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RE10TC Temperature Control Module Operating manual

RE10TC Temperature Control Module Operating manual

Wiring Installation

Wiring Installation Connection of supply voltage and functional earthing The module has two power supply inputs. The measurement and control part of the module is supplied power through terminals �24V and GND. Terminals �24VY and COM supply power to the outputs. We recommend a neutral point wiring of both these supplies. The length of the supply lines should not exceed 10 m. The LED ”POWER” of the module lits only when the supply voltage is connected to the outputs. The output supply voltage should also be secured with a fine safety device (6.3 A quick-acting fuse). Connectors for functional earthing should be connected in direct proximity of the module with the mounting plate. Connection of thermocouples The thermocouple lines are to be laid on the mounting plate close to the module with shield terminals. The maximum line length is 30 m. TC� TC� RE10TC � 24V � Fig. 4-4: Neutral wiring NOTE Temperature compensation takes place through an external KTY resistor on the clamping point (see KTY reference temperature input). The input connection is designed for isolated as well as for non-isolated thermocouples. Only isolated or only non-isolated thermo couples may be installed together. If non-isolated thermocouples are being used, then the thermocoupling point should be earthed. �24V �24VY GND COM RE10TC Fig. 4-5: Connection of the thermocouples TC00004C TC00005C 4-6 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC

Installation Wiring KTY reference temperature input Wiring in four-conductor technique and use of a shielded conductor are recommended for a line length from 0.5 m onwards. A 2-conductor wiring is sufficient for smaller line lengths. In this case, terminals IRT� and URT� as well as terminals IRT� and URT� are bridged on the connecting block of the module. The shielding of the KTY conductor should laid on the mounting plate in the direct proximity of the module with shield terminals. The maximum line length is 30 m. IRT� URT� URT� IRT� RE10TC Outputs for heating and cooling Each output can be loaded with 500 mA. Line length should not exceed 30 m. YHn YCn RE10TC MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC 4 - 7 KTY10-6 Fig. 4-6: Connection of the KTY reference temperature sensor Fig. 4-7: Circuity of the outputs for heating and cooling TC00006C TC00007E

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