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0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire

0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire

• Flat Face O-ring

• Flat Face O-ring Seal Fitting (ORS Fitting) O-ring (1) is used on the end face of adapter (2) to prevent oil leakage between the joints. Precautions for Application MAINTENANCE 1. Replace O-ring (1) with a new one when re-assembling fittings. 2. Before tightening union nut (4), check that O-ring (1) is correctly seated in O-ring groove (3). If union nut (4) is tightened when O-ring is not correctly seated in O-ring groove (3), damage to O-ring (1) and oil leak from fittings may result. 3. Take care not to make dents on O-ring groove (3) of adapter (2) and seal face (4) on the hose or valve side (5) when re-assembling fittings. Failure to do so may cause damage to O-ring (1) and oil leak from fittings. 4. If oil leaks from a loose connection of union nut (4), open the connection, replace O-ring (1), and check that the O-ring is correctly seated in O-ring groove (3) before re-tightening the connection. Tightening Torque Tighten adapter (1) and union nut (4) to the torque values shown in the table below Width across flats (mm) Fastening torque ±10% 19 22 24 27 36 41 N⋅m 30 70 80 95 180 210 (kgf⋅m) (3.0) (7.0) (8.0) (9.5) (18) (21) (lbf⋅ft) (22) (52) (59) (70) (133) (155) 7-38 2 6 1 4 5 6 3 M104-07-033

MAINTENANCE Quick Coupler 1. Connecting Coupler Always grasp the coupler by its clamp section. Push the body straight until the dust prevention cover retracts approx. 2 mm. Then, pull the clamp section straight to make sure that the coupler is properly connected and will not disconnected. CAUTION: If the coupler is grasped and pushed by the dust prevention cover, or not pushed until the dust prevention cover retracts, incomplete connection of the coupler may result, causing the coupler to disconnect when oil pressure increases. Even if the coupler is incompletely connected, if pulling force is diagonally applied, the coupler may be difficult to disconnect. However, the coupler may be easily disconnected in this case when oil pressure increases. Take care not to diagonally push the coupler. Failure to do so damage to the inner parts, cause oil leak, and/or unexpected coupler disconnection may result. 2. Disconnecting Coupler Be sure to disconnect the coupler only after removing any foreign matter adhered such as soil adhered to the joint with cleaning oil. • While grasping the clamp section, push the body straight approx. 2 mm. • While pushing the body, pull the dust prevention cover. • Pull the overall coupler together along with the dust prevention cover to disconnect the coupler. 7-39 Dust Prevention Click Clamp Section Approximately 2 mm M1LA-07-014 M1LA-07-015 M1LA-07-016 M1LA-07-017 M1LA-07-018

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