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C - 1 2 T i m e 8 - N p w 8 , T'ww iir n F a l l s . I d a h o S u n d a y ;, , D e c e m b e r a , 1 9 8 5 :^ A uttotnoiivi i 'e-Automi 140-Truck8 H6-4V$Hee! Drives 14&T^Anliaue Autos ■ • 162-Autos • Fofds. , 166-MercufYtLlncoln- 168-A u16s » O 'idsm oblle' llfl l73-Aiitfla»Plymnuth___ 175-Airto Dealers ~ - ITS-A ulo Dealers. ■ ^ .gcyl.. • ALL S49S5. '80 Toyola ' P ■ P/S . P m . now tifos, run! Oh, 1976 MARK Ivf all olocVrlc Toffv. _____________ apd.. A/C, 4 dr./hatcl ---------- — *lorf.' re o r window le t-M n rc u iy iU n c d n m 2 VW VANAGON L. ^Gfoai Gf< WILL ,'T fcibE ""AnTlQi llguos 326-4B77. . ' . deloggsr, oir condition itioning, tilt, w heel, pow er* tiroa, llko now cond.. 36,000 36,C clocks and lurnlluro lor iryour y( — —— —— — — . tte erin g , AM/FM radio, dio, troo( eorrfer ft mor«. ’ 1980 Caprl. 4 a p ^ s ^ r o o l mlios, M 500.326^4579- a nllquo car or Pickup. C \ W" i l l s ’• 168 -A tfto»»€heyfolet— — ' ISM'CREVVconvorslon vs and ownor will carry. Cai -all K ----- 'M O T OJR’CUMHANY------- R “ ■ “ W o i- ---------------------loaded, TV, CB. low mile mllos! iy3r'(T hovy‘'"o7lgTfrar'^ r ong 1976 MVnto' Caflo.^ACr PS, PS. 734-3136 alter 5PM. like now. Call 324.2536. 06%' thoro, nooda lo 10 Po PB. runa wall. 734-2728. . W &-{ . C onc $ 1 0 . 2 7 7 . . . . ........... “ now *8992- - I960 MERCUR'i'. Bobcat Sia . ^ n g ra tu la te s —— rostorod your way. nnow am oraliofS pm . ___ tion Wagon (or solo. $160i ----------- wnito-uialUlro8.-drlvo hon r to m a ..,= -------- -- . ------ — or bosl ollor. Coll 733-7202- 1 « -Im p o ftS ^ ftsC al'8 fs' H ROBIN IN R O B ERTS .1888 CHEVROLET 1 C/I CAVALIER ZJ8 COUPE: #3956. Automolic ironti rontm ittlon, muilUporl fuel havo llllo, $1800 (irm. C BAJABUG. J973; noivon r7,nn 3^-3514 0V0S.__ ___ ■ 160-Aulos-DtKl08 1980 Morcury Zopnyr. Toi rop FOR O U TST/ STANDING SALESM AN injection, lilt wheel. >el. rem ovable tu n rool. . condillon, i i . m mllos, 2i M /F M H orQ oim or». good iniorlor/tlroa, sioro loroo 1963 T-Blrd. Call 733-8671 7t bo- 1 Siam 6 'M Dodge Dart: : 'w/ wl MPG In town, now studdoc . FOR DR NOVEMBER runs groai. S900.678-3999. 99. twoon2-5om. §i000_m[loa. 726-?253. tiros, $2500. 733-7552... W os , GREAT IN THE SNOWI I 19 1980 rn $12,951......................T Subaru wtilto aporiy Hi Hal- ------- - Nowni,838 chbacK, Good tiros. ^good go( i7S-A utoD ealers 175:^Aulo Dealers 175-Auto Dealers » NOWTHRL HRU DEC. 3 1 st rur^nlnn. >2000.432-5383. NICE 1978 280-2,“ 2 ' + -GON-PAULQS- IS-CHEVROLET— — Book S4400. Soli (Of S370 Call Jackpot, 1-755-2529. SELt-‘’o r TRADE Ba)a Bu » sh o n eL S traet.W 6 8 t---------- ... ^P1HTJAG_&_GGMCTRUCKS 8000 mllos on ino modilK 61 diiiod mNew m v t mv^&UsedVe elilcles— 733-2091. ongino. trans axlo and Iro Irom . a ^.1 324^18 isVc sVS- 734-8565 ond. Many oxtraa. Call 726-3220 o n - 78a-4359. Will uado oxc 1979 VW := Bi Pric< ed To Scell I !! + caah for 280Z. or Impo Tiporl 4X4 truck or aodan. Ci ------------622-3165 mornlnBS or ovos_ ___ 1985.P0KMCJ i(LSKMLSI£----------- ^—^iQM ------------- ^1962—V w r^fobulli-onfllnt nfno.