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--------— A-2 Tlmes-NWBTTwlrrl Philip ■ • Continued froir — i h a t - a f a n ^ “ M « r " / presidential candidate. -------- ,._ ..“ W e:re doing K ashiw ahara said. “ T tim e.” ' L aurel told The As: In a n Interview, as~f off, s u p p o rte i^ ^ h e e n ■y ■ hHd -T iD t-b gPT i-nhti»-1 — ;— u p 'eenw iit. ---------- — He said th e onlvpfla ty now woiild be for he ______ vice president._______ " I t'n ie r turn lo m Thedo6rlsopen.‘’U ui , -B o th Mrs;-Aquino a indicated previously i agreed she would be —- — a n d -h e -th e -v lc c -p r unified ticket. E a rlie r .a t the Lau ference, hundreds ( cheered as he first sai 'Aquino h ad reached i ____; _ a nd he had y ielded to , N ic a ra i 'PEKING (AP) - ^ com m unist China diplom atic, relations ! — - th e ir-fo re ig n - ministe ' form al communique. , annoupccdrltrwaszare ........... with N icaragua. ' -------------- N icaraguan— Fore! — Miguel d ’E scoto s a ld h severed diplom atic tie • -tionalist C h in e se "g o T aiw an on Dec, 5, the . r T o i d c P Slippei Twin Falls, Burley, Rup^ Gooding: 1 Today cold ond wind) show ers. IliRhs 30 1 __________ M onday mostly cloi ----------- L am as F ra lrlc, Hfllliy W oodRivcrV alicy: Today cold and windy ^ snow ^ o w f iK - I ll c lis ^ ------ =— -n b . Monday m ostly 'clot ' 30. N orthern U tah and Neva U tah • W inter storn - travelers advisory mt Snow developing this -----------------s ir a w c rm n tn ic s 'iiitn r — - ;• -M onday.-Snow occumu ■ this m orning 2-4_lnchc! • - root o r m ore mountains nulng cold through Moi 20s through lower 30s. 1 .a n d upper 30s. i- N evada • Occasional and scattered snow she loday. Cold with widely show ers Monday. High; to mid 40S and Monday perSOs. Lows tonight 101 Synopsis: S k lea -^ alu rd a y wer most ol’-Idaho ahead '• slorm , the National V said. T em peratures w ere n although a few 40 degre reported a t» u t noor tem peratures only laste a l m ost locations a s th back In and tem peratt m uch a s 8 degrees I m inutes. , , O vem lF^t lows were teens anoTO s w IlH'T'l higher elevations, ------------------- ^Tbe-highesLtemp^rat S aturday w as 47 dcgret — - ............ whllo .Stanley rccordei d egrees bolow iero. The extended foreca Idaho: Colder. F a ir c valley fog and low cl zero. E lsew here In the nat ----------------high of-77--’degrees w I^Iy w o o d , Fla., and d e lre c s below zero w Gunnison, Colo. -----------------I d a h o T o a d r e p t BOISE (AP) - N reported S aturday alter N a t i o n a l ________________ Mil Min AiOuqu«»qu« 33 ''JO " * "Bodon 35 CtMcjflO 33 20 '■ DaUas CS 47' D«nvor 4S 2S 0«s Moln«s 22 18 Honolulu 82 66 Mouwon 62 40 - ^ J n d e n A grt/B uslness . . . ------------ --------- I > e a f 7 r e b v - r .- - 7 T - r ; I d a h o ............................... _______ J a m e a K i l p a t r i c k .. ' —M a g lc A /a lle y —STT-— " ' CliculaUoopbooesaitri ........ d» oot receive your pa ....... ............... - --------- Jerome-WeodeU-Goodli --------- Burley*Rupeit*PauI^ : — BuMdstleford----- '• FU ep-R ogBiB Oo-K oU ifte T w in P a l l s « n d a ll o th e r N e w s .flUpbMHartgn,!!! U y o u h a v e a n e w f U p t ----------- dqM U tm eD lTcall’ TSK > weekdayf.Toreportlat ^ weekendfccaUTaMBM. A d v e r t i s l l l g a n m i ^ . I f y o u w i s h t o p U t t u a -------- Saturdays fnun 8 a.m. -— > - a v a lla b le w c v la l^ o c lj rtrrFallsTtdatio '. StinBfty;06< ppines— rpmPageAl • to nm ‘ “ Aquino 'aS“ its*'che€^ ate. then said •-very-best;’lMrs._hls-party “This Is a trying alone, “1 can Associated Press rlfice th< s-flrewofRr^ent' sacrifice Kred and a band> ples,"La Aground,- thal-lt He-sal s fault'that they met for I e rto -rn x a c h iifin a r-'d a y T ffO T ................................. 3 P s a m n ily .fo r jitii:_ jn g rd ju ii r her to run as his "Thlsi _____ _________ . ____ o n h cL P i rfnake the offer! bul to de ■^urelsald. vice pres 0 and Laurel had— None o ly that they had who inch be the president politlciari ■presldent“ on'.'a~ferch'cer ... They a ^aurel news con- separate 1 of 'supporters house of said he and Mrs. Assemble :d an agreement, Laurel. - I to her demands___Mrs__ a g u a , Chi - Nicaragua and gationan ia .established He sale IS Saturday with with Chi isters. signing ;;a \assistanc le. Taiwan then spare por hreaklng-offnics-^D’Esco • _provlde’r irelgn— Minister tlst Sand d his country had backcd r ties withJhc.Ha--haven’t e 'government on it.” the day his dele- Bul he a y ' s w ( 5 i ^ T o a d s , r itupert, Jerom e and | K The I indy with scattered r* . 30 to 3S. Lows near I cloudy. Highs near { l O ^ iisy a n a tne Lower---------- idy w ith decreasing 1 \ / rstrtu 40. UJW.*. Ilclii' “ : - L \ T cloudy.-Hlgh‘s nc'U r= ' ' ' T evada: ^ lorm w arning and m ountains today. * ^ lls morning. SrJ5W" jle r lud u y Iliiuugli— * 3E5T*’ jm ulatlons through chcs-valleys and -a alns. T urning contI....................... M onday. Lows mM . ---------- ^ nal snow northCast ■' HMWff show ers elsew here ^ Jely scattered ’snow L Ighs today mid 30s | lay upper 20s to up- 10 to 20. w estern a Transport were cloudy over Condlllo ad of an e x p ec ted ' U.S. S.S ,1 W eather S e rv ice ' ley. broke Coeur d ’, •e mostly In the 30s snow _an« !gree readings w ere border^ w lOon. The w arm Bird lllll, isted a few m inutes Wlnchcste s the efouds moved chester-Lc ratu rc s dropped a s door, rain ■s In a m atter ot wet, icy ! New Meai .’c rc mo&tly In Uie floor; Mat T T e w sUbtefcn'i at. spotsTlirBfi ....................... Interstal g rature In the sta te , yon. Icy s] Srecs a t ilagerm an. Pass, sno\ rd ed -th o .lo w of l._advlsedfoi U.S. 12 ticasl for Southern snow, rai r cxcept for some Kooskla, 1 ’ cloudiness. Highs Lowell, we •6t> sno ------ Interstat nation Saturday, a spots, sicci s w as-rcp o rte d -a t-B o ise -G lc n md the low. of 6 Falls, wel ) w as recorded at Burlcy-Uta Idaho SS icy spots, 2pO T t “ fnowTpT'^ Ncw snow was Idalio 21 iltemoon In m ost of .spots; Ida! KanutClly 33 27 . UBVegas C4 40 1 PcD LoaAnQelei 73 50 ,.10 Mllwtukio 34______17 '• N5GOT riin n s lh tfT rw m r » ’f>n'^ |ffafp ” IsS udden, unexpected refusa ■ p a rt leav es m e no choice nov d ^ I n V h e r o f f e r to run as hei rcs^lclent.’’ LaurcLsaid.________ B o fM rsn iq U ln o T 'su p p o rte rs iclude both leftist and centris Ians, atten d ed the news con i announced th e breakup a t : Ue new s confercnce a t th< of L aurel's brother, Nationa ibly m inority lea d e r Jo se P l i n a e s t a l arrived in Peking. . , :aid his group is holding talkf :hinese o ffic ia l on possible ince ' from —C h in a ' InQluding )orts, m edicine and food. ic o to - w a s T J S k e d if ^ im r m ig h i e m ilitary aid td help the lef- m dinista regim e battle U.S.