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ptJ- ftcE- 67~ ~O1OY-0 - part - usaid

Ministry ofWater and

Ministry ofWater and Irngatlon Water QualIty Improvement and ConservatlOn Project Sprmg MOnItoring Plan The conservatlOn and the protectIon of spnng water quantIty and quahty reqUIre the aVaIlabIlIty ofan mtegrated natIOnal water resources momtonng network (espeCIally ramfall, surface water, ground water, spnng dIscharge, and water qualIty) m order to fully understand how the water quantIty and qualIty of spnngs vary durmg a year and over a penod of years ThIs document focuses on the sprmgs momtonng program The ground water and surface water momtonng programs were developed m earlIer studIes 2 2 Program Objectives ObjectIves The pnnclpal goal for the program IS to momtor the water quantIty and qualIty of the spnngs m order to achIeve the followmg objectIves 1) Obtam a realIstIc assessment ofthe water quantIty ofthe sprmgs and evaluate ItS temporal VarIabIlIty 2) Evaluate the behaVIOr of the water qualIty of spnngs, espeCially those used for domestIC water supply, tourIsm, and IrngatlOn 3) DeSIgn and operate domestIC water supply statIOns fed by spnng dIscharges 4) DeSIgn and operate IrngatIOn dIstnbutIOn systems fed by spnng dIscharges 5) PrOVIde data for the enhancement of eXIstmg thermal resorts and the development of new thermal spnng statIOns for tounsm and therapy 6) IdentIfy the sources of water qualIty detenoratIOn of contammated spnngs m order to IdentIfy and execute the appropnate remedIal measures 7) Understand the relatIOnshIp between the temporal vanabIlIty of ramfall and the fluctuatIOn ofthe water qUalIty and quantIty ofspnngs 8) Momtor the effect of current ground water abstractIOn on the water qualIty and quantIty of spnngs 9) Momtor the effect of ground water and surface water (constructlOn of dams) development on the water qUalIty and quantIty of spnngs 10) DeSIgn aqUIfer protectIOn zones m the vIcmIty ofImportant spnngs 11) EstablIsh declSlon rules for water supply management under drought condItIOns 12) PrOVIde data for the explOItatIOn of brackIsh spnngs m the Ghar area \ \monItor\m-plans\spnngs\sprmg-wr rvO 3 3114-97-1c-037 December 1997

MInistry of Water and IrngatlOn Water Quality Improvement and ConservatIOn Project Spnng Momtonng Plan 13) ProvIde data for the sustamable management ofthe water quantlty and quahty of the spnngs Data ReqUIrements The basIc data and mformation reqmred to achIeve the above objectIves are mamly dIscharge (flow), water quahty, and temperature (for hot or thermal spnngs) data Spnng dIscharge data may be reqUIred on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal baSIS dependmg on the water use (domestIC supply, ImgatIOn, thermal resorts), the magmtude of dIscharge, and the temporal VarlabIhty ofthe flows BaSIC water chemIstry and mIcrobIOlogIcal data reqmrements depend on the water use and on the type of development m the vicimty of the spnngs (reSIdentIal or mdustnal) The general classes of water quahty parameters are Identified m SectIOn 3 0 Temperature data IS only applIcable to hot spnngs for the deSIgn and operatIOn of thermal resorts The dIscharge data obtamed by the spnngs momtonng program WIll be analyzed and evaluated usmg a vanety of standard technIques and tools These practIces generally are apphcable and conSIstent world-Wide and frequently have been formahzed by the Umted States GeologIcal Survey, the World MeteorologIcal OrgamzatIOn, the International OrganIzatIOn for StandardIzatIOn (ISO), or other profeSSIOnal organIzatIOns SectIOn 120m the Water Momtonng System Procedures document (Volume 2, AppendIX A of the Water Momtormg System Upgrade Plan) (MWI, 1995b) mcludes a detaIled hst of techmcal references for evaluatmg and analyzmg flow data Water qualIty data collected by thIs program Will be evaluated m part agamst VarIOUS estabhshed water qualIty standards or cntena These standards/cntena mcIude Jordaman water qualIty standards for VarIOUS uses, World Health OrgamzatIOn gmdelmes, and pOSSIbly other mternatIOnai standards, as appropnate and necessary DeCISIOn Rules The use of spnng waters IS dIctated mamly by the type of water use (domestlc, ImgatIOn, tounsm, and mdustry), water reqUIrements, water aVaIlabIlIty, and water qualIty DeCISIOn rules need to be developed for the management ofspnng waters The momtonng program \ \momtor\m-plans\sprmgs\spnng wr rvO 4 3114-97-1c-037 December 1997

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