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B r i e f -p U C s e ts

B r i e f -p U C s e ts h e s ■ BOISE - T hc Idah Will hold B public he ~ “ Com pany'B'appllcatlor cent, ra te Increase. T he h earin g b egins i H earing Room , 472 W. M em bers of the publ C h am b er s e t _ ^ T V V lN -F A L L S - ~ 1 ■|__ -CBHEBcEronCommoi . law m akers for Its aniii r - Dec. 16, a t the T u rf Clu ■ ■ _ T he forum will prc' session, w hich begins li __________ Cost Is ?5 p c r.p e rst MCI — ^ — T W IN FA L L S~-'A i created a num ber o f < _________ resident in a cam p aic MCI’s “ D ial T” long dl F ilers have been it u rging custom ers to s , service, offering 65 fr tldenlent. The phoiie m ore Inform ation, ho' custom er with no conn -----------------M ountaln-Bell-has c _________a t no charge because o Am w ay dlstributorj MCf’s services in oth cording to the Idaho Pi UI faces 2 MOSCOW (A P) - Th( of Idaho has a t least twi -------- c lear-b efo re the-A m eric tion of U niversity Profes . tw o-year censure of tl school, and It appears ne — — easy.------------------------------ M em bers of the UI ch: AAUP last week llstei latest word from — th B a i l a r d R o s e l H a O A K L E Y -B a lla rd Rose Sail L ake City, and formerl died Friday in a Salt Hospital. .B orn Ja n . 9. 1916, in Oak rlcd Lol.s E ckerscll Ocl. 3. later divorced. H c^m arrlcd . July 9. ittGO. in U g a n . dlvorccd. Ho m arried Don In D cccm bcr 1980 in Bounli w ere divorced. ---------------M c_JUlo-wopk«d-as-insJ a t Ihc Inlcrm ountnin Indii D righam Cily. He also hod m ason, a school teacher representative. • i. A m em ber of llic LDS Ch a 70 In thc Highland Park Lake Cily,-and hnd served Itic Gulf sla te s from 1936 lo l ............. SurvlV lhK 'are:” lhree"sO Halo of Portland. Hoibcrl Plain Cily. Ulnh. and P e rr Idaho F alls; a doughter ------ (K crryl-W nlls of-O gden; I d ren; four brothers, Ed: R oscburg, O re.. Qucnlln Hi U lah. K ent H ale of Oakley H ale of S ait Lake Cily; and M rs. Lionel (M orva) Cl N orth Ogden ond M rs, J a C hrlslcnsbnofT w in Falls. ------------- ^The funeral w ill-be-held noon in (he Oakley Stiike Ci • will be In Ookley Cem etery. ____ Frionds-m ay c a li.o l lhe — -luory:in.O gdcnJH ondny.froi and ot lhe church In Oak one hour prior lo lhe lime Vice. T hc (om ily suggests me tributiOns to thc P rlm arj — ’ -T M cdicalCcntcrfn5all-L -ake' F r e d F i s c h e r R U P ER T - Fred Fisc R upert, died Friday ol his ho Born Ju n e 18, I90C, at Ari attended schools a l Hozelti m a rrie d E m m a B crrclh Fel L inton, N.D., w here he farm ing. He then moved t 10S8, In R upert, he form ed for thc M inidoka Irrigation til his retirem ent in 19C6, He w os a m em b er of thc (istC h u rch o fP au l. ----------lw o-6ons:—R lcnhold-Flseh m islon, O re.. ond H arold' Kellogg; two daughters; li o l H cybum arid Linda - R upert; o brother, August _____Ml3SOUlB,_Mont.;_lwo_sist( ___ -A llerilin g s.o t PIcvnn. Mont.. Rcnschler of B ism ark, N,D. children;, and o greal-grai w as preceded in death b) d au g h lcran d a grandson. . A funeral will he held M . p.m . a t tne Paul F irst Bopt - B u r ia l >vlll be in PourCem cte, ~ \ | — ■ ■ ■ - - MAGIC - - — ------ ; REGIONALM E L aura F ra ley , M rs. D avid E.. Timothy M orrison, M rs. Doui . M able Jones, all of Tw in F a lls; “ H cC rew ofF ilcK - ........— Mra. V dri Dawson. KcHheth 1 and daughter,'all of Tw in F alls M. K elley of H agerm an;! Doi Sherm an L. W rl^ it of Buh!-£ d aughterof Rupert. BU -------S o o t to M r; and M ra. P«rry-K . T im othy M orrison of Tw in F i ■ M cGrew of Filer,' and daughten g e ra n d U u r a Fraley, all T w in F< fr2 T lm es-N ew 8 ,-T w in Fail f f i y — = earin g o n ra te hi] iaho Public UtUiUes Commi hearing. Dcc. 9 bn Idaho F tion forairSSi-rallllonror.Tr^ n s a t 9:30 a.m . in the Commi W. W ashington St., Boise, ubiic are encouraged to attem e ts leg islative foi • The Greater Twln'Palls- tnorca-wlIl-"bMng~tegeuier iniitial Legislative Forum i Club in Twin F alls...............- 3rcviewj.he_upcom ing. leglsl is In January . :csQn—R cservations-are-reqi [ drive gc " A n 'e ira h t Am w ay dislrib"ut( of calls for a t least one Twin lajgn to enlist phone custome i d is t^ c e service, n lefl on doorsteps in "Twin to sign up for MCVs long* dis 5 free m inutes of.calling as i llie num ber listed 'on tho flii however, w as th a l^ f a resId onnectlon to MCI.