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_ 1 ■ -ByDONKENDALL' l

_ 1 ■ -ByDONKENDALL' l a tte r two-wheel-drlve tw tra c to rs of . TTieAssoc/flfeJftiess s ' '_____________ m ore thar liUiiiiWdiorsepower-inay.drop__ H ^ ^ WASHINGTON - - A dram atic 10 percent rent from 1984 to 21,975 units, Sales s . of g rain and forage H five-year slum p In th e sale of new harvesting iting equipm ent .also hove ■ ■ ■ farm m achinery s d ees s Is expccted to declined id.sharply.-down-25 si percenllby___ ' '^'worseff 'ih - 1986,." acc tcoraing“ td an " th is fall ilPfrom I Uie record lows of a Agriculture D epartm icht ci forecast. y c a re airller. rlk _ ■ i'D ealers-continue-t t-to-offer-lncen------- F o r-th -th e -y c a r;—fa rm e rs " a r e “ cx- H lives to ^ u r new fai [arm m achinery peeled- • to buy 8,875 self-propelled M - - s a i e s r " s a y r a 'T e j » r r les, down z i percent fro m ' H m ent’s Econom ic .R es esearch Service. 1984. Sale Sales of com heads m ay be ■ “ But with r e c o r d ’ccrop r production down 25 perccnt p to 4.800 units, and. ■ and wea|c export de dem and driving forage hhai arvester sales a r e down 27 ■ . id o w h crop prlceSrtU.S I.S. farm ers a re percent l llo: o 2,G0 0 unils. H — e x ^ cted -lo -p u rcb ase- 0-«ven-less-ne w ^Hopes- w s-th is-su m m c r-fo r-a t-ie a sl— i n farm m achinery li> 1986 186/ ’ ,. - steady sales sa l of haying equipm ent in j j j The analysis Is in 2 D ecem ber Issue ~ oof f Agricultural sp u rt did nol c a rry ih ro u g h then OuUook. It did not incl iclude dollar fig- sum m er," ;r," the repori said. } ■ ures for m achinery sal< ales. H owever, a S ales ; of sm a ll'h a y b a le rs in 1985 3 . __sppke8m an_sald_.thoj lose are- being a rcj)ro icc .6,875. units,, down. 17—. ■ revised and will be am mndunced short- percent t fn from lasl y ear, and m ower I .ly - . conditionci oner sales a re off 17-percent ■ ' An earlier report showed sh sales of to 6,875 > units. un W indrow cr heads are ■ new and used farm mn achinery col- expected ;d t< to decline lo 1,950 sales, a ■ ~ ' lectlvcly 'arc e x ^ t eted i to be in a drop of 34 p H -j H range of $6:4 bifiion ) to $6.8 billion "T he , North I A m erican f a r m . this year, down 9 pert :rcent to 12 per- ' m achinery ICI7 Industry h as been taking ■ cent from a 12-ycar ir low of $7.28 unprccedet edentcd step s lo rem ain * ■ billion in 1984. Sales ro: rose to a peak of financially ally viable,” the report said. - $ lU 5 - biliion fn -1979-t 1-before-turning—" F o rd -Tr{ -T raclor-is-recent*-announcc— ■ . down.. • . • m enl lhal hat it will p u rch ase Sperry H The latesl review. w,. w ritten by New Holla olland (pending approval by -'economist M ichael H ahthom , said the ■ Fcdcr edcral T rade Com m ission) I F F ’sI p ia r e n t c o m p a n y , Univ< . , the dem and, for n m ost tra c to rs' m akes the fourth m ajo r corporate l iv e r s a l F o o d s C o r p . . Is s li I n v e s t i n g $ 2 . 5 m illio in n In p l a n t I ih p r o v e m e n t s t h i s y e a r ' declined significantly r t this year, with m erger in lhe farm m achin ery in- ' the largest drop report >rted in the sale dustry with A'ithinlhc p a s ly e a r." ' "O f four-w heeW rive t : ^ a k i n c r o f f o r r f a tracto r rs. T h o s e ''■ An“a im ‘( of the m erg ers Is to sa v e "’ : s i : t r a c k : t o [ p o 5v«thzizrizzzi \ ---------are-expw ted-to-show w ; .