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RE10TC Temperature Control Module Operating manual

RE10TC Temperature Control Module Operating manual

Intended use Handling

Intended use Handling specifications and safety notes The device should be installed only according to the product information and technical description. The relevant safety standards should be followed for the development, manufacture, inspection and documentation of articles. Normally, there is no product related risk of material damage or personal injury when handling specifications and safety-related notes are followed. Safety of the product requires proper transport, storage, installation and operation. Only qualified personnel may operate the product. Make sure that the supply voltage is switched off before connecting or disconnecting the temperature control module. In order to prevent damage to the electronics system, the device should not be switched on when there is dew formation in the device. On shifting from a cold to a warm place, due to the risk of dew formation, temperature equalization should therefore take place two hours before start-up. See to it that the device is not covered, in order to ensure air-circulation necessary for cooling. Do not allow the device to be in direct sunlight for a long time or in any other place where high temperatures could exist (for example, radiators). Do not expose the operating unit to humidity or rain. Only shielded conductors are permissible for any signal connection. Signal lines should not be lead with high tension lines in the same cable duct. No liability is accepted for malfunctioning and defects resulting from use of self-made cables or those of third party manufacturer. The supply voltage should lie only within the given voltage range . Connect the earth connection of the device with the earth of the control cabinet. Warning notes The individual instructions have the following meaning: P DANGER: Means that there is a danger to the life and health of the user due to electrical current, if the related safety measures are not undertaken. E WARNING: Means a warning against possible damage to the device or other assets as well as against faulty settings, if the related safety measures are not undertaken. II MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC

E RESOTEC Maintenance and Mitsubishi products may be maintained only by RESOTEC or Mitsubishi service department or authorized persons and companies. Original modules and components of RESOTEC or Mitsubishi should be used exclusively. The replacement of modules should be carried out by qualified personnel. Standard components like for example, safety devices should correspond to the specified values. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC III

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