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C -gT tm ps-P few siT w in fn FFalls, Id a h o '• S u n d a y , Ooc )o c e m b e r8 .1 9 8 5 i— Merridianr raltieslcatefdr Mtntco B yT heTlm esrN ew s • By RON GATES il a! Shelly 10 W restling Tournamc .m ent S aturday “ “ j I J ierldlan’s " finishes from se- 102M. S. Nampa «3. Parker (Par) ) 1st Ul . ’j„, — •• — • .CaatlcfonJ. :........a 34 SB 68 J- 6. Parma 89. 7. Pocalello 7214 I 8. S. Hlshland 14S>Cha«Bpbv iptM *^i Armstnmc (Poc) plaaad D«d Jerome JVs - Farris 10, Po PoweU 4. Roblion 11.' CIcnoaFcny T7 . II JS 'JS «8~ ;nlght. ^______ hrough fourth places m ade ■ M. Jt. Borah M.-12. WhUgngiiri ■ »li3^Mlallwi;.EwlblBlty}rpta(>ed ik ned -Hughe»-lrMgrLtt^3.-Humari-a. ia.-TotaUs-U>-l4:ta MwrntalBHmne tome------ -------------------ir _ a .t t.'8 8 — ----- - rji.BonoeWiie i C - Bursar -M,':'rsimoai'10= ~ " r r r — Idaho F alls led :d • ■ --------------------- ISi-CbajDpkM in Tndivldual— i r w ais s f iplMi»hlp:-Smllh-(H»-di»-Machen ma-21, ReynoWaU2,-l»«i>hart #, BU( BUck-10,-Strasslw-8..To»aJai IS m » --- a 'su c c e ^ fu rn iih T fo T fo ui T " " ^ in m ^ d u a lrealts ^ (Sky) U-io. Cfl Coiisolalloa: MaUhewt .(She), doc doc Sample 3, UiU U, Helnke S.-I i,-Darrow 4,-EdwanJ_a4*.------------ -V -------- chnmplonships,--talcli licln g -c ro w n s-a l-sta te -c hc E h a m p io h s -a s -S c o tt-D a vIls s ----- - »-ChamplonshfprSpenserlJ “lMert'plnoedCof---MuUM (ID MW;--------r-T-TT--------------------- r — -rs3;TDtaliy2711-20l2«8.---------- --------:............ .........Mountain HobiH oTO ^faw kley i. Mllei W.-Maaoj— - \ 105 pounds, 138 and m d'heavyw eight and Ever vcns from Idaho F ails and iH (man (11) lU. Consolallon: A Aokl (If) pinned l«7-Cbampioi plonshlp: Mansfield (She) dec Man- an- 3-polnt ^oals: Jerome JVi, , Merritt; M Castleford, fl. Taylor 8, 8, Toy Tc 18, Daft 2. R. St. Cennala s, / The T igers' L arry y E vens, who ii -thc-G rizz ° WI)ecler(SRilsi. iK lles’-C h r is - O w e n s - a t- lig 19 - ______________ clll(!.XMrrtJ7.-e, 17.-e,.C«nKlaUon:.Sloslch.lSkyj.dec. dec. _Ui.ij.Eoule P***- Con«elation: n: Bell III) dcc.Rt^ HW -Champl mplonihlpi i^nnctl IIF) dw Bull . Mtn. H om e 6i > 6 ______" P r i o r ..to_ the coi consolation, anc a t .l26 poi pounds. M lrileo's-R udy-G on^ = € f e m i 5 T B H 5Vr ' ^ S J a c k cp pt o t b z ~ S p l i t \ W a r r i o3 r s s q u a d t a k e^s B u h lI t i t l e Edberg/L Lendl mate :ch halted by rainstc torm at Auussic open .............. MEXb OURNE, A ustra tra lia (A P) — defending B cham pion Chris E vert 'I Swedish leen*ager Stef Itefan E dberg L io y d > 2,-i- , 4-6, 6-2 S aturday lo win thee — — w as leading top-seeded Miv v an Leridi of—w om en's sir singles-title:— =----------- - Czechoslovakia Sunday jy ' when rain, . Navratilo ilova took 1 hour, 44 4 again halted play in 1 t th eir m en 's m inutes tQ t o ' _w in_theJ3th_G rand-Slam n___________________ _ ______ singles sem ifinS a t the fte $1.5 million singles title lie of < her career, A ustralian Open tennis lis cham pion- She confii nfirm ed h e r No. l ranking 5 . ships. for the yea /e a r ahead of Lloyd, wllh 1 Edberg, the 19-year-olc e has dueled for suprem acy ■ o ! £ m m s « d , / ------ -lo d 6-7.