* • IS changed th e custom er's nu seof the m any calls received. lors have been enlisted to m olher states, but not in Idah i Public U tility Commission, ^ h u r d l ^ t The University, organizatlor two hurdles to .black mark jrican-A ssocia— n e x t-to - Ihi ifessors lifts its 1983. f the Moscow. . . neither will be Unlversitj ----------------i _ _ ^ t o r m , . - a - j i chapter of the tional board stened to the only has to ( -th e national • th a t-le d -to u » i e & -jfa le Friends m'l “” S n g " . n d S?y" tiDlo. They w crf HEYRURN •led Gwen Jones . of Heybum . an. T hey' w ere herhom e. Dorothy Servoss Born Ja n , 5 unlifut. and Ihey • rled U u ls ' .Burley. They ndian School In lhe Mlnidokt lo'd been a slone program unti icr and a soles M rs. Conn LDS Church. ; Church, he wos Surviving irk Word In Salt H eyburn; a': k’cd a m ission lo - Iwo doughtei 101938. ond Colleen ■'sOns."B;’John— b rolhcrsr'E a ic rl R. Hale o f . Mclburn.Win ■erry R, Hale of P aul; five s Iter. Mrs, Jim son Tilly, Flo n; 13 grondchil- Clements, all Edsel Hole of Heyburn ar 1 Hole o( O rem, Moscow; 12 ;lcy and Rodney great-grandcl and two sisters, A service Chom bcrs of p.m: in thc I Ja c k (Rochel) wllh Bishop s. Duriol will tK leld.T uesday a t- Heyburn. c Center. B urial Friends mi ry. - - Burley today lhe M yers Mor- .Monday prior f rom ic to'.B'p; D e l b e r t I GOODING m em oriol-con- Gooding, die lo ry Children's M emorial Hos skeCity?^— ^------ ^ B o r n - r A p f ll Uloh, he otlei and m orried n, V 1918. In Ogdei FIschcr. 79. ol B h c re h o w o r . D ndcannnlngt A rias. S.D., he ■ i„ m j , ho i Feb, 7.193J. al «hcnhom iivo »c casa g cd n h e w as o mi 111 lo R upcr In church, led and worked ion D istrict un- _ thc F irsi Bap- S e i Ise h e r-o f-H c rl— ^ W I N - P A L I o ld 'F isc h e r of Wolfe, 81, of T ; Irene Santos nesdoy. will b la F a rra n of day a t Reynol ;ust F ischer of will be cclebri slstcr3 ;_ A lv ln a _ S t.-E d w ard !s- mt„ ond M ellln _ment_wUL-bg_ •i.D.-, 10 griind- • Cem etery, f jrandchlld. He . Reynolds Chai I by a son, 1 the tim e of the J Monday At 2 •• r ' , • • — lopHsl Church, . _ TWIN FAL tclcry.7.; ~r\~~~who~dted Thuri i l '- C i l s = SIC VALLEY MEDICAL CEN TER............. ........ E .H ue{tlg..W llU am F.-D raper..i )ouglas D ugger. ’ Cecil T orres Ils; Chad M angum of Hozelton; I ian H erlng of HageHnfaH} flBfl Hfll R deaaed >th D. Gobel and M n . M ichael W BlU; M rs. B ert Fox of Elko; Maj Donald F. Strickland of'W ehd til-and- M rs. W Ullon McNabb B lrtlu ■ , • ' y-K H eger.of Jerom e,.M r..aod & F a lls and M r. and M rs. Rot Iters (0 M r/a n d M rs. Douglas D n F a lls . — - - - F a iia rld a h o — S u n d a y , O ec er can' be obtalne • a t 733-3974. imlsslon-. ; ^ ? - ^ E l l e u n J j l 0 i TWIN FALLS - imlsslon w as blocked F rid a' accident th at le f t' end. m ln o rin ju rie s.- D r u m 39, of F iler, were ptnooh, - -P ollcelsald.M cC highw ay 50 in h is ii ^slatlve— Landreth!s-1976 M _ _ crossed the center eqtJlred— sotilhbound lane.— ets wrong liitorhas In addition to'ui( vIn F alls th c PUC has expre m ers for been repplving nhnt; According to Be\ 'In F alls su m er division, MC distance Idaho. IS an en* I f telephone custc filer for M ountain Bell ha: sidential them to m ake a chi • for their area, num ber;,- . M CI.offlclals.ln E ;d. m a ll .s o ll tH a l ia ii lj m arket done via com puter aho, ac- elude Idaho cuslomi tl. to get off. A Ion on h o w . to erase the i ark thc association placed ( the u 'n iv e rs lty 's -n a m e -ln -l >lty .of Idaho professor Leo s i_jncm bec_Q LJiA U ird , said th e university not I to change the layoff policies v to -th e -censure, but -m u st-S 8 — V m ay call ot thc H ansen’M or-’ R uperl this oflem oon ond _f. ind ot thc church one hour C le tim e of thc s c n ic c on Mon- 1 a b \ n n C o n n o r i RN - Ru~bv Ann Connor. 79.