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. ' B -10T lm e3-N ew 3.V w'in infFalls, Idaho Sunday, Oei D e c e m b o ra , 1985' 1’ - ■■ i [L e o th e rm a n , J e n s e n 's J e w e lry /"■ TheB< * Bon M o th e r G o o se Pennc inoys . r> C o u n try G ift G a rd •den e > > Price'! :e's TruO 'V alue ■ V enzon’s Jew elry-* •Hl ar a r d w a r e ------ k ltc h e n M o g ic Kathy h y 's , C rondall'* H allm aarl rk ^ F \ "T h eH H. o m e ste a d P e te rs e n 's W e stern »rn W ear V ' , M acte :Ie's W e ste rn W e a r K ing's D ep t. S to re ___ \ _____ Benno n o 's ______ ____ ___Id ah o D e p t ..S to re » — -.......- -- Skinn< in e r's Sow ing S h o p po e A le x a n d e rs ' Krengi ngel's True>Value K etchum Dry i ' ------------Hon o rd w a re )---------- T ^ ^ d i -------- — ^ - \ S ent into a n d M rs. Claus s will b o In Haus* a t 1 •’ A : H o ° o ^ — ^ g g j O - 1 = ^ ...___ . _____ _ c — ^ N O Wr o P E I ^ __ H nMH Si w ith th e K i ^ fo r $1.00 $ so m e d a y / c iservlce' a n d I fre e -candy c a n e s f o rth th e k ld s . / n T^ r r y ~ M O '^ S tI ______________ — _ — V - = — ^ = r — wmM^ WUSSMI H B p I 'mjUmmM ■ A Special Q k ^ T tr atmk'YtiFidr; ■ . .,■ i( . ...-j 2 -^ r - ’ - ■ - O J f . . w Falls Bank S Ti fro ft . V ^ ^ • Bi Bob B aiiletf . ^ O ----------- > ^ IclrP aln ier f_^ _ »JytL e4IgnC p,rn3: ^ ' _____ / .' —r < Sm ith Electric C = * = T h e e i ty o f T * Ith.^Ws O n e H brse ■ . ♦ Charles Moft e Dee 9 c e m b e i ; . , 1 ' 9 , 8 : 0 bpianSIefgh .................. ■ Cc College^of'SbytKern n.ldaho ‘ . •s;— •--The TwInFa 'airs Polleo D ept;— ----------^ F l , =ine-ArtS|A^"diK'o T i u m N . •-TheTw InF Falls i=lre D ept..: _Tlcl{:atsion.sblfiJi£ joyv J — - N .* ’Idaho.Fin rst N ational Bank : / ' o tT w in f^all alls Bbrik^arid Trust; t; d l l b r a n c h e s , ^ S U N D \ * Burt Hols ils h M e n 's4 ’ / -Judi'! Ji's Books,:The Horn n e s t e a d , _____ ; D A Y S ! \ Q uartet / Kichen MMagic and V(enzcJh' S's J e w e l e r s . ' 12 NOON TO 4 P.M. 29 LOCAL CHILDREN W /Vlll BE For Y our S hopping I C o n v e n ie n ce W e Will [ii— - V ■ ■ IN THIS PERFORM^ NCEI . Be_Qpen OjLSumjc d a y s T hru C hrtstm ng__ ;a n t a ^ o • /V J iS ^ S iE S J. SSPECIAL SUNDAY AATiNEE \ . TODAY AT 1:00 P. P.M . \ 0 W - L W FORTHEJCII 1 ^ ^ ’'M any Mto erc h a n ts A re O pei e n SUNDAY 12^4 Foi For Your Shopping I C( onven ien ce! ’ . .D isco u n t IlckatA -ot.PortU rtlcip o lln g ----------\ - ------------ ________JNJnHE_QI.DD____________ _________ D o w n to w n S to ro •» i V II IDAHO FIRST BANt 4K BLDG. •W atch For N o x t W * « kc 'i 'iM o v io ^ MAIN & SHOSH' HONE ' c t i ^ S n - 1 .......i i ' w < ; iiii m M MB. anjiv t r (Ble Bird) a » ^ 3 r - A \ ^ 2 D b W N T O W G I F T T O Y G H o s p m ALITY H O UISE — OPEN-M».5JWO^ IN^SAT,----- 10-8 FRIDA 'Y S 1^, ^ CLOSED SUNC IDAVS ^ M & Cider • ' • C o f f e e • Trea* t "u't/it >9n 31ib Siigteir * H o t C h o c o l a t e { ill 9'*adi(ioii' ------ ART SHOWj 0. - N o w PLAYING THIS IIS fRIDAY, DECEMBER RJiaLz=iEUM.