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ptJ- ftcE- 67~ ~O1OY-0 - part - usaid

ptJ- ftcE- 67~ ~O1OY-0 - part - usaid

AuthorlDate Dano

AuthorlDate Dano Dal_Santo (14/05/95) EdltorlDate RaJa Abu Nahleh (06/12/97) Date of Time of VIsit Weather Conditions 1 Station IdentificatIOn Name 10 Number Basm Aquifer Status 2 Station Type Other 3 Station Purpose Water Momtormg Station Field Review Water Quality Improvement and ConservatIon Project Mmlstry of Water And Irrigation Rationale for Station I LocatIOn 29 November, 1997 Partly Cloudy Rahlb AL 0878 Zarqa Active I monthly :J Gwund Water &Splins$ ::J Sn(fli{cB Wa'tw :J OOlet 2SJ Water Resources !2J Water Oumlly Significant flow used for domestic water supply 0NAJ) and ImgatlOn Data Collected Discharge and water quality (geochemistry) 4 PhySical Description of Station Part of sprmg discharge IS pumped by WAJ station, the rest flows towards the wadi m a control channel which IS SUitable for current meter or weir measurement 5 Directions to Location of Station Rahlb WAJ station, north of Am Wadi Rumelmm spnng 6 Proposed Action for Water Momtormg System Station Contmue monthly mOnltonng Check and mOnitor bacteriological contammatlon 7 Other Observations Global pOSitIOn system UTM coordmates 7-64-171E and 35-54-881N Temperature 20°C and EC 750 micro s/cm Page 1 of 1

Author/Date Rania Shahm (11/30/97) EdltorJDate Rala Abu Nahleh (12/07/97) Date of Time of VISit Weather Conditions 1 StatIon IdentificatIOn Name 10 Number Basin Aquifer Status 2 StatIon Type Other 3 Station Purpose Water MOnltonng Station Field Review Water Quality Improvement and Conservation Project Ministry of Water And IrrigatIOn Rationale for StatIon I Location Significant flow used for Irngatlon Data Collected 30 November 1997 Partly Cloudy Sulelhl AL 0918 Zarqa DIscharge and water qualIty (GeochemIstry) 4 PhySical DeSCription of StatIon ActIve I Monthly o Ground Water GJ Springs o Surface Water o Other o Water Resources (S] Water QualIty Spnng discharges In a concrete canal, which IS sUitable for weir or current meter measurement 5 DIrections to Location of Station In Sulelhl town west of the post office 6 Proposed Action for Water MOnltormg System Station Continue monthly mOnitoring 7 Other Observations Global POSition system UTM coordinates 7-67-219E and 35-57-210N Temperature 20° C

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