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0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire

0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire


MAINTENANCE Bleed Air from Hydraulic System After changing hydraulic oil, bleed air from the hydraulic system by following the procedure described below. Bleed Air from Pump IMPORTANT: If the engine is started when the pump is not filled with hydraulic oil, damage to the pump may result. 1. Connect all hydraulic lines to the hydraulic pump. Fill any hydraulic components, that can be filled with hydraulic oil, with as much hydraulic oil as possible at this time. 2. Add hydraulic oil to the hydraulic oil tank to the specified level. 3. Loosen air bleed plug (1) slightly. Purge air from the pump casing and suction line. Do not remove as hydraulic oil may spout out. Tighten air bleed plug (1) after purging air. Tightening Torque: 30 to 35 N·m (3.0 to 3.5 kgf·m, 22 to 26 lbf·ft) 4. Check all line connections for any oil leaks. Set the engine control dial in the slow idle position. 5. Start the engine. Wait 5 to 10 seconds. Stop the engine. 6. Check the hydraulic oil level at the level gauge located on the side of the hydraulic oil tank. Add hydraulic oil if necessary. 7. Restart the engine. Confirm that hydraulic oil level in the hydraulic oil tank is sufficient. Run the engine for approximately 1 minute. 8. This is the end of the hydraulic pump air bleeding procedure. NOTE: If the hydraulic pump is left empty overnight or longer, be sure to fill the pump with clean hydraulic oil before performing the air bleeding procedure above. Bleed Air from hydraulic circuits 1. After filling hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank, start the engine. Evenly operate each cylinder and swing motor repeatedly for 10 to 15 minutes to purge air from hydraulic system. 2. Position the machine in the hydraulic oil level checking position. 3. Stop the engine. Check hydraulic oil level. Add oil as necessary. 7-30 Air Bleed Plug M1LD-07-006 M1M7-03-004

MAINTENANCE Clean Suction Filter--- when changing hydraulic oil The suction filter is located on the bottom side in the hydraulic oil tank. Clean the suction filter when changing hydraulic oil. 1. After draining hydraulic oil, remove cover (1). Take care not to allow the O-ring to come off cover (1) at this time. 2. Remove suction filter (4) together with rod (3). 3. Clean the hydraulic oil tank interior and the suction filter. 4. Install suction filter (4) together with rod (3) to the suction pipe. 5. Install cover (1) so that rod (3) is securely inserted into support (2) on cover (1). 6. Secure cover (1) with six bolts. Wrench Size : 17 mm Tightening Torque : 50 N⋅m (5 kgf⋅m, 36 lbf⋅ft) 7-31 1 2 3 4 M1M7-07-003

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