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VALLEli -E Y T '------ • ■I'uesday: ay: Ifdrbecue on bun.-carrol'stick l ic k s ,- F r i^ y ;;C o n j dog. frenc inch fries, peaches, F riday: Monday: Ham burRcr Cream ( of vegetable soup, T gravy,, m ashed frenc ench fries, pejiches ond milk, peoniit pea Tuesdiy:' O iickm ' .n ■nuggela, w hipped M o o ^ : *tJhlcken 'i and C heddar, dogs; oatm eal eookje ond Im m llk. bullei potatoes, green bean: sans, aprlcots..w holc Wednesd liter and honey sandwiches, esday: Corn dogs, potato pattic m ies. . apple- ap . potatoes and gravj ivy, buttered green potato oto i rounds, green beans, w heat rol] an({ tnllk. ■ tum k. pean moovers !ars, cookies and milk, --------- ■--------beans, roll, salad bat lar and milk.. . fruit Itcup cu| andm llk. HAGERM. MAN , T uesday: Open menu. T hursdaj day: Beef stew , cottage cheescjii — .W edoe8day:_M acaronl- il-and-checse,:.but'..T tiesday: y : .i: i{ot.turkey..sandw lch,.buU ercd cjJL a M nnrtayL-Burrito,. com 7) o r broccoli, op* Monday: ly: Toco, Iced cake, sliced pears t ' W ednesday: Chill, crackt ickers, celery slicks, pincji neopple snlod; pumpkin custdnJ. h tered peas, red Jell Clio, cinnam on rolls peas, s . friilt f salad, orange half and “ • ■ plesaUce. graham cm ■pea'chcs. sw eet rolls Ils and a irac k ero n d m ilk ;; milk, Uk..,- . - milk. rolls Us and milk; ' , ' T uesday: Beef nuggets, s, m ashed potatoes; Tuesday: ay: Beef w heelles, rice w itll bull h..i>.P ■ andm llk; - • -~-milk. -----------= T hursday: M acaroni om ond cheese, wiener. F riday: jr: Burrllos, buttered p e as,' o buller, Thursday: Beef wheel K lles, oven baked Wednesday; d a y : Spaghetti, tossed salad, • “P* gravy, peaches, hot m ixed vcRetablc, , bi bread and butter,- plena lot roll and bulter. . rail 11 wllh ' -peanut b u tle r and c«Hice,-coke and milk. mhon ney. - bcnns, buttered eon 6m , rolls, u la d b a r ' ■ french ich bread t and milk. and milk. andm llk. diced xA carrots, applesauce and milk, “ *• andm llk. !-----------------T T iursdayr ayFB uirilo, ircSbh rFIesTBuirered F rid a y : H oaglu on bun. W ednesday: Hoi dog on in bun. la te r sticks, Wednesdi sd a y : Tuna bun sandwich un. vegetable noodle KIM BERLY - “ F rid a y : Chill, green I i salod. eorabreod, carrots, rots, peanut ciip and milk. - - soug,- vcRctable Stic „ .• orange wedges and chocolate ct m ilk. toaslc isled cheesc sandwich, pork sticks, oronge and' Monday: ay: H am b u rg e r' gruvv, butten I i fm llandchocolotem ^ c rc d _ jn u in d a u -C b a lu p 3 ,-p c a LinniLi:______ ^ a ? D jlLets^^U -^rol|D _agttttoc»^ — '■—^ ' . ' i . ..... !aS“ ana carrots, collage chee COlCSlAV alAw, whole w heat bread and bulncesg andm llk. . frulte iltedjello. ilad. rolls and butter. Dcaehe.s m 5EN--------- ■:7 - . -." i r.fru l fru llan d m llk .—-----------— -------- - - - s.a n d _ F rlday:-C hlcken-chedda d a r-co m d o R .-tale r— Thursday lay:-C o6k's-ctiolc e-a n d -re g u lar llkl---------- ^ ~ _ _____ tots, banana, pe an uilb ll a rn n d m llk . " chocd Scdlatem llk. . .- s-» gtirllc b re a d ..-^ U v . -Tuesday: lay: Bnked cheese j>nd:.ham--ijll .-Jjlla.r-:— ------- -------- -------------- ---------------------- - -:-Friday:.S r:.SpagheUi.wlth m e at e n c h _ .. frie s.. Californio - blend- blei ---------------------t GOODIN - • — Tuesday: Cliccae s andw INC------------------------------- l>eans ans,-garlic bread and butter,-sllt idw ich, salad,': frult,_Z ' 'vrppj >geiabli:3..puddlng.