-a-35-perccnt—m oney-by- by-increasing-operatlng"cffi=— ~ drop to an estim ated 2,5 5,575 units. ciencles, :, c( consolidating and reducing . ‘‘O v erall,--farm ers s • continue to- production ion capacity, and re d u c in g ' shpw a preference fpr pr new tracto rs the numiber ber of employees. W finds s^edspfi HtwilMneii) OU w n e r wllh less pow er,” the he report said. "W ith I dei demand for farm m achinery “The average per-unit lit size for new projected :d I lo rem ain w eak In the : By BOB F REUND D - IF F has in g le d ' Us 1 business much more ire the sam e general appn . purchases of wheel tr£ iproach as th e retail side of tractors over 40 forsecablc ble I future, one c an cxpcct the : Timcs-Ncws writer fer toward supplying the th food service industry, ry, IF F ’sbusiness. horsepower has drop{ ipped from 104 dom estic ,c f; farm m achinery Industry ---------- su c h a ^ re sta u ra n tS t^ --------Mnstlnf-ntI ttiAy u,ft. horsepow er. In 1984L to about 95 to hold ut're wHlirig.ln..VgiViw" lh>» production pro< lo a m inim um in : ------ r WTN~F’ALl.S~=^ — Jdaho Krozen hooas uo Lorp. S ara Lee COrp. ^also i w as w illing'lo let the he com pany. W rliUil said, d. _______________________ -------Im raipow urthls ycar.f*- l lo ri'uuui! larg e inventories I w anted ""io''selt” ItsG 1tsi lf-to -a n o tn o m o rp o raatton, tti company go. and'oini m its own term s, Wrlglit said, f l U niversal'already Is ----------- In-the-two-wheel‘driv investing $2.5 million in iv c x a te g o ry -o f—fu rth er;'‘- “- tl t h r r e p D m a l d r ” DGaicfS— 0 blit, like o th er comi om panies, it coveted som e Vkey "Wc really conduc Jucted the sale; wc sold >ld plant Im provem ent this ", 40 to 99 horsepower. , sales a re ex -. will contlnu his y ear, m uch of it during tlnuc lo offer a v a rie ty of Int conditions. ourselves." h esaid. I.. the annual.m ainlenani I pccted to rise less-that once shutdow n during the lan 1 percent to centlvcs I to prom ote new m achinery T he first- w as gn growth. The relatively you ^oung iF F 'h a d Its sh a re •c o of suitors. At least 10 com- m- holidays. But, those qu 5^ 38,300 tractors. Hovyc quality im provem ents also i:evcr, sales of sales.” f 1 IF F -m anagem cnl-v \l-w an ted -to s ta r t sprlntlng- ig-ln-— panics toured the TTw w in-Falls plant In the mon- in- - ^ r e likely to be followe wed by acquisitlonsrhe ln- , , I stead of sauntering ing in the polalo business, as it ths a fter IF F wer^t ,t on oi the block..lhc cxccuUve ve' dicated.'. • had w ith S ara Lec eCorp. C( said. • IF F and U niversal officials ofl a lready a re draw- ' •; The second w as IS independence. i E xecutives res in But the IF F m ana I Vims-|[: t:esistant inagcm cnt, then led by Lec t crops cc Ing up a shopping list 1st and settin g som e basic ' Twin F ails w anted id to t( run their own shop. Odcnwald, w as select lective. It w asn 't Just.selllng ng strateg ies. The compai pany holds 4>i percent of The J u ly sale of IFF IF F won both conditions, plu: )lu sa tlie p resenl, it also was selling the future.' the national frozen pot; )otato m a rk e t now, W right : ' tight fit In business css styles with ils new pare irent. Although S ara Lee U< w as a good corporate lie said. It just ov< er theho orizon U niversal Foods : C( Corp.. general m anager • a n d - parent, the future wwa as a m ain reason for leav-. V-__ One strategy is tha lhal acquisition of frozen : vice p resident Hobc pbert S. W rig h t.sajd jh is pj p ast irig the fold. W right • sal said. ................. p otato-proccssors- shot hould diversify the comJI- -- -B y B R E N D A a c O L E M MAN - - -rc