___ J •n. died Snturdoy morning ol g n, 20,1900. In Albion, she m ar- * .5 Connor Ja n , 31, 192C, In hey lived in H cybum most of ^ Hert IlfP .Sho W09 employed bv . g oka County School hot lunch mtii her retirem ent. • /- >nnor wos a m em ber of the Eh. , , . Ig a re : h er husband ol a son, Bus Connor of Boise; J Mers. Belly Nielsen of Reno ‘cn Rossi of Seattle; three . E arl W in n 'o flle y b u rn , and „ Vinn and .Teddy Wlnn. bolh of 2 sisters. M orgorel Herman- Florence Sllm pson and Vemo all ot Paul, Ethel Gosklll of ii and Louise Petersen— of— 5 12 grandchildren; ond lU n idchlidren. :e will be held Mondoy ol 1 i< le Heyburn 1st W ard Chapel, lop M arvel Lind officiating, 1 t>c in Riverside Cem etery at m oy call ot McCulloch's In q loy (rom 4 to fl:30 p.m . ond o n .. q •lor to thc tim e of the service. t K r i i g K i IG - D elbert Knight, 88. of w died T hursdoy a t Gooding u, tlended schools in Slaterviilc . nr ed Lucinda Higley Dec, 18, ;dcn. T hey lived neor.O gdcp, r vorked o l o su g a r beet plant " ng company. ne moved to a farm north of so r'hich he operated until 1953, nc >vod into town, m em ber o fth e Gooding LDS dl: Cl f v i c e s - A L L S -^ R o s a ry -fo r-ife le n ___ul tf Twin Falls, who died Wed- Bi It be recited ol 6:30 p.m . to- Fi nolds.F uneral Chapel. Mass fn broled M ondoy at 11 b,m . in l!s.C ath o llc-C h u rch .-In u rn -____ Friends m ay c a ll' a t Th hapel lodoy from noon until— In :he rosary, wi ' ■ ■— nil ■ ,“ z r — ----------------- tw 'A L ^ A funeral for RC lursday.'w iii b e h e ld MwilBy— an' goo: ________ ^l.berlJfa’lLond.EdnoJ r, M n . FrcseofW endell.________ es and ' 1; M n . Lcda H endrlcluon, Lau CAS ........... Kody Hill, Sonja W ard 1 Wolfe. Rhonda P re u lt of Rupert; soy, Je rry T ucker and D- )b M d L eslie H unter ood P ar W ln n ln ^ o m of Heybum. d J t a ....... . m in ic iS S g ! K a jfa w n lilo l Malta. Dora Flament and Flossli I ■ ■ ■ ' :e m b e r 8 ,1 0 8 5 ...... lined by phoning the cham bi a £ k ^ a n s e n . b r i i > —; T raffic over the Hansie iday night b y a two*lruck an( Eft two M agic Valley^ reside ;th f5 9 fo f^ i< le n j;a n d -fc a rrrM 'e r e ' tre a te d end released < McCauley ..w as.southbouhd Is 1985 D odge R am pickup tn, 1 M ercury-M onarch fournloi iter line and hit him he'ad-c gnum be uie nuisance created In Tw pressed concern ovecinqulrl ^outM Cll& D laU -scntlce,— Beverly B a rk e r with the Pll M CM s n ol an equal access c ustom ers m ark their ballots h as to contact them and choice am ong the available in D enver-sald th a t apparent ite r and th m p an y fallei om ers from Uie m ailings. ^ i ^ P b l a c e m ake som e sorl of settfei a out of court, wllh formei u - U l s Pace.------- —— — - However, a n y . chang J school’s layoff policies m •_ P .ro ^ e d ^ .lh e _ ld a h .c i3 J ia n t tion, and the P ace case 5 w aiting for a review by t-S u p re m e court for m ore thi Surviving ore: his wife of _four daughters, Dorothy 1 G ooding.' Mae Cote of Ml Thclda E dw ards of W est Po and Shirley Gavio of Mode brothers. F lo y d . Knight of Utah. E lm e r Knighl of JosI Com^. ^ an d grandchildren: and e ig h l'g r grondchlldren. The funerol will be held Tui p,m , a t D em aray's Goodini wilh Bishop Roger Cheney c — B urlahvilH xH n4jim «w d-ecm Friends m ay coll ol E Gooding Chopel Mondoy fro p.m . _______________ J e s s e J o h n D o d g e .W EN D ELL - Je sse John I .. of.W endcll..dicd Thursdoy.^il of natural causes. Born Nov. 13. 19C0, in Gresl: he attended schools In Oregon, ■worked for several grocery 1980. he moved lo Wendell, worked for Al’s Chevron Servi ond W M arket and A llen's Dalr ' He m arried Carol Honscn 1983. in Gooding. Surviving a re : his wife of Wc m other. Louise M urray of Wc father. Theodore J. Dodge of — hiS" grandm other; ■ H azel- F Gooding; two brothers, Fred E ' Dennis M urray, bolh of Wendi —S islc r-K ath y -W cllln g -o f-Q ri _■ tion, Colo. ___ K service will be held Monda a .m . a t D em aray's Wendell wllh Bishop Ja y Little ol Buriol will be In Wendell Cemcl _ .-.F rie n d s--m a y coll—a t - D “ AVcmJclIXliBpui’tdday iro n T H and from 9;30to 10:30 o.m , onM J a m e s T h e o d o r e R c OAKLEY - Ja m es Theodoi son. 80. of Oakley, died Saturc noon ot his hom e. _______ Thc servfce orrongcm cnts ding ond will be announced C ulloch'sofB urley. ' —U l-l^ u .in .