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0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire

0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire


MAINTENANCE Check and Adjust Fan Belt Tension --- every 100 hours (first time after 50 hours) IMPORTANT: Loose fan belt tension may result in insufficient battery charging, engine overheating as well as a rapid, abnormal belt wear. Belts that are too tight, however, can damage both water pump and alternator bearings, and belts. Check: Check fan belt tension by depressing the fan belt mid-point with the force [approx. 98 N (10kgf, 22 lbf)] of thumb. Deflection must be 5 to 6 mm at a mid point between fan pulley (1) and alternator (2). In addition, check the fan belt for any damage. If the belt has any cracks, replace the belt with a new one. Adjustment of Fan Belt Tension 1. Remove tool box cover (7). 2. Remove bolts (3) and inspection cover (4) to open the inspection door. 3. Loosen mounting bolts (6) of alternator (5). 4. Move alternator (5) using adjust bolt (8) to correctly adjust the fan belt tension. 5. Securely tighten bolts (6). IMPORTANT: When a new belt is installed, the new belt is difficult to be correctly seated from the beginning. Be sure to readjust the tension after operating the engine for 3 to 5 minutes at slow idle speed. 7-48 1 6 8 4 3 3 5 Deflection 5 to 6 mm (0.28 to 0.35 in) Push [Approx.98 N (10 kgf, 22 lbf)] 3 3 3 7 2 M589-07-014 M1M0-07-016 M1M0-07-017 6 5 M1M0-07-018

Change Coolant --- Twice a year (Spring and Autumn) MAINTENANCE NOTE: In case genuine Hitachi Long-Life Coolant is used, change the coolant every two years (in autumn every other year), or every 2000 hours, whichever comes first. CAUTION: Do not loosen the radiator cap unless the system is cool. Hot steam may escape, possibly causing severe burns. Loosen the radiator cap slowly to the stop after the coolant becomes cool. Release all pressure before removing the cap. Procedure of Coolant Change 1. Remove the radiator cap. Open drain cock (1) on the radiator and drain the drain valve on the water jacket to allow the coolant to drain completely. Drain impurities such as water scale at the same time. 2. Close radiator drain cock (1) and the drain valve on the water jacket. Fill the radiator with fresh water including less impurity or normal tap water and a radiator cleaner agent. Start the engine and run it at a speed slightly higher than slow idle to raise the coolant temperature until the needle of the temperature gauge reaches the white zone. Then, run the engine further for about ten minutes. 3. Stop the engine and open radiator drain cock (1) to allow the coolant to drain. Flush out the cooling system with fresh water including less impurity or normal tap water, until draining water becomes clear. This helps remove water scale. 4. Close radiator drain cock (1). Fill the radiator with fresh water which includes fewer impurities or normal tap water and LLC at the specified mixing ratio. When adding coolant, do so slowly to avoid mixing air bubbles in the system. Run the engine to sufficiently bleed the air from the cooling system. 5. After adding coolant, operate the engine for several minutes. Check the coolant level again, and add coolant if necessary. 7-49 1 M1M0-07-015 M1M0-07-012

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