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Ciao Hotel ** Small,

Ciao Hotel ** Small, Egyptian run hotel, located in the tranquil Nuweiba Dunes. The simple and clean rooms in Ciao hotel are all newly decorated and furnished, and have a view down to the large swimming pool, and across to the beach. The beach is large, and offers easy access into the sea for swimming and snorkelling. All rooms have new air-conditioning units, and many interconnecting rooms are available, making it easy for families to stay together. The hotel has one main restaurant, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served, and a Bedouin tent on the beach with frequent traditional Bedouin food and Shishas, the traditional Egyptian water pipe, available. Single Room Bed Only Bed and Breakfast Half Board (incl. breakfast and dinner) Full Board (incl. Breakfast, lunch and dinner) € 17.00 € 24.00 € 26.00 € 30.00 Double Room 2 people sharing € 28.00 € 38.00 € 44.00 € 52.00 Triple Room 3 people sharing € 42.00 € 55.00 € 64.00 € 75.00 Terms and Conditions: • Prices per room and night, not per person. • Children under 3 years of age stay for free in the room of their parents. • Children from 3 to 6 years old are charged 50% of the full price. • Children 7 years and older are charged at full price. • Meals are either served as a buffet or from the menu, depending upon the number of guests on the day. Page - 4 - of 6

Soft Beeach Cammp * The friendliest campp in Nuweibba Accommoddation in Soft Beach is in ssimple bambooo huts, 100% % clean, offering electrical sockets and light throughout the daay. Soft beachh offers singl le, double annd triple huts. Inside everry hut is a largge double matttress, pillows and bed shee ets. The 3 person huts havee two large mattresses. Toilet and shower faciliities are ava ailable close to the huts, frequently cleaned and 1100% hygienicc. Terms and Conditions: Hut pluus Breakfast Hut pluus breakfast aand dinner Hut pplus breakfast, lunch + dinner This fr riendly and poopular camp, run by Kamal and Christinna, an Egyptian‐German ccouple, providdes simple ac ccommodation for low‐bu udget travellers, withoutt compromis sing comfort and friendl liness. Soft BBeach is situated directly on o a sandy bbeach lagoon n, at the entraance to the Taarabeen Beach h Promenade, , with the be eautiful Sinai MMountains cloose by. The camp is located right on the e beach, so itt is easy to sllip into the water w and swiim or snorke el, or to sttroll along tthe promena ade to visitt the superm markets, bazaars and otherr restaurants nearby. n AFRRICAN DIVEERS NUWEIB BA offers a frree pick up and transfe er service foor all divingg activities! ! The camp hosts a Bedo ouin restauraant and offerss delicious local and international ffood for loww prices. Thee restaurant facilities are opened almostt 24h a day and supply breakfast, snaccks, lunch andd dinner, as well as cold beverages. b Price per peerson – our r special dive centre rate 4.50 Euuro 18 Eurro 27 Eurro • Prrices are per pperson and peer night. • Onne person staying alone wiill be placed into a single hut. h Two peopple will share a double hut. . And three peeople wiill be placed innto either a trriple hut, or one double and d one single, aas requested. • Chhildren under six, accompanying their paarents, can sta ay free of chaarge. Children between 6 an nd under 12 yyears, wiill be charged at half price. Children 12 yyears and olde er will be charrged full price. . • Onne drink (nonn‐alcoholic) is included witth each meal booked in addvance. Addittional drinks, meals and snnacks must be paid foor by the guest at check outt. • Meals can be chhosen from thhe menu, or wwhen a buffet t is available, ffrom the bufffet if preferred d. Some expeensive food orders, such as calamarri, shrimps, lobbster, etc. will be available only when a ssupplement is s paid. Ratees only valid when boooking throu ugh AFRICAAN DIVERS NNUWEIBA! Page - 5 - of 6

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