-u t.n h U c -M o rlu u o Burial will be In-Twin Foils C Friends m ay call a t White : from 4 to 8 p.m . today. ___GGODING — The servlcc for JA Imbcrg.^_71^flf_GM >dlng _ ^ T hursday; will be held Monday •In D em oroy.'s Wendell Chape will be in Wendell Cem etery. Hjoy call a t D em aray's Wende to d a y from I I 0 7 p.m . The fai gesls m em orial contributions -a n d m a y b e left a t the c h a ^ i ~ lOODlNG MEMORIAL -------- A d alU e d -------------- ---------- !i&.Mc£lure.>)ULoflGoo I V I I O I . in i98G,.is_co lem ent, In o r le r professor slim nge -In Uie se h as been J * >y the Idaho CilVO than a y e a r.'-------------- --------- TWIN FA m arriag e llc< th is ^ p p y e cl and B renda of Gooding; Fred W ayne i Bryant of., and L ynda. Point, Utah. Grubbs. jf^Manwov^ Williamson a ’.'s h " “ S >f Sun City! R enae A 7~3tr Brefli-------fcee-Hlg b y r- greot-greai- Mac Larsen, E rk e and Su ruesdayat2 Falls; Josepl “ ^ K ' a S i Michael Ja m Whilford, Tw > Johnson. Buh gins. Twin n Dodge, 25. Mullowncy a Ul his home - -V alley; Georj » h a m ,O ro , ■ n .w h tro te y slorcs. In H a rle n H , Hi 1, whcrt_he_ Deuel. .Tw in rvlcc. ihc m" G M flro'andT >iry. . Falls; D aren :n April 20, lilngham. T\ W ondolirhl. “ lin'i; T ^ t P l c r a oi^ 5 ° 1 Doaso and F a lls i R o n a l Idell; and a J a n c ttc A n n S : iran d -Ju n c---------- ---•--------------- day « 10:30 ' “ T he followli offWating, Court In Twin DcmiroVs M arie Hou I T O 'r i i - " ^ la t t H e ’^ f t s I Mondoy. Dolleen Huett A tanacio M. l o b l n s o n ''=• C , „ , M onlo J c H ilorc nohln- C ra ig , T h o u irday aller- , 3 dre pen- ed by Me- ^ " " 1 0 J a n ic L arry Gudgell vs. C raig A M lchacl Gilk Gillespie, Jo a --------------- W. Cdlln, D« ..W illard 0 . Hi iry-Chapol,----- v s.-iy iin n lo -t I Cemetery. F reem an vs. C i Mortuary torCaroj^G;- - M a g i c o u n 7 - Friends dell Chopel The followini family sug-- during this pa: -W jfsoiv-vSrlDa ..................l-T h e -p la in tiff operated a v< ■........ -perty-dam age- Wllson. The p m ent against su m -o f. $1,219 ar>ri.R;mir« and atto rn ey 's: Burley, » ■ ' S J S James Und*. 3 t- ' i r ’S f S ! ! u iw .yae . | gjlB B A G I ____ M Wlt h t v . “ ^ I ^ N E W — S — H i e l K o0ting:fe charges PA LLS--^N o-cbargeaJ]ay«: d and n o a rre sts m ade a fter ng incident In Twin F ells lay night left a Twin F alls red; >•- ling to T w in F alls oolice, exToti, 67, of 2536 F orestvale :>,>SIPa com plaint of- ag* .b.atteiX^U il5j5oii-Jn-_ ic :_ R o b ln s o n ^ 0 ^ o L J 5 3 0 - f Road a fte r an a r ^ m e n t ' I’s house in which' both m en' tied and Robinson; e n d ediip : : F alls Police report s aid Ute t betw een the two m en con- Robinson's daughter, H atch boosts m s’ cam paign ■ELLO (AP) - Keeping ans like Steve S ym m s in Uie tie is"essentlal if Uie West is oncc again being subject to s of "th e E a st C oast,” said' rj Hatch, R-Ulah. in Pocatello for a fund-rals- for the Idaho R epublican on , told a press conference 3 0 P m ajority In the Senate dcd:Uib'W esi wiUi-|ls m ost rcprcsBnrattoirirrcongrcss: the D em ocrats regain con? IC Senate, H atch said Uiat would retu rn to such liberals a s ' Sen. Edw ard D-Mass.' , who wjJl seek re-eleclJon key s_ jpubllcan P a rty maintain* Im 53-17 advantage in the r r i a g e s i orces----- PALLS - T he.follow ing ' licenses w ere Issued during eek In Twin F dlls County: la Carol Collins, H ansen; ne S aunders J r.. Blackfoot, ja .-F a y -,T ru s c o tt, Twin Raphael G rubbs and Nan* bs. F iler; T erry Lee 1 and Lorl L ynetle Lasure, er William H anton J r . and e Mills, Twin F alls; C reed fT-lIeybum . Tin d - P atr lc l a - en,' M urtaugh; B rian E, Suzanne M. Gwlns, Twin eph Dean Voile, Richfield, M arie Scovel, Twin F alls; a y - H filejd o r « Lve\l^ « h a 7 ^ - . : . ' te r Public Safely D irector lUa said S aturday afternoon ills in th e shooUng did not wi - -com jilalnt, a n d ’ so no i ce, beenr-m ade_^ ch ig* shooting. Qualls ^eclm ec in « th ff 'rngA a n y fnrfhpp hi > 3 0 ^ a tt« = w o u Jd ^ b C ^ ru n « !.nt.iaetectlves~wfio would " e h ' d w per3> nM oiiday.” ' "■ u p . According to the nolle . file, Sexton sald 'RoDlnsi h e Sexton's house and m- doorbell, aw akening Sex j r , ThA rcp crt r-^Td s n B I M H H B ng ^ he H D B H K r lid' Is- : on ce l £ n? :h ■ _____________________ m n* . , . F^u n e r ; -^UDon’fBe i'. B u y a g a r a g e i " l o c a l O V E R ] ° a n d r e c e i v e a r d _________________T h a t ’ I’ M odel 45*A Ji g ^ : 5 Y ear -yj- “ W arranty --.l- 3-- i Installation . ir 1 A vailable s— ----------- ■ • - ■ THE 1 J ^ ■ SINCI OVERHEAI i .489 S. Locust Strec 733-8723 — “ I* p Ir M ia /3 1 /l5 — •!