sc a rc h I weeic. h, , lo I produce. p'i"ants..resis- "They w eren't , mi m ilking us, but they also so pany's supply channe incls. T hat m eans they y The Associated Press . tanl to In his first public )llc account of how IF F mov lobacco lob m osaic virus. The lOved w eren’t putting the te m ajor growth capital In In should be m ade In olhei her grow ing areas, Wright It • virus allac: I out of the S a ra Lc Lee Corp. to its new parei Hacks not only tobacco bul irenl, lh a tw o w a n te d ," h eesald. sa . said. CHICAGO - The s first crops also crops \ : W right described d a ps i in the potato fam ily such a smooth-flowing deal tt; th al The youlhful execut ;cutive ranks a l IF F Instead Id . But W right ond IF F also a rc looking beyond d - genetically engineercc cd to resist as peppers ers and tom atoes, w hich suf- - could double o r Irip trip e size of th e com pa pany w anled to "grow ” th the com pany quickly. And id expansions in size. The) hey also a re b rainstorm ing g . viruses thal c ause mlUi< iiions of d ollars fercd an n e esllm'atcd $50 m illion In ; in the next five years :ars. they w anled to do 11 ll tl their own way, nol under a new w ays of selling pot jotatoes, largely through a in dam age annually m. m ay be grown virusdam ' , IF F , which soils is I maf age nationwide in 1983. close lo $75 m illion worth ■Ih of heavy-handed corpora orate superstructure. product developm ent t : specialist on the West ;t within three years^ using u ji new “ II should ould be applicable very widefrozen potato produ oducts yearly, realized that la t il Despite y ears in I th the foods business, Wright ht Coasl. One Is schedulct ilcd to go to test m arkets s research technique ar announced by ly,” said d Beachy. E “ The next y e a r d idn’t m esh well 1 with w g ian t S ara Lee Corp >rp. s had never heard of }f I U niversal Foods Corp., a this spring. W right b assa s s id . scientists Thtirsday. should tell.’’ Jll.’’ business. . M ilwaukee-based supp uppller of ingredients, colors rs Product proliferation on also w as on Universal ,1 “ We expect th is adva ;anccm en t will Until now, __- __ I - ___Ih s r e c: p r d T — ------------ ^ w ihB u s 8 lii€ g s s I S a l ee s p u tl l O e ^ I ^ a < e By DON KENDALL------- House and- nd-Senate confwerice com- im- F b T ^ s u ri ri p l u s e s The Associated Press m ittee — - t( tO Tclnstltute another paid aid D uo (o s o m any (;bunl unlrlos bocomino aoll-sulllclo clont. dem an d lor aom o ' " diversion »p pr ro g ra m .. ( c o d s Irom iho U.S. . has hi Iallon. Tho amouni ol U.i U.S. govor'nm ont-ow ned ■ WASHINGTON - F or dairy farm - The adml Im inislration also wants an ' s u rp lu s dairy products ]cts In 1965 stands at 1;8'&llllc ililon p o u n d s, c o m p a re d •• ■ it's'a h 'o ld problem rri — as frothy immedtale,. le.,50-ceht c u t'ln the m ilk Ilk E ^ a a O S g B H B W B W I t o b i l l i o n In 1980, whllo wh whoal stocks havo risot r ite li^ W e n d e ll: son from 197.5 m illion ■ ascver. . ■ , - . .-su p p o rt rate, ral now a f J ii.6 0 p e r lOO b u sh o ls In >980 to 406.7 406 million In 1985. Stocitpili 100 p ilo s for corn a n d dairy Milk production is I p ro d u c ts .p o a k o a In I 1983. 