-7-5.-G-l7 fra’ight, -Totol Milpqge Alkiwe 5ZZZZZZZ~Z - 6 0 .0 0 0 . ~~Wloogo t*enoH^ovei ?ef^O O O I ^ / p e« Tf ^mil« ■ ' . . * ' - ; ' ^ ' indicate A & M .plavers rs ttap p ed Into a w ealthy network net that, allowed fes in vIoiaUon of NCAA rules les. ____ H I _ _ Q n e J 6'rmenplay«-,.( r,.G a»-R ogen.oL D aiL (L s,.s; ,.fial'dIfieI^M ii»d_B Q __! _ I much money from Dali ) a U ^ b a n k e r and D allas A&M A i CliHr president- ) elect RUeyC. Couch I II) III th a t h e b egan to doubt }t cone m an-alone was -----------------— I * • THE 19855 RANGEF R A ONE m OF I t E J l i f i i m i RANGER . ,. 1 ' J iitie ^ — MOUNTAIN HOMl hom estanding 'T ig e rs s outdistanced lA n irD ROT m — Jackpot collected l(s ' Glenns P e r il's P ilots ir ne basketball victory in-hlsthird periods to take e a 66-48 non- . , ere S aturday, defeating confcrcnce .win Saturday By The Tlm cs-Ncws___ Nev., 52-41, in a non- The contest w as ciosc JcttscnrMeridlartrplnncrsJms nonrciBmrrwyrT?Ki»*eyr»totmi iceboys'contesU -rr-:-------- ',.......... ' 2:2S. m - PIva. MeHdlan, dec, K, Sparks, Buhl. 21- Meridian, dcc. BUHL — Defending lg s ta te C lass A-1 Prep wrestling cc. IHnrtnon. Kimberly, U-«. m - *«• b ! two E lm ore Couniy sc 5, IU - U nt. Nampa, pinned Hi Hart, Jerome, 1:00. Egbert. Jerom rome. dec. Arcnt, Mountain Home. to gain the upper hand im e w as the second played fn f d ' S t - r s i S F .cham pion M eridian 1 collected c Indl- , " 15S - Nowland, Nampa, dec. Do' s new gym nasium . Aii the Downa. Burley. 184. lJ-1. 132 - Oi OrctMrds, Wood River, pinned I U u one point T iger lead d a s th e f ir s t 5: vidual cham pionships Ips In flve-riif- — 167 - Miller. Burley, dcc. Laub u^. Nampa, 9-3. tSS Egbert. Jerome 3me, 1:00.138 byer. Vallivue, plnn- Inn- q u a rte r cam e to an end. J Jag u ars • g; gam es la st season, the ferent weight dlvlslonj lons h ere Satur- ^ .. , cnampkmshlpnaatf - .Shaw. Burley, pinned Waller ler. Meridian; ;4-4S. cd Kamllton. I. Ni Nampa. :49.14S - Davis, Mountain tain ..They outrcboundcd d us in th e s e - school’s firsi first, w ere on th e road. . day to capture th e teai team title a t the V.I'J ^(altock. Meridian, pinned illngham HWT - Crown. Flier,'pinned I Slowell; SI Meridian. Home. dee. Wil William*, Glenns Feny. 12-8. ISS - Buhl Invitational Wn 2:«, lOS - Bwjamln. ValHvue. dec. - Nater, Valllvuc vuc. dec. mchle. North Fremont. j.i 2-1. cond period." said fir first-year Pilot Eureka ................... .................. 7 18 33 41 W rcsUing Tour- S S ft, riaian. ! si-5. 112 - lloren. Meridian, pln- IS7 - Schroder )der. Filer, won by disqualified over >ver Coach M artin Siegweir ;in. With their S d S S :::.:::: .........................................8 21 31 S3* nam ent. ned Carrell. II. IHurley, 3:0S. 119 - Ruhler. Jerome.' ConaolaUoonnal tala Cromer, Ruhl. ihl. IBS - Abrahamwn. Mountain tain problem s on. Ihe board 1 the t P ilots fell Eurtka - -■ bomelle £)0I 13. Shangle 8. Haywood □, ■■ ««.