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ptJ- ftcE- 67~ ~O1OY-0 - part - usaid

MInIstry of Water and

MInIstry of Water and IrrIgation Water Quality Improvement and ConservatIOn Project Sprmg MOnItonng Plan Any observable parameter varratIOns, matrIX dIfferences, and envIronmental condItIOns lIkewIse wIll be noted In the field log book Completeness CompletenessCompletenessCompleteness The completeness ofthe data set for a partIcular water quantIty or water qualIty need WIll be assessed by companson of the amount of data reqUIred WIth the amount of data obtamed Loss ofdata due to eqUIpment or statIOn malfunctIOn should be documented QualIty control data, as appropnate, Will be recorded and If data are rejected on the baSIS of quahty control results, the reason for data rejectIOn and correctIve actIOn taken should be documented m the analytIcal report ComparabIlIty ConsIstency In the acqUIsItIon, measurement, or analysIs of data IS necessary for the comparIson of results to be meanmgful To achIeve optImum comparabIlIty, acceptable methods for the measurement and analysIs of data as descnbed m the protocols presented In the Water Momtonng System Upgrade Plan AppendIx A (Volume 2 - Water Momtonng System Procedures), (MWI, 1995b) should be closely followed PreCISIOn and Accuracy PrecIsIon refers to the reproducIbIhty of a measurement method when It IS repeated m a homogeneous enVIronment regardless of whether or not the observed values are representatIve ofthe true values PreCIsIon can be expressed by standard devratIOn Accuracy refers to the agreement between the value of a parameter measured by a method and the actual value ofthe parameter PreCISIon and accuracy of data may be enhanced by usmg calIbrated mstrumentatIOn, proper measurement technIques for gIVen dIscharge and water qualIty condItIOns, and by repeatmg measurements \ \monttor\m-plans\sprmgs\sprmg-wr rvO 7 31 14-97-1c 037 December 1997

Mmlstry ofWater and Imgatlon Water QualIty Improvement and ConservatlOn Project Sprmg Momtonng Plan 3 0 Momtormg Network EvaluatIOn and Upgrade 3 1 Status ofEXIstmg Momtormg System Spnng discharge measurements started m 1937 covenng a lllmted number of spnngs Most of the eXIstmg sprmg momtonng network was estabhshed m the early 1960's AddItIOnal spnngs were added to the network m the early 1970's and agam m the 1980's The momtonng network has mcluded more than 880 spnngs (Rakad, 1989) ThiS number has been reduced to approximately 700 spnngs (Rakad, 1997) About 220 spnngs are momtored on a monthly baSIS for water discharge data purposes Another 60 spnngs are momtored on a seasonal basis, and 426 spnngs are momtored on an annual basIs Water quahty momtonng started m the early 1980's A water sample IS collected from each spnng on a yearly basIs for geochemIcal analysIs which mcludes TDS, electncal conductIVity, pH, Ca, Mg, Na, K, CI, C0 3 , HC0 3 , S04, and N0 3 MIcrobIological samples generally have not been collected because the multI-day samplmg tnps could affect the mtegnty of the samples (MWI, 1995a), and temperature data are not collected even for the hot sprmgs The eXlstmg Spnngs Momtonng Program has encountered few problems over the last several years which have affected the collectIOn of water quantity and water quahty mformatlOn (MWI,1995a) A mam problem has been the lImited staffresources to conduct momtonng of the spnngs At one tIme there were seven staff dedicated to momtor nearly all spnngs on a regular baSIS Now there are only two techmclans to momtor the sprmgs throughout the country resultmg m a reductIon of momtonng sites and of measurement frequency Several spnngs which were momtored on a monthly baSIS are now momtored only on a quarterly or yearly baSIS Moreover, eqUIpment and supphes are needed to conduct the reqUIred momtonng ofthe spnngs The staff and resources requuements are bemg addressed through the overall water momtonng system negotIatIons Another major problem, already stated m SectIOn 2 0 of tills report, conSists of the decrease of dIscharge or a dry-up of numerous sprmgs as a result of ground water over-abstractIOn The latest survey (Raked 1989) IdentIfied 90 dry spnngs These spnngs ceased flowmg m \ \rnomtor\m-plans\sprmgs\spnng-wr rvO 8 3114-97-1 c-037 December 1997

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