19. bock up to pounds. It I t w' as $13.10 in 1983 before ire i C ^ ^ r . p o s I t t p n ' ais^a; rccord ltrtR K JI> ~v;-r ai and w lil'vurnb the - reductl ictions began. If the ad- 3d- itemjiuonal .beaii'-trader^. C O M M O D l f VCc Ri E D IT C O R P O R A T IO N again in 1986, the ! A griculture m inislralloi lion- prevails, th e support ort offer ^gro m ^ r s B Yrtdo^ base for j-^ C H O P IN V E N Tr O R IE S D epartm ent says. ' - will be cut ci to $11.10 p er hun- jn- ■According to USDA’s ______ D A IR Y P RP 1,’s latest pro- .dredweight. O D U C T S ^t'recefiU bos been cas-> .Jcctlons, m ilk this y e a r will ■ According ~ ~3U) ~ In billions IS c K b to th e now. outlook of pounds: _ _ J.6 ■ be about 143.2 billion pounds, po .up 3.8 • report, the te all-m j ilk p rice iii r 9 » m __ ___ _ _ ^ 5 __________ _ __ pprppnt from l^M’s f aay y -p ro d u c tlQ -o t-a v e ra g e 412 $12.75-per-l00-poundsrdown- 2.0 . 135.4 billion pounds — ___ J - Q - which w as 70 cents fro from 1984. T hat does not In- in- rtffflaW n g ^ sw l^g fro m i • . . . , - j j . -- down 3 percent from tht Jie old high o f . d u d e any^ ly^-adjustm ent fo r deduc- jc -la G w l E B B l M M M w ! P p u p io in g -lo -ih e -fo a d 'f- - 1.0 139.7 billion pounds In 198: 983. . tions. N ext: xt y ear, th e report said, the h e • f f W W In 1986, d a i^ forme ners will use all-mllk average ayi could drop to be- ______ - 1 . e UD,:: ::..T“ bclter-;-^:^m anagem lent;— ei ^ n e w - t w e e n ' $12;i l2 ;i5 ~ a n d " $ 1 2 S S r^ '-h 'ra ^ g ^ ^ ^ g p i a i l l l o n , ' the I B e - ! u 81 ai . 8 2 . S3 13 8 4 . 15 technologies and genet etlc. advance* ■ dredw elght h t.-. - ; ' ■ m en t" to boost m Uk-pr p ^ u c tjo n _ a n - -iThe Jower — - t - i : 4 o o - | - c d R N --........................................ yering^94.1. __ ' ' billion pounds and .. w: ^ ^ ^ \ j 2 0 9 ' . ^ 224.9 , will- lead- to an d -n et dec deductions,' th e total effec-.- g re a te r Voet rem ovals" s " of ^ rjp lu s tIve r e ^ pi pt j t r f f f b i r i h e s a l e o r i i f l l k r tr ' .the .' gov . ' weiw abuul ot-»l8.i bUHon-ln-1983 antI : ■0 II ■1 12 83 3 84 . 88* e rn ^ e n P s m ilk support ppi rogram . ■ about $17.8 ’.8 billion in 1984, ^ . w U l Since 1963, there h ave B been t several likely. be-.« -.fl8.3 bllUon la I985,"^the he : r '4 M I ’ W H E M S7-----^ 3 f i 9 : 3 _ ^ ^ 0 6 7 - ___reductions _ In the m ilk ssupport i p rice ghMrl ' ' • • ' • 1 'f— .. 'In'ihllllons T alW aniL JB iM o jU U tti________ 'ons ol bushels: . that contributed lo last It y c 5 r’8..drop.._ lo 1982, B, a y e a r , beiore Uie“ . ■’ 250 ' ■ - ta ~ to la r. .m lllc_pfoduci w y o n .j.D a i^ crackdown n on prM ucU pn and _sup-_ 186,6 farm ers also have h ad .to to pay..certain porte begari [an, d a ily receipts totaled . fees, a n d there w as a i !S -m o n th .ji8.2 billion. »n.— ; r . ........ - .........-J- • i w ' ‘div e rsio n " pro g fam ’in n'1984 ' and In *.'lf the 191 1986 m arketings and p rice coiqpam.7ponAgra ip c . . : | ri f 0 I__________ LI . \ the flrsl th ree zponths of [1985. li - . Dh)iecllons is_ .a i:e _ .rtg h t,_ re c e lp tsjn _ I I 12 ■ UI ' u \ ; ; y .........U nder the/'diverslQ oa ri program , 1986 would t I •" _ _ d t o B S18.2 billion" o r the He J S M M f l g H f l B K H a •I ' farm ers got paym ents s fo r c u ttin g . sam e as four- U years- e a rlie r.'' the — b a c k 'o n mlllc m arketlnj ct aomi erteuRuft Ings.vBui; t h e T r ^ r t s a l dd. r • . ■ I • ■ Ntws Amarka Sirndlcfl*. IMS R eagan adm inlstrdtloh. n. is a sa in st ' .hain^-fA arm n e rsT ia v e been feeling IB E g f i g :any:- m tive-' lii; taeTnew n; financial jlal ;5< itiee2FH iar hB JT crip^ r--- jM ■ - ■* -fl •5Dii^b^.-i|^jiQW