• H - Glnes. Valllvuc, pinned T h e W arriors, • who Vho .spilt their N.-.mpa, 5-1. m - Kaufman. Meridian. d Wesl. l Buhl. 1:40. Home, pinnrt »1 CDahlke, American Palls. :S«. nWT an. 105 - Dloxham. Kimberly, squad between this tou tournam ent and ^ coddiint lllnK. North Kremonl, lz-3. JJ2 - dec. de DavU,-Wood - Olnlon. Hur Hurley, dec. R.'E([ber1. North Freb e h in d b y n ln eath aiftlm Ime. Ralne 3, Hooper joper 2. Carroll 2, Ilhyrrald 2. Tolali;’ “ Ulver. 1^0, 112 - Enochwn. Vi Vallvlue, dec. Me- mont, IMO-. ^ The Visitors got back 1. k a couple in a - Drotek d 22. Torrero 6. Pitman 6, the Minlco Invitationa onal in R upert. __ _ tight third q u a rte r but lit fell prey to Betts l,‘ur*^4Rv B^iRvll90Su.Tolals:.17IB4SaS2. . , _ ended » with 227‘i ppji points com pared the efforts of th eir own m m anrto-m an Fouled out: 111: Eureka. e> Oomelle, Haywood., wUh ' (J for secorid-pl d:place N a m p a ^ S ^ ^ - j - ^ B uric. finlsficd third Ird w l t h - i 3 7 i i * - p > ^ A ^ points, while Vallivue le wv as fourth at fe Cooper booosts champion IQS’i and M ountain Hoi }nship chance, Home took fifth n H n i a t 108.'Jero m e c0llectc( :ted sixth place LAS VEGAS, N ev. (A ( P) — Clay place am im o ong th e top four -in w lthlOSpolnts.i ' ■ ■ , O’B rien Cooper bolstere :red his bid for bareback k rli riding, the ev en t h e led a t ivldiiai titles a t ” ■ ■ W ! > H ere a rc S atu rd ay’s ■s ski condl- deoth at L -th t |9^TRADI e..h asc— New—snow— DING POST Ferry. 47, M. American Falls. IT « 4: r 15. Oakley, 20, eess mroi a \s artow. nnq ice- lions irom o tn er maioi Jor southern refers to I6.0cdo.!*.l7. UuhIJViS. 5 snow within last" 24 --------- . covered. »d. H ours: 9:30 a.m . to 4 H f i i l K H O N e S T .ia U T H ------------------- 4 Idaho resorts; hours, TWIN FAILS . ' F H E I ‘>p=^ STOCK tt____§9^ R I T I )i> l4 ~ M M Y Bi T ord >rd beats Ji JerotneJV ME - The Eureki ika 41 I S E 1 1 = I “ ; ■" ~ - — 4 i —

The A s ^ i a t e d P ress l o w a ^ BOW UNG GREEN. JN, Ky. - For- ' Top20Colle lege Basketbal ^ - . Lehlgl gh68 .,w a rd „ K a n n a rd Johns( mson scored 24 • ‘points and grabbed 10 — IOWA 10 rebounds to prevlouslj . Cl CITY, Iowa— Junior centei uter The AM ocIated P r ^ss " isly unbeaten Virginia. sp ark ->¥631601 Kentuc , A rebound shot by 3y Bias, who B rad Loha to a sur- Dawklnj ihaus scorcd 20 points, puIleC (Ins scorcd eight of D uke’s e ’s finished with 22 prising-71*58 upset bf ^ points, oi gave down cigh )f No. 19 Auburn last is p ight rebounds and blocked te d H O N O L U L U -Birlghem rl Young C o)Uege l l € football points a s the Blue- Devils rils M aryland 60*58 lead wit ' 6a S aturday nigiit in t vith 47 seconds four shots n the champion* boosted tf Its as No, 18 Iowa manhandl- ndl. U niversity quaterbj •back Robbie I their record to 8-4. Vlrginla- ila- .left. A fter two ' fouls 's h ip of the W endy's C s against th e c d Lehigh » Classic college' took Its ^ 89-68 in S aturday’s con- >on. Bosco had another r typical day s first loss a fter four / vie- 'Ic^.R ebcls. who w ere not --------- baskebali to um am entr- U n _ th e .b o n u s_ so la tlo n — g a m e - ^ f — the-^A m ans Qna— against-thc-U nlverslI slly-^or-H aw all-play-unbcati ic a te n .