- I rebels an d he replied, “ Wc t even boguii 1 6 'ln ih k about [le said N icaragua would wel- reather m a y ^ m a ^ e F o racast/fo r 7 p.m, r J - 3 0 - -----------— - r - r ip f tr a tu r e s ' T O - ' A / ! v e r s R ain F k jrf le s S n o w N tD orui W M tnvr S * n and northern Idaho, the Idaho ortatlon D epartm ent said, lllons; ■ - • - - 0.1 — Plum m er-C oeur d'Alene. Qken snow floor, rain and snow: ’ d ’A leneSandpolnt. Icy spots, and rain ;. Sandpoint-Canadian , wel. fog, snow ; Rlggins-Whlte 111. wet. Icy spots; Grangevlllc* ster, snow floor, snowing; Win-- •Lewlijlon, w et. Icy spots, snow ain and snow ; Lewlston-Moscow, y spots, rain and fog; Weiser- leadows, snowing, broken snow VtarslnK-OrcKon border, wet, lev ir6ken snow floor, raRT ■. — • - state SO - Fourth of Jufy Can— / spot.s, rain nnd snow; Ixwkout ;now floor, fog, snowing, chains Ilor towing rlgs._ ' _ _ ^ __ 12 - Lcwlslon-Oroflno,---wct, rain a n d ' Icy spots; Orofino- 1, Icy spots, snowing; Kked ' Increasingly oiit of ic study said. yom en have taken lobs in decade,, greatly increa

- M a n ^ a ■ ‘ LAS VEGAS.J^cv. (A P) — A m an p " j ; -.j.. . accused o f trying lo n - that speaks for It^ If. IIt' t ’s kind ol a: son report rt on h er h usband on'N ov. .to., blow ...up_a -. - ^ • - ] e t l l n « r n : a i ^ i n g h is ' -last*rcsort“ typc effort,” ,” ~FBriTj'gehl“ ‘22T • . lis wife, three . ‘ daughters and ISO othc Byron Sage said S aturday ...g. . . . . . Austin. ' Thc fedei deral ch arg e of placing a ■------- . ■ ■ I ithers to collect ^ m ore than $i million The bomb exploded In th e plane’s destructive VC device on an a irc ra ft' )n In Insurance' . “J Denver mint ' • benefits w as arrested £ baggage -com partm ent t a t D allas- carries fipc penally of up lo 20 y e a rs In t strikes new hhalf-dollar ; d Saturday, the F ort W orthJnternaU onal laL A Iiport a s_ p _ riso n anda da, $250,000 fine.'___________ ------- -DENVER (A P)-------- -T h e -D e n v e r-fro m polished hed-dles.-w lll Iw -slru ck-al-------- 'S ..Albert .Lee Thielmai T iandlers' prepared, to > unload the Thlelman, an, who worked for an n a n of Austin, I Mint has*, begun prodi >duclng com- the San Franc rancisco M int and w ill sell • ~ -plane. None of th e 147 ^ l•exas, .y as charged 17 passengers Austin prel refabricated hom e dealerd F riday with f*’’ memoraliyp 5Q-cent coin; ins, p a ri of a forS7.50. . : planting- ar hom em ade. and'seven crew m em bei lers on board ship, told l In investigators he h a d had a d ^ b o m b In his set of colleclible coins b being struck ___ Wife’s b a g g age-aboari; “ . “ lousy year la r.’l acknowledging $ 12,000 rd^ai) A m erican . ^ al mints across the coun untry to raise In addition ion lo thc half d ollar, a $5 c a rd d eb ts-in addition-to ‘ ._Alrl.lnesjDghLmi3cU.30 ^30-from-Austin-' — ■‘5 rhohey for lhe'lOOth_ann nnlversary o f . uncirculated ed gold, 1 coin, th c first to . ,. _ • • toDallas-Fort.Worth. w as Injured .