^ — F R E E - G i f t s - F o r G S , h r i s t n i a s — - 'atX m • - -i------------ ^ ^ J ^ . . i ' B H l . , A PPLE lie - - = = ^ - - ' M ohltbi to r G re e n • S lp n d ; us F R ^ E .G I E E lj^ ^ l^ . a' t r - ■■ .. APPLE-IIc^^------- A T- ■' ‘r ’—-^-------NeWTC w as elected' C i r c l e ! ! K e n t e r s G r : ee a t B r i t a i n bargained for, the exec ecutivesaid. the IF F sale. He said being in , th e secretary of Ihe Idaho % ________".They call m e a boui >ut once a month seller’s^sl ------- --- _ „ p h o EN1X— — ( } shoes had taught Him som oijje;___ Dairym en ’s Associi elation Inc. al._______ J V Glrcle-K-Gorp.'has annoum unced-plansio o p e n a tle a s l— ______ and-ask-m e-how-lfitril m gs-arc-doing,’’T n s e fuUesi ________ thaficoiiBlsj:£ic, conyention,____________ ^ 9 ------------ lOO'convenlcircc rc rstrn 'e rn rG fe a rB fiia ifru 1 under i a joint venture wilh he said with a chuckle. e. “ Next r Im perial Brewin [I tim t e I work an acquisitior wing and Leisure Ltd. of the 2 U United Kingdom. ' i Bul there is a pi price for ‘ such which hoj Circle K will ill o>vn . hopefully will be in this jot J a n Shelton has Jo Joined Property . 25 percent of the jol joint venture and Im perial growth and .suc-h inrior ononrtnnrp Mllf- I’ll know^ Brew ing will I own ow the rem ainder. The pari larlnerehlp also includes the___ w V h atto lo o k fo r,’^hcsald. 1. ^M anagem ent Co. of )f Twin Falls as . J_ _ _____ managcE__ S h c_ pIII r( I Inn ill I M p s s lb lllly of-fr f-fra n c fils^ oullets, said CCircle ’K C lialrm an Karl bookkeeper for Bel ;elto and Crab* H ■ E lle r.' tree, a Twin Falls s law praolice. H Im perial Brev ;rewing controls m orp lhan in i 6,000 retail stores in the ■United Kingdom [om. and C ircle K operates i 3,4QB 3, convenience slores:ln__ Virus- ------ Shelton replaces for orm ec.m anafier ■ -------------Mlke-C^ilsmTTvho rmoved tF X a s ■ ---------rniTU fillea Sra{( fales and Japan. C lrcleH : operates O] several slores in I - Continued from »m P age D6 ..... successiu >iui,. larm ers could Fe plari )lan- Vegas to Join a fai fam ily conlrac- - ■ the Magic Valley lley. ^ ural resistance to vin Iruses wllh non- 'I " ! " ! rus-reslstanl ' crops In one c tto ting business. PMC C m anages^rcn- ^ _______ ■ H o r crops, otlen earsrite-auldr--------------- —— tat^opCTiynisongiic M o o r e ^ si J u b s i d i a r i e ss s - t o - m e r g e ---------- ______pmflnclng LltaU < s-w hich-in------«p( cpor-led^n-Uio-dovoInpm ent BOISE - Tw{ rw o Moore Financial Group up subsidiaries. Continental I turn had lo be bred : o oul of the crop at Joint t i m eetings of ihe America! Banlc and Trust ust Co. of Salt Lake City and nd Moore Financial of Utah . Plants, B eachysaid. Society I of • Agronomy, the Cro] > 0 0 McDonald-Berg'SI: Sinclair, a Twin have received !d f federal and state clearan ■ances lo m erge on Jan.. l„ . In the .second tejchnlque,-.. d cafled Science J Society S of A m erica and thi - Falls insurance, fli firm, nas- an- — Moore Finuneia icial-G roup C hairm an F red •ed C. H um pherys has .an- ■ cros^proleclion, scii ciendsts inocu-' Soil Sclent cnceSoclcly of America. ' nounced two promt •notions. Penny ■_______-hounced. ' lale plants wilh a rm ild strain of Frl'lzley has beenn prom pted to ' The new Conli jnunontai Bank and.Trust Co I---------virus— during— trans] isplantation— as-— Labora iratories-acound-^tlio—worl /orld------com m ereia!