- _ A II_oplioni_ar,o_itot itQ ndofd_on_ihli-----------------L 983fOHO'HUSrANO------ * ^ with studdod snow liras IS 0 on lim ited m odel. '16T0001STIo»rcle'on:-------------ba_ck. t450. Call 734.3019. •.i966" v w BUG, "Excoirer jlfeni condillon, mako ollor. Ca Call N O W $ 1 ‘ JU S T .................. 1l i2 , 9 9 5 ° ° NOW 1 ^ 9 Toyola Corona 2 f ddi i ; ■“ ' runs good, very dopor dablo, S47S or bosl oltoi s : 1382 BU CK SKYW fHAWK COUPE 1982 SMERCUIiyMAIIOUIS N ' Ca[173,4-4817_aflpr5PM.___ e r.n ic e. Broughom m ; Sport Coupo. locol ono 1 chfomo whoois, radial llro: oxc. cond. Insldo and ou N O W $ .............-1977 vw Vanagon, looks >ll«o UK J U S T ........................ now. low miroagc. Larry' : : T O ° Lelauro Livlno-RV. Call I W 671 . — -------------------- 7057of436-45CL_________ _ T974 Toyota Corolla. No< ------------ upnoistory, 33 MPGrSTOC * ----------^1381-0LD S98lUUXURUDOOR- X I 5 1 » HEVROIELIMPAJ-ISEDAN dieiel. 0 good mechanic'* • o»ef.324.?460allor6pm , Sedon. local owner 1974 Volkswagon. Supc Boollo. now palm, noi N O W ■ 1 rodlal - liroa, .. AM/Ff 1/FM O N L Y ..................... 1795. ■ • w °°°°' 1976 Audi lOOLS, good conc A4695 NOW t4295.67_84372. 1980 RABBlf Olosol 4 door S ’ Sharp, turbo: snow llros. >269^ Call 733-4413. . 1981CHEVR0LEI'/ 1'/!T0N«4 ■ S e o tt.d o le.reo reol nice. 19J9 979 DODGE MON 4X4 fiomCharg larger. A/C. good condillon. 1981 Datsun 280ZX.‘has al options oxcopt T-root, ooj, lOBthor Inlorloc. 678-0372 al ' FliQhlDr.o f4 3 6-3a65.-P ' ■ 1984’ HONDA' Accord’ Vx LX Doluxo: loadod. 1O.OOO ml, oxc cond . t9700.734-6030. ■71 Porscho 914, 5 spd. Cossollo. now radlsls. regular $4000 lor J2S95. 678- O N L Y ............ 4 9 5 “ « 1979.F0RD RAKBER XLT Ill KTOK PICKUP Auiomoilc iron*., moel- N O W . S ^ i l O N L Y . . . . ^ aTJ 9 5 '■■■■' ■— I ■ I o m v ... $ 3 X 9 5 ° ° , i ro'ducing all of th o so . o h l c l o rt . , fo . r th o H olidays, EvorythI thing on l h e Lot ! '1 4 6 -4 W heel Drives Q . O / O Canliers,Siinbi, inblnls & Skyhawks ' ___: _ i 9 6 f 'W l ” Body Fisrd 4x4 S --------------------------- -tIM tl lT E D TIM E«N LY -IH RO lOUGH l 0 E C .-3U t------------ ' good, fhusi- soo to ap- ..................... , P.LOcL»lo_._WaAo, 829-5316,.. 197r0lo2or, ong foKuITnui7 ■ 85. good cond. 4 ap hubs. =|T WETlAV W E TO MAKE ROON M F O R A U t3000 or olfor. 676-5660.____ THI ^E N EW 1986 MODEI )ELSII! . 1977 DODGE V, ton, ahori — ±-^box^4.flpood.-pQ w or-3loof-- ISJL __ We.have.S.Olc )ld sm ab lle.D « lta ^ 88>_R s Royal B rougham , * Ino. pbwor brakaa, air. • I •, »3M0. £4200.543-5872. S u n b l r d i ,w * h a v av< o 2 b ra n d n o w 1986‘« Eloci lo ctro P ork A v o n u o i : » 1979 Ford Brdnqo XLT. 400 100............. •............ ............ i^ ' IS Iiv o r& i M ototiic. c . .........'• f-} 19 e6-C « n tu ry -!(o d anrft-$ Skytork-StfdolTi:--------- k 5fT“ ' i n«w liras. Excellent condi- ®|: * " Hon: Ca1l^26-4559— ; * 1B60 CHEVY Choyonno V> ' • ton. iLock-out hubs, low ml. G o o d a » l^ l l o n rou f-W 8 6 1 » le k u in H (V h wt f« W I w o t D r l V w - - ^ Q M o r d i i « » i : 2 iAitrb C h o v y V a n s fo r Im m nm o d l a to d o l iv o r y ; , cond. # tereo . 