-__ ^______ r paym entsrbank-loans-and- n a -th e S ta lu e of Liberty. b e m in tcd'in in n m ore than 50 y e a rs, will .... Agents said Thielma: saldD alseg. m an w anted to ----------- The .uncicculatcd-gri [rade— coins be struck a t' t'W e st Point, N.Y^ ■ ‘ Thlelman w as arrested — :-^.klll-his-fam lly - t o ^ o l -inform anU saldi-Ihielm an ^glleclzzlife-in-'- ... ' an siruck-in-D cnucc—bcglnp nning-Kritia)L:4»old.Jor-$>fk‘>. JW, - which 4 nclude3.^a^ ^^.-». . -r cldei)l-as he approach( bled heavily on sp o rts dur-; pay "ff~dpMy ’ \counter ot M cC arran li I br. c jrn rirjn UhlLnHrlp h t U ------ ...... . ■ - with a woman describe - ri-AItporl—oh—S a tu rd a y ^ : IT li-saidr^-m ioT O anrnstca- ^datiori. and "sold for.S: or.S22..whlch Includes a S7 ; ^ i P alscg, the FB I agent'fi from , a tip .only a i i a "nude m odel" said fldavlt attached to a I ft federal arre st “ d Proofs, coifls carefull' illy produced surcharge. z :th B .^ n A n u ) m » o liic o ^ r — 1-w a rra n t as a-i^nudemodt if„the_arrest__T t r ii!clm an_s i_spenl_S500. p e r. m onth on lodei:"-------------------- Sage said. her, thcaffli ' ' Thlelman told the XFE Thc arrcsl resulted I ffidavitsaid. B .L hajiecdcdL — M i -to-ihol43lar4(------ Baeh-fam ------ (- am ily-m cm bur w as cuvc re tr '.about $6,000 a month ont to "stay ' “ L generated by new s .o f er pending an by $250,000 '. afloat,” and was consi H w arrant Issued F riday, So 00 in flight Insurance on a insldering filing ALBEF ERTLEETHIELM AN a federal - policy writ /ritten through A m erican ■ for bankruptcy, the affld. tldavilsold. I n s u r‘aa i n c e schem e alleged dr , Express, w ' ■ “ It was a steady, dow " County Detention wilh Thlelm an w as listed c3| JUST, ARRIVED lownward s p ira l. _ _ _ _ _ _ i m issing per* aathebenefi ajlBCfarance before leficlary, D alscgtsald: I •NEWFASHIC ON FLEECES .m agistrate, the F B I saidr 'S Young Gi G irls . . . F a n tastic N ow Lini _ Mrs. Thiclriiaii filed a i • -2 ‘ F A S H I O N P A P o w n tc ANTS & CORDS town resi f ta u r a n t e >n leaves 5 6 dead . 5 ' For Boys. ----------Il> E R aYT - C o n n ^ P kP)-------O » fficials-:^U e— sine ince— the— mld-19709— after* worked Saturday to determ del ine w hat relocating ng from anolher section explosiO] h a d -sc h e d u l^ —it~vcry~c ar( [ i i r - l - ^ ^ V t l - ^ A T S --7w r 23% -O F P-------of )r the restau- H.M. Shept ipherd, He said there^ are .. triggered a possible natu nai ral gas ex- • the aging ing Industrial, city by the d B utler noted iwo gas line lines in the vicinity, one 12- vl I • p re -te e n d RESSES r NOW IN STC TOCK ^ 7 plosion and fire that le\ leveled a popu- ’ Housatonli >nlc River. • la r restaurant, killing ng a t least six W hile K of a Christm as p a rty for 3 d -tak en .p lace-in ch cast-in -iron-line ad-an intersecting K lrschncr said Ihe causc.of ne I •COMPLETE Ll peoplc'Bnd Injuring a doz dozen m ore. ■ thc explos he rant Friday night, and n ay : have been three-inch li LINE OFAAATERNITV ITY WEAR • I [liine. losion might not for • ‘Two bodies w ere fou found overnight weeks, residents,.shop re lhat if the explosion had ow ners and I to be in the . PhUip T- f. - Ashlon. senior vice presl- ■si- S -I--------- P-..T Burley Mall 3 1)1 ' ong lhe enormous I piles' pi: of bricks, firefighter le rs speculated th at ll could .of an }iour later, “ there ms 5 D m and it & general m anager of Nor- »r- M W M ^ ..6 7 6 - 0 7 7 9 . § aj; 4.wood and w et .ash. and! a n for 100 people In Ihere." four. m o re_.h ave been •en-lhc-tcsull!of n a tu ra L g a s_ “ said John Ih^Sst Ulllli lllllies' g as group. $>id he tw e r e uncovered a fte r ' daybreak, dt said- -A nd "We were supposed t nile a rea around the sile-w as a nelghborlng-w as unawa w are .of any re c e n t com- m- I }| ___:.