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0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire

0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire


OPERATOR’S STATION • Set Time Change 1. Turn the key switch ON. Display the trip meter you wish to change the set time by operating display selection switch (5). The trip meter will display the remaining time until the trip mark starts flashing at this time. 2. Press set switch (4) once. The remaining time display can be changed as follows: Present Display Time Time to be Displayed After being Changed 35.2 → 50.0 184.7 → 200.0 3. When set switch (4) is pressed further, the set time will be changed as follows each time the switch is pressed. 50>100>150>200>250>300>400>500>750>1000>12 50>1500>2000>2500>3000 When the set switch is pressed for more than 2 seconds, the set-hour will be quickly shifted. 4. After the time you wish to change to, is displayed, press display selection switch (5) to reset the trip meter. IMPORTANT: Once the set time is changed, the trip meter restarts counting down the time. Accordingly, note that the displayed time is different from the operation hours counted from the first-set time. • When no trip meter is used: When no trip meter is used, set the trip meter for a sufficiently long time (example: 3000 hrs) by following the procedures described above. NOTE: The trip meters are set at 10000 hours when the machine is shipped from the factory. 1-10 Trip Mark Trip Mark When Trip meter 1 is displayed When Trip meter 2 is displayed 4 5 M1M7-01-028 M1SM-01-006 M1SM-01-007

Auto-Idle Mode Switch OPERATOR’S STATION • Auto-Idle Operation When auto-idle mode switch (13) is turned to the Auto-Idle position, the engine speed is reduced to the slow idle speed approx. 4 seconds after returning all control levers to neutral. Thereby, the fuel consumption is reduced. When the auto-idle mode is selected, auto-idle indicator (14) on the monitor panel lights. 1-11 M1CF-01-002 14 13 M1M7-01-028

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