5. apeed ......2(t50or734*2tJ0.---------- ~ ~ ~ i5Sr.l :___ i K » P L A^CE C YOUR CLASSIFIE] ■ E b A D : Bl BEFORE DECEMBER R 2 9 A N D RECEIVE A }U PO N G O O D FOR R O( N E ■E M OVIE RENTAL fFR R O M ^ ______ A SPECIAL { ' \ . • ■ ’ • W S t o t i v e ^ ~ A ui t o m d p i v i V Oi 9 5 ” - w ° \ ■ I P j ' e l i n e s T ^ d : U P SCIAL” : I )AYsTDg 1 — — • - I.. ■ l i i P^rADS: aracsH IKENAT i . m-M- 1. 4^ 3 J — I ' g > ? y ^ 8 s ~ f i — ................................ ... ... 1 > PRIVATE PARTY > M.OO FOR EACH :H ADDITIONAL I LINE I S .V - \ j j o » ----------- V f l \ ^PLACE- ^ LASSIFiED JOJO! QDAY AND : ^ RE RECEIVE A COUPON I FOR I ONE „^E R ElEE I MOVIE ..... . l i - 0 9 S ■ iS . ! I40-17a|^ nr AOS ONLY I RENTAL : _ Z Z t ! , • • • - • IMBER ^-JE C E M BIBEH G 28HI. . lvatepParty=Ad^ . ... .. CLQO 2 U m N B E B P° ^A ID A D )^ ^

m f m ■ ' L ast w eek's Festival of o fT recsal tho T win Foils Holiday Ini Inn wos — BounflinB^uxBTnplForcDnr . supporttrlum phi^govcr^ r winter y - storm s. — L arry B axter, d irector r of c the \ -s= v‘i' T ------ ITolibitarfolImlallon; iflld d G;oo(rMagie*— C Valley residents attended :d th e three-day event, and $17,1 r,i07was raised for Magic Valley R Regional gram s exemp cmplify. Council woman — :M cdicalC entcrP roceeds ds-came----------- M aryM cClus riusky^nd hem rany— ---------------- ; ■ ' ' i i j p ---------------------------------- ^_____ ........................................... prim arily from the sale of trees, helpers have ive obviously < struck a which w ere artistically dccoraled de responsive e chord ch among residents a'nd donated by businesses >esand who like the he k idea of using the park civic-minded groups or individuols. in< for m ore than han sum m er band con- Money also w as raised fro rom sales in certs. ____thp gift nnrt rnfff»t> shnpgn| !npf»r.ntf»ri h y -------- ------volunteers. ZoeR aybor 'born, d aughter of Sally More than 525 perform icc rsfro m M cFarland d and ar Jloberl Raybora, throughout the area'enterl ertained both Twin Fal F alls, 'won first place in during the three days so 1 tl that per- the piano com :om pctition a l the K a n sa s.' • - sons attending not only coi :ould v lew a Music Teache ichers Associations audi- ------wonderland ofdccoratcd d ttrccsrb u t-------tions recently: itly rR aybom ra-graduale----------hear local talent, have ref: efreshm ents ofTw ln F alls illsH 1 ighSchooi,w hohasa and visit with friends. B.A. degree ce from fi the College of A fetal m onitor will be : purchased p Idallo. Caldwc dwell, isw orkingolnher . - ; - fortheiiospltalw ithSio.oo ,000 of the m aster's degr legrce a t W itchta State ■. ; . . 