-to p -ra n k e d ^ P e n rr---------- ^ • ______ , loHcs. situation, Anthony Jone: . W estem r-W ), led I fl les sanks a 19- Hawk«»*r.; from s la r t- to - ThTT^vr r ;;j^ a fa i< a g B ^ ,e tb all.. tour- Icted 25 passes State in t[he h e ' O range Bowl on J a n . _____ -C a 7 a ire re :.-c o n lro lle d ~ thc. the. -foot-Jum per-. with • five-, _ _ a in is li.J rije _ H iU lo p p ele rs 'e-.rsecond^jcr -n a m c n U ^ #0 touchdowns i: rs-h a d -b u lit-a —boardsifor l o r i ^ ^ o f r t b ^ ^ g u e - ^ 'c n cier—m r j alntng:to:send~the-gar i-'il-p o in t-lc a d -a rc y srw rwi :am eJnto.over-.— . - r t o t i e z r c o D g a r r -'2l?B“ a ^W es[e^^ — -------^ lu n s-setD n d s and fo^Bc rged a .'32-27 lead.'p n Tom im -tim e. . _j_ -.ii-;7rJeit;Jn:the:gam e,Ta(tcf-1 Athletic Conference vl victory. N a v v t ef-holdlnp--lust:a~Callow5y’' iy’s tw o 'frw 'lh ro w s'w llh 'l MG' : - G illiam , w h o 'p aced ■d“ N e"va® Las“ iV 6 .^ r C e.- Dame 71 . ...........EarllciziiirtH erday; - . 32*30leadatinterm issioi i y - h e t n n l s h c d ^ J “ - ^ y - ^ slon.--------- . left-b efo fore r halftim e. Duke rallied le d 'V e g a s w ith' 17 points. Auburn forw ard Chuc i, scored soon luck Person, one and took i Lovolc k a 34*33 lead a t interm ission la 58 Ihlrd In the ballotl oting for the Arm y Ion a fte r th e extra*perlod J tipoff. A fter H elsm anTrophy. ' I 7 \ ' of tiie Southeastern Cor Corjference’s top on Tomih' imy A m aker’s S2'fool shot aat_.B t Ias_sank_one. of-two.. j.-frec-throw s, SOUTH M BEND.. Ind. joM ph PIlILADKl DKLPHIA - Napoleon ------ p la y e r s ,'w a s - thc - gam gai e’s •leadlng-viheUuzzer ser.- - Gilliam scored again n -on ‘a tur- P rice and Id Donald Royal scored 'ia 13 LoulsiahdSi --------- McCallum n 'capped ci h ls'N avy foot- ".............. ‘ scorer with 25 points, i, S but he w as the Duke let led by as m uch as 47-41 early rly naround ju m p er in the ; lane 1 to m ak e Points apic piece as ,10th-ranked Notre i e ‘■■^'■eer !cr with a brilliant 217* onjyA ubum player in 1 dc double figures, in the second sd half before Virginia lia 1164-61 wilh 1:44 left. D am e.foug lught off a second-half com- E. Carolina f li o ' . yard pcrforn form ance and helped se t , eback by Loyola • of Chicago, CO, BATON ROUGE, La. L — Dalton -up-lO fourth- rth-quarter points as th e • J h r S E ^ s i i ^ r t i o i^s w^ lth ih rlo ss:— - S hcc^Dy^l rs 'o a s e lin rjn h ip 'fif^ itii'-fin ■i‘^ ^ K e n t a c f c y - ^ 3 * - d e fifa tlnf-the^R g i am bliffs’Tl^S? Satut**-' Ul*.," HlHiard-.r-ari.vfor 170 70 y ard s' arid, underdog , MIdslilpmcn Mi b eat Arm y ■ W estern guard Billy ly ( Gordon added left.