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ptJ- ftcE- 67~ ~O1OY-0 - part - usaid

MlnJstry of Water and

MlnJstry of Water and IrngatlOn Water Quality Improvement and ConservatIOn Project Sprmg MOnltormg Plan (low dIscharge) ongmate from a common spnng A monthly mOllltonng sIte was selected for thIS spnng, whIch was named lara B as descnbed m AppendIx A Therefore, It IS recommended to dlscontmue the momtonng at lara No 2, lara No 4, lara No 5, and lara No 6 For convemence, It IS suggested to rename lara No 1, lara No 7, lara No 8, and lara No 9 (low dIscharge) as lara A, lara C, lara D, and lara G ThIrteen (13) of the ordmary major sprmgs are used for 1rngatIOn (Table 10), two (2) other spnngs, namely Sarah and lara 8, have been used for domestIc water supply by WAJ and the Mm1stry ofDefense camp, respectIvely Both spnngs also are partly explOIted for ungatIOn FIfteen spnngs WIll contmue to be momtored on a monthly basIs The monthly momtonng SIte for Suwe1ma spnng WIll be relocated, detalls about the new SIte are gIven m AppendIX A WadI Issal, Al Odhe1ma at Suwelma, and Sell EI Buleldeh spnngs need to be reactIvated to monthly momtonng Marwaha KabIreh spnng needs to be downgraded to bIannual momtormg An armual VISIt, for the next five (5) years, durmg the wet season, IS suggested for Slkkm spnng m order to check whether It WIll resume flowmg or not (see SectIOn 32) The proposed sprmgs water qualIty momtonng m the Dead Sea basms WIll be conducted m accordance WIth the general categones of water qualIty parameters lIsted m Table 10 These general categones are assocIated WIth the water use and the type of sprmg For the spnngs used for ungatIOn purposes, category IrngatIOn Water 3 corresponds to the monthly mOllltored spnngs and category IrngatIOn Water 4 corresponds to the seasonal and biannual spnngs Dnnkmg Water I IS recommended for domestIc water supply sprmgs, and Thermal 1 for the hot spnngs Table 13 lIsts the speCIfic chemIcals and the momtormg frequency assocIated WIth the general parameter categones speCIfied m Table 10 WadI MUllb, Hasa, and WadI Araba Basms WadI MUJlb basm has two (2) major spnngs namely WadI Haldan and LaJJun The hIgh average annual dIscharge of 1704 1 m 3 Jhr for WadI Haldan (Table 11) IS most lIkely the average of the accumulatIon of dIscharge from several sprmgs along the wadI Both spnngs have natural or normal dIscharges whIch are used for lITIgatIOn purposes, and monthly dIscharge momtormg of these spnngs should contmue The proposed water qualIty mOllltonng for the two sprmgs WIll be conducted m accordance WIth the IrngatIOn Water 3 \ \monJtor\m-plans\sprmgs\spnng-wr rvO 17 3114-97-lc-037 December 1997

Mmlstry of Water and IrngatlOn Water Quahty Improvement and ConservatIOn Project Sprmg Momtonng Plan general category (Table 12) Table 13 hsts the specific chemicals and the momtonng frequency assocIated wIth thIS category WadI Hasa basm has four (4) major spnngs Blr AI Ham, Mughelsel Kabelra, and Hammam Burbata sprmgs have natural or normal dIscharge and WadI Hasa at Tannour sprmg IS mtermittent (refer to details m AppendIX A) The average annual discharge 972 m 3 /hr at Hammam Burbata sprmg IS not reahstlc An exammatwn of the monthly records mdlcates that dIscharge measurements made pnor to November 1986 most lIkely were taken at SeIl Hasa and assIgned to Hammam Burbata Blr EI Ham spnng has been developed by WAJ for domestIc water supply Hammam Burbata sprmg IS used for therapy and IrngatiOn Mughelsel Kabelra and Wadi Hasa at Tannour sprmgs are explOited for lrngatiOn purposes It IS recommended to rectify the Hammam Burbata spnng records and to contmue monthly momtonng for all four (4) spnngs (Table 12) The proposed water quahty momtonng parameter categones (Table 12) are IrngatlOn Water 3 for Mughelsel Kabelra and Wadi Hasa at Tannour, Drmkmg Water 1 for Blr Al Ham, and Thermal 1 for Hammam Burbata Table 13 lIsts the speCIfic chemIcals and the momtonng frequency associated WIth these categones WadI Araba North basm has eIght (8) major spnngs El Heesha sprmg IS mtermlttent whIle the rest of the spnngs have normal or natural dIscharge (Table 11) WadI Felfa and WadI Fldan dIscharges are most hkely the accumulatIon of dIscharge ofseveral spnngs along each wadI Gharandal spnng has been developed by Gharandal Mumclpahty for domestIc water supply Hammamat Afra spnng IS bemg developed for tounsm, therapy, and part of ItS water IS used for IrngatlOn purposes The rest ofthe sprmgs are explOIted for lrngatlOn purposes It IS recommended to upgrade the dIscharge momtormg to bIannual for EI Heesha spnng and to monthly for WadI Umrug spnng Monthly momtonng should be reactIvated at WadI Khanzlra sprmg Monthly momtonng needs to contmue for the rest ofthe spnngs (Table 12) The proposed water qualIty momtonng general categones (Table 12) are Drmkmg Water 1 for Gharandal, Thermal 1 for Hammamat Afra, IrngatlOn Water 4 for El Heesha, and IrngatlOn Water 3 for the rest of the sprmgs Table I3 hsts the speCIfic chemIcals and the momtormg frequency assocIated With these categones WadI Araba South basm has only one major sprmg m WadI Dathna (Table 11) WadI Dathna sprmg has only three (3) annual records (1973,1977, and 1981) Based on the field \ \momtor\m-plans\spnngs\spnng-wr rvO 18 3114-97 I c-037 December 1997

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