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Year End Report - Synod Residential Services, Inc.

Year End Report - Synod Residential Services, Inc.

Quality Assurance &

Quality Assurance & Improvement FY 2011 Year End Report 2 nd Indicator: Did Synod employ Human Resource strategies to minimize the disruption to care produced by excessive employee turnover? Conclusions: Yes. The employee turnover rate was 11%. This rate is determined by dividing the number of employees separating from employment with Synod during the year by the total number of employees that worked for Synod at the end of the year. � 19 Gross Separations: Total number of employees that left Synod � 27 Hires: Number of employees hired by Synod � 172 Employees: Number of employees as of 9/30/2011 3 rd Indicator: Were all new employees fully trained within the first 6 months of employment? Conclusions: According to the quarterly management reports, 96% of the new employees (all but one) was trained within 6 months of their start date. III. Efficiency Employee Tenure 53 29% 36 20% Synod will ensure efficient services to program participants. 1 st Indicator: Did the use of overtime in our programs stay at or below 5% of the total hours? 20 11% Conclusions: Yes. Over the last 6 years, Synod Managers have become excellent stewards of community resources. This year only 1.97% of the 291,125 hours worked by employees were overtime 45 24% 30 16% Less than 1 year 1 to 2 years 2 to 5 years 5 to 10 years 10 years or more N=184 Page 10 of 11

Quality Assurance & Improvement FY 2011 Year End Report hours. Synod’s occasional work force are trained and made ready to work shifts at Synod programs on an on-call basis. With the traditionally high turnover rate of the occasional labor pool, there are always on-call occasional work force members available to fill shifts when needed. The use of the occasional work force allow managers to be flexible with their schedules when staff take vacations or require medical leave without the use of overtime. Overtime Hours, FY 2011 Regular 285383.2 98% Overtime 5741.43 2% Regular Overtime N=291,125 Hours 2 nd Indicator: Was the number of workplace employee injuries relative to the number of hours worked less than 0.01%? Conclusions: Yes. Our occurrence rate for employee workplace injuries where medical care was sought was 0.00309%. A total of 9 employees sought medical care for injuries that occurred at or during the course of work. During that same time period staff worked a total of 291,125 hours. 1 incident occurred for every 32,347 hours of work. Page 11 of 11

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