— r * ■ " F l i p M o re t la b e m uch morfe -■— r t h a n ~ ^ ^ - a chair! MFT8BAT . .Cpme in for a free d' LIBERAL TRADES • REVOLVING CH; "•"FREE'PAPklMftA SHOPPING OUR • OPEN FRIDAYS' a n ^ j t r a arrests n or T im Qualls A r ^ u s T2 on Uie victim because he w< w ant to s Im a ln*law.and he I a rre sts nad due to the “ vie u lS S u ^ o b l S Rom im ii,-w h Ice report on ■ ison cam e to Listed as e ran g . Uie was a sh irt w :xton aiid his shoulder and «xt«n ‘»nld he wound.. t ___________ _____ _______ ■ B B M l - Ha« - Y n T h e r e -1 to co n s m e n ts . - ie ' m a d 0 ~ i tim e; L€ you M g W , - - - ^ ^ A d d is i --------P -b o i AL CHAPEL »A Scrooge. U SM sm oleA : d o o r o p e n e r s y s t e n L H E A D D O O R ’ i n e x t r a r e m o t e c o n r . q * 3 0 » " v a , . ICB 1S21 «M)aORSofS.W. Bot Tm Toll Free ___ ^1-8 1. J HI-RI8ER than ed... LOUNOI ^ MLAX HI k 'mij. Sizes AHylet ovallablc to fii I______^ l _ .. . Provide* Moi Cpmf6rt.& 1 i z = < t » i k S r J i I--------------- Sold-Ni«lon-Wlde I D ealers.^ Sale* < T o r Over I: dem onstration to d ay . . . h a r g e p i a n X i i n T s T O R K . VUl i T i i a m a d e ?droom -wltti* ot elght-^ot' — a — c a i B e F ^ r e v o l v c r e was •sure it was'hls son* I he ‘feared for his safe^" ‘vlctlm'spastbehavlor.'i. • «rt-sald-Sexton-sald-he . 8naingT U tchT n-*w Inaow -tb“ )inson and Urat Is '8tarted~over=the~locatton- Mn's^daughter,^Mlnlsha- r who: had--been-lefl-Tvlth^ is evidence In the re^ rt 1 with a) bullet hole In Uie and photographs of Uie Have You Made ' YeurPlans For TotiioiTow? •e - a r e m a n y thirigs o n sld e r w h e n m ak- fu n e ra l a rra n g e -1 Its. jO ften th e s e 9 a t a v e ry trvlno ; Let u s s p e a k wUh " a b o u t pre'arrang- lison Ave. East ( bone-7.33=4906- - EL J . . . dBanleelfcf^ : e m f r o m y o u r - R ^ ^ d i s c r i b u c o r o n t r o J F R E E ! a l H s L i — — • ' A • . - >21 W.IDAHO— Twin Foils. Idaho l-8 0 0 ^ a e .8 S 3 6 _____ m r < a a : __________ O fll your pocket bo.ok. . . M o b llliy , - H ' ~ ” .& L u x u ry . . — . > 3 6 ^ 8 7 ^ ^ „ - . l . S - -_____ I'lde-B y-A tK borixcd-P- — •• le* O rg a n lx 8 tio iu ( g er I S Y e m . j J O J M a j n A j j j N . . . ^ - . r - ■

_ ' BjrRpNDAISYLOK: 3A — , ~ .......I -''Tlm ^-N ew s correspo —flo u r-an d -clieese'alo n rwwith lU one ex tra pro- C c i ; spondcnt . ^’; ^ • S ^ J '^ l S S j U v B r a d y ly. . "T he com- ing a n d fall v ^ l ( d r i e d ^ i ^ ^ ^ ^ n i c 10), ) . . to which ber-her. -modltli falU ljan-in.lhe_w intcr_Q r-su su m m er,-,d u rln g a two-dayties progranTkeeps alotT jf^ lay-period every other-monUr— - UfTflSpIe’.off of but this yes y e a r m ay be p articularly ti tight for The program —B U R liiV '-—-A 'tC •teacher’sialO ! C ^^K alS ad— ire pnd food stam ps. If for iow .Jncom e people is f i- ~ ' If they’re on som e famil U r-A rtrouB ew ife-ancN notticr m ilies because of m e upi ipcoming . nanccd tnrough -= p ^ j:b een :stan d ln f6 u tsrd side t T ^ ^ S i x - w h o - t i a d ^ c l f a Ih- thc D ccem bcLcoldl-i jre-or-food'stam R ps.-it-supp Ife fe d e ra l funding but requires— I-a lso w aited over--- an -hour p p le m c n t^ h c twormonth " " -• for over"an hour, . explained e: >ur- insisted 'if:. w a s - a id ‘thc; h 1; layoff a t the Siihplofplant." local support.-^.;:why she w as i worth \ icy re c e iv e ;" '" the wait. good w eather, m any people e driving i "We could not ..■.waiting for the com co m odities - th a t' w ere A records show an Incre lot exist iff the commbdilles ! “ E very litUc bit helps,".si :rease lnj;;ihe - by*^m e\^A - . dislributed this, week ".she said. H er hus- humbei CAA ! office do not notice :ek by the Community Ac- • band t )c r of fam ilies p artlcip at c people program without out m e help of the cily of Is employed, but his 1: Jating In the w aiting beci lion Agency. is income Is so low Mini*Cj )ccause Ihe food Is given ou out from Burley," B rady th t C assia com m odities prograi ly said.