- day in 14 points for the Sun Be Belt Conference Duke finally fi Indiana 58 a non-conference collcge >ge three touchdowns is , S aturday I"-7 Salurclaj relay in tho 80th m eeting ; - — took conirol of the basketball ill { gam e. night, becom ing nni) ily the fourth of the two I service ser academ ies, team , which captured ed its own tour- boards and am claim ed thc lead for good iod LEXINGTON, Ky. — - Sophom ore ■ Southeastern Confcrc rencc back to _ McCallum, um, who m issed last • nam enl-title for the fin first tim e In the_aL57-5C j o n -D an n y -F erry 's-Ju m picr cr- - g iiard -T E d -D avcndcrrj Tscored—elg h t------------------- -----------n i ir to n n o f c ~ th a n r“ - i;000“ c a rc c r-y c a r‘s*gamc- m c-w lth-an-ankle-injury- - — tournam ent’s six-year ir hi history. ■' from the B lane k with 6:02 remaininR. points In a 17-6 run in Ihi the'second holf M i c M igan91 s yard s and leading No. ^ 12 Loui- iind returnee rned In 19H5 for an unlh at carried ninlh-ranki tkcd K entucky j slana Stale U nlverslt slty to a 35-15 prcccdentcd tcd fifth year, finish ed UAB 78 St. Jol o h n ’s-88- - - - - ^ - -— - - to-a-63-58 v icto rj-o v erN N o r l 9 I n d } a n a - ^ * 0 « a d< a ^ .-6 8 ~ - - - - - - ------------footoaii— - - victm-y— i A rkansas St. .5i 9 FDU5 156 In non-conference colleg cge basketball ANN ARI kRBOR, Mich, — C enter Roy toy Carolina. total at Anna .nnapolis. Saturday night, , Tarpley see scored 19 points and w as one ; IOWA CITV, Iowa - - G uard Steve NEW.,Y( -YORK — W alter B erry had ad T he vlclory Improved >d K entucky to , of four Mii Michigan players in double ble Oklahom a 3 5 Wyomii ning 23 Mitchell scorcd a tourh. irham ent-rccord 29 points is and ; 13 rebounds S aturday ay 5:0 while Indiana, pla^ laying without- figures Sa S aturday as the second- . 33 points. Including 22 I in the sccond night td I lead Ic No. 15 St. John’s to an suspended guard Steve } / Alford, fell to ranked Woi * m u 13 U T E > m2 1 Volvci;lnes rom ped to a 91-68 half, as .17th-ranked AAl labam a-B lrm -' 88-5G vlcto d o ry over Falrleigh Dlckln- In-. 2-1. Alford w as given n a one-gam o tion-confcrc crence college basketball lall NORIVIAN, Okla. - Q uarter- MELBOUl DURNB, A ustralia — : ingiiam captured I the A m ana son in he thccham pionship gam e of thc he suspension by thc NCAA \A because h is , vlclory ovei ver Florida Southern. back Jam cllc Holicwa ,v.iy rushed for Andy Cottln )ttlngliam l ay-in with 1:54 In. te . ti to urnam ent's consolation scoring output of thc h e season and runaw ay vi victory. Ion loplay. gam e carli irlicr. San Diego defeated URi GRAND FIR I chipped in two steals, s. He i w as eight , , , , - , iMcNeeseSt Stalc81-6G. for clghl from the free ! thi throw line. W e b eer t S t 68 A rizona 66 Division I Boise Stat >tatc raised its * record to.3-2, while Mesi lesa College, ari

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