____ ___J’I Q o ____ FIRST BAPTIST CHI HURCH • HALLELUJAH HANDBF IELL CHOIR SWEET ADELINES WILL SER ERINADEON THE MALL WITH CHRISTMA rtAS CAROLS DECEMBER ISIh i;3 0 -( 7 A ^ ■ ( 3 u . DOWI INTOWNi ^ g U ^A l i s g ^ l_-FQR_A m v o u B -SHOPF PING r P L E N rrY O F ^ P A R KtlNG^EOSE 5E TO “ T H E S T < ORES ^ = » - N 0 W - F - RtEEPARKINGJjj E M - T H E ^ e A R K I Na&ESreazz C EZZ p V tfN POWNT I f - '' • ' .X - nnsifTiSR OT P.WL _ _ ( f e v ) ■ Ik oO \ ji > o * ll ~ ~ f ■ J ■ r ■ ^ : ! .. J - : ® •I'.'.-- ' , ' , ■ o ; ^ o O . :: ■ r o o ^ ■ \ o - ■ ............. 4 ' ' ■ ' ,'.T— • ' C - ■- • ;■

E a g ................. mil ^ c s i •ut biF D bi ■ By-LARRYHOVEY •. to u m an ien t’s -JdVP, -ca :am e up w ith he even play pi: the last 12 m inutes or o r 'q u ic k field goals. ' Within two Keith Jacks< ckson kept D ixie ofl strid e TImes-News writer >■ four points and three as: assists early in so." m inutes the Eagles, :, with E ric andTrenkies kle substituted liberally, ------ the-aecond-half-It-reacl iched-30 p o ln te :-^ T re n k le e I used-the pressure-to-keep *®P-Ncwman-picking u p elgh g h t-p o in tsre x -- - Blocker r ww( as an e a sy M V P choice - TWIN FALLS- -- College of at82-52w llhl0:53lop]ay ay. the Rebels ils oiit^if their offense, runn- fin- pandcd th al to 21-12 12. but Dixie and w as jol joined on th e all-toum a- Southern Idaho, fucle leled b y ailother juard line In and oul lo keep __ big rcbqundii^ nlghi ight, ended the- “ Wc h ad a couple of lu ’ scram bled back to withli hln five before m ent leam im by team m ates Johnson >plepressuring th e ball_._____ tw o-year r5ign o fDD lx ixie College as 'ly ,” said Coach F re d T r — thenextmajor.CSLexplO! lesion----------------and_N eww m mi a n - w h lle - D ixie cone figured-, things .would :eel T oum pnn.n» k . wa$ p rs ^ y happy w lthw ^ S S S si 00 be It all cam e on one tr trip down the irlbuled RRossum. os O thers w ere Andy i- boys' baske isketball. • ,■ so nervous.’.’ ■ Jackson, wno rusnl ished lor 1,786 y ard s this.season, said aid th a l winning /• the Heism an w as the e culm c ination of BSBi his collegtate athlctic ‘lie career, bul H ere’s how hov the G em S tate Con­ ■-"g etting m y dcgree-is -Is m ore impor* ^ - • :i;v; ference coacl oaches see the league this -------- tan t than the Helsmai man. "T he A -- - r eason: H eism an symbolizes zes the best \ 1 athlete," he said, "b "bi u t when I ’m - . u ; 1 Pocatello llo . .donc^wllh_sporXs,_I^a: can a lw ays use _ I g X E T "'- - 2, Idaho Falls 'al}s_________________ ^___________ my degree In ihe rest .of o f m: y life.” ............. R m ^ 3.'Twln F alls Jackson had had I his h toughness H ' 4. Highland Id ■ ; - - -questioned several tlm< Imes-lhlB-season------ " M Z l t - . 5 .Skyline. after rem oving himself self from gam es 6. Bonneville lile ...................... ~ 7^ M adison with Tennessee and Fli Florida, both of _______________Doug Go G onzales, left, b a ttles i ID ean M etzger for the le ball In a recen t Good! o d in g p r a c t i c c ~ n which Aubljrh~lbst7Bul J u fh e ’responded* ------------------------8.