-i'Before s com m odities - ra m this yeay. the back at the fam lli' qualifies for ft • “P rid e ’ says you ir food stam ps. L asL yi of the building w here the )u can only go. so far; year, the sm allest num ber here are can be distributed utcd in the M ini-Cassia area Another w om an wbose hus ler of familfes double wide husband w orks s aid served ide doors.-Lines-move*more s ( quickly they m ust firsl-be :.‘,neccssitysaysyoucor com e back/” she said. mti :d by m e program w as 900. -be brought-ln-from the Twin ost of the people she kno to. In 1985, the bccause mai . The single m other ;r c knows w ho «se th e smalles many people can be served d a t one F alls office.’ City of five said she h as only com c lest num ber of fam ilies so 9 f; Ity w orkers ^drive trucks to fa r has been tim e. m odities p rogram havi used the commodUie lave an em ployed 1,300. L Twin Falls and Hies program off and on person p Lost y ear’s highest num ber I br; bring ih e com m odities back In Ihelr fam ily. “ Usi t>er of families , But, durin because she doesn't 'H11 Usually one person — 1,50C irlng w inter. It Is lod cold foi for these lo the Burley offic >00 ik e the Idea of having to ' In li — has becom e the av e n iffice w liere they are unloadthe fam ily works, but moi erage nlim ber doors lo be UM governm ent aid. most people need It served be left open; so clients have /e lo en- ed. id. B ut after a tim e, she because b d this year. prices a re s o high," s dure long w. ; w as back again to I receive rc , " sh e sa id . “ This ! w ails w here the lines a rc i c< le a rly ; Problem s for the 10 pounds of Iis is a real hard tim e of yc )r the Community Action This sftuation'is typical, !, a< y e a r," B ra d y . seenbypassi isscrs-by. according to CAA said. Agency m ay increi “ Things a re usuallv bciipr c rease as federal funding for ler in the spr- Commodlll dllles a re dislrlbuled by ihi •: 1' _____________• the CAA .S e cI FFOOD O on P ag e B6 o f f l iU n e a< f l a m ?uisi3es7of7i rMuH^FT, :By BARBARA NEIWE W ERT . hydropla plant on-line. ^ However ^ I .■ . ' ■ Tlmcs-Ncws correspoi ■•pondent - ■ Donovan ran said the Judge did not ffee e e r . the case ise had m erit, leaving city t of- of : HAILEY The ! city’s ci cogencra- /iciaJs i scram ^ bling to oblaln (h< (he .tlon facliily a t Indl ndlan Creek has higher ■insurance in limits, --------b een-taken off-line e - fo f r' the second‘~ :T h c cli city should know ne:« week li If- Uime in-less than-a mt mDnth. a n i i t ap- higher • lim II its are obtainable and d ii if :pears the generator r wwon’t run again they arc y ^ - M p id a lila J o r - th e ^ p e ra ' :----------until— contract— requ K iulrcm cnls arc lion. Dot :>onovan said it looks like jnet. the • . clly can m Ihave the requisite insurance ‘n c c B K h y 8 E 5 r 1 | H l ; Fifth D islrict Jud Fudge Daniel C. by J a n n. I, enabling the city lo be H uribull lifted a lem em porary injunc- “ back In the cogeneration business." 5." - !______ UonjwliichJiad-ordore' 0red-!daho-Rower----- H ailey ey------ walCT------ a n d s e w e r ■■ Co. to 're c o h n c c t the hydroeleclrlc superinte ntendent D aryle Jam e s said ‘ plant Nov. 15. The fa< facility had been - revenues les - created - b y —thc-fa*cillly I d isco n n ectcd -b y -ld[d al a h o -P o w e r-o n “ wheiTil it is on-line bring in between : Nov. 6 after the clly / fa failed to comply Si.800 lo S2.000 per month'. With ; w ith contract , provlsl visions requiring monthiv Iv navmcnts_dug_Dn_thg_flve. ive:_ 1 oi Immiiiy m- yonr p lant-conslruotion-leanrTJam |nr nes------ ea V. surance be clirried for or the t facility. sald .lliec le cosl of the insurance is "the ■ ! Glly Attorney Mici lich ael Donovan num ber r that I wlll m ake or bVeak the said the .city,riied.a.ii a. lawsuit, against citv.". > Idaho Pow er for a coi courl determ ina- The city oil of Hailey is one of -IO en- en* ' tlon as to w hether icr the S500.000 titles throughout Ihi the sla te which lich • liability lim its w ere re sufficient for provide e cogeneration to Idaho aho