-5alad-bar-aT :-a n d -M o n d a y ;— H am b u rg e cakeandm llK . •—gravy,-"w r- hlpped—:— peach aches ond mllkr'-* Iizm r” milk. Ilk. W ednesday: M acaroni ni i )t roll and butter, MURTAUGH . DECEMBERR^SPEEMl^ and checse. roll Wednesd esday: Pizza, lossed salad, pickli w ilh butter, vcccti getable. fruit and y,|,o|, ic k M S S . c K ’p p sauce £ and m ilk. Mondoy: y: Wheelles, cream ed potato tatocs,' . hole beets, sliced pears and milk, milk. Tuesday:. Sausage pig In a blanket, french peas IS and c atro ls, cookies, peach oches, - — E A T A N D G I E T T H I N d a y ; Scram bled eggs, litt Thursday: Taco salad, [|. c cookies, fruit nnd little fries, frull and milk. I. bread sad and butler, and m ilk. - nokies, hash browns, biscuits ai milk. , J and Wednesday: Taco, com im , - pum pkin cake T uesday: ly: T urkey and .noodles, che< cheese ' j F T H I S H O L I D A Ily. o rjn g e half, salad bar and milk, ^Y Y S E A S O N F riday: Chill, sc-nmni. Irull Irul and milk. - Friday:^' ond milk, cks, buttered carrots, rolls, , fm fr it y: Fish sticks, potatoes au gratl ratln, T hursday: Vegetable soi soup, baked'cheese cupar ;) and milk. W I TT H STATESCH >CHOOL ufflns and jelly, stuffed celer elery, sandwich, apple wedp :dge and milk. Wednesda sday: Chill and crackers, cel« celery Monday: Chili beans and crackers, c hecse. cheri ierrycol)blerandm llk. Friday: Turkey french dip dl sandwich, hash sticks cks, cinnamon rolls, applesauce c eaa n d slices, plckie spea pears, sherbet and brown potatoes, pea e a rs and chocolate milk, I k ,. milk. ■ JE R O M E HIGHS SETPOINTCi CENTER'. milk. w ._ . Thursday: lay: Pocket sandw iches o r hot 1 dogs, do; Tuesday: i^oasl turkey, cy. cranberry snuce, Mondoy: ay: Chicken burger.;later.tols; fresh fre; taler" er'IbtS T green beans, oranges » a and dressing and ’Bravy avy. Rlaied carrots, ^ •’■ull- ull. chocolate chip cookie and milk, ' CASTLnFO PORD milk, Ik. OUR NEW 4 WEEK IK PROGRAM. apple cobbler and n,i;ik mil Tuesday: ay : H am burger pizza. Italli lallan Monday: Chicken nuggi jgets, fries, salad, F riday: : 1 Tocos, com , chocolate cake a - m . A W ednesday: Pork tr munchsklns wllh igetobles. red (ruilcd Jcllo, rals raisin bread sticks, dessert rt jand milk. milk. Ik. -----------T utsdayrC hccse burgers re r tu te r lots , fn s li----------------banana Ice box dessei i r l a n . l m l l k . ' W cd n» i^ d , a y : F rench dip sandwich, su CASSIA SU"* fruit, cookie and choc ocolalem llk. Monday' 1 Thursday: Bnked hnm tn. . hash t browns, bul- sh line ne vegetables, fruit, chocola r. Beef wheelles, french fries, . ml . . J \ -TEACHES-YO fguHowi— :olaCC W rtn e k la y ; Pork ' i gravy. m ashed , - d f - ., Join by Docombor S and t roi rocolvo 0 Froo Copy of - lered asparagus, mt: m ixed fruit' wedges. ikc ,1,.^ and milk. Frull,hot roli^and milk, potatoes,'green bean: m s. rolls, chocolate Tuesday : i • "How 10 tow er Your FdlThorrr lormoslat". carro t cake anOFF DF A I ■ I r S - - - - - m ' - __124_M ain.A venue j e .N b r l h . - T w i n .F a l l s - ^ -7-33^1-506---------------- .