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ptJ- ftcE- 67~ ~O1OY-0 - part - usaid

ptJ- ftcE- 67~ ~O1OY-0 - part - usaid

Author/Date Rama Shahm

Author/Date Rama Shahm (30/11/97) Editor/Date Rama Shahm (03/12/97) Date of Time of VISit Weather Conditions 1 StatIon IdentIficatIOn Name 10 Number Basm Aquifer Status 2 Station Type Other 3 Station Purpose Water Momtorlng Station Field Review Water QualIty Improvement and Conservation Project Ministry of Water And Irrigation RatIonale for StatIon f Location Significant flow used for IrrrgatlOn Data Collected Discharge and water quality (Geochemistry) 4 Physical DescriptIOn of Station 25 November 1997 Light ram, Partly Cloudy EI Balad Aqraba AD 0600 Yarmouk Active f Monthly o Ground Water o $prifl!j$ o $urflitQeWat-ero OU"lef 1Z1 Water Resources Qg Water £tuaflly Spnng discharges mto a concrete channel, which IS sUitable for portable weIr or current meter measurement 5 Directions to LocatIOn of Station West of Aqraba VIllage nea c the MInistry of Agriculture horticulture nursery 6 Proposed ActIOn for Water Monltormg System Station Contmue monthly monitoring 7 Other Observations Global POSition system UTM coordinates 7-62-322E and 36-23-862N Temperature 23 degrees C and Ec 830 micro Sfcm

AuthorlDate Rania Shahin (11/30/97) EdltorlDate Rola Abu Nahleh (12/06/97) Date of Time of VISit Weather Conditions 1 StatIon IdentifIcation Name 10 Number Basin AqUifer Status 2 StatIon Type Other 3 Station Purpose Rationale for Station I Location Water Momtorlng Station Field RevIew Water Quality Improvement and ConservatIon Project Ministry of Water And IrrigatIon 6 November 1997 Partly Cloudy Hammamat Mukhelba AD 0670 Yarmouk Active I Monthly =Ground Water =-- Springs =Surface Water -=- Other =-- Water Resources _ Water QualIty High flow used for tourism therapy and Irrigation Around 50% of the water IS used for Irrigation In Mukhelba area The rest flows to Jordan River Data Collected Discharge and water quality (Geochemistry) 4 PhySIcal Description of Station Spring source IS transformed to a sWimming pool with an outlet which diverts the water to local Irrigation and to Jordan River Monitoring site IS the diverSion canal which IS SUitable for current meter measurement 5 DirectIOns to Location of Station Mukhelba Thermal resort station 6 Proposed ActIon for Water Monltormg System Station Continue monthly mOnitoring Take temperature reading and carry out geochemistry and microbiological

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