-Mlnlco— to his critics with a i 1' 142-yard effort ^ ^ 9, Blackfool Kit against Alabam a despite dc£ playing with broken ribs. Senators s laying 3 B u Lihl g e ts s ________ “ It wasn’t easy ," ' ssaid Ja^ckson, slim edg< Q -broko-that-skein-JasL ................ who ts also a pro pospei ipecflh’baseball. -g • « J . year, and Ihere Ihi arq som e o lher ' . “ I had to sit and list listen 4 0 a ll th e .. — LCMlender.s. i_.thl.s .11: season. Bul the criticism that people pie dished- o u t.' latmtoACdm ojIti Qv( ^er to u g hiiS C r C f i -Druins|_whQ„ rove -your&61l Ort----------------- ___________ , lalle'st team m ever, c should be back _______theiield ._________ _ - B y ROI tO N GATES; __________ 1 By BRAE ADBRELAND . -in-therunning- ing-a»4i!«H ,-'------- :.................................. "I-thInk I handled d It very well, I Times- es-sVews whter W P P V --------- T im ^N •-Newswriter i ■ ■ | H Tm Twin Falls High School dldn’tle tltg e tto m e .’’ preW eu’ was as published p in the Dec. 5 Jackson becam eI the second *-Wllh Ith 1984-85 Canyon-Conferenc( I ai and Burley would seem tn H m m cdftlon ^ T rhe h e 'Times-News. ~r...... ..-A ubum -tazcaptuceiith :.:thR aw ard .-T ln - n c o :c hham a i pion:Shoshote:dropplng i — 2 - be the Jtoys’ be baskctbalhpow ci's-of- o f= — M ihleo.........................- ---------1971, - Auburn— quart larlerback— P at-------notch-: h-ln:-cIas.slficallon-to-play>ir S i t “ 3 i ® r i i o s S i s tCanyon-Con*... s ...the... Sou ioulh-U entraI^lB ali6_C on-- V‘- ^ H ie re 's h o w .th e S C lC IC coaches . .With three rce so p h o m o rcs-and—a------------- Sullivan won the_Helsi e lsm a n ,_ th e ja st .thoGi CTass M ..M agic -Valley- Con :on- - ■ ference football co coaches see ference e this -y e a r,-b u l- If this see .the outlook for. •. the 1 con- freshm an on,I on, the team , don't s ta rt ■ non*runnlng back to win wl It until last fercncc nee, Gooding's Senators are arc the league this seasor » n : season 1 is anything like th e /la st ference this season: thinking of if I Mlnico ■ Coach C raig y e a r when Boston Gol College q u arter- lhe team tea lo .b ea t In boys’ basket ket- '■ five, the conference champion 3n D exleras.aba ib aby-slller, . back Doug Flutle w as s the th recipient. ball Ihl; this season.— . 1, Gooding ' will not Bt win the D istrict 4 title, 1.Buhl The Sparlat irlans, as proven In the Jackson and Sullivan van are'^the only But, I t , Kim berly and Declo will 2, Kimberly, r ' .......... Jerom e Iand Wood R iver and.the 2.B urley opener agalns ;alnsl Jerom e, can play — -r-rA u b u rn -p la y e rs -e v/ e r - to - w ln -the------challon longe-thfr-defending-co-eham am - 3, Declo . I •' t two fav( avorltes will be out lo Tie, Jerom e prettyw cll:— ' aw ard, named, for John Jo Heism an, plons, s, while the balance, of the - ,4 ,G lennsF