7 ? - ^ - _______ ................................... proceeds, B axter said! - ...........Organizers • had oplimisl istically predicted the event would Id raise U niversity / and am also on the teaching ' staffjh erc. ..Shelwnoweligible_to_ Sh com pete ailh< t the regional auditions In ' M ~ -$ 5 ;ooo:hesald;T hetrcm icndouffsuc:— ci Stri^pul. Minn linn.. In January. cess of the festival, th e fir: irst one ■ '• / ever held iii Twin F alls. Jii Jias ensured its acceptance as on annu: lual holiday Jerom e'resl resident Rhonda CJaor, a w ord/inform -motion a processing stuevent, B axter said, and co com m ittee dent at CSI, I, hha as received a scholar- • m em bers already a rc look o k in g a t“ a ship from the .he Idaho I Foundation for ^ b lg g erandbettero n enext x ty e a r,” • Vocational-Tei l-Technical Education, .. C laar.thedaui daughter'of Mr. and M rs. ___________ J ^-bast-w « eekend-w as-a higl Igh point of- lionC iaar, Bui Burley, and the grandcommunity life in Twin Fa F allsw ith daughterofM fMi rs. Velma Cioar, -j-------------E x p D< e c t a t i o n s c a n - c l o u d i i o l not only the festival of tree ■ees: but the Jerom e, is sdv sciieduled to g raduate )lid ays_ _ ,_ _ _ _ - -launchlngoftheC hristm las a; in the----- ^ - from Ihe GSI SI next m spring;— ---- ----------------- ■ Parkservicesduringthe»l 2 Advent |: J • season. It was a m em orab ibleexperi- Scott Osborn xjrne, Kimberly, a Junior ence to stand in the softly y falling f m ajoring In II zoology zoi at the College of snow and h earsom e 100 ch children sing Idaho. Caldwel Iweii, has been aw arded Us thteseas sonico * l e t i _ Christm as carols — esnecl 3clallywhen Uie Willis F•ry ry? Science scholarslitp,__________ go' one thinks of the num ber :of 0 p aren ts • Molly M orris irrls, alsoKimtJcrly, a . „ ________ ByLORAYNEO.SM SMITH who had lo put them selves es out lo freshm an mnajoring aj( in psychology a t I "If they tre a t m e iikt like they usually do. I’m TimeS'Ncws writer. ?r. gel their yuungslngers toi o several the Caldwell II school, sc received the , - going to w ant lo c ry ." she ihesaid. ‘Let the chil lild within you prevlouspractlces. Hutchinson I mme em orial scholarship for Even for those who ho have families, such TWIN FALLS ^ - Vou don't have to “ m ake C h ris tm a s -y o u ARl \R E C hristm as, inside, ' live again’ * —.Joan - Boyd g^^therings can be a mixi . A n d lh lslsju sth u to n ein p a rt of the the next school lo o ly ear. . . . tixed blessing as relation: ships between siblings i great cooperative spirit th s and/or parents seldom tiie pro- .S eeS P OOTLIG T I H TonPageD 2 Too m any people, e, especially < women, feel'the they ---------- “ are Ideal. have to "m ake Chr [Christmas happen," often I b by also is aghast that her her grandchildren “ receive J In short. M cAlllstcr pointed pc out. most people knocking them selv >elvcs o u t- with- physic: iical everything In sight," .1." m aking C hristm as a 1 have unrealistic expcct .‘ctations about the hoii- ___ n m p nm M im g nnlv Iv to fin'd-them selves e? “ mcanlnBiess scandal al.’’ ” she bellPVAg, PgpoeinUy- t— (laysr-Sinee-IH s-im poss )ssihlirtOTtchicvxrperfec*— ; h a s te d and resentf mtful when their eiforts ■ore ar to sm all chiidrc^n wlu who a re com pletely over- • tion, either in m aterial )l preparations i or hum an - 0 h e r o lr k e e s g c [ e t ^ - not properly apprecia ‘dated. whelmed, relationships, we a re bo bound to be disappointed The m any comple: plex feelings,5 urroundlng the th One participant probably prc expressed what t unless we do " let go,” shesald. shi ■holidays w ere shared red during a free workshop p ai l m any people secretly tly feel about Christm as: : A poslive way loD accomplish this, the The Relationship Placo PI T hursday night. Jo loan a She “wishes it wouldn't dn't happen.” She mention- • counsclOTs su«t;csl. is i?Uo_nienlalIy_j:caiY.e_a_ _ i M l w o > m a n c : l h i e f Z _____ ■ Daltoir:Boyd“ and“ rJudjr-M Ji cA lllstcr,-*theraplsl )lsts'“ “ t’d thc'com m erciallsm ;m'i 'and the sham“b f '‘people' i ' specific happy childhood od C hristm as. In relaxing . a t the p rivate couns unseling center, used a con :om- pretending tp be kind id 0 one day and forgetting itt nnd letting one's mind nd go back to such an . . - binatlon of music, art. an By JACK ELLIOTT ' cerem ony and discussio sion Dcc. 26." of the 1.200-r ;00-mIle* “ Trail of T e a rs," event, people often can m recapture the aw e and to help participants its regain i the wonder and Joy jo 7'Jic Associ.iU'd Prcas which brough tught the tribe to the ter- n Several divorced participants pai described the 2 wonder and gain unde iderstanding about their rltory in thew of Christm as. le w inter of 1838. . — .loneliness of being solitary sol .during .a tim e of f own hangups. Although there ww( •■ •TAHLEQLTAH. Okla. — - The new . "We a re i staffed sta wllh professionals as oniy' a sm all group, ), It i tradltional-fam lly.gathe ith e rln ^ . One who said she ! “ Lel iTie child within In you live again,” Boyd w as obvious frpm t the tl^ leader of lhe nation's se? e^ond-iargest — educators, )rs, physicians, attorneys, spirited discussion the th at - "alw ays m ade all the tie I fudge and cookies, then 1 says, "then draw lhat child cl: within you into the ............while C hristm as mmay o’ Indian Irlbe says her sex X i is no longer businessm en en.' .".sh e said in an e a rlie r be-dubbed the season n I to — got^tlred ond depressc «scd" said she’s: dropping 5_• 'p rc s o m ." ........ _ -an Issue now thal she h aIS s been ; sw orn interview. -I'Oi -'O u r history hos been one ------------ be jo lly rth e holiday-: jy arouscs a great m any emc mo-— th lsapproach'and'feels' elsgood;about-"lettlifg go” ’ “ ‘ This m ental exercise st^ p ro v ed‘ehlightihg for”' in as first female chief of the Chero- of organlzatii nation and personal and ! — tions, m uch m ore corr romplex than Jolly. ' of such expectations, ono participant wlio said aid she pcrcelved for the kce Nation of Oklahoma. economic devc An older w oman 1 whose wl levelopm ent." Christm as experlenc mce Another youRg adult ull addressed-lhe far from I first tim e her m other's 5 lo love, of which she never alw ays has been rcsi "People iiave been si supportive." Ms. Mankilh ikiller took over leadership -csponsibllity for a big famil; nlly unique problem of still till being i treated a s U child I had been sure, in visuali: alizing the "perfect-gift" gathering foT her r children < Wilma Manklller. 