— linea- a --u n d e rw rile r----- f-------- ; Co. will operate liofficcTfii Sait L ake City y and ar two outlying offices in > Ogden 0| and P rovo. • ‘ seedlings. Infection by jy the mild virus have beei icon working to develop vlru: Irus- from personal lines es underw riter. ; --------- M ooro' Fiiiani lunciai t.;r6up acquirea sla SaTe'charlcrcd~Conlinerital I---------lielps-deloy-thc-appe? e^rance-of-a-se-— resistant- nt-crop-piantH H )U t-B cHachy------ ch D enise-M ctealf;—fo fQrmcrly->com-.-f ,. Banic and Triisi riist on No'v. 1. The holdlnj Ing com pahy has operated , cond. m ore severe infet fectlon. said he ! b( believes his'group is the first fir: municatlons special alisl, has been Moore Financia icial of U tah as an industrla rial bank offering thrift ac- Bul Beachy’s group ip has geneticai- loachievi eveabrenklhrou^h. advanced lo__ pei )orsonal, lines . II IL A S T A A B counts since l*J82 1982. ly altered plants by ' ,1 Injecting them ,, , ------- underw riter. P room m oted by utility _ _ jv lth .a..g en e_ fro m .tobacco, m osaic^-.- -•hy’s group has worked’on 1 the 11: virus so that resistat ance is p art of^ I for four y ears a n d 'ig'to s 'l I-------------------------- ----------- . . • I ^ G I m l e e t i n g o p e n s T h u r s d a y Hie planls’ genetic mnakeup a and m ay “ I , rc.sults soon In a sclentifi IDAHO FALL ,LLS — Potato G row ers of f Ii Idaho will hold Its annual be passed.'to suuMssi^ sivc ganoralloni J"" '"-'' • m eeling Thursi jrsday a n d -F rld a y -^ a t-th ihe of p lants.' - • e-Q u allty -ln n -M o tel In .. YEAR-EN vJD D SPE C IA L! I t Pocatcllo. ' • B cach y 'said the li( lichnique either The a^inual se: scssioif will feature a speech !ch by the Richard Crowder. delayed or preventea ;a sym ptom s'of MODEL 710E R e g . $ 2 4 9 5 :0 0 f - senior vice pres resident for the Pillsbury Co., Co a presentation on legal the virus in tiie plants ts and their sue* x f f h | , e l i e n M o t o r s « n o o PSI : aspects of potai otalo m'arkeling and reports irts fr£>m the Idaho Potato ceeding generations. , bul I it w as not S# Conxmission. tiu tlic National Potato Council clearex actly why. cll and the National Potato ■ 5 Christmas Cl Give-Away | M 3 G .P .W I; ’ 1 9 9 5 t I --------- ------- B o art;— -— — ....... ' ‘A V e'ffcnevelhebre reaklhrough has * ’ ReceWSnAulliEnllc’' Rl | S l f \ * In'ihop POrclioVo 8. S Oblivb>)r' Ob ♦ 'Ih 'ih rt Worroniy^. - - - Mike Fitch, I, vice V president for agriculi :ultural business affairs at S I L I h • No-Di’ino no • Cosh on ordir been achieved.” Bead ichy said. "Now S PARI Wells Fargo ) I Bank in San Frnnclscc SCO. also will speak on il is a m atter of undi iderstandlhg Ihe ® W"DI IBBAGE PATCH DOLL I ••A griculture's 's N New ftelaities and Risks.” STEAM STORE :oOf fM A e iirV A L L E Y I m echanism s thal cause the V WitF ?lth Evory CoV P orcho$o S P G Ireprescnli cnls the sta le ’s potato farm en ers. ■■SERVING MAGIC C VWLtevSWCf VIA 1972- ^ resistance, and porfc( feeling the tech- * l ^ i New location: 156 4lh Ave. Se. Twin FalU 734-3694|^ niques lo produce pi plants' that are S ^ E W o r U S E D | A pjplic; i c a t o r t r a i n i n [ i; f l s c h e d u l e d [--------flcldTesl.stani ^ to virus IS Iinfection."------- -K - f l j j ------- ----------rB c a c h y sa id 'v in is-r •resistant p la n ls - g T o i Mai, K e i s « h : M 6 t o r S — i KIMBERLY y — ■ A training session fc for private pesticide ap- Aaln Av«. E. 733-7700 4 would be ready for f field tesllfig In plicalors Is bein; eing offered by the Universil rsily of Idaho’s Cooperative three to four months, ;, 1If the te.sts a re ‘W a a Wwf la w T O M s a w s s w a i i I E xtension Servii rvice al 1:30 p.m . Tuesday ly in the Kimberly Grange Hull a t Kimberly ;rly. The training g Is Is required by law for any ny private parly wanting to, use a restricted ted Insecticide, herbicide or rodenticide. Twin Falls County Extensloi H IG H FUE Sion Agent Bin H azensaid. EL BILLS? 