly and m lsder Kiel •■D” itindird tsjturei Includs; d em eanor charges U.S. 95 w hen K iser lost control of ll . of reckless driving . M ««. ng and failure to c a r aIt t a i ty • fiGD CaKx/&unct (Upuc 1 ^ 1 11 ^ --v roadblock set up n e a r ' .New N< ' • M xe sundvd FWU • M>gn Rtuiulan M»w>txn .......... ^ . yield to an emnergency or vehicle, Meadov low s by A dam s County deputl JUtleS ••ftullU*MpgftlD.,.0-M i-wi - - "Umw........... --------------H llem a^sald:----------- -------------------------------and“ ldj ldaho-S tatc-P o llce-C p trT < Kellh“ el - I (.Jiafle, ^ K iser w as being [ held he » • 5W KtHDira F rid ay night Johnsor son. Police said the c a r veen eered • uonKMomt « • Fran'd*theft-convle-------Idaho ho- - Solicitor— G eneral—-Lyt . ...lio n ______ _________ .................................. '-Thom la ass said the-attorney general Sr ■ " HZf OBj fMOJinHurr K iser's court-appo jpolnted attorney, office ! w\ as Investigating th e cas case, to serve you Tim Felton of- Wej Vejser. confirm ed concenti intrating on events a l U I Give e Her A Gift The YEAR7...Ih a t V V I I l L e t ___ ____ K Jser’s Idenllty^Feiti leiton_said,.no_c!ato. roadblot >lock^.., . ______ ____ __ ■ - H ^ r WMakeThe-Final I i l fI e h o i c e . r . — . IVni. ^_^_CaEcc h a s e s su s jpeGfe ~wantd tecl else2w h e r e ^ T igQUIDATIOr )N SALE S:s 0 - 7 0 % rO F F 4 ^ e x t T o i = l e a W Market----- Lyn\ nwood Shoppin ing Ci^nter ' — _ ----------------------- n Mot . '................... . . . $ 9 . 7 7 Gallon Bslnflized izedTobs.........................$ 7 . 0 0 UliliJKnlws.............. 9 9 ' EflBlneHM Huters; ...........$ 1 1 . 9 8 ................... '1 8 ' Befkleylii fUaBQSQYdsJ..............$ 2 .S 0 ^ ~ gattyyw B.. . . . ....................§ 7 3 .7 5 FIlBTlinil ......................» e .S O Ifcu stti^ ------------IT""'!— I________ I . / • H o u to w airo ro • H a rd w a re • S porting n g • Fishing G o a r 1 V 1 RBYTHURS: 1 -FRL-S ■ SAT. - SON. O T e l e n o a ■ ^ — —:.. z/ _ 647 M alln in . A v o . W .. Twin Fail* * 7 3 The e Cross Fouril r i t a i i i Pen It i s t h e r e s u i t o f y e o r s o f ' r e s e a r c h . It h a s b e e n h o n e d . - 4 _ — t o - l h e - c r o s s - l e v e l - o f - e x ----------- ’’ " ' t ^ c e l l e n c e . W e 9 f p r o u d l y p r e - . / • I s e n t - T h e ~ C r•:QSS e s F o u n t o i n — P a n in - 1 0 k r 9q 0 ^ d ^ 4 m « £ L / J J-. . - s t e r l i n g - - - &:-i; o n d ^ ^ j ^ ■atJKss- chroiiT 0T "~~‘lrTT}7 r r p r g s s l v g l v ‘ • " L f f .........^ ^ ^ { ft— b o x e d : — — L i f e t i r n e - T T - r ^ ^ ^ ^ • g u o r a n t e e e l . - m F r o h i * ♦800»* Free Gin Wn Vrapping dipfho" “ Two beaut ^ greet O .................. I” - f w j t i f u l w a y s t o " ^ J t t V i e s e a s o n . _____PPE PENSATURDAY5 NtiL CHRISTMAS ^ fc^-OFHCI ^IIPPW—^ Klin A v * . S o u th ^ silt o 7 3 3 -2 4 1 2 ^ - . I , , ■ ■ J - - ■ "v, ■ Q S u E B Z B I ' l o08 i W e8t.A ddladin.*-734-13 TTTI ^ OPEN -----------------SATURDAYS” V V j A V ' J, ' — Q Toni light.Sur - V A L tJE S ; OL )U R T R A D IT IG*N I w sm m sm w m m n d p y , P e ft > -l' - l_ |__ ---------IL C h a d b a n d IP • WINDOWS ^ •D M FE R IE S .SN I ' SHADES .UVOtOHRIVIEMVB 1"BLINDS •BEDSPREADS iHUIT£«S.VERDSDtSHJDES-KI •KIRSCHDRAPERy HARDWARE: ■ . ___LWOyEIIJMliIIS, S---tUSTOMMADE-FUI!Hm)IIE- E-#AllPAPER-.CARPEIINS------ -VINU I ■ — i — ^ ------------ d r a\PERY&INTE H i 2 3 6 M A IN lA) V E , N , _______________ _________ 733-1979 W O Ik. SPECIil ^ s : k m i r n r e u ALINVIT/VTIC ION / y l , 1 jsSPECIALLY ...J, . FOR YOU! TONIG GHrONLY ^ | H B In a p p re c la tlo lion fo r y o u r p a tr o n a g ^ e d