V the sm all cogeneratior lion plant. At the Pow er, , and a Hailey is probably the . tim e, allorney Kollh Ih R oark said it sm allest, St. said Donovan. --------- ;iAvas "lmpflSSiblg!V_in tn tnflny’s In-. Out-of-c >f-court - ncgoHttHons betw een' V surance m arket lo obtain lhat the clly Y and a Idaho Pow er w ere lo no : am ount of coverage. avail. Donovan D Hark the said the money i carolers ;; L ast week Donovan 'an had m ade a doesn’t mrr ake any difference lo the C arole Jo a , lei left, keeps eight lltUe voice • motion for a prelirtinj Ices in Jero m e jew elry stoi store. E ach Saturday leading binary injunction power com co ng Com m erce schedules s ccaro lers to lour the pany, bul the precedent cht harm ony a s thi they sing C hristm as carols _ Z which would have lls In a up to C hristm as*! ave left the .setting does________________________ d( is “the Jero m e C ham ber of spread yuletide spirit. _____ r R ByJaNENEBUCKW KWAY - - isS43,i)p0, o(whi< A-hich about S8,600 com es fron Dm use fees. B yJaN E Tlmes-Ncws corresp^ ENE N BUCKWAY .. ?spondcnt ■ Commission Ii S225.U i.OOO, n E verett “ B uck” W ard toli old Ihc group Tlincs-Nc\ Veus correspondent the county is : nol no required by law to opei All 11 of those categories a re levi( )crate an>am*. evied above the regular SHOSHONE - Lir Lincoln County taxpayers ccs a n 't af- bulance, but stale sta law docs allow forrhatl . propo pcriy tax. Sturgeon explained, led. illon of a tax- SHOSIIC HONE - Lincoln County’s ford an am bulance c /'s land values did Lini ;e d islrlcl, residents told cou :ountyof- ing d islrict lo fur incoln Counly's 1.167 taxpaye I fund such a service, layers support all coun- , . not increa rease slgnificanlfy this yea . flcials this week. year, yet residents ty “T here Is not lot enough i population to mak services, sc three cily ■ goverr vernm ents, six school ake it pay, so arc facinc ng Increased property laxes. ..............— -At a-publlc-hearln I ring-called b y ^ e L in c o lnn-County------ -( the-countyprovl J.S.______ dlstrh ro v id c rjrs u b s ld rto m ak e si sure the am--------- 'Unerer ll xJcls.‘jour.hlKliway.,district5.i :l5.and several sm a lle r.. . . ______ • llie lim itations of the' 1 Board of Commissio percent p( im tialive. t.axin{ isioners to discuss a lax sup lupported b u lance will b)c e a available when lls needed,’ ing districts for fire prolectio iclion; recreation, ccm- V ’hesald. am ended d by I Ihe Leglsialure in 1981. ■. ' ambulance service, J81. governm ent cn- cl’ery :e, over 50 a rea residents is voiced . But, he expla iplaincd the rising cost of •y and library services; county inty records show. f the. service u tics cann innol increase llielr general -al fund budgets by Disi ------------- concern over growing ------------- :------ cannol-be-ac^on .^ommodated-in -the-county'l jsgruntled. taxpayers_have_ v.e_ bcen_.voicing_lheir__________ /-budgetrand------TTforelhan la n -s-p c rc e n trIlo w c v e rrth ____ ■____ m ust the loa the'1aw'“ ( aIlows"In-' conce load alw ays be pul on the p r corn to county officials abou ibout the latest rise h,____crease& JtL-Sc.v.cri}l_£aiet«orics Jn •‘out; 3U lslde^the_l per- cost ; ow ners?’' Dietrich 1 aai re a farm er Hubert S h aw w 'asked. ' the county will 'ill have no'w ay to fund an in am bulance ccnl law. iw, and several Lincoln — ~ ~ H ls'sentIm eflt~ w as s restated r In Cbunly faxing ^sturgi m any tim es durli jrin g the except wllh a lax ^e'onsaid.’ laxlngdistrict. districts 1 hi have had lo m ake such lcvi< evies. County Clerk And three-hour session. G ary Bowman nan, of the D ietrich, quesllor nd. at a special m eeling held eld last week lo discuss oned why the , D ana S tu urgeonsaid n this week. ^ Commission Chair airm an Burrell William s told to forma t h e .. , am bulance.cann annot be.funded wilh a-flat. nation of an am bulance tax ax ( district, landowners it.fee-llk cth c.. - Som e ru rural; landbwners'o re fH o ln t g b i i ^ h c ’c o u n tyiH i^acinff-'theibss*ofT evenuc luo'shar* ■ sanltary~land"fl l-fll|-to -m a k c .Il ••m o re'cqi -th( m lsslonccs. Jcs-m ey:d-had-cnough— qultable”- f o r - “ to So-percc rcent, and Shoshone city prof irbperly owners a re laxes. > ing funds