erry , - changeIh 2 that. 4, Mountain Home This isn’l I an a r Idea of rebuilding or i who coached at^Auburn urn hm ong other league ue m ay be capable of produc- juc-' 5, F ile r . - Buhl ■ 5, Wood R iver pointing lowai jward the future, D exter I schools. ing sorr ome m ajor surprises, 6, Wendell The Bu Buhl Indians only .m anaged I says. "I think he is mosl lost deserving." "Qul( fulckness and 'shooting’’ .arc are 7, V alley . one vlcloi :lory In the conference lasl si *------ ^----------------------------- “The sophom sopl ores and the :! , Sullivan fold The Assoc soclated P re ss In the bywords, by' while m ost coaches :hes '---------------------------------- — ^---------------- 1 y ear (9-i: 9-13 overall), but they have Thonisbcrry was . lh( ;he te a m 's freshm an are jusl am ong the lo M ontgomery, Ala. "He ‘He Is the fin e st- c lle .th .the..lack of height as their I deal of -experience returnsta rte rs B rian Darcy cy , „ d Swen ''' rebounding leader. 2 averaging > best baskelb celball p lay ers In the athlete I have ever seer leen as f a r a s be- team IS’ s’ m ajorw eakness, ' m last y e a r’s club. Swenson. ' , aim osl seven boards a gai ;am e. school as far as 1 can se e ,” says _______ln g -.a-p u re-ath lete.-II r t h i n k - l i e - h a a - _________ ^ e le rs o n heads the list of I---------- Darcy7“ 6-9--scnior~ “ c e n ie rr-tle d ------ Ilum plierys feels lh at I this I could Dexter. And. nd. 11 doesn't h u rt thal handled himself fn a I cli class m anner, I Ever; 'crybody’s gu,esg is that Lou icnlors th at Indians’ Coach Sim ls for scoring hone mors last y e a r t •*' be-Uie y ear lhal lhe Indi; dians m ove they also have ave the height, a m proud to be an ali alum nus of the -Andersi arson's Senators m ay better H um pherys has coming a t 15 points per gam e i .......- -sam eschool.’-’— •------; -----------their 2: 22-8 m ark arid second-place e and added. 13 . - B T r o•om i ’8 up from the boltom of if the Stan- Graduation ion look m ost of' last laslyear.ace rebounds per outing. S “ I wouldn’t say it’s ’s ju j st a running finish fl I In the state C lass A-2 tourj- Swenson m at- ° T he’T . dings. y ear’s firepov ■power although th ere Is 6-foot-l senior averaged c h ed .D arcy ’s counl'ot back aw ard,” Jackson on inotedr “ T here • - nam enl enlth lstim earo u n d ............ - on the .boarcfs „ver u I m ■° . " It's a dirferent feelir ling,", says cxpcriciice 5 In li relu m in g sta rte r points a gam e last season, . and. • a t 230 pounds,- s,- has _a_dded-. _ 4yhU&-Tlc Hum pherys. "W e have e good, ex- Jack Bagley ’Icy (6-fodl-2 ), how a -----------arcT ons-oT grcat-athle h letcs-out-therc:--------- •Todd- dd—Slmls^—a —6*fool4—senior rad-Davl& -and-Alan-ThoFn^ about 10 p o u n d ^ o his G- I don’t think they should sh< overlook guards, ds, returns to the varsity for 6-S fram e. ; gberry al: Jj— perienOcU -R rdrbTreiran a m n r a s i s - -sophom orcrr^ y; - and— senior— Jesse -----------also had averages in doujor T