v m E P i f l r r o ROWN_______________ n .1— for— suspended—in-theij ipe rm itsr^ --------------------- :-----------------------wimin th e 2-tr?‘^::*5 2 ^ e r * i l l e r devlat iation. In ' Monitoring rcqu ■ " ^a o i l d f b d l s ^ « e a ^ m trou equlrem ents with the federal Tout hatcheries! H atci icheries had a p o U ^ for 'pe p erm its from a scries ---- J l Evnn- Rnfiprtson. all of yloldtmViarhovVever, -4hc hey pro- program vary * \ - : L - T Wirr E A ECS?::^jn ■attom ev for the: th e-E P with wl the size and type of *' SPA two f ? jn ;a iv lc to ry rfo r^ ’W atflc-K -h a tc h e ry 7 0 wners,-riiad;.-con! » n tcnded::thnt-_thP- ja tr i- tf »W ifiliftflStiw thftflaid=r=== re d ra c c o r d ln g :to tw s ily :s c a r ;= : . -Valley trout -h alch cherles.-,tiie: e J J . s ; - En- 'h atch eries could not accu h ere-^v ere-so m e-serlb u s-ppollution—b f u rg h T rtth ^ h e v... ■ ^ vlronm ental >Protcclloi ccurately m easure perm its rE 'EPr A "ln B oise.-F arm ’ ponds; ~ its. since the recent declsl :tion Agency-haB-dropped--8i clslon, McKee., problem s wwl ith -tro u l.h alcheries -in -thi -suspended solids a t such lowc Lhe p a s t,-^ o -s a ld , will; B rebulrcm ent th a I t ti >wconcentrations'.-— a d d e d r be-requiited be n o • sam ple for- - l~ In s te a d , -^the ’ previouslj trout farm s p rep are a isly contested McKee said ild m ost sites a re already n R obertson h ad filed an i m eeting suspended solids detailed plan for using n appeal ,with the perm lu Is di d uring a t least one h arvest, Its will be reissued, Irig the best-m anagem ent EPA E theS-mpI sta standard . .. on behalf of 18 a re a fish 1 ana at least one once during a non-h arv esr p ractices lo minimize sh hatcheries.:____ — While lie h atcheries ,did nol get lize pollution from their ' ;ct everything The EPA *A began .Its m onitoring ' Dropping th e requirem ent program pr period foreachcroi cropofflsh. . discharges. _ _ _ ents for a detailed, they w anted in the_setllem enl. n l...R obertson-after-com -p la n should.not c re a tc ’a nly y j ip pl2 lain ts-b y area-rcsld en ts-co concern------ L arger-opcrntioi additional pollu- term ed n tlo n sr-h o w e v e rrw lll'b e T e J------- !d th e decision " a pretty Ly fair a g r e e - . cd aboul poll pollullon from the tro u t farn The dispute between een the EPA and the hat- JJlion problem s, "according ; to rm s. Un- qulred to m onitor the EPA. "B y m enl." ior 1 for a v ariety of pollutants, 111 1984 lhe he sta te DIvslon of Envlro ironment including suspend' cheries over p erm it r requirem ents h as been „ complying with o th er condit ended solids and seltleable id ltions.of.the per- In ho lolding io its 5-m iilgram -pe -per-liter lim it was respons tied up in an evldentla itlary h e a rln g .fo rl6 m o n - |v m il, requiring m onitoring ; and a onslWe for m onitoring the e EPA ’s solids. Frequency other opera- on susp icy varies from monthly to spended. solids, the EPA . noted m lh al it perm it progr Dgram. ’ , : ths, according to Lyni -ynn McKee of the agen- [} tional p ractices, 1 he hatchi weekly, dependln, idlng on the facility and tcherles .can m eet .will rec ecognize th al a plus or mint ilnus deviation Monitoring Ing is now also a responslbl . cy’s Boise office. their effluent d ischarge limil iblllly of param eter being ng m onllored. according to m itatlons," McKee of -2 mi m pl exists when measurin, ring such low. the EPA. T1 •. said. S{ The stale, L egislature has IS never Scarburgh. • concent ntrations. ) ; W hilc .lt dropped : the th granted the division the funding ( plan requirem ents, T he EPA , M cKee saifi, o r - the Monitoring will b d. h as signed an -M cKiCee c ill be done by the operator of said the agcncy would p th e federal agency ^lecided jjei d probably not authorily_Jo Jo _ m a n a g (u its_ o w n -p e rm i .to..stipk.toJts.5-j_fl| _flgreem ent w ith-Robertson-U [nit^pro-._Xhc-facility-and-rc; l-results.w lll-be-subm ltted-to----n -lo -m ak e-ch an g es-tak o an m: yactlonon'a'sinK lc'vIblali lalibTTir ll w as gram for iro rout i hatcheries. theE P A ,S carburgl urghsald. ~ N e w la i n d e rc g a r te n p r o g rra m g ra a n ts g ro w ttfF S m e = ' ByJA N ERO BISO N Times-News writer — — child. ~ » r i r■n fn a tc lP w lts 'w ith anybody now; but 3ut when I w as a kid, I had .. TWIN FALLS - Twli :'wln F alls School trouble r ii in school.’’ he said. “ I just .D istrict’s ______ new, . two-year w asn 't re; ready,’’ . . ............... kindergarten prograi ;ram to give Eldredf edge said the 20 children. 16 16 children a righting char hance to succeed boys and ad four girls, in h e r c lass have ave . * ' In school is only thre( jreetm oriths old, problem ms s listening and following inbut p aren ts a rc seeing sc results structlon! ons. Som e a re not yet coor* •: ■ ; already. dinated, i, and ; others have a-lim ited ted.. ~ d ^ '^ t think m y child ch: wduld have cut It In reg u lar schoc :hool without this "W e're re giving them lhe gift of -p ro g ra m .-s a ld p a reen n t Sue P ackham tim e— - tl the tim e-lhey need to grow •; F rid ay after leading ling children in anddevcl vclop,’' she said F rid ay. Ift bbe- e - . ■ : -songs. P ackhani Is a volunteer vi In the iween-‘ ‘ a — listening ex ercise on C developm ental kinde tidergarlen pro- crickets, s, wind and rain. "T hese are arc isln a -E ldre dge-at-not-chlldn Idren-wllh-low-IQsr^^---------------- ; Lincoln E iem cntflrV.— landm ade rein d eer dangled i • ‘'r v e noticed a trem i le celling, the children wlggli______ |n_hcr.!L R ackham _sa !si- : w as shy. Now sh e 's i Iho tli squirm ed as they listened to Ilrst lo res- f , . ' pond , in clnss, and of wind and rain and drew '1 usually s „ of how they thought It look- o k - ' 1 r ig h t." ............ - ed. Unlil nlike reg u lar kindergarten, en, ___ The_' tw o-year kindc indergarten pro- w here children c begin learning ing g ram is for younger g e rc ^ lld re n , or rs. to read and w rite, chll.dren ren who a re n 't ready for :or the rigors of listen, to lo follow directions and to kindergarten — sitth itllng still long develop ) their Im agination. Next -en o u g h 'to learn to read rei and w rite. y ? s r Ihey__ Iht .will en ter regular liar L ast ye&r IDO chlldrt Idren In d istrict kindergar ?arlen. kindergarten classes 5 fal failed. ; P arent ni N ancy K llllnger said she she . “ P aren ts have to un understand th at 1 a' “ m arked difference in hher e r ; not all children grow ow a t the sam e e r since the p ro g ram began. r a te ," said. D r. K ent I t I Healon, assls- , 's ® a ' lot calm e r now. She likes kes ta n t superintendent. .. " "If a child Is 5n. m, and 1 never thought she B B .forced to school whei 'hen they’re n o t - 'i ^ » _ K'K illjn g ersaid . ___________ ready, they get behind Ind. And It’s dif- Klllinge Iger also said h e r d aughter is - - - • ficuit for a teacher whp-has wh 2S to 30 now wanti mting to w rite h e r tiam e, and kids In cla^s to give i/e the real help plays pretend prc gam es m ore. " I ’m they need to catch up.” glad for r 11 this program . I didn’t w ant Heaton him self adm iml ltted to being h e r starlli rtlng out thinking she w as a - •: "developm entally Imn m m ature’’ as a failure,’-’ ’-’ sh s esaid . • - — Gov. B ivahs ad< Idresses —ehilifec !edfund“] -raiser ~ _______ TW IN -EA LLS-=-Iwii lwin_Ealls.Couh-____; chalrm anJten-R edersen-said a id - ly D em ocrats say a : Friday night, la st week ek he had reserv ed about 125 chill dinner for Gov. Jo JoFkh E vans d id bowls of f chill cl for the event. not draw the crow ds expected ex bn ac- . \M augha [han ..said E v ans lold the counto ffreezln g rain IS. s. group he le 'wlir.otriclally announce his candidacy icy.-early next year.