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ptJ- ftcE- 67~ ~O1OY-0 - part - usaid

MinIstry of Water and

MinIstry of Water and IrngatlOn Water QualJty Improvement and ConservatlOn Project Spring MOnItoring Plan mImmum of one field blank and one eqmpment blank wIll be collected each day spnngs water samples are obtallled for chemIcal analysIs One duphcate sample WIll be collected for every 10 samples or a mImmum ofone each day spnngs samples are collected A mlllImum of one tnp blank shall be obtallled each day samples are collected for analysIs of volatIle organIc compounds Sample AnalysIs Samples w111 be analyzed for the specIfic hst of parameters accordmg to the master categonzatIOn and schedule presented m Tables 2,4,6,8, 10, 12, and 13 Parameters mclude mlCrobIOloglCal mdlCes, general water quahty constItuents, typIcal water quahty nutnents, metals, general organIc constituents, and special orgamc constItuents Analyses of samples w111 be performed by the Central Laboratory of the Water Authonty of Jordan withm the MmIstry of Water and ImgatIOn Surface water samples w111 be analyzed followmg estabhshed mtematlonal procedures such as USEPA procedures Data Management Data management protocols for the momtonng program are presented m SectIOn 3 0 of the Water Momtonng System Upgrade Plan Appendix A (Volume 2 - Water Momtonng System Procedures) These protocols proVIde gmdance on data management responsIbIhtIes of momtonng personnel and for recordmg and mamtenance of data obtamed from the momtonng program \ \monItor\m-plans\sprmgs\sprmg-wr rvO 21 3114-97-lc-037 December 1997

4 0 Data EvaluatIOn Ministry ofWater and IrrIgatIOn Water Quality Improvement and ConservatIOn Project Sprmg MomtorIng Plan Data, IncludIng quahtv control data, recorded and collected by the momtonng team WIll be revIewed for reasonableness and general conSIstency wIth water resources condItIons In the baSInS and recent data trends SIgmficant dIscrepancIes WIll be dIscussed WIth the momtorIng team and laboratory, as approprIate, to determIne If unusual condItIOns occurred durmg the measurement or samphng event or IfrecordIng errors or laboratory reportIng errors may eXIst After reVIew, field data and laboratory data WIll be evaluated USIng appropnate techmques by the analySIS functIOn III accordance WIth estabhshed orgamzatIonal procedures The data WIll be checked and then WIll be entered mto a computenzed water resources database Data entered Into the computenzed database WIll be checked agaIn for entry and keyIng errors conSIstent WIth data management and database management procedures establIshed for the overall momtonng program angInal field forms and computer entry forms WIll be maIntamed In the project files The analyzed data and resultIng dIscharge and related InfOrmatIOn also wIll be evaluated WIth respect to the program objectIves and deCISIOn statements outlmed In SectIOn 22 The deCISIOn statements estabhsh the baSIC water resources management ObjectIves for the program Data evaluatIOn technIques and tools for purposes ofevaluatIng the water resources data are not recommended III thIS document Such tools or technIques are readIly avaIlable dependmg on speCIfic needs and may become approprIate as the momtormg program and water resources database develop and as water management reqUIrements change Water quahty data WIll be reVIewed WIth respect to JordanIan and mternatIOnal (e g, WHO and USEPA) water quahty standards These standards prOVIde the bases for the acceptable use of water The data also WIll be evaluated WIth respect to the program ObjectIves and declSlon statements outlmed m SectIOn 2 2 The declSlon statements estabhsh the baSIC water qualIty management objectIves for the program As noted m SectIOn 22, no deCISIOn rules have been defined for the water qualIty momtonng program Data evaluatIOn technIques and tools for purposes ofevaluatmg the water qualIty data are not recommended m thIS document Such tools or technIques are aVaIlable and may be appropnate as the momtonng program and water qualIty database develop and as water management reqUIrements change \ \monJtor\m-plans\spnngs\spnng \H rvO 22 3114-97-1 c-037 December 1997

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