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0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire

0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire


OPERATING THE MACHINE • When crushing objects in high positions such as a ceiling, carefully operate the machine so that falling objects do not come in contact with the machine. • Before operating the machine on a floor of structures, check that the strength of the floor is enough to support the machine weight. Depending on type of work the machine is engaged in, crushing reaction force may be added to the floor beside the machine weight. • Start operation only after the machine is horizontally parked and the footing is stabilized. Never operated the machine positioned on stacks of rubble, or inclined grounds. • Do not move or load crushed materials using the crusher. • When replacing the crusher with other work tools such as a bucket or breaker, the hydraulic oil may easily become contaminated. Change the hydraulic oil and replace the full flow filter element at the same intervals as applied to the hydraulic breaker. • Before transporting the machine on a trailer, remove the crusher from the front attachment. Position the bucket cylinder so that the cylinder is not fully extended during transportation. During transportation, the machine may be raised off the trailer deck floor due to vibration as mentioned in Step 1, possibly resulting in damage to the front attachment. PRECAUTIONS FOR AFTER OPERATING THE MACHINE 1. After operating the machine, move the machine to a level solid ground where no possibility of falling stones, landslide, or flooding is present. (Refer to the Parking group in the Driving Machine section.) 2. Fully refill the fuel. 3. Clean the machine. 4. During cold weather season, remove the coolant from the radiator and the water jacket. Attach “No Coolant “ tag in an easy-to-see place. 5-24 WRONG M107-05-048 WRONG M107-05-049 M1M7-05-024

AUXILIARY FLOW RATE CONTROL (OPTIONAL) The maximum and minimum hydraulic flow rate in the auxiliary pipe line can be controlled as follows. Minimum Flow Rate 45 L/min Maximum Flow Rate 85 L/min Flow Rate Control Selector (8) LOW : Sets to the minimum flow rate. HIGH : Sets to the maximum flow rate. OPERATING THE MACHINE When shifting the flow rate from the LOW to HIGH, operate the switch while pulling the lock knob toward the arrow mark. NOTE: When shifting the flow rate from the HIGH to LOW, no lock knob operation is required. 5-25 Lock 8 8 M1M0-05-002 M1M7-05-025

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