- Evans >ns — ^— ^ C o u h t^ehairaro ifDDehnls-lHaiJgiinn'^told-theci er fc ro w d T h C T w a s re a d y 'to le a v c ' ■ said about . 70 of those ose wiw bought -Uie goveri 'ern o r’s-c h a ir. a fteM O years irs . tickets for the fund-n d-ralsing dlnner ,.th e re and md w ^s encouraged lo run ■un showed up a t th e Holiday Ho Inn to . against S Symms, who defeated Inm eet E vans and listen lis .'to , him cum bentF it F rank Church in 1980. — ^— describtrhow -and^w hyi iiyhe-dccidbd'to— Petitionj o n s -to -h a v e - E v ans’ namme e , , i.i« r w .p - challenge incumbent- nt- Sen.. 5 tev e placed oh on the ballot and donation Sym m s, -R-Idaho. in th the e l9 8 frra c e fo r card s wer /ere circulated a t the event, nt) :■ the U.S. Senate. M aughan£ in said. ‘ Lee W are ir in sp ects a pro sp ectiv ve e G hristm as-treeram n o n g n ian y .^t-a4ocal-tr \_______________________ - * Briicc U o n l ^ u m , js m n iu n fW U i p s i r aj u t l a i r m p l a n n i in g r e iq u i r e ] a n e n t ' . l l ___ • :-. IsT Ev< e n Chri istrnas J trees s show in mpact MtterolokLwet mtherridealers ssay i - i i i R ? ->i„ • . • .-.-r'--. T" m c o mrages lcow-incc lax on HMncr P — _____ :____ _ 'f: ■ ; ' . ■ Obituaries/Ko ■ .Magic Valley " . ■ Idaho B8-9 f c / ____ ___ : ___ 1 - \ ■■■ ........................' ' .1 Sund. Iday. Decem ber 8.1985 TTlir l m o f f l e w s I T f f i S l I S l ^ ^ i O s p i t a I s - B 2 - ^ — ^— ; B 3 . 6 ^ ^ I Crop 0 cdries out By MICIIAl IIAELVANAUSDELN TJwes-New Veuvs- correspondent PALLS - Due to th e ' cold w eather, .are a la s__tree__ m erchants thal shoppers should r trees early, cold w e a th e r" really some of th em ." s a i d _______ :nsler of Safew ay, " t h e - led out the Irees and i ‘to find tre e s lh a t are •ood shape. It would be ustom er's ad v an tag e 11 n e o u te a rly ." -a re a—m ercha n ts—got----------------ses-from-outslde-Idaho:----------------got its trees from Albertson’s from and M artha Lloyd - idling trees in th e Clr- --------------larklng lo t on Addison . —.got h e r trees from u and N evada. Iiad a rouKh tim e get-___________ um. -too.” said Lloyd! __ )ltter cold ju sl m ade worse all the w ay'-' ite the c o ld ,'Jim Capps ertson's fell th a t .this ............. is still a good one. crop w as real nice." said. “ M aybe not as ) last year, but still a i P.” er agreed b ut pointed 1 som e of th e Douglas suffered th e m ost. ........... ''re nol as full as som e / h e ro n e s,"h e sa ld . I around town w ere h e -sa m e . P r i c e s - a t — *. n's range from $17.99 r Douglas fir, Lloyd is 5 anyw here from to S3/ft. Safew ay has firs for S15.99 and •eesfor$24.99. . prices-, a re - a b o u t- th e - ............. • is last y e a r," said i. m e rc h a n ts-fe lt-th a t.__________ itom er could 'easily I'ale betw een a tre e In pe and a good one by ; the needles, 1 test them by shaking ?ou--can—tell,"'-'sald-"---------------- ' “if the needles fall know th a t I t's 'to o *■ n- can usually tell by. al them ," said Lloyd, needles a re good and . TWIN FA ntheyireO K i— ---------------------------recent . col Christm as stress that buy their Irc ~ " T l i c col ’ drained sor ' 'G reg kensli cold dried . It’s.h ard 'to In real good to the custo they cam eo — Mas]—acc -th elM rees-l : V -Safeway-'g( Cariada, _O regon, ..’..-mmi-- am .jfh o is. seilli ele K park Avenue —. M ontana an ‘‘We had ling iiierr^ “The bitte things \vb around." ■. Despite t at _AJberlSi .crop was st! "The c n Capps saic .good as la: finC cropJ’ Kensler ; out that so ■ flrireessufi ‘•They're o fthe other* Prices a: - about -th e - I Albertson's to $35 for Ol charging S1.50/fi. to : Douglas fir spruce trees ■, . i . ' . — iiT hc-prlc s a m e . ns : Capps, __A lL the. m

T^rre Sfailto ppH :— XRSlC< . • [zs^eki j^nuclez ^agen cliK£i artest 1 ...