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0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire

0712-0299ZX60USB-3 - Flannery Plant Hire


GRADING OPERATION OPERATING THE MACHINE Use the blade for soil refilling and general grading operations after excavation. Grading operation can be also performed by operating the boom, arm, and bucket simultaneously. IMPORTANT: When grading the ground with the bucket, do not pull or push dirt with the bucket while traveling the machine like a bulldozer. Every part of machine may receive excessively large loads, possibly resulting in damage to the machine. When grading by operating the boom, arm, and bucket simultaneously: 1. When grading from the forward to the backward, slowly roll in the arm while slightly raising the boom. As soon as the arm passes the vertical position, slowly lower the boom so that the bucket can be horizontally moved. 2. When grading from the backward to the forward, operated the arm and bucket rolled back, as shown. Grading a slope surface can be performed by operating the machine in the same method as mentioned above. AVOID DRIVING BUCKET TEETH INTO GROUND WARNING: If the bucket teeth are forcedly driven into the ground, crushed material may spatter, possibly resulting in injury of the operator and/or co-workers around the machine. Furthermore, the service lifetimes of all front attachment parts may be shortened. If the bucket teeth are forcedly driven into the ground, the service lifetime of all front attachment parts (especially the bucket) may be severely shortened. When excavating tightly fastened gravelly soil, use the bucket digging out force. Operate the boom, arm, and bucket simultaneously so that the bucket teeth can be effectively penetrated into the excavation surface. Carefully operate the machine to prevent crushed material from spattering, possibly resulting in injury to the operator and/or co-workers around the machine. AVOID ABUSIVE OPERATION If digging force is increased by driving the machine while pushing the bucket into the ground, or by raising the rear of the machine to apply the machine weight to the bucket teeth, severe machine damage may result due to excessive overloading. 5-12 M1M7-05-012 WRONG WRONG M1M7-05-013

AVOID STRIKING WITH BUCKET OPERATING THE MACHINE WARNING: The bucket bottom is curved. Therefore, hammering or piling work with the bucket is very hazardous. In addition, damage to the bucket and the front attachment parts may result. Hammering or piling work with the bucket may create hazardous situations. Never attempt to perform hammering or piling work with the bucket. Damage to the bucket and the front attachment parts may also result. AVOID EXCAVATION USING UPPERSTRUCTURE AND/OR BOOM SWING POWER Never attempt to move rocks or excavate a cliff face by hitting the bucket using upperstructure and/or boom swing power. Damage to the front attachment, or shortening of the service life of the swing systems may result. USE CORRECT TRACK SHOE Never use rubber crawlers or wide track shoes on rough terrain with scattered rocks, gravel or boulders. Failure to do so may cause breakages of rubber crawlers, shoe bending, looseness of shoe bolts, or damage to track parts such as track links, or rollers. (Refer to the table for Types and Applications of Track Shoes in the specification section. Soil may easily become packed into the crawler during travel operation on sandy ground. If the machine is driven without removing the packed soil from the crawlers, the rubber crawlers will be overloaded, possibly resulting in breakage of the crawlers. Avoid causing the crawlers to become packed with soil by removing soil as often as possible. AVOID OTHER THAN SPECIFIED MACHINE OPERATIONS This machine has been exclusively designed for excavation and loading works. Do not apply this machine to works other than excavation and loading. Do not operate the machine under any conditions beyond the these specifications. 5-13 M1M7-05-014 WRONG M1M7-05-015

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