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0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire

0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire

Replacing Fuses --- As

Replacing Fuses --- As required MAINTENANCE 1. If any electrical equipment fails to operate, first check the fuses in the fuse box. 2. One each capacity of spare fuses are provided in the fuse box. WORK LIGHT 20 A 5 A HORN 5 A RADIO/MONITOR B 5 A GATE LOCK/BUZZER 10 A OUTLET 5 A START 25 A BLOWER/ILLUMI. 10 A RADIO/WIPER/ WASHAER 10 A ENGINE/MONITOR 5 A TRAVEL/AI/ROOM LAMP 5 A AUX 7-54 Fuse Box M1M0-01-004 M1M0-07-019

I. MISCELLANEOUS MAINTENANCE Check Bucket Teeth for Looseness and/or Wear --- daily Check the bucket teeth for wear and looseness Replace teeth (1) if tooth wear exceeds the service limit shown below. Dimension A in mm (in.) New Limit of Use 128 (5.0″) 65 (2.6″) CAUTION: Guard against injury from flying pieces of metal. Use safety equipment such as a hard hat and safety glasses. 1. Use hammer (2) and drift (3) to drive out locking pin (5). Be careful not to damage rubber pin lock (4) while removing locking pin (5). 2. Inspect locking pin (5) and rubber pin lock (4) for any damage. Replace short or damaged locking pins as illustrated below with new ones. 7-55 RIGHT 4 WRONG WRONG Steel balls almost come off due to damage to the lock rubber. 1 4 5 WRONG Level the bottom surfaces. Lock pin length is too short. Steel balls can be depressed by finger force. M104-07-056 2 3 M589-07-017 5 M104-07-118 M104-07-058 M104-07-059

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