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0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire

0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire


AUTO-IDLE CONTROL OPERATING THE MACHINE Auto-Idle Function During operation, approximately 4 seconds after all control levers have been returned to neutral, this system reduces the engine speed to the auto-idle setting until any control lever is operated again to improve fuel consumption. The engine speed immediately increases to the speed set by the engine control dial when any control lever is operated. WARNING: • Always check if auto-idle indicator (2) is turned ON or OFF before starting operation. When the indicator is ON, the auto-idle function will operate. • When any control lever is operated from the neutral position with auto-idle switch (1) turned ON, the engine speed will increase to the speed set by the engine control dial. Therefore, always be aware of engine control dial setting before starting operation to prevent the engine speed from increasing unexpectedly. • When unexpected machine movement could be dangerous, such as when loading/unloading the machine for transportation, or when the machine is engaging in lifting work, turn auto-idle switch (1) OFF to ensure safe operation. • Use the auto-idle function only after warm-up operation is complete. Failure to do so may not reduce the engine speed. Note that the auto-idle function can be turned ON or OFF only when the key switch is in the ON position. Check if the auto-idle function is turned ON or OFF with auto-idle indicator (2). Auto-Idle Switch ON: Auto-idle indicator (2) ON. OFF: Auto-idle indicator (2) OFF. After the key switch is turned OFF when the auto-idle function is activated [with auto-idle indicator (2) ON], when the engine is restarted, the auto-idle indicator flashes for 10 seconds and the auto-idle function becomes activated later. 5-10 2 1 M1M7-01-028

OPERATING BACKHOE OPERATING THE MACHINE • Select an arm and bucket whose specifications match the working conditions. (Refer to “Kinds and Applications of Buckets” in the specification section.) • Pull the bucket toward the machine using the arm as the main digging force. • When soil sticks to the bucket, remove it by moving the arm and/or bucket rapidly back and forth a few times. • While facing the bucket tooth tip toward the direction of excavation as straight as possible, excavate the ground with the teeth penetrating shallowly using the arm and bucket cylinder full strokes. • Position the tracks parallel to the trench. After digging to the desired depth, move the machine backward to continue the trench. • Operate each cylinder with a slight allowance left at both stroke ends. IMPORTANT: • Do not dig the ground in the diagonal direction toward the track frame. Failure to do so may cause the bucket teeth to come in contact with the crawler. • When lowering the boom, avoid sudden stops that may create shock load damage to the machine. Always smoothly lower the boom so that shock loads may not be created. • When digging deep below the ground level, be careful not to allow boom cylinder, boom bottom, and/or bucket cylinder hoses to come in contact with the ground. • When digging with the blade positioned towards the front or when digging at an angle, avoid hitting the blade. • When the bucket load is dumped with the boom raised, falling material may hit the base machine and/or the canopy. Always be aware of loads in the bucket during operation. 5-11

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