10. saic lid Thursday ' of tiie 68,000 1,000-m em ber tribe from faces an empt; ipty when she returns to hei her parental hom e for the : < a doll (She had received ;d I that year. ho u seth lsy ear. aU er being sworn in a: as principal Ross Swimme im er, who w as chief for 10 holidays with older bro brothers and sisters, all of Another woman exr expressed lone buried ; "W here do I eo fro chief. years. Swimm m m er. 41. won S enate confrom here ? ’’ she asked. Sh She whom a re m arried. • SecCHRISTMi 'MAS on Page D2 , , .. firm ation Wei W ednesday as P resident "Cherokees have state( led llicy arc H jagan's chok :hoice to run the B ureau of “ ready for fem ale leadersi rshlp. Il's no i„d|5nA ttairs. lirs. ___ » • J • • P longer an Issue, ...T h e Issi SBUosarcour Sw im m er's • ■ t - ■ r's confirm ation is a first v — nrograms.-the-hreHkinf»-oi ol poverty - n ol'm e," she A L s u — tho- 3- fli flrot t ime o trib al^ 'h ief-------^ I the bureau. . . ■ "The only people a lit! UUe w orrled nkiller took the oath of jiQ L -w anl^to*^l.'d.^w orry_ r„ are niy family, and they' ijY e l e d iv Ivate at ccrcmonles-ln-her-.Af----------- --johnson-know aw ho's-b B-bos3 -w hen-he—casesi-estj (State-planning andj> robates,- •s,—them _hc_cannol_ccpces) is e n ljh e m if' that she'c e'd be leaning over gr''a B o u n h e Cmie I’ll spend" tlo n lh T lo l). ,|ee al Cherokee Che Nation h e a d -' ' walks into probate courl. irl. and retre: iresents the Idaho Education on they w ant Ms. Young (0 0 ] preside over FacKft'JlfUsn IS"Sb"therC"WDIlldn't'be un T TaTiTClpiirA - m ore {oF----------- It’s his wife, Judi ludgc P atricia Associatio; tion in his Boise practice, their case. He said 'h e has ha not had to appearff»ce ce (tf unfairness, and j( i t . overworked m om ." she s m a r sw eorh rarlng-ln cerem ony Is Young. . In a riel( leld whcrc_c.lhical canons dic- ic- tu rn aw ayclientsy et. wouldn't be bl fair iO;,^my client, two children. “ My grands Oson n o w h e scheduled for ror I Dec. 14. “ It .som etim es causcs ses a lot of til- ta le that it one avoid “ even the ap- p- “ Thcpc really havcn’i nU been any eith er." lie s a id ^ '^ lt's the sam e_ thinks it’s great that gr grandm other decldei :ided to havc the j> riv ate____ — ‘terlnB ~ln~ 1h e -c o u rtroo room.—bccausQ— p c a r a a!C'Of c c im propriety;” and the [ie_scrlousJp.col)rem s^sJar. irjis,co n fllcts-‘-lhiriU Iif_a_i a_dds«L .frIend_bcM m es_a- n— is-a chief.-'---------------------ahd-get-m e-siworn-in-sd'I^^— ^ o th er law yers know IKai IKal w e're mar* scales of )f“ ]ustlce m ust be balanced ed of interest, becausc w< we've sim ply Judge.” Ms, Mankiller becom es JS the tribe’s could begin n sc som e official a cts," she ried,” Johnson said, sm smiling. l “ I ’m in with a bli blind eye, Johnson and Msi Isi assiduously avoid

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