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Full text (PDF) - AsRES

Full text (PDF) - AsRES

Acknowledgement We thank

Acknowledgement We thank Professors Shinsuke Kanbe, Sunwoong Kim, Yoko Moriizumi, and Hiroyuki Se- shimo for their valuable suggestions. All remaining errors are the sole responsibility of the au- thors. This research was supported by MEXT.KAKENHI (14730023) and MEXT.KAKENHI (15730116). References Albon, R.P., D.C. Stafford, 1990. Rent control and housing maintenance. Urban Studies 27, 233–240. Arnault, E.J., 1975. Optimal maintenance under rent control with quality constraints. American Real Estate and Urban Economic Association Journal 3, 67–82. Frankena, M., 1975. Alternative models of rent control. Urban Studies 12, 303–308. Galster, G.C., 1983. Empirical evidence on cross-tenure differences in home maintenance and conditions. Land Economics 59, 107–113. Gatzlaff, D.H., R.K. Green, D.C. Ling, 1998. Cross-tenure differences in home maintenance and appreciation. Land Economics 74, 328–342. Gyourko, J., P. Linneman, 1990. Rent controls and rental housing quality: A note on the effects of New York City’s old controls. Journal of Urban Economics 27, 398–409. Henderson, J.V., Y.M. Ioannides, 1983. A model of housing tenure choice. American Eco- nomic Review 73, 98–113. Hirsch, W.Z., A.M. Rufolo, 1999. The regulation of immobile housing assets under divided ownership, International Review of Law and Economics 19, 383–397. Hubert, F., 1995. Contracting with costly tenants. Regional Science and Urban Economics 25, 631–654. 24

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