-’:'State-pollce-Lt.-K ennet n o th tf lr g rh n n r ■ lid place for supper a l 5 ^d-ovcrnight-becauso-of-eas- . - h e - . u r v e y e d - P ~ iitJh L atJh e-com p anyJs tele-, 5 ^ ___ > ^ c ..0 .v is * B ____ I [I ' •Four of the vlctfm s wer i s ^ a p p e n c d - a t ..4 p.m .,” ivere believed to fumes thal lial perm ealed thc cold air. s would 1)0 checkcdr-^ ~ - ' ' j -jajcrw o m cn an d 'tw o '-ap appeared i to"»e------ T lfrrife as Gctleln, p roprieter of a Ire slTll sm oraered'S aturday, ly crew s had ' — ....... .............. _ v y n e n j he said. The searc arch w as called wilh biilo' ;as-officc-supply-slore,-aR -; Ilowjng white smoko visible, j-pff in the afternoon. '• thc dam age S aturday. ' eral reports of f j y ■ ■ . ■ ""frbffi'riillc ilics aw'ay. S everal pieces of iz “ We feel confident I we w have, sear- heavy con ly' Klrschncr " said ulllHy neighborhood ^ . - - 'C O U P O I :onstruclion equipm ent w ere >' ched thoroughly, ” K lrscl 'sch n ersald . ticinguscd lie been Invesngating sever Its. M icdto m ove (he debris, The explosion F rida of gaseous sm ells from irrfved n Satur- - ■ iday afternoon Hospital: lals treated 12 people, in* I . - blew ap art the three ree-story brick eluding th ti: TC shopowners and residents II T ransporta- ^ m ree rirerighlers and the . : building housing the t Italian It eatery 30-year-oltl Two Investigators, a azardous n Ma- 1 ^ I old son of th e 'r e s ta u r a n f s •*Tand a num ber of apar in- day from tlie National kccidcnt Divi- ^ L parlm ents. The owner who .'ho w as pinned beneath a col- • restaurant, which Includ Juded a b a r and lapsed se< he tion Safety B oard’s lla? seclion of the building for .^Lwo dlnine room.s. hod lad been a t the m ore than f s tcriai and Pipeline Aci iny breaks or * 0 j B an four hours. • ol- sion, re doing lo do i C BI L P IISONi ^^P^^DEPARTM TMENT STORE > B lu o> L Laakes AAall o r “ W e're looking for an leaks ur w hatever. We’re S e n a t e wvin-...-.--M i g i : ’ f c o S t s p i e r T H Ou m P ) ~ ~ Ttie ~ 3H-------- Te-ciccicd last----year spent an average ge of alm ost S3 million each on their eir -campaigns, Willie it cost S2fi6.63G to win a H o u s e ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ B race m .iUM . lh r e s s ^S a l e De< »cemBer 2ni nd through j14th M l nlWorld DRES! SSES First Qua --------- NEWBORN: IN-ANDINFANT-------- MARi skE b ■ pRic ICES ---------------— T O DO ID L E R S - : }o c o m b e r8 . . ) Naii ailty y . $3 0 0 ^A B E M A R»KED I / li ■ P R I C CES _ / f 'l JG I R L S ( 4 iG T 0 6 X ) y d ^ ^ B E /UVARI JKED l i H f c H = P R i c jiiTz Qsed - iicED— - Sum n d a y s ^ ^ ^ T T T CES ■/ , ■ . , CI] I s s i/ IVfi Ms/i O U G H ; Y l | jRDAY^ JU S is} : i'■- FACT TORY OUTL LET STORE" ' ■ T w in F a lls S ioo nr e L o c a t e d I n T h e L y n w o o d S h o p p inig g MI alL i ^ ^ ^ ^ O t a t B t e n o a o r i S T » n w » ta j s s ir I — " I : - »— Ct:.-V. .--C; -.I' tion STORE HOURS:- - i - 10 A .M . to U : 6 P.M . ;■ ~ ________________ ■

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