hree o ther senior the re st of the field, , th ere a re a .lot the foi fourth straight y ear, Comors wh9 per- w efg u rc; /ho will handle th e point im- ires, . — ' • SeeSCIC on Pag ageC7 •- of talented and gooc ood people out • plim ent cnlirig’ him J_ate_^lhrc(hvcar e a r » Sec CANYON on iPI a g e C 5 I • ■ 1 .S e e G :e E Nm STATE on P a g e d t(ierc. -------- . " ------------- ’ ----- - -.U-r—p n r i ^ P i y j ^ i m t a r e a ^ r//n c s-iVeti'5 WHlcr -_______ _____a pair of-fi f'fcee_lhrow s_and a_three- }Si___ Nampa:^_Clirls_CflQtii rt>rn'g n AStOrqUla la \ w as_happy_w llh_m anv .■ • ■ , pointer by /JohnM J( cK ell. pass in the four period ar and m ade the things In his IsB B: rulns’ flrstouU ng...__ Stm Valley -- Sun Valley . NAMPA - The Twin n F1 alls B ru in s . jn the .; second S' period, N am pa's I's cripple .to pull the Biilldo logs to within “ I w as very 'cry, very pleased with, o u r \ . _____ 1 - reported partlv clou( loudy skies'wiUi kicked off Ihelr 1985-86 aseason w llh :a delay game me: s ta rte d to jell and the he slx-polnts. Twin F alls got gc back Into “ m posurc i an and the w ay w o handled ----------—tem peratures- in • the the h i g h - 3 0 s o n ~ ^ p H [ - HO-29 non-conference boyi )ys'-^basketbaIU:Bulldogsgot gotback-into th e g arner— ^ th c 'g a m e -m idway- throuj lugh th e Ilnal pressure. I I-w» a s abso lu tely . pleased - !“ Saturday,'"w lth“ snov tiow fltiiTies-in— vicCd’ry over N am pa here re Saturday:^.' p y m y >y " live pom is goinglrttlTlM he " period wfi^n Tom .P rate ter, who w as with dctcnse. ise. The only thing I w as ' the forecast for toda; idayi T h ere is 35 1 T he Bulldogs w ere' cor ontcnt to play second quat uarler, N am pa got closc on shut out over the first thi three periods, not,p leased Id 'with w as o u r reboun; • Inches'of snow on I th' the top of Bald • . k ttie en tire gam e In the le p^ l o g . o f - a ^ i ^ y lint j ni shot by Kenny Rowe. scored a p a ir of buckets s to t giving his ding. - -te^ 6 & t> w a u B 0 T w l^jeaH&! m— team 0 31-23 Ibod;------------ — .■ Eullon—lod- - . . -anU’packed'p'offtfer ■ T he d e la y w asn’t a surpriM to pa in checl< eck, scoring four points in N am pa drove down'thi the court and M ints, while llle C ontreras h a d 10 for * W fts*on-W amtsprlnj Pings,-Lim elight---------- _ _B rula.C oachJohnA storqi rquia-----------------thdfquarter. le r .o s jh e B rtiins crep t out lUt tried for p a ir of three-i e-polnt goals, the Bulldogs, R5--. ^ ; dnd Christm as Rids ;ldge will be in > • “ T erry (Addjphson) had h a m uch to an 18-16 Shalftirhclead. hJ bul when W i C iark gfal ^ O e d th e re* Twiap. 0«yn 1 M 0 1 , j . .Vi P om erelle — Pom' om erelie'picked he could s ta rl. wori^ln, Ing on these s a a l l C 3 ■ C l a s s i f i e d C 7 '- ^: 2 : ' y - iT(ddwn~ w - v * V V M A « — ^ -----------~ 't— ~ ~ lln ddidns - I G Sf c ^ Editor's ! noi note: This Is the first in --a-two-part— irt—pacl

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