{ a J W s l c o m ^ W S A - • M ssiorj:ard:^A i t m 9rlcaniE )< prei \res9^_Parls_ ChBfpe —— -------------------------- ^ ,• -------s- hm enus f t i Q |__ On The ■he F ifth ■ RESS:SHlB-TS-b A R R O W E N R O J O H N H E N R Y ----------- C H R I S T I A N D I O R H E N R Y G R E T H E L In s o li d s , s tr ip e s & p la id s . E e K T I € S - b y ^ _ C H R I S T I A N D I O R - A L E X AI N D E R ’ 5i S e \ _ / \ ______ ____ "rue L o v e ' ’ . ? T o M e . f - ^ ■ ______________ A T I M E L E S S - - — > y s t e m s ; — r AVs s L o w A s / . . . . ; : 1 2 “ ' p o r m o . S B - _ N oI d o w n p q y m e n f , 3 6 m o . 119% 9 ' I n f o r o s t . O . A . 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^ An^lnil • Continued from am P a g e B3.— Unlls In Dlctrlch DU and Richfield. < necessary training to < op erate ■ an dedication ol of am bulance servlcie tb o ' I posed tax. . form ed.befo« ‘fore Ja n u a ry lo. go on the and Ihe bill has r fo u bW l^ /’ ' h c sa ld “ “ can’t 'w O a v e a'v o lu n leer >r am ^ bulance on a volunteer: ;r t)asls. th e. area am and would have to work k "A hum an life Is a vali iluable thing tax rolls In n ll lim e to do any good for , Lincoln C ounfy P ro s ICC, o r let th e QRUs handle le They also explained It) t Is often dlf- som ething ou out w ith'M inidoka County y : and I certainly don’t oppo pose the am - the new budge idgelyear. •' Rose explained t t a t ro’s sti e c u t S - b o u r M S Slate law d o 4 * T ?man , w anted to know. - - • i flcull lo keep enough tra 0 provide service In Ihe e Ibulance; bul there m usl : be I a better The issue ------- notallow .for a "n ead I ta' .Decker, o t-U ieJd o h o lS tate-l cvco-operatathe qQ r £ ? I IC d( docs nol req u ire a p o p u -. ta x - l o fund an p i S n ? — w aytopay-foritri-G lH ettes esaldr-^---------- lar—%'otC7^bo ^ b o t - W i l l i a m s - s a i d - t h e - r ^ am bulance; service, bl ncy M edical Services, cx- K. O ther farm ers, like Ru lu sty GllletlG,.. _ " It costs > It too m uch, p articularly if If The commission will I stu d y the commission III Is is.considcdng asking for specifies " a d valorem ,” lhal QRUs a re notillcensed rd ' of Hidden V alley In tho ! eastern t end we get no 0 service," G illette said d 1 hearing testim ony and consider co IhCT-an-advlsory ry vote during th e M ay rsu chapro ject.- ulances and a re p ^ l b i t e d id of < the county, .wanted, 1. i to know It when lold Ihc there w as no legal way lo 0 i issue a l Us next m eeting in onM onday. prim ary to 3 se see If people w ant to go ---------- Ho em lalned the-lanc a n sp o rtln g -p a lle n ls-e x c e pJt t I thelr„propertjL could be bc exem pted exem pt his s property i from the' pro- I- W illiams said ;the distrli rlct m ust bc ahead wilh I the district. assessed under aulhori the m ost . extrem e clr* r- l from the tax because the IC am bulance _____ fcren t. section of the ices and then only Tinlil a would ' not serve them, iW i t ^ a i iif c W H o H “ all6ws sucn a fee "to 0 c -T im b u la n c rT ra in n B c m inre— r” “ IM sT n u cfrx lo scp fo r-ns-torg(rto— r" * 1* 1* operate s o l l d _ J J ^ , — w asledfsposal sites; *• »lelc«Dd tak e over.----------- iR upert o r Burley Ihen'to o w 8llfor;an , - - 7 H E 3 ^ t n -T h e ro -e e e m s-to -h •have-bte> a irihe“ Hc— also Iso—told—thq— group— th e -; ambulaAco-from-Shishom melo-lake-us— -------sentim ent-cxpressedin i n the'm cetlng"^^lchfleW b-< 'f. ,to.ilcrome,".he said........ Q R U z y e h lc le rjw o u ld jn o tu ' ~ - th a t- if -a m an 'p a y>^s s 'm ' e ' - W illiams; s aid the cou? o r e - taxes {l“ nll(y-os as an-am b u lan cei and-'the lunly -b a s.n o — — ------- b e cause-h e-h asm o rcp! rp ro p e rty rth e n P letrich QRU Q had v o te d -la st-y e air——--------- r— -- he should also have mi m ore rlglils. I not Io cor continue a s an am bulance e ' A T im es-N ev ? W S p v .find lhat disturbing In g ' and un- becnhseoft of the cosl. ----------- ( l A K E C H O ^ S I NM C G E A S Y . . . _ American,” Rose* safe said a fter the Represen icnlatlvcs o f . both QRUs C la ss ifie d A hearing. ' k'^ w ere prose !sent a t Uie. m eeting and exC- ■ W ill fill e v e ry n i s ' - The county also provl n e e d ^ • W/o onm e n 's rovldes a 51,200 plained It it w as loo expensive to yearly subsidy to Quit >enuino S h eorling iulck R esponse. m aintain I the tl vchiclei Insurance and. S 7 3 3 -0 9 3 1 W o m en ’s ?l-vfH»8aCTa —■ in i tto o n c r g r o y . /v ^ C . in to n , pin k b r Sirei Iz e s S to lO A b lu o s u o d e ' ‘ s 2 s ^ B . r ^ Sizes 5 10 10 S STIRRUW - g - ........G irls 5 7 - 1 4 ----------------- ------------- " r . ~ ‘ B o i ^ 8 7 l 8 r “ “ ^ LAYERgP______ • ® A s s o r t e d ( C o l o r s . I I SWEAT ■ g G irls ; 4 - 6 X . : - . _ ^ A S . L Q W — ^------ $ : I Plusriots M< ■ I m ! M 'k're a j g i S A N __________V ' : ........ .-HOI JUNIOR SW WEATERS f \ A s ro v(W v AS _ M»ANTS--------- | 9 9 _ TSEtS rfV Wf wrP^ IVfWrWfVvi i s t i i j s z s s s a z f c i ^ a i i ^ i y' iwy a ^!v w\ 4!Itr v \ mUf, v\ w\ p S k i M o n s I®® _SHOR1 RT SLEEVE SHIR 0EG1NNII N IN G AT . . . . . SWEAT SHIRTS S B oys 2*6 SWEATSETS - T - i y * lo re Sale - I................P l.usT hou: o u s a n d s o f .................- EARRINGS & 5 0 ‘tc r t s , Ma\ ’'S A L E ! \ g e Items r t w \ ^ VI if vt P a r \n O I I * r ily ' L- - *A lerrKic sei lelection of poly/w ool blend — ^— pieaied'sRJri irisirrso iid s-and-p iaid sin — traditional tarta ta n s an d p a sie ls. Plus pull-on sty le poly/w ool b lend panis in . m any solids Js a n d plaids. T e a m ihem n .u up vi/lih beaulKi liful p o ly esler a n d poly/rayc lyon b lo u se s In a v ariety of strip es, prints a n d solids. .GC re a t lor gilling. ,.S izes3 .th roo iu g h 1 3 ,-. 'eautifulli^ t Wrapped No Ch a rg e )lcomo • VISA • Masier C o r d ^ ?iw a £sB tB 88± ppfi3 Qta m ____ ■ '''ii . ______________ M cn 's Floe rloece lin ed . . \ . ® L oothorR ■ Rc om eo =55!5;5.^ S izes 7 Id 1 J .Jit f“ For-MGriTWol '• '’‘i|i'l||I| S C h ild ro n I Hri'W W ool u p p e r w I [jli I 1 9 , 1 '-1.-!.'^-.-__Sunday,'Dec ?cVm bef 8.-i96S—— Tlmas-Wei ■»iVw4 r^ .w li^ T iip d ifio B»S~. I . ^ /s« • (o il iS” ': ifM V b W o n '- ir w ith 3f ' • . _________________I _____7 _____________^18!!________ Two lo c a tio n s a _____ to so rv e you... W / 1 I c ii] • W o m e n s D ow ntow n A & Lynw ood ....... ill ^ Childron-S 17” 14” Bank C ofdi fi^C lW y______ ll iOU< 9 9 lUX 1^- ' - : ^ I L y n w o o d ~ J 5 S t o r e Z O p e n 1 2 t o > 5 T o d a y 9 A I ♦ ........... i ■’ '•............ ' / l l ■ JB M en's S M o o se h id e jV . Sizes 7 to 13 f l ^>30'’® I SHOES I

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