that hav( IS. ave been used to subsldi2;< Jl?e am - everyone in thee 1C county. seeing up ip lo i 25 percent increases, . county cc budget fig- Lim . bulance service in th thee county. incoln County. Commission North Shoshor ihonc County land owner' Ke on C hairm an Burrell Ken Keoppen uresshow . : "W e called this mme eeting to see w hat we can Willia ;an do lo . said 73 percent nl of < the cost will be bom -b iam s said m uch of the tax- ax-increase is for one -by the rural • T ax incr icreasos of 10 percent o r less ess are being fell in y ear keep an amb'uTance CO In Shoshone and. w hal : k r only, < and if nothing else kind of taxpayer while ile 75 ' percent of the populal e " "unforeseen” ’occurs lation resides iheR ichfie ifield and D ietrich areas. • am bulance service I yo you people w ant,” he said. lhcle\ in the county’s s three th towns. levies will be down in the nexl jx l I fiscal year, . . . . • T h ein cn creases come from four soure lurces: The Lincoln County, with w an estim ated i ^ u llatlon a t of . - Bowm an told Id tthe com m ission, “ We’re ? tired I le railroad Judgment, 'han' handed down by 4lh of car- > a rpcr ?cpnt S4S,(HHI Ilninn P.-iplflp l£ i^ a llc o a d _ ju d g -— Dislrii ------ -•r3;800rhas’ 0niy“i)ne~c le'doctor pra’cliclHgT^tTThe^ r i d Judge Deborah Ball in Julyr-aw . ards- a -ta x ------------— up by 50 per- m enl ag alr alnst the county. - , : and no hospital. All traum a and em ergency refuni cy eases cent. If the ambi nd to U PRR on the basis m bulance can’t pay for Itsell of o f a ; value mlscalculaclf o r be on a • a $50.0 0.000 indigent m edical Judgr dgm enl againsi the tlon n , : m ust be transported !d oul o of the county, fcebasist don’t ’tddi o lt.” m ade by the Idaho Tax : Commission Co for 1980. county aw w arded j in a court ruling lo > a UI tah hospital. The n j; Currently St. Bent enedlcl’s Fam ily M edical 1 ( C enter He pointed out ruling affects all counties out Hiat only $14,126,000 ot ^ th ti s with w: railroad propere county’s i A $74,0 4,000 increase in liability Insi Insurance prem ium ty. ai » m anages an am bulant lance service based in Shoshoi hone. total taxable : la land value Is located In and Lincoln County w as ;s especially e hard h lt_ In .the three requlrem nci enls for the county, plus us sim ilar liability becau; ■“ The am bulance veh vehicle Is owned by th e counl unly and - towns, w here e ': most people resfd e,' leaving k juse of' the m ain line track Ira which extends the Increases !S for 1 schools, cily governm im( enl and highway ihrouj ; the county provides es a $3,000 per month subsl bsidy to sm aller section in c ugh the county, of the population to p ay tl the taxes on districts. ■ k eeptheservlceoperc lerating. ........ the rem aining '$02,000,000 $Gii Dep sputy Allorney General C.A. 2.A. Daw, who is han- taxable value. • Voler-a r-approyed spccial _schqoj lool supplem ental___ dllng I — - ? ----- A m bulance-m anag lag er-M ag g ie-S aala-o f-S ihoshone-^---------“ h o Wc-frural-Ttir -Ttind-ow ncrs)*pajrfourtim les-asTnuch— e g.U ie.caseJor. nmisision,-said-reccnUy-:_________: m i “ levies in'lli n iie Sh'bshone an'd'M Inidoka ika scfipol "districts. an ap| V told the group the service’s ser estlmateci 'yearly /bbu d g e t *S€e ippeal has been filed bul will vlll probably take up to See AMBULANCE on P a g e B5 B! Shoshone e sschools have two, one-yea ^ear levies totaling . • S m SPIKE on P ageB a ; 6 ■ " " " t B T B O f i r a s s — r^Timcs-NewscoTnispond jndeM ' " ' z z r r ~ -i:- R lJ P E R T ^ - A M ln nldokaC ld i ountv resid ent’s'o b i ■ in jh e one:ml)e Hr Hmlt-.on;jhe-residence8jL < ^erhpldyc'es turned inlo lo ; a lengthy; healed disctiss jsslon - ‘T hursday nt-the R uoerl ( H om er ceauaU he¥. hold4 in n -e M )o lle y .i.w i t L f l : p H ^ ’ ' — •mployecwho challenged the he Issue. Ij " "The-people of R upert'can m petlUon,.lobby p o r bring— ^— form al request to the coiini ouncll to h ave the policy (umged,ll-Clty.:Attomoy-D(m Dd!»' C h ls h o lm -^ la ln e d r------ ’— If th e council-chooses not to r ru le on the m atter, th e ' lUte'Of the petition will haVe iVe to be taken, and If ^ I _______________

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