1 SCHAI IBOT, SHRIVER :r & CO. M ore informal mation is available from the Ihc extension office at 734- W e w ill s e r v i c:e__ e yp.ur__b o ile r,_ — CERTIFII lED-RUBl'lC-ACCOI ;OUNTANTS_„ = _________ --------------------------- s t e a m o r h o t ~~v w a te r — h e a f p u m p c*r f u r n a c e . A n d I n c r e a s e Yo ^our Efficiency I M ilk- CALL ' , T • Continued fro from P age D6 ■iH i r a WHITE PLUMBI pied m any other cror ;rop and livestock BING & HEATING producers, loo. As of last Jan . 1. 21 FOR 5 YEARS 7 3 31 -- 4 5 5 6 ' percent of all dairy Iry farm ers w ere $1000 Minimum “ highly leveraged,” id," with d e b t. MUletropolltan e M ortgage am ounting to belwci ween 40 percent a n d Securities and 70 perccnt of their eir assets, Investment Debentufc n ••The sh a re of dain airy farm ers wilh •_____ Serl» II financial dirficuUfc! tfes w as high ■ " A E B E T T E R W A Y " relative to other type: ,>pes of farm s and L IFR E I N S U R A N C E ■' growing m ore rapidl; )idly,'' the report m / j D said. " In addillon. n. about half of ^ ^ im i ! -S i N 'O W E A R N S ^ ' dairy farm ers in n 19IM did "liat M n i 1 % I N T E R E S T generate enough cash cj from all ^ h i i i i sources to .m eet debt b t i repaym ent and ■ . 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C; nr e a ^ • Anc id The Relocatic tion of TheirrTwIn Falls Offii ffice To: 401 2nd St, N, Suite 202 ■ 734-8932 ______.w.orsenlng._l.asL_j’£ai c a n ^w h en-o u tp u l___ ’1-----------— r a t e s p w as down; USDA DA boughi Ihe pw p«i p«iur.ivJiiiibie cjlling p l u s c o m p e t i t i vve e c u r r e n t ^ ^ "B uR T O ffTf cT c e : l T ) 2 0 l v 1a i r r ' S 7r « 5 “ 5 4 W 4 S T ' ; 7 ~ equivalent of K.6 .billion .bill pounds! of . ■ TOLL FREE IN WASHINGTON i n t e r e s t r a t e s s ! . ____ milk lo prop up pric Brices, the report___________ — ~ s a l d r T f i l ^ y c a ^ % osc-purehases-are— i ^ ----------- = = = = T ^ B C = 'D f e f e r r e d i ni l t e r ^ t 7 = expected to rlse lo I about ab 13.5 billion COUTSIDE WASHINGTON pounds, and could be In the range of 1-800-228-9470 - O n I y J A L I C I I + ' d if fl f e r s a iSbllllon lo 20 billion n pounds pi In 1986. u A H n a n x t K i X M imi i m m m m m m m m u in Spokane 838-6555 u nl i q i i e b a i l o u t f e t . Costs to taxpayers ers for the m iik ^ a a t u r e . - •■-^program -w erc~abC tur — '— Y ouH ife s - i n s u r a n c e - p r o l t e c t l o n c a n ^ ^ I — A - the 1984-85 fiscal ye y ear that ended » F l O N I > ^ ---------- — ^ept.'30, up from $1.5 n .5 billion in 19B3-' I b e a d j u si t t e d a s y o u r n e l e d s c h a n g e . 8 4 ,' when production Lion slum ped. In 1985-86, those costs ts could < clim b to ^ ■ j | y P e n r s o n a l A n n u a l R e p o r t , I TYI REWRITEER S2.5 billion, w here they the w ere in 83. T a k e! l t h e n e x t i m p o r t t a n t s t e p i FOR < CHRISTR • M A ^ l l --------------- Inn y o u r l i f e n o w r. i e a l l l - ^ r 3 4 - 1 7 1 1 \ X D -7000 C Elecironic.Typev e w r ite r __ H 8 • 50,000 word ■ - I clocironicdlctiona inary H 1 • TncWordEraso'* 5 • A 16cnoracior I .display R & L I D A T A S Y S T Fl E M ■ —AMNOUNCES- S , I N C . ' « • P j B 1 3 •

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