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RE10TC Temperature Control Module Operating manual

RE10TC Temperature Control Module Operating manual

Introduction 1-2


Functions PID control 2 Functions Each setting and alarm in the RE10TC is written from or read to the CPU of the PLC via the buffer memory (BFM). In this chapter the functions of the temperature control module and the relevant areas of the buffer memory are described. 2.1 PID control The RE10TC performs PID control of 10 temperatures. Setting of PID constants is performed using buffer memories. The integral and the derivative function of each controller can be switched off by setting the “I (integral time)” and the “D (derivative time)” to zero. All temperature controllers can be used for two- or three-position control. With two-position control the temperature is controlled by switching a heater ON or OFF. With three-position control the temperature is controlled using three states: heating ON, cooling ON, heating and cooling OFF. Each temperature controller has one analog input for the temperature sensor and two digital outputs for heating and cooling. Temperature sensor Temperature sensor Temperature sensor TC0+ TC0- TC1+ TC1- TC..+ TC..- If a controller is not active the corresponding digital outputs can be set by the PLC (refer to 3.3.10). The temperatures of the ten heating zones can be lowered simultaneously by activating the stand-by mode. A set value for the desired temperature can be set for each controller. The regular set values become valid again with the end of the stand-by mode e.g. for heating up the machine. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC 2 - 1 Controller 1 Controller 2 YH0 YC0 YH1 YC1 Controller 3 to 10 YH.. YC.. Cooling Cooling Fig. 2-1: Connection of analog inputs and digital outputs Heating Heating Cooling Heating TCE0027C

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